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[IWIW Sailor Moon S] Thread 7: All Good Sailors Go To Heaven

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Literally combining results, too. Perfectly-Ordinary-And-Useful-Fist!!!
No, it's Ranma. Combining 1-4 and 7 gets you 6. So you roll...you get an 8. You roll again:
First Roll: 7. You choose sewing.
Second Roll: 1-4.
Now..Combine as per the rules laid out in 8.

You are now the master of Kung Fu Sewing.

Rolling an 8 and then getting a 6+Something else just gets you things like Pantyhose Taro.


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To try to steer this back onto some semblance of topic, I wonder how the common person in Sailor Moon's Tokyo copes with a similar weirdness: the everyday threat of demonic invasion. Especially since one seems far more likely to be attacked by a suddenly-gynomorphic traffic light than, say, terrorists. The Dark Kingdom incidents were pretty clearly new and noticeable to everyone, major-league stuff, but by this point it seems that there are always a few weird incursions going on—lost aliens, ancient ghosts, mad psychics on the make, whatever. Denial and apathy undoubtedly play a heavy role, but it doesn't seem that anyone's really trying to cover up these incidents; the cops chase 'em, the news reports 'em, and the studios option the movie and merchandising rights, though I wouldn't be surprised if foreign observers shrug it all off as yet another story from wacky Japan. I suppose Shinto shrines do a brisk business in protective talismans, alongside the usual charms for good grades and romantic success. Emergency personnel have some drills worked out, but a recent attempt to form an official anti-youkai police force has been bogged down in the Diet, so the various agencies just sort of make do. Interpol had an official understanding with at least one high-profile monster hunter, before the Reboot, so there may be others about. And panicky parents are reminded that, really, the odds that any particular child is going to get drained by a rogue daimon are staggeringly low.
Personally, I always figured Sailor Moon was taking place in a superhero-class universe where this kind of weirdness happens pretty much everywhere. Just wait until you see what happens when the Justice League has to deal with the rise of a new superpowered political unit, only to find out that half their backstories tie into it: J'onn's race is actually descended from Mars Kingdom's genetic experiments, the Absorbascon is based on the same technology as the Silver Crystal, and the only survivor of Krypton absorbed the full power of his star system's Senshi - meaning he's superpowered even when *not* transformed...


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The combination of
1) Victims often forgetting what happened
2) This being before ubiqutous cameras to record everything
3) disappearing monster corpses
4) Senshi magical disguises
5) Japan's tendency to giant stage shows and publicity stunts

makes me think most people will interpret a monster attack as some kind of stage show / otakus gone wild / publicity stunt, so long as no one turns up permanently dead.

Especially since all the trouble happens in Tokyo, mostly in a small area.

Juubaners, on the other hand, likely are pretty damn nervous by now.


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Juubaners, on the other hand, likely are pretty damn nervous by now.
As we saw during that early "disappearing buses" episode. When people actually do disappear, or stuff actually is broken, people start noticing…
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