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[IWIW Sailor Moon] Sailor Math: 8 Sailors + Mistress 9 = Thread 11!

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It stands to reason though, that such a climax full of pathos deserves a thread dedicated to itself...

Wait. I don't like this season.

Thusly, the solution is clearly to kidnap Sjack, lock him up in someone's basement and provide him with stale bread and water until he starts posting (at which point one bribes him with fancy food)


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Thusly, the solution is clearly to kidnap Sjack, lock him up in someone's basement and provide him with stale bread and water until he starts posting (at which point one bribes him with fancy food)
Yyyeah no. Stalkery shit never works; just ask the lady from the Stephen King novel I'm too lazy to wiki. More topically, just ask Dimande. Heck, ask Usagi! Stalking is creepy. Don't do it.


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Episode #126: A New Life! Time for Separation of the Destined Stars.

Usagi: "Wait, does that mean Uranus and Neptune are breaking up? Noes!"

When Last We Left Our Heroes…
…Super Sailor Moon had just emerged from the vanishing remnants of the other-dimensional portal, looking like forty miles of bad road, and clutching a suspiciously purple-eyed baby in her arms. The first to witness her return to this world are Sailors Uranus and Neptune, who aren't looking too hot themselves.

Usagi: "…"
Usagi: /through tremendous force of will, does not drop or crush the baby when she passes out.
Haruka: /ZOMG!
The Inner Sailors: /somewhere back in the rubble. "Helloooooo…? Anyone alive over here…?"
Haruka and Michiru: "…"
Haruka and Michiru: /do the logical thing and steal the baby.

The Next Day: Mamoru's Bachelor Pad
Mamoru: "I can never quite follow your train of thought, Minako."
Minako: "What? I'm just sayin' I think it's very impressive of those old artificers to design safety locks around such a specific emotion: the distress of one who sees a loved one about to be taken away, the desperation to save them—not for what they mean to the magic-user themselves, but for their own sake."
Rei: /interested despite herself. "Huh. Like how the Silver Crystal first manifested when they captured Mamoru right in front of Usagi."
Minako: "Right. And the Grail, a whole 'nother octave of power, appeared when a whole crowd felt that kind of way. I mean, wow, what a way to make sure only the right person at the right time can use your most dangerous magic."
Makoto: "Makes you wonder what else you could tie a spell too."
Rei: "Hmm. Like, a villain designing a weapon that only works if you really, truly hate someone. 'I don't care what happens to me, just kill them!'"
Makoto: "A spell on a city that awakens some sort of hidden judgement on the rulers if enough of the populace are truly unhappy."
Ami: "A chastity belt that triggers if you lust for someone not your spouse."
Minako: "…And what have you been reading lately?" :D
Ami: /blushes. "Okay, how about, um, a peace treaty spell that gives benefits only if both parties feel satisfied?"
Rei: "Oo, good one. ¡Magically-enforced politics!"
Makoto: "I think that could be abused really badly."
Usagi: "Quiet, you guys, I think Chibi-Usa is finally waking up!"
Chibi-Usa: /finally wakes up.

Chibi-Usa regards the smiling faces of the Inners the cats, and Usagi and Mamoru.

Chibi-Usa: "…Usagi… Mamo-chan…"
Chibi-Usa: "Where's Hotaru?!"

Everybody's smiles seem a little… strained.

Chibi-Usa: /is no dummy. "No! Say it ain't so, Mamo! I dreamed she came to me, dressed like a Sailor, and said thank you, and…"
Usagi: /takes Chibi-Usa's hand. "Chibi-Usa, honey, um… how to explain?"
Minako: /helpfully. "Hotaru had to go on a long, long journey. To the vet, I mean, hospital. But she's okay, she was just visiting the nice doctor. And now she's, um, oh crap, uh, hanging out with some angels, and—"
Mamoru: /narrowed eyes. "I'm sure she's alive and well, after Sailor Moon tried so hard to save her."
Minako: "Yeah! She's out there, somewhere, hopefully, but it might be a while until she can drop us a line oh fudge…"
Chibi-Usa: "I won't cry any more. You did your best, right?"
Usagi: /dies
Minako: /dies

And So…
Chibi-Usa: /hurries to catch the schoolbus.
Usagi: /watches Chibi-Usa go like a worried mother.
Luna: /watches Usagi watching like a worried grandmother.
Usagi: "She spends a night dead, and then we throw her back to school anyway. The Japanese school system is hell."
Artemis: "She's very caring, you know. She's being brave so as not to hurt you."
Usagi: /aaaaaaargh.
Usagi: "…Okay, I'm ready for the morning report."
Luna: "Everyone's been looking, but we can't contact Sailor Pluto through any of the previous methods, and haven't been able find any sign of Hotaru."
Artemis: /somberly. "I think we may have to face the fact that Pluto—"
Usagi: "No."
Artemis: "Haruka's helicopter exploded!"
Usagi: "It's too early to draw judgement. I met Uranus and Neptune in the tower, who says Pluto wasn't hanging around somewhere, too?"
Artemis: "Then who was flying the helicopter?"
Luna: "It's true there's a lot going on that we don't understand, and may never."
Usagi: "And I'm certain it wasn't a dream that I brought Hotaru back. I felt her, in my arms, I tell you! It's just that when I woke up, she was gone."
Luna: "I believe you! You went in there to do it, and you wouldn't have come back if you hadn't, but wherever she is now, she's well hidden."

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round
Chibi-Usa reminisces about Hotaru as she—Whoa, seriously, that's a Japanese school bus? It looks like what, in America, would be a large charter tour bus. And it's clean! Anyway, she notices Haruka's convertible as they pass its parking spot…

And In Their Usual Café
Michiru has gone into full mommy mode, with hair tied back, a giant diaper-and-formula-and-everything-else bag on the seat beside her, and a bottle for the Purple-Eyed Baby in her arms.

Purple-Eyed Baby: /num num num
Michiru: :)
Waitress: "OMG KYOOT! Yours?"
Haruka: "Oh, of course."
Waitress: "Oh, she looks so much like her fa—"
Waitress: /wait a minute.
Michiru: "…a friend's."

After the required cooing and how old is she? and aren't you a pretty girl yes you are! and so on, and the waitress departs:

Michiru: /shakes head and smiles.
Haruka: "You do look very picturesque."
Michiru: "Perhaps it would be nice for the three of us to live together as—"
Haruka: /prepares to hide under the table in embarassment.
Michiru: /:)
Haruka: "But seriously. It's time."
Michiru: "Yep. Time to say goodbye, Hotaru. Forever."
Waitress: "Whoa, that sounded creepy."

They Pay, Then Drive Away
As they drive, Haruka lets her mind drift back over all that they have been through, the good and the bad. At last, it is almost over. Soon, there shall be peace. SOON.

A Hospital
Doctor: "Don't be ridiculous! There's no way that I could allow—"
Haruka: /reaches into her pocket.
Doctor: "—a total stranger to just walk in here—"
Haruka: /starts counting out of her money roll.
Doctor: "—I mean, even if you did bring him in last night—"
Haruka: /keeps counting.
Doctor: "—even if you claim to be—"
Haruka: /keeps counting.
Doctor: "…"
Haruka: /keeps counting.
Doctor: "…Under the circumstances, I see no reason why such a close friend of the family shouldn't be involved in his treatment."

And so…

Doctor: /reads from the file. "Professor Soichi Tomoe… yes. His amnesia is rather serious. It appears he has suffered severe mental trauma on top of his head injuries, which were substantial—hardly surprising, if it's true that he was found near the epicenter of the explosion yesterday—"
Haruka: "Quite true."
Doctor: "—but fortunately he is recovering well, and compared to that, his other injuries are relatively minor, although he may be confined to a wheelchair for several months. I believe he won't face any problems returning to society, but his memories of the past few years seem extremely fragmentary, and may never fully return."
Haruka: "It'll be enough, I think."
Doctor: "I understand he has a child—?"
Haruka: "An infant daughter. The mother is dead. We would gladly look after her ourselves were we free, but we have to… leave town, and quite soon, you understand. Perhaps—?"
Doctor: "Oh, don't worry, our infant unit will be quite able to accommodate you, and I believe it will be good for his therapy to be able to see his daughter regularly."
Haruka: "Excellent. Then I leave them both to your care. Good day, sir."

Meanwhile, Michiru has been reacquainting Hotaru with her father, who is delighted to see his girl, and remembers Michiru not one bit.

He drives her with his electric chair into the local park for a walk, er, roll, which means that all this is taking place days later, because I don't see any hospital letting a brain surgery patient out and about the next day.

Michiru and Haruka look after them.

Michiru: "This is kind of a downer ending, isn't it? They have to start all over again. And we've still got an episode and a half to go."
Haruka: "I guess we're deconstructing even the concept of simple happy endings. But they'll be fine."
Michiru: "I suppose so."
Haruka: "Only one thing left to do before… the end."
Michiru: "Yes." /grimly determined.
Nurse: /just passing by. "Wow, that sounded so… so final."

Over in the Park
Chibi-Usa is playing with her schoolchums when her hat suddenly blows away in the wind…

Chibi-Usa: /chasing the hat. "Gosh! This is just like when I first met Hotaru! This must be what Ami-chan means when she talks about circularity in art! Maybe that means I'll meet Hotaru up here!"

ENTER Sailor Pluto, as a dramatic ghostly vision.

Sailor Pluto: "You have done well, Small Lady!"
Chibi-Usa: "ZOMG IT'S PUU! YAY!"
Sailor Pluto: "Actually, it's not, this conversation is prerecorded."
Chibi-Usa: "What?"
Sailor Pluto: "It's as if I'm on tape delay."
Chibi-Usa: "But if you're a tape, how are you able to talk back to me, Puu?"
Sailor Pluto: "I'm not, really, I'm just very good at predicting what other people will say."
Chibi-Usa: "That's—"
Chibi-Usa and Sailor Pluto: "—silly! No one can do that! Whoa! How are you doing that?"
Chibi-Usa: "—Okay, I believe you."
Sailor Pluto: "I really really wish I could give you a hug, sweet child, but I don't have a body any more."
Chibi-Usa: :(
Chibi-Usa: "But now I'm all alone!"
Sailor Pluto: "What? You have lots of friends!"
Chibi-Usa: /well, yeah, but…
Chibi-Usa: "Me and all the other kids in the audience want to know what happened to HOTARU?!"
Sailor Pluto: /explains.
Chibi-Usa: "But why did she have to reincarnate? Why couldn't she just come back?"
Sailor Pluto: "TANSTAAFL!"
Chibi-usa: "Bwa?"
Sailor Pluto: "Ask Ami. I must go now, but I shall see you once again."
Chibi-Usa: "Your weird promises never work out like I want them to."
Sailor Pluto: "I feel the same way. My dear Small Lady, good-bye, take care, and remember that I will always lo9afinwEND OF TAPE."
Chibi-Usa: :(
Somebody: "Excuse me, young lady, is this your hat?"

Why, it's Professor Tomoe, holding a strangely familiar baby!

Chibi-Usa: !
Chibi-Usa: "Yes, it is. Thank you."
Hotaru: "BUH!" /reaches for Chibi-Usa.
Tomoe: "Hey, she likes you."
Chibi-Usa: /holds the little girl's hands. "I'm Chibi-Usa. What's your name?"
Tomoe: "Her name's Hotaru. Say hello, Hotaru!"
Hotaru: "BUH!"
Chibi-Usa: (…Now I'm gonna be the big sister?) /mind=blown.
Chibi-Usa: /knows she must be patient. Alas.

Meanwhile, at the Mugen Memorial Crater
Ami: "…I still want to know where you got a police pass to get us onto the island."
Minako: "I told you, I had a part-time job a while back. It had its perqs. How's the Mercury Tricorder Action?"
Ami: /Mercury Tricorder Action. "Negative. There's not a trace left of that other dimension."
Minako: "Are you sure?"
Ami: /sweetly. "Would you like me to give you a list of the scanning modes I used?"
Minako: "I believe you! I believe you! Wow. Hard to imagine that the whole thing goes down without a trace. You'd think there'd be broken parts or unexploded bombs or something scattered in the rubble."
Ami: "Oh, there's plenty of that, I detect any amount of wrecked lab equipment and environmentally-hazardous chemical spills, but at this point it's somebody else's problem, don't you think? We're not equipped for clean-up work, while the Post-Kaiju Reconstruction Teams are."
Minako: "Yeah, you're right. I mean, gosh, the story's just about over, bad guys are gone… there's no chance of anything here coming back to bite us in the ass."
Rei: /just showing up with Mako. "If you're wrong about that and it does happen, I'm kicking your ass."
Ami: "Ouch! After it's already been bitten? Double punishment is hardly fair, Rei."
Rei: "¡But fun! But seriously—"
Makoto: "—Yeah, we've been all over town, but no dice. How 'bout you?"
Minako: "Nada. Just a perfectly normal exploded building."
Makoto: "Hell should freeze over before we start calling this 'normal'."
Rei: /notices something. "Er… excuse me. ¡Hey, Usagi!"
Usagi: /is depressed.
Rei: "Look, hey, uh, you did your best, so cheer up, something will work out, right? right."
Usagi: "…Right."
Usagi: /is depressed.
Rei: :(

ENTER Luna and Artemis, at a rush.

Artemis: "We found their car!"
Usagi: "Whose car?"

The strains of music flow across the water. Somebody is playing a violin, out in the rubble.

The team follows, and finds, high on a toppled concrete tower, two persons waiting for them.

Artemis: "Music is the greatest invention of Lilim civ—"
Luna: "You're as bad as your lady."
Artemis: "Hey, it's the last one of this season, might as well enjoy it." ;)
Usagi: /runs forward to greet—
Haruka: /throws a rock at Usagi. "Don't come here, Sailor Moon!"
Usagi: /sad. "…Okay." /turns to walk away.
Haruka: "Wait, no! I meant, don't come here, but, like, don't not come— I'll start over."

ENTER Michiru and Haruka, dramatically!

Michiru: "Usagi: Your idealism is too painful to watch!"
Haruka: "It's true the world was saved, but we still can't forgive you! Your attempt to protect the Warrior of Ruin placed this entire planet in jeopardy!"
Usagi: /close to tears.
Minako: "Oh, Christ, they're still on about that?"
Haruka: "And another thing! Blahdy-blah-blah fate of the world for your own personal yakkity stuff and so on—"
Makoto: "Well she is the Sailor of Wind. Hurr hurr."
Minako: "Hoo hoo! *snrk*"
Haruka: /throws a rock at Makoto and Minako.
Michiru: "—and in short, we think you are completely unqualified to be the future Queen!"
Usagi: !
Ami: "…Well, yeah."
Rei: "Of course."
Makoto: "Obviously."
Minako: "Well, I don't know… no, you're right."
Haruka: /flails lamely. "…you're agreeing with us?"
Ami: "Well, she is only fifteen."
Usagi: "SIXTEEN!"
Ami: "Has hardly studied the art of rulership at all. None of us have—"
Haruka: "No, we meant, ever."
Michiru: "We believe that she is and forever will be constitutionally incapable of ever being the monarch of a garbage scow, let alone the Solar System!"
Makoto: "Are you calling the Enterprise a garbage scow?!"
Haruka: "No, I'm saying it should be hauled away as garbage!"
Makoto: "They hit Buddy! Come on, girls!"
Luna and Artemis: /facepaw

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 21
    • Crisis Mode Sailor Moon: 13+1
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 10
  • Ami into:
    • Sailor Mercury: 15
    • Second Stage Sailor Mercury: 20
  • Rei into:
    • Sailor Mars: 13
    • Second Stage Sailor Mars: 19
  • Makoto into:
    • Sailor Jupiter: 8
    • Second Stage Sailor Jupiter: 19
  • Minako into:
    • Sailor Venus: 7
    • Second Stage Sailor Venus: 22
  • Haruka into:
    • Sailor Uranus: 9
  • Michiru into:
    • Sailor Neptune: 9
  • Setsuna into:
    • Sailor Pluto: 4
  • Mamoru into:
    • Tuxedo Mask: 2
    • Second Stage Tuxedo Mask: 1
  • Chibi-Usa into:
    • Sailor Chibi-Moon: 8
  • Luna-P into something-or-other: 10

Usagi: "Stop fiiiiiiiighting!"
Minako: "Out of the way, Usagi, we're defending your honor! Rrr! Rrf! Lemme at 'em!"
Haruka: "Nyah, nyah, little idealist won't even fight back!"
Rei: /just points, and looks at Usagi with pleading eyes.
Makoto: "Dude. Dude."
Usagi: "But they kind of have a point. I mean, yeah, I'm a naive crybaby schoolgirl who doesn't know what the heck she's doing most of the time and gambled the fate of the world to save a single life on my faith that everything would work out all right…"
Haruka: "Yes! Vindication!"
Usagi: "…but I don't think I've actually done anything wrong."
Haruka: "GAH!"
Usagi: "I mean, yeah, I made a mistake with the Grail there, but Saturn was one of us all along, and it turned out that she wasn't going to blow up the world anyway, and—"
Michiru: "ARRGH! Shut up! We've been over this a zillion times!"
Usagi: "Look, please, just de-power, all of you, and we can argue about this over lunch if you like, and then we can move on!"
Haruka: /quietly. "…If you want us to, you will have to force us to."
Michiru: /sneers. "Unless you do, we will be enemies forever!"
Usagi: "…Oh for the love of Pete. All right." /fishes out her transformation brooch.
Minako: "Wait a minute, what are you doing, Usagi? You're not going to play their stupid little game?"
Usagi: "Weren't you?"
Rei: "¡N-no! We were about in engage in good, wholesome, high-spirited violence in the heat of the moment. You're about to participate in their twisted worldview, becoming with every action a little more like them!"
Usagi: "Well, better me than you. It is my sins we're arguing about, after all."
Minako: "B—"
Usagi: /semi-regal. "Do not help me! This is my responsibility."

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 22
    • Crisis Mode Sailor Moon: 13+1
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 10
  • Ami into:
    • Sailor Mercury: 15
    • Second Stage Sailor Mercury: 20
  • Rei into:
    • Sailor Mars: 13
    • Second Stage Sailor Mars: 19
  • Makoto into:
    • Sailor Jupiter: 8
    • Second Stage Sailor Jupiter: 19
  • Minako into:
    • Sailor Venus: 7
    • Second Stage Sailor Venus: 22
  • Haruka into:
    • Sailor Uranus: 9
  • Michiru into:
    • Sailor Neptune: 9
  • Setsuna into:
    • Sailor Pluto: 4
  • Mamoru into:
    • Tuxedo Mask: 2
    • Second Stage Tuxedo Mask: 1
  • Chibi-Usa into:
    • Sailor Chibi-Moon: 8
  • Luna-P into something-or-other: 10

Haruka: "Last one! Enjoy it while you can, Miss Main Character!"
Michiru: "Bring it, little girl!"
Usagi: "Oh, come on, you're not even a year older than m—"
Usagi: /furrows the ground with her face.
The Inners: !
The Inners: /get their dander back up!
Rei: "¡Charge!"

ENTER Tuxedo Mask, armed with +3 heat-seeking blessed throwing roses…

…which he uses to block the Inners' path!

Inners: ?!
Mamoru: "For two hearts to truly understand each other, it is sometimes necessary that they beat the shit out of each other! This is a private duel."
Rei: "¿What is this, a shonen story all of a sudden?"
Minako: "Two-on-one is hardly—"
Minako: /reflects that if Usagi really were in danger, Mamoru would not simply stand by.
Minako: /also reflects that Mamoru has had a couple of more close conversations with Sailor Pluto than anyone else here.
Minako: "—a fair duel. I bet you just want to see your girl in a catfight, you perv."
Ami: /gives Minako a calculating look.
Minako: /glances back, nods briefly.
Rei: /quirks an eyebrow at the two of them.
Makoto: /really wishes people would just say what were going to say instead of hinting around mysteriously all the time.

Usagi: /spits out concrete dust and stands up, growling in irritation.
Haruka: "What's wrong? Baby gonna cry?"
Michiru: "Princess Crybaby! Princess Crybaby!"
Makoto: "Ladies and gentlemen, the stylish and mature Outer Sailors."
Usagi: /Mom Voice. "Undo your transformations right now."
Usagi: /ninja dodge!
Usagi: /lands behind Haruka!
Haruka: /spin kick!
Usagi: dodge! feint!
Rei: "Hey, ¿why aren't we getting the fixed-font game text any more?"
Ami: "Because this isn't battle for xp, it's character development via stylish violence."
Rei: "Oh, I see."
Haruka: /provides a forceful opening argument.
Usagi: /eludes Haruka on all points, and attempts to make polite rebuttal.
Haruka: /rebuffs Usagi's attempt and reiterates her position strongly.
Usagi: /tries to kick Haruka in the jennies.
Michiru: /catches Usagi in an arm lock.
Usagi: "GAH! I always knew you were the sadistic oneOWIE OW OW OW!"
Michiru: "And now we shall demonstrate the validity of our ideological stance through the most traditional of techniques—"
Haruka: "—'You hold and I hit!'" /charges!

Sailor Moon simply GLOWS with chi. Bullet time kicks in, and she somehow slips out of Sailor Neptune's grasp and slides beside Sailor Uranus, in such a way that Uranus punches out Neptune instead.

Usagi: /does not let down her guard, and stands ready for their next attack.
Haruka and Michiru: /kneel before their Queen.
Usagi: "…wha?"
Michiru: "We hoped for nothing less from the Princess—and the future Neo Queen Serenity."
Usagi: "…bwa?"
Haruka: "Truly we have been blessed to see you reveal your full power in the very end."
Usagi: "Did I hit my head? Or did they hit theirs?"
Michiru: "We have completed every task given to us in this place."
Usagi: "What is this? You were testing me? Is that it? How did that show anything? I just dodged!"
Haruka: "We found the true Messiah, and the Earth has been saved. Our mission is complete."
Usagi: "What true Messiah? Who? When?"
Haruka: "Always so modest."
Michiru: "Even the Warrior of Ruin took her side."
Usagi: "Did I accidentally brainwash them or something? What? Back up a second!"
Haruka: /walking away. "Ever since we came to this town, it's been one battle after another…"
Michiru: /walking with her. "…yeah, but it was worth it."
Usagi: "Hey, what did any of this have to do with Hotaru? And what happened to Pluto? And what was the deal with pure hearts, anyway?!"
Haruka: /still walking. "Yeah, She didn't just save Saturn… She saved us, as well. I suppose I should say thank you…"
The Inners: /hold their breath.
Haruka: "…but I won't."
The Inners: /start throwing rocks.
Haruka: /becomes one with the earth.
Haruka: "…ow…"
Michiru: "Which one?"
Usagi: "Uh… the… the Hotaru one!"
Haruka: "You'll see her again."
Usagi: "She's ALIVE?! WOO-HOO!" /does a little dance.

EXIT Haruka and Michiru, driving into the sunset, and quickly, before anyone else can tackle them for answers.

Michiru: /calls merrily after them. "Always leave the audience wanting more!"
Makoto: "Ahhh, get out of here, ya bums! And good riddance!"
Ami: "And yet, I still miss them."
Makoto: "Yeah, me too, but…" /sulky. "…but that didn't resolve squat for us! What the hell happened?"
Chibi-Usa: /just happening by. "Hi, guys! Did I miss anything exciting?"


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Episode #127: Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart.

Another Night or Two Later: Mamoru's Bachelor Pad
All alone, just the two of them, on the veranda. No one else is about, and they have the entire night ahead of them.

Usagi: "What a beautiful moon…"
Mamoru: "Yes, it is."
Usagi: "It's so quiet now."
Mamoru: "Peace: it's wonderful."
Usagi: "It's… um… say, Mamo-chan."
Mamoru: "…Yes, Usako?"
Usagi: /starts to blush, leans a little closer. "…Isn't it a little cold?"
Mamoru: "Now that you mention it…"
Usagi: /blushing furiously, leans a little closer. "…maybe… you could warm me up?"
Usagi: "…Where are you going?"
Captain Oblivious: "You said you were cold, right? We can go inside, mix up a little hot cocoa— Why are you pouting?"

Tsukino Residence, the Usagis' Room
Suddenly! Pink smoke and flashing lights!

Chibi-Usa: ?!

A letter appears, and falls on the bed.

Chibi-Usa reads: Dear Small Lady: I'm lonely because I can't see you. It's about time you came home. Signed, Mama. P.S. Papa misses you, too.
Chibi-Usa: /is overwhelmed with homesickness.
Usagi: /bursts in, dramatically! "I'm home! (Hours early, because somebody is too dense to even grumble mumble what am I, chopped liver? I ought to just grab mutter gripe…)"
Usagi: "Hey, what's up? What's that you've got there?"
Chibi-Usa: /hands it to her.
Usagi: /reads.

The Next Day, the Hikawa Shrine
Rei: "Let's play this conversation out as long as we can, preferably with a lot of reiteration of stuff we already know. We've still got one whole episode to get through."
Makoto: "Let's not and say we did. I'm not helping you procrastinate about whatever chores you're avoiding."
Rei: "¡¿Procrastinate?! I'll have you know—"
Ami: "Anyway, what did the letter say?"
Usagi: "Well, it was from her mom, I mean, from me, future me, and it said—"
Minako: "Was it all in hiragana again?" :D
Usagi: /embarrassed.
Everyone else: "DAMMIT V!"
Usagi: "You don't know! You don't know if, if, if in the future we all use some other language, and don't write in Japanese for hundreds of years! Maybe I'm a genius at writing space poetry in Moonspeak and you're the weird one for still sticking to stuff like lame ol' 20th-century English! Maybe I got, like, a brain tumor from fighting too much evil, and the future yous are all really sad that I can barely write at all, but I insisted on doing it myself anyway for my little girl! Huh? Did you think of that? You don't know! So there!"
Ami: /patiently. "So what did the letter say?"
Usagi: "Oh, that it's time to come home, and now Chibi-Usa's all, like, 'I don't have to go right now, it's okay,' and stuff like that. I just don't get her."
Ami: "Well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?"
Usagi: "I'm bad at obvious. Clue me in."
Luna: "Do you want her to go?"
Usagi: "Welllllllll… yes and no. I mean, I'll miss her a lot—yes, I said it, come on—but shouldn't she go home? I know she misses her folks. Us folks. Whatever."
Artemis: "Well, she's a lot like you, so—"
Usagi: /yeah. "Yeah."
Ami: "Well, the trouble's all over now, so it's probably a good time to send her back—"
Minako: "—where she'll be safe. Hey, you don't think that they sent her back to the dangerous Now on purpose, just to make friends with Hotaru? Because, I mean, damn."
Makoto: "If they did, that's fuckin' cold. Or, wait, is it?"
Ami: "But they were good friends! And maybe they are again in the future?"
Rei: "I have a good solution to all this weird time travel shit: let's not think about it."
Makoto: "Hell, yes."
Minako: "Rei, I'm going to take back some of the things I've said about you." /hands over a candy bar.
Ami: "But there are many interesting—"
Usagi: /claps hands. "Okay, everybody! Let's plan a going-away party!"
Rei: "¡Aha! A good idea from you for once."
Makoto: "That's the spirit!"
Minako: "Yeah! Time to par-tay!"
Ami: "But what about—? oh, never mind."
Makoto: "Where should we hold it?"
Rei: "Why, right h—"
Luna: "Mamoru's place. Usagi, could you ask? I'm sure he'll say yes."
Usagi: "Sure thing!"
Artemis: /shoots Luna a quizzical glance, as if to ask why she is suddenly encouraging—
Makoto: "No more eye talk! Stop that, both of you! You're driving me nuts! Get out of here, go plan party stuff!"

Party Stuff
Luna and Usagi go tell Chibi-Usa.

Luna: "—so let's not hold back! Let's have a huge party and a gay old rowdy humdinger of a whiz-up!"
Chibi-Usa: /sniffles.
Luna: "What's wrong? Am I too hip for the room?"
Usagi: "Luna's outdated slang wasn't that bad, was it?"
Luna: "Out-dated?"
Chibi-Usa: "Why are you all in such a hurry to get rid of me?!" /runs off crying. "USAGI NO BAKA!"
Usagi: "…frell."

Chibi-Usa runs off and hugs Luna-P—oh, did we mention? Luna-P came back—and cries.

Later: Tsukino Residence
Usagi is rooting through her drawers and closet, on the hunt for something specific.

Luna: "You mentioned a gift, but didn't you spend all your allowance already? Don't tell me you actually have a hidden stash that you have the willpower to stay away from?"
Usagi: "Hey, hey, now, this has got to be the kind of gift money can't buy, right? Aha! Found it!"
Usagi: /holds up a little dress. "See? I really liked this dress when I was little!"
Luna: /tries to figure out how to say that giving a girl a centuries-out-of-date hand-me-down is probably not the best gift… and fails, so says nothing.
Usagi: "My, what a long silence that one was. But I don't mind. I have a plan."

Meanwhile: Mamoru's Bachelor Pad
Mamoru comes home to find Chibi-Usa sitting outside his door, still sniffling.

Mamoru: "Hey, what's wrong, squirt?"
Chibi-Usa: "…"
Mamoru: "…I can't understand if you stay quiet."
Chibi-Usa: /sniff.
Mamoru: "Well, come on in. Let's have some tea."

Over tea: Chibi-Usa asks if everyone hates her because they suddenly want to send her back home and Mamoru explains what she knew all along but needed to hear: that it's hard for everyone to let her go and they miss her terribly, but they know it's best that she live with her mama and papa, and that they know she misses them too, and, yes, even Mamoru will miss her, and then she spills her tea and cries and he holds her gently and doesn't mind the mess.

Luna-P: /cleaning mode=ACTIVE.
Luna-P: /vroombas up the mess…
Mamoru: (…Those future inventors were geniuses.)

That Night: Tsukino Residence
Chibi-Usa wakes up and sees that Usagi is still up, working on something.

Usagi: "Ow! Damn needles."
Chibi-Usa: "Whatcha doin'?"
Usagi: /hides whatever it is. "Nothing! Good little girls go to sleep early!"
Usagi: /waits until Chibi-Usa has gone back under the covers before going back to whatever it is she's doing.
Chibi-Usa: (…Mean ol' Usagi doesn't understand me at all grumble grumble…)

It is a dark and stormy night. Somewhere in the hellish pit that was once a great laboratory tower, something moves in a hideous parody of life.


> Quickly retrieve arms from daimon shell.

ARMS you've got, equipped with lovely PURPLE TALONS. LEGS, on the other hand, seem to have been an afterthought of your ABSENT CONSTRUCTOR, and the SHELL you hatched from is EMPTY. It looks like you'll have to CRAWL.

> Fondly contemplate creation.

Your early memories are hazy, but you have vague and indistinct visions of cackling laughter, lightning bolts, and the screams of teenage girls. From such an auspicious beginning, only good things can follow. You decide that you are here to fulfill two URGES: to stuff yourself in a DAIMON KILN, and to OBTAIN PURE HEARTS. And you're all outta pure hearts.

> Examine broken shells.

That has nothing to do with your two URGES! You ignore them.

> Okay, fine. Look for pure hearts.

It looks like you're all alone in this hellscape of broken concrete and foul-smelling dross. You'll have to go somewhere else.

> Look for a daimon kiln.

The next flash of lightning reveals a DAIMON KILN uphill, perched precariously on a HEAP OF RUBBLE. It's hard to tell from where you're lying, but it looks to be intact.

> Go uphill.

As you have NO FUNCTIONAL LEGS, you immediately fall on what passes for your face. You bare your pseudo-teeth and start crawling.

> Crawling montage.

This is going to take a while; maybe we should check in with some of the other characters, instead.

Party Time!
Yay! Everybody applauds Chibi-Usa with forced cheer! Chibi-Usa doesn't even try to hide her solemn sadness.

Makoto: "Eat hearty! It's a Mako-Feast™, you know it's good."
Usagi: "Cheer up! The future is just a little farther than Hokkaido, and it's closer than Heaven. You can come back to visit any time you want!"
Minako: "Have you ever gone to Heaven?"
Rei: "…What made you think that was an appropriate question in front of a child?"
Minako: "What? What'd I—? OH MY GOD. No. I didn't mean it that— Aaugh!" /facedesk.
Chibi-Usa: "Didn't mean what?"
Minako: "Nothing. Ask your mother. No, don't ask your mother. Forget it. Just silly Mina saying silly things."
Rei: "¿Shall we sing? ¿Can I start? ¿Can I? I'm starting now, ¿okay? ¿Does anyone else want to?"
Makoto: "Seeing as we'd have to pry the mic from your cold, dead hands, no. ;) Sing already!"

Crater Time!
After crawling all night and most of the day, you have finally attained your goal. Phew! That was an all-nighter. It's a good thing you're a SLEEPLESS MONSTROSITY.

> Carefully inspect daimon kiln.

Being not yet even two days old, you have no way of knowing that the SCORCH MARKS and LARGE DENTS were not original design features. Nor can you read the warning label on the side that states the extreme danger of using a daimon kiln without proper supervision or a properly-prepared seed item. All that you know is that it's a DAIMON KILN, and you want to stuff yourself inside of it and switch it on.

To that end, you double-check the POWER CONNECTION. By some dark miracle, it is still connected to a RESERVE POWER SYSTEM.

> Satisfy urge #1.

With an unholy feeling of delight, you slither inside and shut the door. For the first time in your hideous parody of life, you feel HAPPY.

Then the kiln SWITCHES ON AUTOMATICALLY and starts to TRANSFORM you. If you had vocal chords, you would scream.

Eek! Quick, Back to the Party!!
Rei: /announcing with a microphone. "¡And now for the ceremonial exchange of parting gifts!"
Makoto: "I packed lunch! Heat it in the microwave or whatever you use in the future and eat it with your folks!"
Chibi-Usa: "Thank you."
Ami: "I programmed this! It's—"
Makoto: "Are they really going to be to read a floppy disk a thousand years in the future?"
Ami: "If they can't, future-Mercury will find a way. Anyway, no, it's not a study guide, it's a computer game of my own design. We're all in it!"
Artemis: "Wait, an unlicensed Sailor game? Mercury, I'm appalled at your flagrant disregard for our valuable intellectual property.."
Minako: "Don't worry, by the time Chibi-Usa gets to play it, we'll be public domain."
Chibi-Usa: "Thank you."
Rei: "Here's a cassette with my singing in it, and I just realized that future-Mercury is going to have to help with this one, too. The last song is just for you, ¿'kay?"
Chibi-Usa: "Thank you."
Minako: "I compiled all our photos into an album! Tada! And when we find present-Saturn, we'll tell her to make sure that future-Saturn visits you to look over it with you."
Chibi-Usa: "Thank you."
Mamoru: /Tuxedo Mask voice. "A red rosebud is the symbol of—"
Rei: (mutters) "You totally just grabbed whatever was on your desk and made it into a gift."
Mamoru: (mutters back) "And if this party had been sprung on me more than a day ahead, I might not have had to."
Mamoru: "But as I was saying! A red rosebud is the symbol of purity and cuteness—it fits you perfectly. It's enchanted, so tend it well and it won't wither."
Chibi-Usa: "Thank you."
Usagi: /nervously. "Well, um, I hope all the presents will fit in this…"

Usagi's gift is a hand-made bunny backpack, incorporating part of that old dress of Usagi's. It's not a lovely gift, but it has charm, and certainly it looks sturdy.

Rei: /genuinely. "¡Wow! ¡What a cute puppy backpack!"
Usagi: "…It's a rabbit."
Rei: /urk. "Uh… oh. Um… I'm sorry, yes, obviously it's a rabbit."
Usagi: "Do you even think before making fun of me? Why would I do anything other than a rabbit? Why are you always on my case?"
Rei: "¡Hey! ¿Why do you assume I was making fun of you? ¡I said it looked like a dog because it looked like a dog!"
Everybody else: /closes eyes and groans. Here we go again…
Rei: "¡You're always yapping at me como un poquito perrito! ¡Yap yap yap!"
Rei: "¡You overexerted yourself so much your hands are all scratched and needle-stuck!"
Usagi: "Oh, yeah? Well you—!"
Rei: "So you should at least put band-aids on. Here, let me put them on for you."
Usagi: "Uh. Oh. Uh, thank you."
Everyone else: "…"
Rei: /tenderly applies band-aids.
Usagi and Rei: /smiling and blushing.
Minako: (whispers) "Kill me now."
Makoto: (whispers) "Finally I understand why you hated me always talking about the sempai who—"
Ami: (whispers) "And look. Mamoru's just watching them, smiling."
Makoto: (whispers) "Do you think he can't tell?"
Ami: (whispers) "Maybe he knows and approves…"
Minako: (whispers) "I was kind of hoping that the Princess wouldn't be weird like the rest of us."
Luna: (drily) "Why shouldn't she be? She's yours, after all."
Artemis: /scandalized. "I say!"
Luna: "So long as they're happy and we get a royal heir eventually, I'll be satisfied. Anyway, Chibi-Usa, Usagi worked very hard on that backpack, so use it well."
Chibi-Usa: "I'm jealous. Rei and Usagi can say anything they want to each other…"
Luna: /sweat drop. "Er… well, uh, you want to handle that one, Arty?"
Artemis: "They say that the more you argue, the better friends you are…?"
Chibi-Usa: /teary-eyed. "I wish I had a friend that I could be like that with."
Luna and Artemis: "…"

Two Thousand Years Later
Sailor Moon II: "This is all your fault!"
Sailor Saturn: "My fault? You told me to shoot!"
Sailor Moon II: "I didn't mean for you to explode the whole planet!"
Sailor Saturn: "It was only a little one…"
Sailor Moon II: "That's what she said!"
Sailor Saturn: :D

Anyway, Time To Go
They walk over to the park with the pond. It's a warm evening—although still winter, one can sense that spring is not far off. Chibi-Usa is very brave as she says good-bye, but there are tears shed, and then, just as Chibi-Usa walks away, Usagi suddenly runs after her.

Everybody else: "Usagi!" /instantly gives chase—
Mamoru and Luna: /restrain them.
Rei: "Sorry, instinct."
Mamoru: "Seriously, Usagi's learned not to do that; you guys need to, too. Jeez. Give 'em a moment."

A Moment
Why, it's the same pond where Chibi-Usa first showed up, a year and a half ago, on the run and interrupting a kiss. Chibi-Usa prepares herself mentally, then enacts the ritual of opening.

Chibi-Usa: /brandishes her Key. "O Guardian of Time! Break open the skies and release the doors of Time for me! I call out your true name, o almighty Lord of Time, Father of Guardians, CHRONOS! Guide me! Protect me! Show me the path of light!"

The sky churns with pink light and the water ripples in the wake of the portal's formation…

Usagi: /just showing up. "Chibi-Usa!"
Chibi-Usa: "Usagi!"
Usagi: /crying. "You shouldn't be crying! You're going back home, and you'll be happy, and—"
Chibi-Usa: /crying. "Stupid Usagi, you're the one who's crying!"
Usagi: /crying. "I promised myself that I'd see you off without crying—"

Chibi-Usa starts to lift off…

Chibi-Usa: /crying. "Usagi! I don't want to go!" /holds out hand.
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: /smiles, bravely, tenderly. "Be good to your parents in the future!"

Usagi touches Chibi-Usa's hand one last time, but does not hold her back. And then, with a flash, Chibi-Usa is gone.

Luna bursts in, dramatically!

Luna: "Usagi, it's—!"
Usagi: /holds up hand.
Luna: "…"
Usagi: /finishes her good cry, then carefully wipes up her tears and takes a deep breath.
Usagi: "Okay."
Luna: "Bluhbluedybluh—submarine—explosionBLUE MEANIES!"

Quick, Robin! To the Perfectly Normal Blast Crater!
Victims: /eek!
Daimon: "PURE HEARTS!"
The Team: /bursts in dramatically.

Monster of the Week!
RANGY! The last daimon has generously provided us with an answer to the question of just what happens if you switch on the daimon kiln without anything in it. The daimon has become the kiln and the kiln has become the daimon. Quite frankly, it looks like our faceless purple freak of science spent a sleepless night with a case of Night Train and TRON on the late night movie, and somewhere after the sixth bottle became inspired to fashion ghetto armor from the pieces of the exploded kiln. That it looks as dashing as it does is a tribute to the late Professor's skill.

Unfortunately, the Professor had nothing to do with the daimon's other brilliant masterpiece: a ten-meter cargo cult shrine in the shape of a giant laboratory flask. Without the distraction of a goofy vocal quirk or fetish outfit, the daimon has been able to gather every soul within miles. Without any idea of what to do with the blessed things, it has industriously shovelled them en masse into the mouth of the god of flasks, and offers them up with fetish prayers to a master that no longer exists.

Mamoru: /gets there first so he can set up his dramatic entrance…
Mamoru: /…but realizes that this is no time for showing off!

Tuxedo Mask casts a rose at Rangy.
Rangy is hit!
Rangy is stunned!

Usagi: "I always forget that you actually are allowed to attack in the first wave."
Mamoru: "Besides, it's a silly bonus level. How hard could it be?"

Rangy recovers.
Rangy shoots everybody!
Everybody dodges!

Mamoru: "Sorry."
Usagi: "Will we ever learn?"
Minako: "See? See? It's not just me!"
Rei: "I hear you, I hear you. I shall leave your ass unkicked for the present."
Minako: "Thank you!"
Rei: "¡We have more important targets, anyway!"

Rei casts fire at Rangy.
Rangy dodges!
Rangy punches Rei IN THE FACE!
Rei is hit!
Rei is hurt!
A friend is hurt! Makoto's Angry Green Charm activates: x2 damage!
Makoto angrily casts lightning at Rangy.
Rangy dodges!
Rangy uses Broil!
Rangy casts heat at Makoto!
Makoto dodges, barely!

Makoto: /flails frantically at her singed hair.
Ami: "Her hair! You ruined her beautiful hair!"

Clever ruse prepared! Please input commands…
Ami casts ice water at Rangy.
Rangy dodges!
Minako tries to sneak up while Rangy is distracted…
Rangy notices you and counterattacks with Gummi Arm!
Rangy grabs Minako's leg!
Rangy throws Minako at Ami!
Ami is hit!
Ami is hurt!
Minako is hurt!

As This Is A Particularly Nerve-Wracking Time in the Narrative to Change Perspectives, the Narrative Shall Now Do So
Chibi-Usa walks through the foggy time portal, thinking of all she has left behind and all that waits before her. Just ahead, she can dimly see the Crystal Tokyo of her home time.

Well, That Was Fun
Back to the explosions, etc.

Rangy: /pulls out its own electrical cable… AND TEARS IT IN HALF. BECAUSE SHE'S THAT HARD-CORE.
Rangy: "yo dawg i heard you like daimon kilns"

Rangy uses Faulty Connection.
Rangy casts electrical cables at everyone!
Random result… electrocution!
Everyone is hit!
Everyone is hurt!
Everyone is down!

Rangy: "PURE HEARTS!" /grabs Usagi and goes for the kiss.
Usagi: "Oh Tuxedo Maaaaaaaask!"
Mamoru: "I can't burst in dramatically, I'm right here! Ow."
Usagi: "Oh Holy Graaaaaaaail!"
Rei: "It's gone now, ¿remember?"
Usagi: "I'll take any kind of deus ex machina at all! I'm not picky! Help!"

Sailor Chibi-Moon falls out of the sky, dramatically, and crashes into Rangy. Don't worry, her fall was broken by her head.

Chibi-Usa: "…blee blur bluh doo…"
Rangy: "…hure pearts…"
Usagi: "I refuse to be grateful for that."

Chibi-Usa heaves herself to her feet. Rangy rolls over, moaning, onto the Pink Sugar Heart Wand, triggering it, and thus getting a load of pink sparkle bursts to the face.

Rangy: /agagagagagagagagag
Chibi-Usa: "THESE ARE MY DEAR FRIENDS! Sailor Chibi-Moon shall not forgive you for—"
Rangy: /growls and throws the wand at Chibi-Usa.
Usagi: /daring last-moment SAVE!
Chibi-Usa: "But I was making my speech!"
Usagi: "This is no time for dramatic poses!"

Mamoru casts a rose at Rangy!
Critical hit! Rangy is hit right between the eyes!
Rangy is hurt!
Rangy is stunned!

Mamoru: /dramatic pose. "A maiden's heart that thinks of others is stronger and more beautiful than—"
Usagi: "Honey, what did I just say?"
Mamoru: "But I didn't get a chance before—"
Usagi: /growls and throws Chibi-Usa at Mamoru. "Hold this."
Mamoru: /catch!
Chibi-Usa: ?!
Usagi: "Note to self: Get on same page with partner about disciplining children before it becomes an issue." /draws wand.

Usagi casts concentrated love at Rangy!
Rangy is hit!
Rangy is obliterated!

Rangy: "…lovely!" /dies.
Usagi: /casts a stern look at the seed kiln that's left behind.
Kiln: /explodes, thus ending that plot point for good.
Usagi: /sighs in relief.

Ami: "Heeheehee!"
Usagi: ?
Ami: "You've dropped a rank in power! None of us have had to do that. Now you're back with the rest of us!"
Rei: "Heh heh heh. ¡Welcome home, weakling!"
Usagi: "Aren't I still a tier above you, though?"
Ami: "…I don't know you."
Rei: "¡Guards! Remove this strange twin-tailed person."
Mamoru: /dramatic pose. "Perhaps the Grail is actually the pure heart of anyone who cares—"
Chibi-Usa: "Ow, wow! Look at that beautiful sunrise!"
Mamoru: "Full thirty times hath Phoebus' cart—"
Makoto: "Thanks for the assist, little buddy."
Chibi-Usa: "You're welcome!"
Mamoru: "I give up."
Usagi: "You're up past your bedtime."
Chibi-Usa: "No I'm not!"
Minako: "That's right, timeportallag. For her, it's still last night."
Usagi: "Which was still past her bedtime."
Chibi-Usa: "It's a special occasion!"
Usagi: "What I meant to ask is why are you here?"
Chibi-Usa: "You're so helpless without me, I had to come back!"
Haruka: "That's true. It's so very true."
Michiru: "We may have to stick around and hassle you for another season or two."
Naru: "Since I missed the last party, can we have another? The daimons are gone, right?"
En: "Oh, hi! We were in the system, thought we'd drop by."
Ali: "Say 'hello' to Sailor Moon, Doom Sapling!"
Calaveras: "I hope you don't mind us joinin' this little shindig. We gave Miz Osaka a lift. Say hello, Petz!"
Petz: "Hewwo!"
Usagi: "All right—OUT! ALL THE EXTRA CHARACTERS OUT! This is a family discussion!"
Yamandakka: "Yamandakka!"
Usagi: "And you, too! Out! Out! Out! …Not you, little missy!"
Chibi-Usa: "Awww. But they're having a party over there—"
Usagi: "Your mother must be worried sick! You march right back home, and—"

Suddenly, a letter appears from the future!

Usagi reads: Dear Small Lady, thanks for the souvenirs, don't be too much of a nuisance to your 'big sis' Usagi, and be a good girl! P.S. Bring more souvenirs back next time.
Usagi: /crumples up and throws away the letter. "Note to self: Get on same page with myself about disciplining children et cetera."
Chibi-Usa: /puppy dog eyes.
Usagi: "Yes, you can join the party."
Chibi-Usa: "Yay!"



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Re: Episode #127: Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart.

And, of course, we end on a sex joke. I'm as bad as the rest of them! :p

I had to go look up the English dub of the Amara/Michelle episode to make sure I quoted the milkshake exchange properly.

I think the real reasons for the greater noise ratio in this season has been that, due to reasons of time or (shock gasp) other interests ("It is of vital importance to national security that I read all the Touhou mangas. ALL THE MANGAS!"), I haven't been able to bang through the episodes as swiftly as when I'm on a roll, and due to reasons of popularity, more people are in the thread having conversations when there isn't an update.

As for what I'll be doing between seasons: I am very likely to resurrect my Evangelion thread for a while; there are some doujinshi I've been wanting to comment on (non-H doujinshi, even, if you can believe it), and I want to get back into CoaEG (though of course I have to reread the beginning of the latter to catch back up). I would like to tackle the Sailor Moon manga properly, which may happen during or after that. I've also had a friendly request to provide some gaming-related cartoons to a blogsite, which I'm badly behind on fulfilling due to artist's block and the usual seasonal difficulties, so there's that to do as well. And, of course, there's always whatever personal projects I'm not working hard enough on to work harder no.

As always, thank you all for your comments, criticism, and applause. I hope you have enjoyed IWIWing Sailor Moon S, and that you have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!
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Re: Episode #127: Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart.

So much ending.


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Re: Episode #127: Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart.

The instant you started to watch Sailor Moon, Shadowjack, I wanted you to reach this moment. Yes, even before you started this series of threads, when you first posted your theories about what this series represented in that initial, aborted thread, so long ago, I was waiting for this.

And I am not disappointed.


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Re: Episode #127: Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart.

Fantastic job, SJ.

Is Evangelion 3.0 going to wait until its N. American release?

Also, thank you very much for doing this as a two-parter. Ep. 127 really makes S season wear out its welcome, so it's good to just have it done with.

Have fun in the meantime, and Sailor Moon Super S will be waiting for you when you're ready to start anew.
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