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[IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the wall.

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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

Oh, Shadowjack, in case I didn't make it clear: you are allowed to look at Hotaru's entry in "Equine Senshi." Link, as always anymore, is in my signature.


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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

Gargoylewing said:
Well, as it was already mentionned that Venus is sort of a ninja...
I love the idea of Haru&Michiru shadowing Hotaru, and ninja Minako lurking in even shadier shadows behind them..
Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy vs. Yo Dawg.

ok, now, seriously, I wonder how they found that out, I sometimes wonder if Prof. Tomoe is even knowing who he is...
From the next episode, it seems that the Prof wasn't as good at keeping a low profile as he'd hoped; I guess they just followed the string of Ackbar's events and wound up putting him on the list.

Looked more to me like Pluto was intending to make herself felt by others. See, we have not yet seen Puu having a "civillian power"; or, better, all her strange Powers seem to flow into each other. Anyway, btw,
Yes, I could've phrased that better.

We've sighted her doing the ninja stand on a narrow thing in shadows in civvies, and even Mina can't ninj to that extent. I tend to imagine that she has access to special ways of moving about…

<- this is by now afaik the only time we have seen one of the talismans carried by a senshi in civilian form, is it ?
I think so.

Shouldn´t this then count for Senshi powers too ?
Nah, they're Planets. Totally different. :p

ChaosWolf said:
Only in anime could the phrase "ordinary space elf" be glossed over as nothing particularly unusual.
Truth. :D

Talitha the Little Girl said:
So, what I'm trying to say? Don't be so quick to assume that Hotaru is capable of selfishless self-sacrifice when it comes to strangers. Certainly she've proved herself when it comes to Chibi-Usa.
This is a good point.


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Episode #120: Invasion from an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Academy.

An Hour or So Later
It was a sunny afternoon when they went into the planetarium, but now the skies have clouded over and opened up. It already looks as dark as evening. In the heavy rain, Chibi-Usa is drenched to the skin, but she doesn't care. She's running. Running to her friend Hotaru's house. It's not true! she thinks to herself. It can't be true! She runs all the way.

She runs up the front walk and opens the door. She's too frightened for Hotaru to remember to be polite, or to notice that the door was unlocked. Habit is the only reason she kicks off her shoes at the door, because she runs dripping down the hall, leaving puddles behind.

The sitting room is empty. Not no one there, but
empty. All the furniture has been removed, the rugs, the pictures on the wall, the table where she and Hotaru drank tea, gone, leaving only lighter spots on the walls and floor. They didn't even leave a loose phone cable or stray lightbulb. Thunder rumbles in the distance.

We grown-ups may have forgotten those childhood fears of everything and everyone going away for no reason, but Chibi-Usa is still a child, and one who once saw war in her homeland. She finds herself in the waking nightmare and her control plummets. Frantic, falling, weeping, she runs through the hollow rooms to Hotaru's door, slams it open calling Hotaru's name,

Empty. Everything is gone.
They've taken her away.

Alone in the dark, Chibi-Usa cries and cries and cries.

Pluto, who finds her there, almost cries, too. "Small Lady," she says, softly.

Chibi-Usa jumps and turns, and when she sees who it is, backs a step away. That act almost breaks the Sailor of Time's legendary control.
"Where did you take Hotaru?" screams the girl whom Pluto has watched grow from infancy, and Pluto's eyes hurt.

She shakes her head. "I was searching the house. When I got here, they were already gone—"

"LIAR!" shouts Chibi-Usa. "She's my friend! She wouldn't go without telling me!" She shrieks through tears at the woman kneeling before her. "It's your fault, Puu! She ran away because you said mean things! She's my friend!"

Pluto gently wraps her arms around the sopping girl, while Chibi-Usa smacks her tiny fists against her. "I HATE YOU, Puu! I hate you! I hate you!" Chibi-Usa bawls into Pluto's shoulder, until she runs out of tears and has dry heaves. Pluto holds her quietly until she doesn't need it any more. And then they leave that silent place, never to return.

Mamoru's Bachelor Pad
Luna: "We scouted the house just before the rain started: they're gone. No sign of Hotaru, Professor Tomoe, or his assistant Kaori."
Artemis: "No sign of the Outers, either, but they surely would have scouted the house, too, by now."
Usagi: "Mamo-chan, what are you doing with that laptop?"
Mamoru: "I have access to various academic databases through my university ID. Perhaps we can find some clue why the Outer Senshi suspected the Tomoe family…"
Mamoru: /Nexis search.
Mamoru: "Here we go!" /scrolls through quickly. "Soichi Tomoe, pioneer in genetic engineering… awards… honorary degree from… chair of… et cetera…"
Mamoru: "Um. Professor at the Mugen Academy."
Makoto: "That fancy school that Haruka and Michiru—"
Minako: "—and Hotaru—"
Makoto: "—go to. Hey, I know it's elite, but how's that work?"
Ami: "The school runs kindergarten to adult education, all in one high-rise building. Very expensive, very hard to get into."
Minako: "Was this on your short list?"
Ami: "Last year, but now I don't like their athletic program."
Mamoru: "It says here he owns it."
Usagi: "Who?"
Mamoru: "Tomoe."
Usagi: "He owns it?!"
Mamoru: "He owns it."
Luna: "Jeez, if he is up to no good, he's got an entire building full of test subjects!"
Ami: "Do the Outers know?"

ENTER Sailor Pluto and Chibi-Usa, both soaking wet.

Usagi: /Mom MODE=ON. "Chibi-Usa! Where were you running around? You're soaked through! You'll catch your death! Come here, let me—"
Chibi-Usa: "…"
Mamoru: /notices Chibi-Usa's face.
Mamoru: /holds up a hand. "Usako…"
Usagi: /stops, then figures it out.
Chibi-Usa: "…"
Mamoru: /politely. "Thank you, for walking her back."
Sailor Pluto: /politely. "I'll be on my way, then."
Mamoru: "Wait, please. Would you mind if we asked a few questions about the Mugen Academy?"
Sailor Pluto: "…"

A Few Minutes Later
Pluto accepts Mamoru's offer of a drink, but does not touch it. She perches on the chair and has to make a visible effort to maintain eye contact. (Meanwhile, Usagi dresses Chibi-Usa in one of Mamoru's spare shirts and hangs out her wet things.) Eventually…

Sailor Pluto: "…"
Ami: "They say the easiest way is to start at the beginning."
Sailor Pluto: /ripple-dissolve into sepia-tone flashback. "It was the summer of 1947, in Switzerland, when—"
Ami: "Perhaps not that far back."
Sailor Pluto: /okay. "Professor Tomoe created the Academy three years ago in this timeline. After several reports of strange incidents there, Uranus and Neptune decided to go undercover as students."
Artemis: "So you suspect Tomoe of being a Death Buster."
Sailor Pluto: "Yes."
Makoto: "Fair enough. But is Hotaru a Death Buster?"
Chibi-Usa: "No way! NO WAY! NO WAY! She's a good girl!"
Sailor Pluto: "We don't know. But we do know that she's the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn, as you saw."
Usagi: "'Setsuna', if she's a Sailor, doesn't that mean she's our comrade? Surely there's another way."
Sailor Pluto: /sighs and closes her eyes. She suddenly looks very old.
Sailor Pluto: "This is why we didn't want to involve you…"
Ami: "If you could explain more about what that means, perhaps—"
Sailor Pluto: "…"
Usagi: /interrupts. "She said before she has limits on what she can tell."
Sailor Pluto: "Thank you."

Meanwhile, Back in the Lab
Mimette (via telephone): "professor!! i found teh next target already ^_^ he's a really dreamy physicist who looks like clark kent lol!!"

The Professor: "Aha, would that be the eminent theorist on the physics of alternate dimensions, Dr. Sergei Asimov?"
Mimette (via telephone): "WOW @_@ how did u no? he's lecturing at teh mugen academy tonite"
The Professor: "Yes, he has some very interesting theories. Heh heh heh."
Mimette (via telephone): "k so ill just—"
The Professor: "There's no need for you to head out now! You've done so much for us already. Remain on standby."
Mimette (via telephone): "But—"
The Professor: "Don't call us, we'll call you. Thank you." /click.
Mimette: "…"

Mimette's Self-Doubt, Suspicion, Greed and Paranoia: /lights another cigarette. "I didn't like the sound of that. Time for the backup plan."
Mimette: /switches on the remote listening device she's had hidden in the Professor's lab for weeks.

What She Overhears…
The Professor is speaking with another lady scientist. She has curly green hair, done up in twin buns, and her face is conveniently shadowed or obscured by the scenery. Mimette has access to really sensitive microphones.

The Professor: "Miss Mimette is doing her best… but unfortunately, her best is not good enough for this project. So, I shall place my hopes upon you, Miss Telulu."
Telulu, for that is her name: :)
The Professor: "If you succeed, you shall become the next department chief! Do your best!"
Telulu: "Yes, sir!"

But, Upon Returning to the Office
Telulu's phone rings.

Telulu: "Yes?"
The Professor (via telephone): "sorry to bother you again, but that operation has been suspended. ill call you again. just you sit and wait."
Telulu: ?
Telulu: "Yes, sir."

Mimette's Office
Mimette: /hangs up the phone and disconnects the voice changer.
Mimette's Self-Doubt, Suspicion, Greed and Paranoia: "I told you that trust never got anyone anywhere!"

Mimette trashed her office in a fit of raw rage when she heard she was being replaced. But now, sitting among the wreckage, she is calm. Very very calm.

Mimette: /cackles quietly to herself. "i will be teh next executive!! i just have to get rid of teh fagxor scouts lol to prove my power, and i can do it ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!"
Mimette: "with a little help from an invention of Eudial she was 2 wussy 2 use!!" >_<
Mimette: "nothing can possibly go wrong!!!"
Mimette: /blows a kiss to the picture of Eudial on her Trophy Wall.

Mugen Academy
A tall, glittering skyscraper of recent construction, built near the highway. Outside, upon the massive concrete outer wall, is carved the symbol of the Academy: an infinity sign within a dark star. Below it is a single word in romaji: MUGEN. The rain has stopped, but the clouds are still heavy, promising more to come.

Above the doors is a big banner, welcoming today's guest lecturer.

The Inner Senshi stand nervously on the sidewalk.

Minako: "Things are moving too fast. I don't like it."
Usagi: "Yeah. At least the building existed more than a week ago, but I'm still creeped out."
Rei: /divination MODE=ON. "There is an ominous presence. I'm surprised the students can stand it."
Makoto: "There's going to be, like, hidden blast shutters and robot gun turrets. I just know it."
Artemis: "I count sixteen security cameras on this side. Wait… eighteen. That place is built like a gaol."
Usagi and Minako: "Duh, it's a school."
Ami: /shakes her head and chuckles.
Luna: "Since it's a guest lecturer, the school's open to the general public tonight. We can walk right in."
Usagi: "'Free and perfectly safe.'"
Ami: "Well, it might be. I've been here before to see lectures."
Usagi: "But—"
Ami: "—yyyyyyeah." /perks up. "But we can handle it though, right?"
Usagi: /urg
Minako: "Just remember not to split the party."

Mamoru's Bachelor Pad
Mamoru is still at his computer. He turns up a set of newspaper articles from four years ago, about a terrible fire at Professor Tomoe's genetic engineering laboratory. "Pillars of fire twenty meters high!" say eyewitnesses, and there are photos that confirm. Everyone at the site perished except for Tomoe and his daughter (then nine years old), and they escaped without a single scratch.

Mamoru doesn't like the sound of that. Moved by an uneasy premonition, he steps quietly into his bedroom to check on Chibi-Usa. She sleeps now, a child's sleep, the pillow damp with tears.

He puts together what few pieces of the puzzle he now has, and although he would like to hope, he has a sinking feeling that this will not end well.

Inside the Mugen Academy
The team "sneaks" in, but the well-appointed hallways are completely empty.

Rei: /whispers. "It's quiet…"
Minako: /whispers. "Too quiet."
Usagi: /whispers. "Is everybody at the assembly? They can't ALL be that academic."
Makoto: /whispers. "I'm telling you: mind-control rays. They're all zombies."
Rei: /whispers. "The dorms are probably just upstairs. There might be someone up there."
Makoto: /whispers. "And nobody shows up late? And nobody's hanging out around the corner having a smoke?"
Ami: /whispers. "Let's find the computer room. Their network may have some clues."

Someone taps Mina from behind.

Minako: /without looking. "What is it, Mako?"

They do it again.

Minako: /irritated. "Mako, you're petting the wrong ass. Ami's over th—"
Makoto: /has her hands up. "It's not me!"

Everybody turns around and sees…

…a Cyberdyne Systems T-800, acting as site security. The girls all scream and leap against the far wall.

Makoto: /Honest, Officer! Negotiation Charm. "Yeah! Ha-ha! We got a little lost on our way back from the little girls' room!"
Makoto: /salutes. "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!"

They scurry quickly in the proper direction—they have to carry Usagi, she's so freaked out she can barely stand—and the GuardBot watches them as they go.

Rei: "¡Idiot! ¡Puta! ¡You embarrassed me back there!" /slaps Usagi.
Usagi: "You're only saying that because you were scared, too!"
Ami: "I'm a little disturbed by the implications of this technology in civilian hands! When did our world become cyberpunk?"
Minako: "Scary corporations and technology out of control? Like, year 18-something…"

EXIT Inner Sailors, very politely. ENTER Mimette, right past them, but they're too distracted to notice. Mimette is carrying a daimon case and a large gunny sack.

Mimette: /airily. "oh don't worry!! -_^ im not a suspicious person lol..."
Mimette: "let go!!!!"
Mimette: "…this!" >:D

Mimette attacks the T-800 with her hand-made electroshock gun.
The T-800 is hit! It's super-effective!
The T-800 shuts down.

Mimette: "i have nothing left 2 lose…"
Telulu: /watches from the shadows with amusement.

The Big Lecture Hall
The full-bore Mac 1984/THX 1138 effect: lots of students in perfect uniforms all seated in rows, and a giant wall of video screens with huge sound stacks. This is a grand-scale lecture hall, with seating for thousands on multiple levels, and a full video crew taping this for broadcast or laser-disk. It's full to capacity.

Dr. Sergei Asimov, who does indeed look like Clark Kent with a ponytail, speaks charismatically, aided by fancy visual effects, about his theory that other universes containing other galaxies could exist parallel to our own—as unaware of us as we are of them—but under the proper circumstances, one could pierce the veil and glimpse the other side.

The Sailors go nowhere near the lecture hall.

Minako: "You kidding? I'm not opening my brain up to Ackbar's guest lecture. I need that!"

Instead, they split the party.

Usagi: "I'm sticking with you."
Minako: "That's because you're smart like me!"
Usagi: "No, it's because I'm a coward like you."
Minako: "Close enough! Let the people with personality get picked off one by one by hall monsters."

And So, They Search The Building
The lecture is piped through the intercom system, but each team member discovers that the lower floors are truly EMPTY. There's a grand concourse with fountains, there are study rooms and smaller lecture halls, but there's not a soul in sight. No one is quite willing to chance taking the elevators up into the classes and dorms, but it seems a fair guess that everyone, staff and students, really is at the lecture. This is one unusually disciplined school. EVERYONE attends.

In the Security Room
Haruka: "Which is highly convenient for us."

Haruka is violating several regulations by using the monitor equipment. Michiru keeps watch.

Michiru: "Any luck, yet?"
Haruka: "This school has way too many cameras. …Oh, crap."
Michiru: "What? Did you find the secret lab?"
Haruka: "No, but I don't think that time in hall closet was a secret."
Michiru: /urk
Michiru: "…With this many cameras, probably no one noticed…"
Haruka: "Better get back to the door."

The door opens.

Michiru and Haruka: !!!
Sailor Pluto: "It's me."
Haruka: "Jeez! Don't startle us like that."
Sailor Pluto: "The Inners are here investigating."
Haruka: "Damn! I wonder what put them on the trail?"
Sailor Pluto: "…"

Meanwhile, Back in the Lab
Professor Tomoe relaxes by watching the lecture on his own monitor. He keeps giggling.

Dr. Sergei Asimov: (via television) "—and, if you'll pardon me to relate my own pet theory about all this, I believe that we can imagine this alternate universe as a single, giant life-form in itself—"
The Professor: /almost falls off his chair laughing.
The Professor: /stands up and approaches his mini cloud chamber.
The Professor: "The time for our beautiful space to swallow the Milky Way galaxy is approaching. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

A different isolation chamber, with Hotaru slumped upon another throne. Some of the toys have been brought here, and the floor and walls have been covered with expensive rugs and tapestries, but they can't conceal the harshness of the walls or the wetness of the dark. Hotaru is all alone in a big and uncomfortable room.

She dreams.

The Dream
Your standard-issue giant test chamber for advanced Science! It's got big computers and lasers, test plugs, Boomer skeletons, lots of serious-looking people in labcoats, and a moderate-sized cloud chamber hooked up to special pipes behind thick special glass.

Little Hotaru: "WOW!" :D
Papa: "Now, Hotaru, be careful, you don't want to lean against that."
Papa: /back to what he was saying. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, this chamber here is a special space of my own design, prepared for delicate gene splicing experiments, which I hope shall lead to a bright future of—"
Little Hotaru: "Papa? What's that strange black void forming inside the glass box, making sounds that bear a monstrous resemblance to song?"
Papa: ?

Everything explodes and is set on fire.

Papa: /drags his daughter's body from the wreckage.
Papa: /looks about frantically for somewhere that ISN'T on fire.
Papa: /feels lots of blood and glass but no pulse.
Papa: /screams and cries.

SUDDENLY! A darkness appears within a bright light, and from the darkness comes a voice, direct into Professor Tomoe's mind.

The Sound Out of Space:
"Do you wish to save that life?"
The Professor: "What?!"
The Sound Out of Space:
"I will save the lives of you and that girl if you agree to one condition."
The Professor: "ANYTHING! I don't care about me, but save Hotaru!"
The Sound Out of Space:
"So then. I shall take over your bodies—"

The Professor sees darkness in his right eye… and nothing more after that.

And ever since then, he has worn a certain sigil over that eye…

The Lecture Hall
Dr. Sergei Asimov: "…and now to explain the equations for the structure of this dimension—"

SUDDDENLY! The lights go out.

A single spotlight illuminates a perky young blonde in a yellow and black costume.

Mimette: "Sorry, everyone, but the lecture is ending now!"
Mimette: (aaaahhhh feels so good to be the center of attention!! SO good ^_^ that bitch Telulu won't take this away from me!!)
Mimette: /sets down a boombox and cues some smooth jazz.
Mimette: /sets down the gunny sack.
Mimette: /readies her witch stick.
Mimette: /opens up her daimon box.

Monster of the Week!
UPASOCON! (And I know what THAT means!) A magenta-skinned, teal-haired elf with an armored costume inspired by mid-1990s PCs, e.g. bulky CRT monitor and two-button ball mice. She wears goggles and headset. This Daimon evidently started development as one of the older, blatantly-sexy models, because she's got latex and lace that leads the eye allllll the way up her thigh.

Dr. Sergei Asimov: "Oh, wow! This totally confirms my theory!"
Upasocon: /knocks the good doctor down and stands directly over him.
Dr. Sergei Asimov: /blushes and leers.

Mimette: /finishes Charm Busting the audience. "Daimon! Finish him off!"
Upasocon: "Roger! Preparing for maximum suction!"
Upasocon: /picks up her victim and, frankly, looks kind of bored with the whole thing.
Dr. Sergei Asimov: /decides that this is exactly the way he always wanted to die.

The Sailor Team bursts in, dramatically!

Usagi: "Trying to steal the heart of a professor, the treasure of humankind!"
Ami: "We won't forgive people like that!"
Makoto: "Heaven knows, Earth knows, and Humanity knows!"
Minako: "For Love and Justice, the Sailor Team!"
Rei: "In the name of the Moon, we will punish you!"
Usagi: /is a bit flustered because she didn't think they were doing a group speech this episode.
Mimette: "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!! this is MY spotlight!!"
Usagi: "Oh, yeah? But you took out your audience! Shows how smart you are!"
Mimette: /cues Upasocon.
Upasocon: /drops the good doctor's soulless body and assumes ninja position.

Upasocon drops a pile of two-button mice at her feet. Their buttons flip up like organic mouse ears, and little red LEDs glow like eyes. The mice squeak enthusiastically.

Usagi: "OMG so cute!"

Upasocon swings the mice by their tails at her enemy, and in mid-air they transform into real-ish furry mice with long, pointy teeth.

Luna: /rat-flail wtf?!
Usagi: "Okay, everyone, we need—"
Makoto and Rei: "LEEEEEROY JENKINS!!!!"

Sailor Mars leaps in using her Burning Mandala to pick off each mouse with swift, perfect accuracy. This provides Sailor Jupiter with the opening to leap across the audience seating and flank the Daimon. Jupiter powers in with a Sparkling Wide Pressure-assisted punch, direct to the stomach. The Daimon smashes across the room.

Usagi: "—to make—"
Ami: /Mercury Tricorder Action! "It's not over yet! They're taking advantage of the darkness to move!"

Upasocon emerges from behind a pillar further along the side of the room, swinging her rat-flail merrily in ambush. Sailor Venus was ready for her, however, and lashes her with the Venus Love Chain.

Usagi: "—a coordinated—"
Mimette: /thinks all this is hi-LAR-ious.

Upasocon avoids contact with Venus, and instead pummels Makoto and Rei, who were still expecting the Daimon to emerge from the rubble where they'd put it. It cuts them up pretty badly.

Usagi: "—attack on—"
Artemis: "NOOOOO!"
Luna: "That's it? Everyone's participating and all we get is 'noooo!'? WE'RE CATS! THEY'RE MICE! This is our chance to shine!"

Mimette fires a focused Charm Buster straight down the aisle at Sailors Moon, Venus, and Mercury, who are still clustered by the door. Venus instantly knocks Moon aside, and tries to shield Mercury with her body, but it's a powerful blast and catches both of them. They shriek and go down hard.

Luna: "Or, you know, being cheerleaders is fine, too. Where's Zoicite when we need him?"
Mimette: "GJ UPC!"
Upasocon: "To be praised by you is indeed a glorious honor for this one, my mistress."
Usagi: "—the enemy—"

Mimette tears the gunny sack off of what it concealed: a jury-rigged electronic gadget duct-tapped to a rolling cart. It consists of several boxen, some car batteries, and a broadcast dish. She flips the warm up switch, and it emits that sound clip from Aliens that you hear everywhere.

Usagi: "—before we, wait, what?"
Mimette: /scans the roof of the building, takes a few calculated steps to the side, and cackles.
Mimette: /dramatically. "now finish m!!!"
Upasocon: "At once!"

ENTER Sailor Chibi-Moon, dramatically, armed with Tuxedo Mask!

Sailor Chibi-Moon sprays Pink Sugar all over Upasocon, which flails about in surprise. Mimette simply grins like she expected this, and runs over to her device.

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 18
    • Crisis Mode Sailor Moon: 11
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 9

And Super Sailor Moon blows away the Daimon with a single Grail-powered blast. It was, of course, a personal computer, which lands gently on the ground as the daimon soul dissipates.

Usagi: "Was that what we were doing? Buying time for me to do that? Did I do it right?"
Ami: /groans. "Yes! What did you think? You're our artillery!"
Usagi: "I got flustered, sorry."

The wounded Sailors all struggle to their feet and advance, limpingly, upon Mimette. Super Sailor Moon leads the advance. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi-Moon stand by in support.

Usagi: "Surrender!"
Mimette: "HA!"
Mimette: "i bet u wer thinking that tuxedo dork will come in and then sailor moon will blow up my daimon and ill run away again because i cant face u alone!!"
Mimette: "cause this time i have THIS!!"
Mimette: /stands in front of broadcast dish and hits the button. "WITCHES ELECTRIC WARP!"

With a powerful electron hum, Mimette disappears in a wash of yellow sparkles. In three eyeblinks, she's gone.


Minako: "…Did she just flip out and disintegrate herself?"
Ami: "I… suppose that's sort of a victory, denying us the pride of actually defeating her?"

The big wall of monitors lights up, revealing Mimette! She's on all the monitors!

Usagi: "Oh no, she fled to the camera room and will now taunt us from where we can't get at her!"
Media-Mimette: /fires a Charm bolt through the monitor at Sailor Moon's feet.
Everyone: ?!
Rei: "She's INSIDE the monitors?!"
Media-Mimette: "YES! I'm huge! And you! You are very tiny and insigificant!"
Luna: "You also seem more articulate."
Media-Mimette: "Technology, it's complicated. Can't hurt the big god face, can you? And I can shoot you ten thousand times over through all this! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

ENTER Telulu, from the shadows, laughing softly.

Usagi feels a sudden kinship at seeing another member of the twin buns club— No, no, she doesn't. This lady has scary eyes.

Telulu: /slow clap. "You really are wonderful, Mimette!"
Media-Mimette: "Is that sarcasm? Stand in front of my massive monitors, I can't tell."
Telulu: "But it's not good to take someone else's work away…"
Media-Mimette: "SHUT UP! Don't get in my way, you!"
Telulu: "Do you know why Chief Eudial didn't use that interesting little device? I mean, you did read her research notes, right?"
Media-Mimette: "I might've… skimmed… I was going to… No, I didn't, 'cause she sucked and she was lame! You're not the boss of me!"
Telulu: /patiently. "She never used it because she couldn't find a way to have the subject leave the network she's infiltrated, which means that if the power goes off, the subject is trapped inside the monitor forever…"
Telulu: /picks up the power cable.
Media-Mimette: !!!!!!!!!!
Media-Mimette: /frantic, terrified, desperate. "N-no! No! Wait! Telulu, please! I'll apologize! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'll do anything you ask don't pull the p—"
Telulu: "Goodbye, little moron."
Media-Mimette: "I AM NOT A MO—"
Telulu: /yanks out the plug.

The monitors go dark.

The End.

EXIT Telulu, into the shadows.

Minako: /edges away from the dead monitors. "…I can never play Myst again."
Ami: /also edges away. "Er… on the bright side, infighting among our enemies gives us an advantage. Right? I hope."
Usagi: /faints.

And from high in the stands, the Outer Sailors watch…

Usagi: "…Twice with the Grail in one day takes a lot out of a girl."
Mamoru: "I don't blame you one bit."
Rei: "Heh. Here I thought you'd fainted from Mimette's death."
Usagi: "Well, I always knew we might have to, um, take her down. That was pretty scary, though."
Artemis: "I hope no one uses that thing on us!"
Ami: "I smashed it. Hopefully they don't try to rebuild it."
Luna: "Minako, what are you doing?"
Minako: /carrying the computer. "Hey, free computer."
Luna: "You don't know what's on that thing."
Minako: "From the style of the Daimon, I'm guessing video games and porn."
Makoto: "And possibly some horrible mutant space virus."
Minako: "When did you get all paranoid?"
Makoto: "This whole situation creeps me out, okay? And we didn't learn anything useful at all!"
Chibi-Usa: "Yeah! What about Hotaru?"
Usagi: "Oops. Do we need to go back in there again?"


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Re: Episode #119: Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? Stars of Destiny.

Papa: /drags his daughter's body from the wreckage.
Papa: /looks about frantically for somewhere that ISN'T on fire.
Papa: /feels lots of blood and glass but no pulse.
Papa: /screams and cries.

SUDDENLY! A darkness appears within a bright light, and from the darkness comes a voice, direct into Professor Tomoe's mind.

The Sound Out of Space: "Do you wish to save that life?"
The Professor: "What?!"
The Sound Out of Space: "I will save the lives of you and that girl if you agree to one condition."
The Professor: "ANYTHING! I don't care about me, but save Hotaru!"
The Sound Out of Space: "So then. I shall take over your bodies—"

The Professor sees darkness in his right eye… and nothing more after that.

And ever since then, he has worn a certain sigil over that eye…
And just like that, Professor Tomoe isn't funny anymore.

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Re: Episode #120: Invasion from an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Academy.

This lady is unbelievable. -_-

So she's fine, then? :D

:eek: So... what else did Gainax remix practically shot-for-shot?

Telulu: "Goodbye, little moron."
Media-Mimette: "I AM NOT A MO—"
Telulu: /yanks out the plug.

The monitors go dark.

The End.
So it goes.

ETA: Also, I think this may be the fastest I've gotten a post onto the index and JS viewer.
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Re: Episode #120: Invasion from an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Academy.

I love the implication that underground tunnels connect Mugen Academy with Tomoe's house. It's just so bizarre.

Mugen's K-College(?) thing is...pretty unique. Especially if the school really is only three years old.

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Re: Episode #120: Invasion from an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Academy.

I don't know why exactly, but now I'm seeing Dr. Dinosaur as a Death Buster.

NOW IT CAN BE TOLD DEPT.: Mugen Academy is located on the real world's Tennozu Isle, one of those landfilled islands in Tokyo Bay. The street layout is completely different on the fictional version, but I can't post the map yet because spoilers.

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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

Hey, Shadowjack, at GenCon this year, one dealer has Sailor Moon body pillows for sale. Tasteful ones, though.

And the Hot Topic at Circle Center Mall has prominently-displayed Sailor Saturn t-shirts for sale.


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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

So... Mimette is dead? Derezzed? Trapped in the Grid? A Program?
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