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[IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the wall.

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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

Especially since Princess Nine was an anime about a high school girl's baseball team.
One that was far better than it had a right to be, though not quite as good (IMO) as Taishou Yakyuu Musume


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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

Hey, no suggesting shows for Shadowjack to (be distracted by) watch...

At least until the SCP is complete...

One that was far better than it had a right to be, though not quite as good (IMO) as Taishou Yakyuu Musume


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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

Or might switch gears to the Eva thread again (still gotta finish CoaEG, for one thing)
So do its authors. DOHOHOHOH!


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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

Princess Nine was great, and I speak as someone who hates sport and doesn't know the first thing about baseball. When I first watched it I had the biggest crush on Mao, the catcher.
It also looks way older than it is, partly because of the slightly unusual art style, and partly because it was made shortly before most of the anime industry moved in the direction of computers.


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Re: [IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 10: The Saturnine hive-mind of chaos waits behind the w

So do its authors. DOHOHOHOH!
Statler and Waldorf will never get old.


While obviously time continues to pass, they will never lose their…

I'll just come in again.


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Episode #123: Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence.

That Night
A blue-haired lady, presumably the last of the Witches, begins a mighty casting. From across Tokyo, every single Mugen student is drawn to the Academy building. The crowd pours in—silent, blank-faced, living zombies.

Mugan Academy Student Body: "…weeeeee obeyyyyyyyyyyyy…"

The familiar rooftop garden of what I've belatedly realized is one of their parents' penthouse.

Haruka and Michiru: /contemplates the blowing wind, dramatically.
Haruka: "The winds are crying."
Michiru: "This planet cowers at the horrors of the unknown."
Haruka and Michiru: /peer grimly into the darkness.
Haruka: "…Wait, sorry. The wind is crying from this direction." /walks over to the other side.
Michiru: /follows. "Oh, hey! You can see Mugen from here. Looks like something's going on."
Haruka: "This planet cowers at the horrors of the hitherto-unknown but now-strongly-suspected."
Michiru: "Where is Sailor Pluto anyway? I swear, she never checks her messages."

Tsukino Residence, Bathtime
Chibi-Usa: /contemplates her blowing bubbles, dramatically.
Usagi: "I'm sorry, kiddo, there's no way to blow bubbles with angst."
Chibi-Usa: "Why not?"
Usagi: "Because soap bubbles are only one step away from WHOOPS A COMIC PRATFALL!"
Chibi-Usa: "Aaargh! Ruining the mood! I splash you in defiance!"
Usagi: "No! I am splashed! I shall have to… splash back!"
Chibi-Usa: /ack giggle giggle
Usagi: /surprise tickle attack!
Chibi-Usa: /not surprised at all tag back!

And so on…

Usagi: "Seriously, I'm sure Hotaru is going to be okay, and you shouldn't worry."
Chibi-Usa: "I know. Thank you."
Usagi: "Sleep well."
Chibi-Usa: "You too."

The Moment Chibi-Usa's Safely In Bed
Usagi: "Hotaru's going to be okay because we're going to save her."
Artemis: "So put some clothes on and we'll go."
Luna: "Hey, give her a moment. This is heavy stuff."
Artemis: "Sorry, what with everything happening all at once now, I'm not getting any sleep."
Usagi: "If I get lost in another dimension tonight, tell Chibi-Usa I'm sorry for sneaking out and not telling her, okay?"

Darth Hotaru's NEW IMPROVED Isolation Chamber
Which is all wired up like Akira's throne in a refrigerator. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Hotaru: /tosses and turns, deliriously. "…Chibi-Usa…"
The Professor: /frowns. "This is ungood. The body is weakening rapidly."
Hey, it's that blue-haired chick: "She needs an infusion of pure heart crystals, stat! And I, Cyprin, Last and Greatest of the Witches5, am the perfect person to procure it!"

MINIBOSS OF THE WEEK: Cyprin! A blue-haired science chick, with her ponytail flipped over her shoulder, and a pair of asymmetrical glasses.

The Professor: "So go. I'm counting on you or whatever." /yawns.

REVEAL Kaolinite, spying stealthy like a ninja.

Kaolinite: ,,¡ɥʇıʍ ǝʇɐuoıʇɔǝɟɟɐ os ƃuıǝq s,ǝɥ ƎW ǝq plnoɥs ʇɐɥʇ 'ɥɔʇıʍ ǝlʇʇıl ʇɐɥʇ uɯɐp,,
Cyprin: /waves.
The Professor: /notices, and turns around. "I say, Miss K, isn't it uncomfortable hanging upside-down like that?"
Kaolinite: !
Kaolinite: /quickly resumes normal orientation. "Just gathering data."
Hey, it's that red-haired chick: "It's because she's an old bat. Heeheehee!"
Kaolinite: /punches the wall, shattering stone.
Kaolinite: /turns around and smiles sweetly. "I'm ignoring you as a continuity error."


Kaolinite's Soliloquy
Kaolinite: "Arrrrrrgh! I'll show you! I'll find the bestest purest heart there is and he'll love me forever and ever! You'll see! Just you wait! Hmm, but what is the best heart? I know! It's that little pink-haired spore. Any girl that dedicated to making friends with Hotaru must have purity to spare! But I never bothered to learn her address. If only there was some place where she was guaranteed to show up…"

So: Chibi-Usa Has a Bad Dream
Chibi-Usa finds herself in a bad place, a world of cloying green mists and the cold odor of death. In the distance, she spies a crucifix—and it's occupied. Hotaru hangs limply on the cross. Pale, deathly hands emerge from the murk, all around her. They reach for her small body. At that moment, Hotaru looks directly at Chibi-Usa. She pleads, "Chibi-Usa—HELP ME!" But before Chibi-Usa can move or speak, the hands clutch Hotaru, and drag her, screaming, into darkness.

Chibi-Usa: /wakes up!!!
Chibi-Usa: "…I'm a big girl, now. I won't crawl off to Usagi or Ikuko-mama's beds. I won't. I'll be brave."

Inside Mugen Academy
Our heroes, by concealing themselves within the unheeding crowd, have made their way into the Academy's inner chamber. High above this immense, pillared hall, concealed lights shine through abstract stained glass. Some pillars have plinthes for statues, but only one is currently equipped with such: Cyprin stands beneath a statue of an angel who bears a lightning-bladed scythe.

Cyprin: /exhorts. "The superior students of the superior Mugen Academy—now is the time to sacrifice your superior hearts to us, THE DEATH BUSTERS!"
The Mugen Academy Student Body: "…weeeeeeee obeeyyyyyyyyy…"

When the column reaches the center of the chamber, every student in the front row collapses. Their soul crystals are plucked out, and directed upward, to the top of the well. The next group of students steps over the bodies and falls in turn. Row by row, the bodies mount up.

The Inner Senshi: !
Cyprin: ?
Usagi and Minako: "WE DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING!"
Cyprin: "Young ladies, outsiders are not permitted on school grounds!"

Cyprin snaps her fingers, and the room is filled with red light, which coalesces into a glass bubble and whisks our heroes away. Cyprin chuckles; with a few hand passes, she sets the harvesting spell on automatic, then departs upstairs to handle her "guests". She does not notice that two of the Mugen students are not following the crowd… as they never do.

The Headmaster's Office
The bubble deposits the Five in the center of the room, then dissipates. It's a pretty big office, one huge desk off to the side, with the chair turned toward the window.

Usagi: "Huh. That's the same spell Beryl used on me back when… you know…"
Rei: "¿Verdad? I wonder where this one got it, then."
Ami: "Maybe it's a common—"
Cyprin: /dramatically. "Greetings, Sailor Soldiers."
Rei: "We'll talk about this later; villain."
Ami: "Yeah."
Usagi: "It's cool."
Minako: "Like, oh my god, is she doing the chair bit?"

The chair behind the desk slowly turns around, revealing—

Minako: "Yes! She's doing the chair bit. I have truly arrived as a superhero."
Makoto: "She doesn't have an evil cat."
Cyprin: /dramatically. "I'm so pleased that—"
Minako: "Yeah, why don't you have a cat?"
Cyprin: "…"
Minako: "All this build up, and no cat."
Cyprin: /laughs and walks around the desk. "All right, I can play it that way. I'm Cyprin, nice to meet you."
Minako: "Oh, hi! I'm Mina. This is Makoto—"
Makoto: "Uh, hello."
Minako: "—Ami, Rei—"
Rei: /nods.
Ami: "Nice to make your acquaintance."
Minako: "—Usagi, of course."
Usagi: "What are we doing here?"
Minako: "Introductions."
Cyprin: "I'm going to kill you all."
Minako: "What? Why?!"
Cyprin: "Because you're Sailor Soldiers."
Makoto: "I guess you were right about the cameras after all."
Cyprin: "That, and who else would break into a school?"
Minako: "A rival school?"
Usagi: "Well… you're about to BE schooled!"
Makoto: /facepalm. "Look, just… let's just transform already."

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 20
    • Crisis Mode Sailor Moon: 13
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 9
  • Ami into:
    • Sailor Mercury: 15
    • Second Stage Sailor Mercury: 18
  • Rei into:
    • Sailor Mars: 13
    • Second Stage Sailor Mars: 17
  • Makoto into:
    • Sailor Jupiter: 8
    • Second Stage Sailor Jupiter: 17
  • Minako into:
    • Sailor Venus: 7
    • Second Stage Sailor Venus: 20
  • Haruka into:
    • Sailor Uranus: 8
  • Michiru into:
    • Sailor Neptune: 8
  • Setsuna into:
    • Sailor Pluto: 4
  • Mamoru into:
    • Tuxedo Mask: 2
    • Second Stage Tuxedo Mask: 1
  • Chibi-Usa into:
    • Sailor Chibi-Moon: 7
  • Luna-P into something-or-other: 10

Minako: "We don't need no education!"
Ami: "We don't need no thought control!"
Makoto: "No dark sarcasm in the classroom!"
Rei: "¡Hey!"
Usagi: "Teacher—"
All together: "—LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE!"
Cyprin: "I like Dark Side of the Moon better."
Ami: "Ohhhhh, go take a cold shower and repent!"

Battle is Joined!

Rei casts fire at Cyprin!
Cyprin is hit!
Cyprin is down!
…the room is also on fire!

Ami: "I said a cold shower."
Rei: "Some of us make speeches, and some of us blow up bad guys." /struts.

From out of the smoke…

Surprise Attack! ?????? casts red color energy at Rei!
Surprise Attack! ?????? casts blue color energy at Rei!
Rei is surprised!
Rei is hit!
Rei is hurt.
Rei is flung against the wall!
?????? casts red color energy at Rei!
Rei dodges.
?????? casts blue color energy at Rei!
Rei is hit!
Rei is hurt.


Minako casts her Love-Me Chain at Cyprin!
Cyprin is entangled!

??????: "You think that can stop me?"

Surprise Attack: ?????? casts red color energy at Minako!
Minako dodges.

Second Boss Form Revealed!
The background changes to a starscape, and the music changes track.

Usagi: "Oh, crap! Multi-form boss battle!"
Rei: "¡Madre, if that was a scripted fail, I could have saved my MP!"
Minako: "I knew this was gonna be rough as soon they let us through a fiver transformation."

Cyprin has a twin, and both bear magic rods. Cyprin's color is blue, and Petirol's is red! They smile and dance around the team.

Cyprin and Petirol: ♫ Double-double your punishment… ♫
Usagi: "Wait a minute. You created an entirely new character to cover up an animation error?"
Cyprin: "Yes! I mean, no! No, of course not! That was CLEVER FORESHADOWING!"
Petirol: "YOU'RE an animation error!"
Makoto: "Two fall as hard as one!"

Makoto casts lightning at all enemies!
Cyprin and Petirol team up…
Counter Attack Reflection!
The spell is reversed upon its caster!
Makoto is hit!
Makoto is hurt.
Makoto is stunned.
Ami uses Remedy on Makoto.
Makoto is restored.

Ami: /helps Mako up.
Usagi: "D'awwwwwww."
Ami: "Eyes front, please."

Cyprin casts blue color energy at Ami!
Ami dodges, barely.
Petirol casts red color energy at Usagi!
Usagi dodges.

Cyprin: "Look at them dodge around like little monkeys!"
Petirol: "You should reflect upon your ways!"
Rei: /lantern appears above her head. "¡Aja!"

Tsukino Residence
Luna-P bangs fruitlessly against the box into which Chibi-Usa has sealed it.

The Empty House
Chibi-Usa nerves herself up to go in alone. In the dark. Without having called in back-up or left a note or anything.

Chibi-Usa: "By 'brave', I really meant, 'doing things that other people might consider blatantly stupid.' Because Hotaru's in trouble, and I can't let rules 'n' sense stop me from doin' what's right!"

  • Chibi-Usa into:
    • Sailor Chibi-Moon: 8

However, Just Inside
Kaolinite: "No kidding, she's a Sailor, too? An unexpected harvest! Heh."

Chibi-Usa: /steps up to the front door.
The front door: /oooooooooopens…
Chibi-Usa: !
The front door: /nothing comes out.
Chibi-Usa: /plucks up her courage.
The front door: /closes!
Chibi-Usa: !
The front door: /opens again.
Chibi-Usa: /goes in—
The front door: /closed.
Chibi-Usa: "…"
The front door: /open closed open closed open—
Chibi-Usa: /dashes into the shadows quickly!

Chibi-Usa sneaks around the dark and empty house until she finds Kaolinite.

Chibi-Usa: !
Kaolinite: "Hotaru wants to see you… AND YOUR PURE HEART! MUAHAHAHA—"

ENTER Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +4 blessed heat-seeking throwing roses!

Kaolinite: "Oh for— Are you just following this kid around all day?"
Mamoru: "Pretty much, yeah. There are reasons. Are you really going to hurt a little kid who's trying to help her best friend?"
Kaolinite: "Everybody seems to think that I'm a tremendous bitch. AND THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!"

Kaolinite casts ninja magic at everybody! EVERYBODY!
Tuxedo Mask dodges.
Chibi-Usa is hit!
Chibi-Usa is hurt!
Chibi-Usa is flung out the window!
…which is on the ground floor, so she lands safely on the grass.
Kaolinite ninjaports outside!

ENTER Sailor Pluto, quietly, armed with the Garnet Rod.

PLUTO > TECH > dead scream > KAOLINITE
Pluto casts temporal forces at Kaolinite.
Ninja Counter Move: K-Smoke Bomb!
Kaolinite disappears…

Kaolinite: /grabs Chibi-Usa!!!!
Kaolinite: "It's mine! MINE MINE MINE! The best pure heart there is! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

EXIT Kaolinite, with a ninja leap.

Mamoru: "Nn—"
Sailor Pluto: "SHIT!" :eek:
Mamoru: /whoa.

Meanwhile, Back at the Boss Battle
Cyprin and Petirol team up…
Counter Attack Reflection!
The spell is reversed upon its caster!
Ami is hit!
Ami is hurt.
Cyprin and Petirol are laughing at you.

Ami: /grrrrrrr
Makoto: /picks up Ami.
Usagi: "Calm down, Mercury, Mars has an idea."
Rei: "Yeah, it's a puzzle boss. We have to time this right."
Ami: "Oh! Oh, I get it."

They put their heads together…

Cyprin: "Playtime's over, kiddies!"
Petirol: "If you get hit with the next one, you'll die!" :)
Minako: "…2…1… BREAK!"

Ami creates concealing mists!
Cyprin resists.
Petirol resists.

Cyprin: "How useless! We don't need vision to defeat you!"

From concealment, Minako casts her Love-Me Chain at Cyprin!
Cyprin and Petirol team up…
Counter Attack Reflection!
Counter Interrupted!
From concealment, Usagi casts her Moon Tiara at Petirol!
Minako runs into concealment.
Cyprin and Petirol team up…
Counter Attack Reflection!
Counter Interrupted!
From concealment, Rei casts fire at the enemy!
Minako runs into concealment.
Cyprin and Petirol team up…
Counter Attack Reflection!

Petirol: "We simply absorb your every attack, and it increases OUR pow—"

Counter Interrupted!
From concealment, Makoto suplexes Cyprin!
Rei runs into concealment.
Cyprin is hurt!
Cyprin is pinned!

Usagi (from somewhere in the fog): "Woo! Jupiter finally nailed with a physical attack!"
Makoto: "Yeah! And here's for all the ones I missed before!" /rabbit punches.

Makoto pummels Cyprin!
Cyprin is hit!
Cyprin is hurt!
Cyprin breaks free!
Makoto runs into concealment.

Cyprin: "I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT!" /gives chase.
Petirol: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FOOL?! Don't let them draw aggro!"
Rei: "Excuse me."

From concealment, Rei hits Petirol!
Petirol is hit!
Petirol is hurt!

Petirol: "RAAAAAAARGGHHHH!" /gives chase.

Mars and Jupiter lead the twins separately through the fog and in circles for a while, until this happens:

Cyprin casts blue color energy at Makoto!
Petirol casts red color energy at Rei!
Cyprin is confused in the fog…
…the attack strikes Petirol!
Petirol is confused in the fog…
…the attack strikes Cyprin!
Counter Attack Reflection!
The spell is reversed upon its caster!
Counter Attack Reflection!
The spell is reversed upon its caster!
Counter Attack Reflection!
The spell is reversed upon its caster!
Counter Attack Reflection!
The spell is reversed upon its caster!
Counter Attack Reflection!
The spell is reversed upon its caster!
Absorption Limit Reached!
Cyprin is hit!
Cyprin is obliterated!
Petirol is hit!
Petirol is obliterated!

Downstairs, that last statue shatters and explodes, and while we don't actually see it happen, presumably all the soul crystals fly back to their proper owners, and the piled-up students wake up and wonder what's going on, et cetera. At least, I hope it happens, because otherwise the rest of this episode is even grimmer than it gets.

Meanwhile, in the office, the bossfight landscape fades. A save point and a black, shimmering portal appear on opposite ends of the room.

Makoto: "Nice going, guys!"
Minako: "So nostalgic, seeing those bubbles again."
Ami: "Some of us make speeches, some of us produce situations in which the bad guys kill themselves." ;)
Rei: "¡Hey, I helped!" :D
Usagi: /uses Tent and saves.

The Next Day, I Suppose
Usagi: "So, what's this black shimmering thing?"
Ami: /Tricorder Action! "A gateway to another dimension!"
Makoto: "Ahhhhh! No wonder the Outers couldn't pin down their HQ. It's not actually here!"

They go in, and find themselves in a dimension of seemingly-infinite dark corridors and laboratory spaces. They spend a merry hour killing LabTables, Prototypes, and Assistants to level up.

Speaking of the Outers
Sailors Uranus and Neptune already found their way here, somehow.

Haruka: "In other words, we cheated."
Michiru: "Being fabulous isn't cheating. It just means that other people aren't playing the same game."

They walk until they find a wide chamber, hung with eerie bells and strange lights. At the far end is a refrigerated throne, but in the center is an altar, surrounding by four thin, flickering pillars.

The Professor turns to greet them.

The Professor: "Greetings, Sailor Senshi. You have the opportunity to witness a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony…"

The two Sailors realize that upon the altar lies Chibi-Usa, unconscious.

INSTANTLY, without hesitating, Haruka leaps forward to save the little girl…

…and smashes, face first, into the invisible force field that surrounds the altar. She flies back, scorched and cursing.

Usagi: /just showing up. "Hai guys, what's going on in this— OH NO CHIBI-MOON?!"

ENTER the Inner Sailors, conveniently. Also ENTER Kaorinite, from the shadows, beside the Professor.

Makoto: "Hey! It's that lady! From the Radio Tower! I thought she was dead!"
Usagi: "I already told you—"
The Professor: "Miss K! Let us begin.'
Kaorinite: /chants. "Soon, the Messiah of Silence shall awaken! Take the pure heart of this girl—"
Hotaru(?): /mumbles. "…pure heart…"

INSTANTLY, without hesitating, Usagi leaps forward to save her little girl…

Haruka: "WAIT!"

…and smashes, face first, into the invisible force field that surrounds the altar. She flies back, scorched and weeping.

Haruka: "I already tried, it's magnetically sealed!"
Usagi: "You already tried to save her? …Thank you!"
Haruka: /Guilt, the gift that keeps on giving!
Haruka: /mumbles. "Don't thank me yet…"

Cue the Eerie Choir
The ceremony begins. Hotaru's eyes glow from within. She, or at least her body, struggles to her feet.

The Professor gasps in awe. Energy, force, a spectral hand emerges from Hotaru's heart. Everyone grows silent. The hand moves first this way, then another, searching. Then it moves toward the altar.

Sailor Moon has an intimation of what's about to occur. She finds herself on her feet, hammering at the force field, crying, pleading. But the Professor and his assistant only have eyes for their Messiah's hand, as it reaches into Chibi-Moon's chest and begins to pull. Chibi-Moon seems to awaken—her hands fumble weakly at the other's, trying to take hold. But then she slackens. She looks up at someone only she sees, and whispers, "Hotaru… I'm glad you're okay…" She smiles. The spectral hand withdraws the shining soul crystal from her heart. Sailor Chibi-Moon's transformation reverts, leaving only Chibi-Usa. The girl lies limp, her skin ashen.

The Professor exults. "Beautiful! A pure heart, the purest—fit for our Messiah of Silence!" Behind him, Sailor Uranus curses, but can do nothing. Hotaru's mouth opens to receive the heart.

Sailor Moon shouts, "Hotaru, stop, PLEASE!" Then she turns her attention to the Professor. "Please, stop her! If you're Hotaru's father, if you love her at all, please, stop this!"

The Professor frowns. "'Love'?" Puzzled and irritated, he peers at Sailor Moon over his shoulder. "What does that word mean?"

Sailor Moon looks into his eyes, and realizes that he is not joking, he is not being sarcastic or metaphorical. He truly doesn't know. She gasps when she realizes how truly alien this person is. The Professor has already turned back toward the rite, ignoring her horror.

Hotaru takes the soul in ghastly communion, and gulps it down. Within flashing lights and rolling thunder, a transformation occurs.

A young woman rises, stretches ecstatically, then takes her first confident steps. The woman might resemble Hotaru, were she twice her age, but she does not move like her, and her face is different. Tall, dark, lithe, and beautiful, clad in midnight and pearls, and with a dark star on her brow: the Messiah of Silence steps down from her throne, smiling. And all tremble to behold her.

Haruka and Michiru: "…That's not Sailor Saturn!"
Minako (at the same time): "…Whoa, Silence is hot."
The other Sailors: "WHAT?!"
Rei: "Wh—buh—¡Now is not the time!"
Haruka: "Who the hell is that?!"
Makoto: "What do you MEAN 'that's not Sailor Saturn'?"
Minako: "They said she shows up, we all die, right?"
Michiru: "I mean she's NOT Sailor Saturn! We KNOW her, and that's not her!"
Ami: "You mean all this time you've been itching to kill the WRONG PERSON?!"
Minako: "So I'm just gonna say it: Silence can gag me ANYTIME."
Rei: "¡I said now is not the time!"
Usagi: "WHAT ABOUT CHIBI-USA?!?!?!?!?!?!"
Haruka: "Well, she's still the Messiah of Silence, but I don't know who this lady is!"
The Messiah of Silence: "I am Mistress Nine."
Haruka: "Thank y—"
Everyone: /eep! :eek:
except Ami: /muttering calculations. "…okay, I get it now, Hotaru was possessed by that, which awakened using the energy of the…"
Kaolinite: "Professor, we've won at last!"
The Professor: "Yes, and I regret having putting you through all this trouble."
Kaolinite: "Oh, not at all, sir! To know that you have some small feeling for me, gives me the courage to say—"
The Messiah of Silence: /kills Kaolinite.
The Messiah of Silence: "That's enough of that subplot. Let's move on to the next phase."
The Professor: "Yes, your Quietude!"

There are explosions, and energy bursts, and the building starts to collapse. All the power in the room is cut off.

Usagi: /which means that the force field is down, so she can grab Chibi-Usa. Like, now!
Usagi: "Come on, baby, stay with me! They don't die right away, we've got time!"
Haruka: /helps her. "Hurry! They're shutting down this whole pocket dimension!"
Minako: "Huh, I've never seen a Load-unBearing Boss before…"

I Was Promised An Earth-Shattering Kaboom
…and that promise is soon to be fulfilled.

Mugen Academy building literally blows its top, as it was designed to channel the energy cascade through the entire building and out the roof. The glass windows and stone facade, being useless to this purpose, shatter and fall apart. And then the building explodes! Rubble, groaning steel girders, fire, bits of paperwork and insulation, dust… all rains down from above.

Luna: "They're here! They're okay! Only the top half of the building blew up. They were underground!"
Ami: "Barely! As soon as all the surviving students are evacuated, we can go!"
Artemis and Luna: "…"
Artemis and Luna: "We totally evacuated them all while you were gone."
Usagi (carrying Chibi-Usa): "MAMORU! MAMORU!"
Mamoru: "I'm here."
Usagi (carrying Chibi-Usa): "She stopped breathing!"
Mamoru: /calm panic. "Like, just now, or…?"
Usagi (carrying Chibi-Usa): "Just now! Right now!"
Sailor Pluto: /not-so-calm panic. "SMALL LADY?!"

After Various Frantic Maneuvers
Mamoru's apartment, at the end of some sort of magical casting.

Luna: "Okay, we've linked Mamoru and Chibi-Usa's bodies on the soul layer, which will keep her alive with his life-force for now."
Mamoru: "I didn't know you could do that."
Artemis: "We have hidden resources. But they aren't infinite, so don't push it."
Mamoru: "What are the side effects?"
Artemis: "Let's just say we should focus on getting her soul back in her body ASAP."
Usagi: "Why him and not me?"
Mamoru: "Because you're going to need all your strength and I'm a support character."
Usagi: "I feel so horrible. What was she doing out of the house? I told her to stay! Mom and Dad were supposed to be watching her!"
Luna: /gently. "And are they able to watch YOU all the time?"
Usagi: "Sorry, no, I know."

Meanwhile, in the Living Room
Makoto: "They killed that red-headed lady like nothing. So weird. She shows up again only to die right away."
Ami: "Usagi said she'd been back for a while, remember? It sounds like she was dating Professor Tomoe."
Makoto: "Wow, that's tragic. The bastard didn't even blink."
Minako: "Damn."
Rei: "¿What?"
Minako: "I should have said something about immanentizing the eschaton. 'I wouldn't mind immanentizing her…' Or is it funnier the other way around? 'I wouldn't mind her immanentizing my…'"
Rei: "¿Estás loco?"
Minako: "I'm trying to keep my mind off Chibi-Usa. I always make awful jokes when I'm nervous."
Makoto: "So you're always nervous?"
Minako: /nods.
Sailor Pluto: /steps out of the W.C. "I'm going."
Ami: "Where?"
Sailor Pluto: "To join Uranus' group for the assault on Mugen to kill the Messiah of Silence."
Rei: "¿You mean Hotaru?"
Makoto: "Christ, you're back on that line again? She's—"
Sailor Pluto: "They hurt Small Lady."
Sailor Pluto: "It's the only path I see. Goodbye."

EXIT Sailor Pluto, quietly.

This Is Only The Beginning
Usagi cries a bit, on Mamoru's shoulder.

Usagi: "All these arguments! All these people hurt! All these tears! I hate this! I don't want to see this pain!" :(
Mamoru: /eventually. "…Are you ready now?"
Usagi: "Yeah." /stands up. "I'll be back."
Mamoru: "We'll be waiting."

Usagi: "Okay, guys, I can't do strategy and speeches that good, so here it is: I guess I don't really know who's right or wrong or whatever, but I know that Chibi-Usa's hurt, and Hotaru's hurt, and we've purified monsters into people before, so I think we can do it again. We go back to that place, and find this Princess Nine or whoever she is, and we find her before the others do, and we zap her, and get back the souls, and we make it all right again. Now I don't want to hurt Haruka and Michiru and Pluto if they get in the way, and maybe it's true we can't save everyone, but if, if, if we believe that everyone is worth saving, then we have to try to save everyone, so we have to fight for our side of this, and Hotaru and Chibi-Usa are counting on us, so we have to try, or, or die trying. Are you with me?"
Rei: "Always."
Ami: "Of course."
Minako: "My wand is ever yours."
Makoto: "Let's do it."

And so they transform and go out again, to return to the abandoned rubble pile that was Mugen Academy. The Moon in the center, Mars and Venus by her sides, Mercury and Jupiter upon the flanks. And as the night wanes and the sky begins to hint of dawn, they feel the strange energies of Silence about them, and they raise their own power to counter it. The Five march to battle.



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Re: Episode #123: Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence.

Final shot, pure epic. Just... damn. One hell of a wham episode.

Peter Svensson

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Re: Episode #123: Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence.

Hey, if Mamoru says that he evacuated the entire student body while everyone else was in limbo, he totally did. I mean, they spent the night there recharging their MP and everything!

Episode 127 approaches.


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Re: Episode #123: Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence.

Well, I guess I can finally post my favorite Sailor Moon AMV without spoiling anything now.
In honor of the insanely cool villain who put mad back in mad scientist:



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Re: Episode #123: Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence.

I think they invented the Ptirol character to fulfill the parallel, actually. Eudial is Mars, Mimete is Venus, Tellur is Jupiter, Viluy is Mercury, Kaolinite is Moon, and these two are...
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