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[IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 8: Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of Science?


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.

*pokes head in* What, the spoiler argument again? :p

As I've said before: I don't mind titles unless they're at least as spoilery as "THE SAILORS DIE!" And even then, I may see the title and wonder, "Okay, but what's the twist?" And, heck, trailers aren't too big an issue; I'm mainly indulging y'all by not agreeing not to watch them. :D My usual watching technique is everything, credits and all. (I've told this story before, but I once had my brother writhing on the floor in agony due to my insistence on watching every credit sequence all the way through. He hates long waits, you see.)

I do know tiny bits and pieces of later stuff without context—basically, whatever someone who's been in anime circles for a while can pick up through vague cultural osmosis. (Knowing that there's a Sailor Saturn is an easy guess, of course—the only planet left unassigned—but I've also heard something about some genderbending other Sailors who show up in a later season, for example. So when they show up, I'll probably go, "Aha! Those folks. Now, let's see what they're about, shall we?" And we'll move on.) Actually, I avoid spoilery fan materials half just for the spoilers, and half just because I won't understand them without the context anyway. In fact, that's really the best reason to avoid the big "what's coming up" conversations in a thread like this: my eyes will just glaze over since I don't know what you're talking about, and it's all too easy to spoil the impact of something not because it got mentioned at all, but because talking it up so much made it seem bigger than it actually was. You know how that goes: "OMG this episode you've GOT to see the episode OH MY GOD it is SO GOOD and—" "Huh. That was fun, but not as fun as you made it sound." "ARRRRRRRRRGH."

If you let a little something slip incidentally, don't sweat it on my account. Unless it's, like, a twist reveal of earth-shattering importance that no one would have seen coming, and then I will sic the Little Shadows upon you. Muahahahaha.

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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.

I think there's something to be said for the "just watch the show the way the Japanese audiences did" approach, where you take the spoilerific titles in stride.

Now, here's the summary of what's coming up so that you can make your own decisions.

Episode 108 - Preview for episode 109 gives the plot away, but then again so do ALL of the next episode previews. Treat as usual. Oh wait, you already did!
Episode 109 - Preview for episode 110 gives away the Spoilerific title. Honestly, the preview for 110 is a work of art and you should really just sit back and watch it, damn the slight spoiler. (This is a change of position from when I prepared the episodes for you!)
Episode 110 - Introduces the new OP sequence which has some major visual spoilers for things that won't be revealed for a while longer. The title is Spoilerific, but honestly? Just watch it. The ED sequence has a slight visual spoiler for the next episode. You should really just sit back and watch it, damn the slight spoiler. (This is a change of position from when I prepared the episodes for you!)
Episode 111 - Still has the new OP sequence which has some major visual spoilers for things that won't be revealed for a while longer. The title is no more spoilerific than usual.

And then you really only get into ROSEBUD IS THE SLED episode titles by episode 195, so then you're pretty much in the clear and don't have to worry about us second guessing the show for a few more years!

Now, I really think that watching the new OP before 112 will lessen the impact of the series for you, but it is how it aired in Japan, and there is something to be said for having an authentic experience.

Now, let's all sit and glare at our computer screens, hitting refresh over and over again until we get an update.


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.

...Is that a clueless young Gendo being attacked by Too Much Coffee Daimon? :D


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Episode #108: Usagi's Dance, In Time to a Waltz!

Mamoru's Place
Summer. Cicadas, buildings shimmering in the haze, rows of tanks on the beach, etc.

Usagi: /dreamy eyes. "Alone together at last… you and I…"
Mina: /Interrupting Mina! "I can see the every step of the daydream cross your face, and amusing as it may be to watch how far you'll go before you remember you have an audience, I am trying to focus on our study session."
Usagi: "Gah!" /sits up again and blushes.
Rei: "Thank you, Mina."
Mina: "If we're not getting any, I don't see why she should, right?"
Mamoru: "Ahem."
Mina: "Sorry."
Mamoru: "I believe you all asked me to be your tutor for the day?"
Rei: "I'd like to apologize for everything my amigas say or do for, like, all time, and if you throw them out, ¿may I please stay in your lovely, charming, and most importantly air-conditioned presence?"
Mamoru: "I'm not throwing anybody out. You think I'm not used to this by now?"
Mamoru: "…He said, foolishly. Is Ami drooling on my bookshelves?"
Mako: "Ami, tissue."
Ami: "'Basic Dictionary of Ancient Babylonian Language.' 'Fluid Mechanics and Wave Mechanics.' 'Computer Programming Languages and Symbolic Logic.' 'Flight Characteristics of Hirundinidae.' 'You Can Make Your Own Curry Dishes from Around the World.'"
Ami: /blinks and wipes. "…I thought you were majoring in plumbing?"
Mamoru: "Well, you have to know these things when you're a king."
Mina: "Plumbing's a competitive field. Lot of strange things down those pipes."
Mamoru: "Okay, let's get on with it, shall we? English—"
Usagi: "I suck at English!"
Mamoru: "Then that's a great place to start."
Usagi: "Actually, I kind of suck at everything."
Mamoru: "It's still a great place to start."
Usagi: "Have mercy."
Mamoru: "I don't often get a chance to take the lead, I'm going to milk this for everything I can. ENGLISH!"
Usagi: "Somebody save me!"

The doorbell rings.

Usagi: "I'LL GET IT!" /rushes to the door.

An elegantly-dressed elderly gentleman with faded green hair is at the door. He doffs his hat and bows, politely.

Edwards, for that is his name: (in English) "Good day, young lady. You must be Usagi. Is Mamoru available?"
Edwards: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you didn't speak English."
Usagi: /weeps tears of joy.
Edwards: "You must be Usagi. Is Mamoru available?"
Usagi: "Yes, he's right in here."
Mamoru: "Edwards! Good to see you. We're right in the middle of an English tutoring session, actually—"
Edwards: "Oh, should we continue in English to give them practice?"
Mamoru: "Good idea!"
Usagi: /sinks to the floor and sobs.

A Short While Later
Edwards has delivered his message and departed.

Mina: /lived and worked in London for an extended period of time. "A party!"
Ami: /is one of the, like, three students in all Japan who actually tries to achieve fluency from her English classes. "A party!"
Mako: "I did catch the word 'party'. That's a very important word."
Usagi: "Something something over two something day something something I something."
Rei: "Something a group are coming something invite you something something walk. ¿Help?"
Ami: "I thought you'd be better at this, Rei."
Rei: "Fuck you, Spanish and English are totally different."
Mamoru: /laughs and explains: "Edwards is an old family friend—English, but retired to Japan. He's a—"
Usagi: "—wealthy philanthropist who lives in that European-style mansion on the edge of town, and sponsors a lot of international students, who use his house for discussion circles and classy parties. He bought the place from some fashion model who was really into astrology and then died mysteriously or something."
Mamoru: "That's absolutely correct, and how'd you know?"
Usagi: "Just because I don't understand your primitive Earth tongues doesn't mean I'm clueless. I hear things. I have connections. You know."
Mina: "And we're invited to tonight's shindig!"
Ami: "…But if it's a party for exchange students, everyone will be speaking English."
Mamoru: "Guess we'd better get studying, then."
Rei: "Oh, dear."
Mako: "Oh, crap."
Mina: "Fuckin' A."
Ami: "Oh… boy." /her English isn't that good.

Rei: "I think we broke her."

Meanwhile, Back at the Lab
The Professor sets up a handcrank victrola next to the phone.

Eudial (via telephone): "Is this relevant?"
The Professor: "The three beats of the waltz represent intelligence, education, and the will to fight—"
Eudial (via telephone): "And the three virtues of the Imperial regalia are wisdom, benevolence, and valor, but what is the point?"
The Professor: "It is the ultimate music that represents us, the Death Busters, as demonstrated in this piece I composed when I was young. Let this guide your future operations!"
Eudial (via telephone): "Wait, don't tell me this whole deal is based on something out of your high school poetry notebook?"
The Professor: "The title is 'Hope for the Future.'"
Eudial (via telephone): "I hear record scratches. Is this an actual record? Professor? Hello?"
The Professor: /hums along with the music, delightedly.
Eudial (via telephone): "Hello? Hello?"

Witches5® Call Center
The music is definitely NOT a waltz, but rather seems to be a piece of symphonic music in Romantic style, and 4/4 time.

Eudial: /boggles.
Eudial: "…When did I start working for Professor Terwilliker?"
Eudial: "I've got a baaaaaaaad feeling about this one."

The Professor converts the victrola into the new Daimon, "Chikuon", and so the music continues to play all the way through the launch sequence and down the road.

Eudial: /drives out of a pond, spraying water and lily-pads over necking couples.
Eudial: "Can't you play anything else?"
Chikuon: ♫ Not exactly. ♫
Eudial: "Well, then, can you be quiet?"
Chikuon: ♫ … ♫
Eudial: "Thank you." /drives on.

Yet Another Edwards Student Association Ball
For God's sake, people, subtitle the Engrish too.

Mako: "I'm not the tallest person here! Thank you, O Gods!"
Mina: "Cor, look at all the lovely lads!"
Rei: "¿Are you going to do that all night?"
Mina: "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of how cosmopolitan I am, guv'nor. Hey. any Arsenal fans in the house?"
Some Guy: "Oi!"
Mina: "See ya." /disappears into the crowd.
Usagi: "The men at least have distinguishing features, but I have no idea what anyone is saying."
Mako: "Just nod and say, 'That's highly significant!'"
Usagi: "But what if they want me to explain?"
Ami: "Just talk without thinking too hard about it."
Usagi: "Rei always tells me not to!"
Rei: "Consider this practice for future diplomacy."
Usagi: "If I start a war, I'm blaming you. …I'm gonna go get something to drink." /walks away.

Mamoru: "My friends keep complaining that their Japanese isn't very good."
George: "I have another complaint: When are you going to introduce us to these lovely young ladies?"
Rei: "I think they speak Japanese just fine."

Ami: "I'm having a little trouble keeping up with the English. Hermeneutics and theoretical physics aren't quite my field. But it's very interesting!"
Edwards: "That's the whole purpose of this! A beautiful waltz, and young people who are full of possibilities—life is rosy with these two things. I want to ensure that people like you, Miss Mizuno, can create that rosy future."
Mako: "Is he making a pass at you? No one's that nice except Usagi, are they?"
Edwards: "Oh, have no fear while you're here, young lady. I still have friends in my old business, so if anyone tries to take advantage of you, you let me know. They won't make the same mistake twice."
Mako and Ami: "…"
Mamoru: "Are you scaring them with your stories, again, Edwards?"

Usagi: "Mamo-chan! Hey, hey, I wanna talk, too."
Mamoru: "Wha?"
Ned: "This is your girlfriend, right? She's a looker."
Usagi: "So, the pudding of relativity. Well, in other words, you take eggs, milk, and sugar, and you stir it all up. Then you put a lid on it, and for about 30 minutes you steam it… Oh! And if you forget the whipped cream, you're no good as a woman. Yeah."
George: /strokes chin. "That's a very interesting metaphor—"
Usagi: "Oh, hey! You speak Japanese! Yeah! Have some sushi, Edo kid!"
Ned: "She's quite a free spirit!"
Ami: "She's quite drunk?!"
Mamoru: "What, again?"
Ami: "What do you mean 'again'?"
Mamoru: "…Er… it's a long story."
Rei: "I know the story."
Rei: "We'll explain later."
Edwards: "Let's get her some fresh air."

Later, on the Balcony
Pretty music drifts out from inside.

Mina: /wanders in. "Hey, Haruka and Michiru are the guest performers tonight. What are the odds?"
Mina: "What's going on?"
Mamoru: "Usagi got drunk again."
Usagi: "i'm not du runlka only had juie11"
Rei: "That was alcoholic punch, dear, not juice."
Mina: "Usagi has all the fun."
Usagi: /hurls over the edge of the balcony.

Eudial parks her car in the appropriate parking spot.

Chikuon: ♫ ? ♫
Eudial: "I know, I'm as surprised as you are."

Tonight, Eudial is resplendent in a lovely red cheongsam, boots, shades, and soul rifle.

Eudial: "Show time." /grins.


Eudial: "…Just for that, I'll make it painful." /stomps around the back to find the laundry room.

Inside, After Sobering Up A Bit
The party rolls on.

Usagi: "People put alcohol in fruit juice? Why doesn't anybody tell me these things? Oh, hey, Haruka and Michiru. Nice tux, Haruka."
Michiru: "Good evening, all."
Haruka: "Hello, girls."
Mamoru: "And me."
Mako: "You're an honorary girl."
Michiru: /laughs. "Well in that case, Mamoru, would you care to join me for a dance?"
Usagi: "NUH-UH! Mamo-chan's dancing with ME—"
Haruka: "Oh, then I guess you can't dance with me, Twin Tails. Darn."
Usagi: "—dancing with me RIGHT AFTER I dance with Haruka."
Mamoru: "Well, I guess I know where I stand." :p
Michiru: "Dancing with me."
Mamoru: "Such a cruel fate. Shall we?"

Ami: "Am I seeing things?"
Mina: "I'm seeing the same things, if you're seeing Usagi dancing well. What about you, Mako?"
Mako: "It's because Haruka's leading."
Rei: "Oh, come on, she took lessons, ¿remember? She does improve. Slowly."
Rei: "…"
Rei: "…I wanna dance with Haruka too."
Mako: "Okay, we'll arm-wrestle for it."
Mina: "Er… how 'bout rock-paper-scissors, just to be sporting?"
Ami: "Why don't you just sign her dance card? Guys? Guys?"
Everyone else: "RO-SHAM-BO! …Darn!"

Michiru: "I only know Edwards through reputation. What's his game?"
Mamoru: "After earning a fortune through methods I prefer not to contemplate too closely, he realized that he didn't really have any friends or family, or much of a future, for that matter, so you might say he decided to make mankind his family, investing what he took into a new future."
Michiru: "Er… romantic."
Mamoru: "He and my family go way back. Don't worry, I don't believe half the rumors about him."
Michiru: "…I see."
Mamoru: "Anyway, he once told me that one has to sacrifice to earn a good future, but it means nothing if there's no one else to share in it, or if you can't look yourself in the eye afterwards."
Michiru: /feels somehow rebuked.
Mamoru: ?
Michiru: "…I guess he's proof that one can change course successfully, or something."
Mamoru: "Exactly!"

The Dance Ends
And the crowd applauds Haruka and Usagi.

Usagi: "I wasn't that good, so they must be applauding you."
Haruka: "Oh, is that what it is? I thought people just did that at the end of dances."
Usagi: "No, not usually."
Some Girl #1: /starry-eyed. "CAN I HAVE THE NEXT DANCE?"
Some Girl #2: "No, me next!"
Some Girl #3: "Me, pick me!"
Some Guy #1: "No, me!"
Some Guy #2: "I say, miss! May I—?"
Haruka: "Does this happen to you, too?"
Usagi: "No, though I have been abducted once or twice."
Haruka: "I'd say something flirtatious about that, but I seem to be buried under a mob of fans. Could you maybe help me get free?"
Usagi: "I could, but I've decided to hate you for a couple of minutes instead. Is that a problem?"
Haruka: "No, no, happens all the time. Could you get Michiru for me?"
Usagi: "Will do."

And So
Over by the side of the room.

Usagi: "What did you win?"
Ami: "A dance with—"

The next dance began several minutes ago. Haruka and Michiru are dancing together, Mamoru is dancing with some other gal, and the Sailors have just wasted their time.

Ami: "—I have no idea, I just wanted to win, I guess. How was your dance?"
Usagi: "Haruka demonstrated the Observer's Paradox to me."
Ami: "Nice."
Edwards: "If you're done dancing, I'll serve drinks—safe ones—and cakes on the garden veranda. It's a favorite place of mine, and such promising friends of Mamoru deserve a good view."
Usagi: "CAKES! Lead the way, sir!"

They mosey out to the veranda, which is covered in roses, and has a stunning view of the city.

Mina: "I can see everybody's house from here!"
Mako: "I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. This guy's either a monster, or a target."
Mina: "Place your bets!"

By the Kitchen
Mamoru dodges some admirers to spend a little time at the buffet table.

Mamoru: "Hmm, I wonder why Usagi's not over here by now."
Kitchen Staff #1: "Hey, what's this gas coming through the door?" /goes to open the door.
Mamoru: /slow-motion. "NOOOOOOOOO—"
Kitchen Staff #1: /opens the door.

Oh Noes!
Knockout gas floods the room! People topple in droves!

Mamoru: /deploys handkerchief gas mask.
Edwards: /deploys handkerchief gas mask.
Mamoru: "Friends of yours?"
Edwards: "I was about to ask you the same thing. Let's get the kids out of here!"

They start herding the conscious survivors toward the doors and windows.

Edwards: "Young lady, hurry—"
Edwards: "Oh, beg pardon, I didn't see you already had a gas mask—"
Eudial: /shoots Edwards!
Edwards: "What?!"
Eudial: /shoots Edwards!
Edwards: "Awk!" /thud.

A Couple of Minutes Later
The girls stick their heads in.

Usagi: "Dude, where's our OH MY GOD!"

They duck back outside.

Eudial: /picks up Edwards's Soul Crystal… and waits for it. "Three… two… one…"

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 13
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 9
  • Ami into:
    • Sailor Mecury: 15
    • Second Stage Sailor Mercury: 15
  • Rei into:
    • Sailor Mars: 13
    • Second Stage Sailor Mars: 15
  • Makoto into:
    • Sailor Jupiter: 8
    • Second Stage Sailor Jupiter: 15
  • Minako into:
    • Sailor Venus: 7
    • Second Stage Sailor Venus: 16
  • Haruka into:
    • Sailor Uranus: 3
  • Michiru into:
    • Sailor Neptune: 3
  • Mamoru into:
    • Tuxedo Mask: 2
    • Second Stage Tuxedo Mask: 1
  • Chibi-Usa into:
    • Sailor Chibi-Moon: 2
  • Luna-P into something-or-other: 10

Battle is Joined!
Sailors Uranus and Neptune burst in, dramatically, armed with grace and elegance!


Eudial: /hands Haruka the Crystal.
Haruka: "…"
Haruka: /hands Michiru the Crystal.
Michiru: /looks at it. "Nope."
Michiru: /hands Haruka the Crystal.
Haruka: /hands Eudial the Crystal.
Eudial: /gives the Crystal back to Edwards.
Haruka: "Hardly seems worth the effort, does it?"
Eudial: "I had a hunch I should've called in today…" /fiddles around with her keychain fob.

Suddenly! Eudial's car crashes through the wall, in reverse! The boot opens.

Eudial: "Okay, Daimon, go get 'em."
Eudial: "…"
Eudial: "DAIMON! Attack!"
Chikuon: ♫ …but it's heavy… ♫
Eudial: "I don't care how swuttin' heavy the dress is, get your butt out here so we can get this silly thing over with!"
Chikuon: ♫ I'm so embarrassed… ♫

Monster of the Week!
A green daimon of moderate build, crammed into a blue "Rose of Versailles" style dress and wig, with a bright red face mask. She staggers to her feet and attempts to assume a pose of menace.

Eudial: "I think I'm getting a headache. I think I'll just go home now…"
Chikuon: ♫ Take me, too? ♫

Suddenly! The Five Sailors burst in, dramatically silhouetted!

Usagi: "HOLD IT! The bell for midnight hasn't struck yet! If you're already planning to go home, you—"
Ami: /reads the notes Usagi provided. "'—definitely aren't Cinderella.' The hell?"
Rei: "'You're an uninvited intruder!'"
Mako: "'The witch in Sleeping Beauty, the evil lady in Swan Lake—villains who disrupt parties are always defeated!'"
Mina: "'In the name of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Odette, and, uh… er…'"
Usagi: "'—and all the others!'"
Mina: "(Thank you.)"
All Together Now: "'We will punish you!'"
Eudial: "…That's great, now say it again in English!"
Ami, Mina, and Rei: /gamely. "The bell for midnight has not—"
Eudial: "Yeah, I'm out, kiddies. Have fun with the Daimon." /drives off.

Battle is Joined!

Chikuon uses Un Deux Trois!
Chikuon casts a blue rose at the team.
The rose explodes!
Usagi dodges!
Rei dodges!
Minako dodges!
Makoto dodges!
Ami dodges!
Chikuon uses Un Deux Trois!
Chikuon casts a blue beam at Usagi.
Usagi is hit.
Usagi is hurt!

Haruka: /yawns.

Haruka casts tectonic forces at Chikuon.
Chikuon is hit.
Chikuon is destroyed!

Haruka: "Let's get back to the party, seriously."
Chikuon: ♫ CHIKUON! ♫

Boss Reveals Second Form!
The dress has been blown away, revealing a stylish brown-and-white leotard. Chikuon is equipped with hand crank, tonearm, and sound horn, and her hair and eyes are styled after an old-fashioned grilled record cabinet.

Chikuon: ♫ Ahhhhhh, so MUCH better! ♫ /jogs in place and stretches.
Michiru: "…Nice shot, Uranus, now you made her faster."
Haruka: "Er… whoopsies. Well, I'm sure the girls can handle this!"

EXIT Sailors Uranus and Neptune, at great speed.

Usagi: "…Jerks."

Chikuon uses Hell's Waltz.
Chikuon shoots musical notes at the team!
Rei dodges!
Minako dodges!
Makoto dodges!
Ami dodges!
Usagi dodges, but trips over a musical note!

Usagi: /picks up a musical note and throws it back at Chikuon. "When did my life become Looney Toons?!"
Rei: "The day you took a band-aid off of Luna's head."
Usagi: "Well, how do we get it back to Silly Symphonies, here? I want happy dancing trees and houses and water babies."
Chikuon: ♫ I can make the house dance! ♫

Chikuon uses Devil's Yodel.
Chikuon shoots noise everywhere!
Usagi is hurt.
Usagi saves against nerve damage!
Rei is hurt.
Rei saves against nerve damage!
Makoto is hurt.
Makoto saves against nerve damage!
Minako is hurt.
Minako is already crazy.
Ami is hurt.
Ami saves against nerve damage!
The building rumbles ominously…

ENTER Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +4 blessed throwing roses.

Chikuon: /record scratch SFX.
Mamoru: "The sound of music is meant to be appreciated! It is not something used to cause pain to other people! Seriously, it's a good musical, you should go watch it some time, but then I suppose it's no surprise that I like it given the kind of person I'm dating—"
Everyone else: "Tuxedo Mask!"
Usagi: "He drank the juice, too!"
Mamoru: "Anyway, I will not forgive anyone who defiles beautiful music!"
Everyone else: "Hear hear!"
Chikuno: /throws the revolver at Superman.
Mamoru: /ducks.
Chikuon: ♫ Curses! Foiled again! ♫

Usagi casts love at Chikuon!
Chikuon is hit.
Chikuon is obliterated!

Chikuon: "…lovely!" /dies.

You found 160 GP.
Mog has learned Hell's Waltz!
Mog has learned Devil's Yodel!

Somehow, the party picks up right where it left off.

Ned and George: "Dude, we're college students. We party."
Edwards: "Oh, I say, did I fall asleep and miss all the excitement?"
Ami: "I'm sorry, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary."
Edwards: "Yes, these gas attacks come and go so quickly at this time of year. ;) Well, must mingle with the med students while they do triage, pardon me."
Usagi and Mamoru: /dancing… dancing…
Rei: "…They really do look good together."
Mako: "I'm so jealous."
Mina: "RIGHT! Almost forgot. I still have to ask Haruka for a dance!"
Ami: "You're still on about that? Michiru thinks you're funny."
Mina: "Then I'm halfway there!"
Mako: "Wait! Rock-paper-scissors again—"
Ami: "Or you could dance with me."
Mako: "…And that's why she's brilliant. Haruka's all yours, ladies!"
Rei: "Okay, you vs. me, V, come on!"
Mina: "Bring it, firebrand!"

Lurking outside the window: Sailors Uranus and Neptune.

Michiru: "Entrusting the future to the next generation. I suppose that's one way to live."
Haruka: "But we have no time left. The silence is coming…"

Spooky wind blows…

Michiru: "Hmm. This is kind of the line of thought which leads to us expecting to die in the line of duty, isn't it?"
Haruka: "Well… yeah?"
Michiru: "Just checking."
Haruka: "Hey, if you come up with a better plan, I want to be the first to know."
Michiru: "Deal."


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.

...Is that a clueless young Gendo being attacked by Too Much Coffee Daimon? :D
Similar beard and glasses, true, but nah, just a generic mid-1990s Seattle-ish Starbucks-swilling Steve Jobs-sweater hacker-type.

Which I suppose doesn't rule out Gendo entirely, depending on what he was doing before he met Yui, but…

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Re: Episode #108: Usagi's Dance, In Time to a Waltz!

Ah, you skipped my favorite part of the episode! How each girl's introduction to Edwards is perfectly in-character. Ami's English is stilted but precise. Minako's is casual. Rei's is passable, Mako doesn't pay attention in class, and Usagi... well, she's Usagi alright.

And man, those were some terrified park-goers. (I LOVE the launch sequences. So Ikuhara!)


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.

Well, we did sort of establish that Gendo and Yui were going to the same school as Mamoru, so it's entirely possible that Gendo is the Male Victim of the Week in Tokyo. Sadly, this caused psychological problems down the road, which is why he has such...issues with child rearing (flashbacks of the Senshi and monsters every time he looks at his son, barely controlled by Very Good Medication).

Similar beard and glasses, true, but nah, just a generic mid-1990s Seattle-ish Starbucks-swilling Steve Jobs-sweater hacker-type.

Which I suppose doesn't rule out Gendo entirely, depending on what he was doing before he met Yui, but…


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.

Step two of that chibi outline has got to be one of the more adorably evil things I've seen.


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 3: Sailor V Arrives! "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition.

Hopefully they failed to get his soul back to him and Gendo died a horrible, agonizing death. :D

But, good review. Loved it. :)
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