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[IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 8: Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of Science?


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 4: The Ambition of Petite Pandora

Alright!! Just finished cataloging Season one, and I gotta say, Sabaton's "Glorious Land" fit the last battle just a little too well.

And on that note, my thoughts for season appropriate AMV songs:

Season One: "Revolution Deathsquad" - Dragonforce. Pity there'd be more song than footage.
Season Two: "The Last Crusade" - Epica. And for the R movie...
Season Three (so far): "The Grudge" - Tool. Not yet Safe for Shadowjack.

EDIT: Should I be disturbed that Sailor Moon meshes really well with power metal and... whatever Tool is? (Industrial rock, maybe?)
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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 4: The Ambition of Petite Pandora

"Laundry Day"? *drags out the thread and looks* Oh, hey, that thing! I remember that! That was funny.

Man now there is a trip down memory lain. I loved that show.
Curiously enough, I didn't. At the time it was on, I was a rather squeamish child, and the slightest hint of gross-out humor in the promotion of a show instilled me with no desire to see it. I get the feeling I'd enjoy it a lot more now, but then a lot of cartoon shows are wasted on kids. :D

I really have to give the character design people credit, they knocked it out of the ballpark with Hotaru. As this season progresses, it becomes clearer and clearer that the artists at Toei love Hotaru, and take great pleasure in drawing her. Maybe SJ will get the same way.
Oh, have no fear on that score. While I'm still getting the hang of her, it's quite fun to try to make each doodle gothier than the last without exiting the cuteness boundary.


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Re: Codename Sailor V, Volume 4: The Ambition of Petite Pandora

I just went to modify a link on the funny page, and was pleasantly surprised to note that I'm finally getting some help with it (besides that one edit by sun tzu, I mean).

EDIT: I find myself even more pleasantly surprised to find that the help is listing moments chronologically.
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Episode #113: A House Full of Evil Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Hotaru

Usagi: "We're getting the secret already? We're not gonna piss around for a dozen episodes just hinting?"
Rei: "It's Fall, already, there's not much time left in this season."
Usagi: "Wow, how did the time go by so fast?"
Mamoru: "You're studying for exams. Believe me, it goes even faster as you get older."
Usagi: "Oh God, I'm graduating this year. And the year's almost over!"
Mamoru: "Oh God, I need to declare my major this year! And I still can't decide!"
Rei: "Made for each other, ¿aren't you?"

Tsukino Residence, A Couple of Hours After the Last Episode

Chibi-Usa: ♫ Rubber Ducky, you're the one! You make bathtime so much fun! ♫
Usagi: ♫ Rubber Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you… ♫
Usagi: "You're in a surprisingly good mood for having BRUSHED WITH DEATH a couple of hours ago."
Chibi-Usa: "I'm getting used to it. And I made a new friend!"
Usagi: "Oh boy! Tell me all about him!"
Chibi-Usa: /sly look. "…Nuh-uh."

And that's when the fight broke out!

Usagi's Mom: "BOTH USAGIS! Stop that splashing up there!"
Usagi's Mom: "…Wait, this is my only line. Did I deliver it right? Maybe I should do a few more takes? What do you think?"
Director: "Thank you! NEXT."
Usagi's Mom: "Damn!"

Nostalgic Moonlight Over City Reservoir
Feeling a little stressed, Mamoru takes a stroll, alone.

Haruka: "Not quite alone… Sir Endymion."

ENTER Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna Meioh, from the shadows.

Mamoru: "You've recovered your memories!"
Michiru: "Apparently!"
Sailor Pluto: /may or may not be subtly pleased.

  • Haruka into:
    • Sailor Uranus: 6
  • Michiru into:
    • Sailor Neptune: 6
  • Setsuna into:
    • Sailor Pluto: 2

Mamoru: /transforms into Tuxedo Mask without saying anything or even taking his hands out of his pockets.
Haruka: "…Show off."
Mamoru: "Takes one to know one."

•*The Three Sailors Advance
…with subtle menace. Tuxedo Mask stands his ground.

Haruka: "Sailor Uranus, guarded by the star of the wind!"
Michiru: "Sailor Neptune, guarded by the star of the ocean!"
Sailor Pluto: "Pluto, afterlife."
Mamoru: "Endymion, once Prince of the Earth, now known as Tuxedo Mask. Should I draw my weapon?"
Haruka: "You think you can take us?"
Mamoru: "Have you ever seen me use my full power?"
Michiru: "We're just here to talk, people."

Mamoru: "Greetings, O past and future Warriors of the Silver Millennium. Welcome, again, to Earth. What business have you with me this fair night?"
Sailor Pluto: "To tell this: The Inner Senshi protected the Princess and the Capital, but we, the Outer Senshi, had greater powers, for our duty was, is, and will be to protect the Silver Millennium as a whole against intruders from beyond the Solar System… and you have no need to say it."
Mamoru: "I wasn't going to say it."
Haruka: /grumbles. "No, no, go ahead and say it. Let's get it out there."
Michiru: "It's clear we've failed in our duty."
Mamoru: "I really wasn't going to criticize. I'm sure you fought valiantly, but Metallia was just too powerful."
Michiru: "Wait, has She come back, too?!"
Sailor Pluto: "No. Don't worry. I'll explain later."
Mamoru: "And you can hardly be blamed for the Doom Tree or Fiore's flower, because you weren't fated to awaken yet."
Haruka: "The what and who's what?"
Sailor Pluto: "Don't worry. I'll explain later."
Mamoru: "And Sailor Pluto was quite helpful against the Planet X crowd. Thank you again." /tips hat.
Haruka: "There's someone living there now? Since when?!"
Michiru: "Has everyone in the galaxy attacked the Earth while we were out?! Gods, it's worse than we thought…"
Sailor Pluto: "No. I'll explain later. Sir Endymion, we refer to the current foe."
Mamoru: "Ahh, the Death Busters."
Michiru: "Arrrgh! That stupid NAME."
Haruka: "We hate them SO MUCH!"
Sailor Pluto: "Yes."

Mamoru: "Then why not join forces with Sailor Moon's team?"
Michiru: "You speak as if you were not part of it."
Mamoru: "Merely a stalwart ally. But I could ask the same of you: aren't you of the same country?"
Sailor Pluto: "Sir Endymion, death severs all allegiances. I do not serve your Princess, and my companions are presently ronin."
Mamoru: "I understand. However: We all have the same enemy, and your team and hers have a power source in common. I ask again, why not team up, if just for this single fight?"
Haruka: "Huh! Those kids would only get in our way."
Michiru: /is about to say something to Haruka, then doesn't.
Sailor Pluto: /sighs.
Mamoru: /gets the impression that they've already argued this round and round with themselves several times already.
Michiru: /Smoothed-Feathers Technique. "Let us say that this battle is too much for their current level of power."
Haruka: "And it's OUR job! This situation is a result of our failings, so it makes it our problem to solve—by ourselves."
Michiru: "It's an honor thing."
Haruka: "No job for princesses."
Mamoru: "…"

The Next Day
Coming to the Shrine for the study session…

Makoto: "Chibi-Usa's really excited about her new friend, isn't she?"
Minako: "Her first visit to a friend's house!"
Makoto: "Oh, fun!"
Minako: "Exciting times. Who is this friend, anyway?"
Ami: "Someone 'very quiet' and 'very pretty' from another school, and she ran off before I could learn more."
Makoto: "I didn't realize she was asking all of us for advice."
Minako: "Yeah. She asked if she had to dress specially, and I said normal clothes are fine so long as she looks tidy."
Makoto: "You gave her an honest answer?!"
Minako: "Sure. She asked me an honest question." ;)

Ami: "She asked me what she should bring as a visitor's gift. I s—"
Makoto and Minako: "A BOOK!"
Ami: "No! A sliderule! And a stack of calculators!"
Minako: "And extra batteries, don't forget. I helped box them up."
Ami: "Oh, yes, you were very helpful. She'll love 'em."
Minako: "You're welcome. My pleasure."
Makoto: "…You're teaming up on me, aren't you?"
Ami: "Yes, of course, a book. It's me, silly."
Makoto: "I'm horrified and amazed. When did you two become buddies in trolling?"
Minako: /humbly. "The power to troll lies within us all. I merely show the path."
Ami: /bows. "Sensei."
Makoto: "God help us all."

Ami: "What'd she ask you for, Mako?"
Makoto: "Well, she's going over for tea, so I gave her some cookies I'd just made, but I feel kind of bad now that I see it was important! I should have made a new batch, and really pulled out all the stops this time. Maybe a nice embroidered bag to go with, too, oh! and I could…"
Makoto: "…and why are you hiding from me?"
Ami: /hiding behind Minako. "If her normal fancy cooking isn't 'pulling out the stops', then what is?!"
Minako: /hiding behind Ami. "Ever since she started dressing snappy, she's become a monster!"
Ami: "A big, curvy, confident—"
Minako: "—fashionably-dressed—"
Ami: "—fashionably-dressed monster!"
Makoto: "You are teaming up on me! Come here, you two comedians—"
Minako: "You'll protect me from her, won't you? I don't want to become a gourmet ingredient."
Makoto: "She'll have enough trouble protecting herself! Raarrgh! Here comes the troll slayer!"
Ami: "Eek! Save me!"
Rei: /flatly. "¿So does anyone want to ask me about MY day?"

Ami: "I'm sorry, Rei, we didn't know you were here!"
Rei: "I live here."
Ami: "Er… right. Um…"
Minako: /has a hunch. "Usagi?"
Rei: /immediately. "Yeah, okay, so, Chibi-Usa came by, and told us all about meeting with you guys, right, and then asked me about proper manners for being a house guest, but—"

Rei: "Sure, Chibi-Usa, I can teach y—"
Usagi: /INTERRUPTING USAGI! "Wow! Visiting your new friend's house already? I'm gonna help you out! Let's go right now!"
Chibi-Usa: "Great!"
Rei: /shoves Usagi off of her and stands up again.
Rei: /grabs Usagi and snarls. "¿HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT WE'VE GOT A STUDY SESSION IN FIVE MINUTES? If you screw off again, Usagi, so help me—"
Usagi: /points. "Look, it's Michael!"
Rei: /ecstatically. "¡¿What?! ¡¿WHERE?!"
Usagi: /grabs Chibi-Usa and vamooses.
Rei: …!

Back to the Present
Minako: "…Who the fuck is 'Michael'?"
Rei: /slumps to the ground and cradles her head in her hands. "And I'm not even telling you about the escape route she used. I'm so embarrassed…"
Ami: /pats Rei on shoulder, comfortingly, if confusedly. "So, uh, Usagi's skipped out, I take it?"
Rei: "Arrrrrrghhhhhhh… ¿Why do I let her do these things to me?" /sobs.
Ami: "I guess we're starting a little late today, everybody."
Makoto: "I guess so."
Minako: /points. "Look, it's Michael!"

Nothing happens.

Makoto: "…Just testing?"
Minako: "Could be useful."

Juuban Book Nook
Exceptionally large crowds today, but Chibi-Usa emerges in gift-wrapped triumph.

Usagi: "Are you sure that's a good choice?"
Chibi-Usa: "I knew exactly what book I wanted to get for my friend, and it's always sold out but they had piles today for some reason, and I bet you just wanted a copy for yourself!"
Usagi: "Damn! I should have gotten a copy for myself! It's a good manga."
Chibi-Usa: "Go ahead. You don't have to tag along. I'll be fine."
Usagi: "No, I'm going with you. As your guardian—"
Chibi-Usa: "HA!"
Usagi: "—as your guardian, it is my solemn duty to make sure your new friend isn't an axe murderer or our usual soul-sucking demon or whatever."
Chibi-Usa: "My friend isn't any of those things!"
Usagi: "Probably not, but it's best to make sure. I'm sure you'll get along just fine…"
Usagi: /mental image of a sick little boy, about Chibi-Usa's age. Chibi-Usa holds his frail hand warmly, and they look out the window together at a singing bird, and—
Chibi-Usa: /rolls eyes.
Usagi: "Stop peeking at my mental images. It's nosy."
Chibi-Usa: "You're nosy."
Usagi: "I am totally nosy. But my mother did this to me, why shouldn't I do it to you?"

Darth Hotaru's Creepy Isolation Chamber
The stuffed toys have multiplied, and the chamber is now venting all variety of cold, clinging mists.

The Professor: "O Illustrious Messiah of Silence! The time is coming!"
Hotaru?: "…need more energy…"
The Professor: "As you wish…"

Hotaru's House is Huge
I mean, really huge. It's compact—this is Japan, of course, everything is—but it's an actual multi-story, multi-wing mansion.

Usagi: "…Maybe we should have brought a melon."
Chibi-Usa: "Usagi! I can't reach the doorbell. Push it!"
Usagi: "'Kay."

But Before She Can Reach the Bell!
The door swings slowly open.

Kaolinite: "Can I help you?"
Usagi: :eek:
Usagi: /grabs Chibi-Usa, runs away at top speed, calls in a Code, transforms, and—
Chibi-Usa: "What the heck, Usagi? You dropped the cookies."
Papa: /walks up. "Is something wrong? Oh! You must be Hotaru's guests."
Usagi: /grabs Chibi-Usa, runs away, calls in a Code, transforms, and—
Papa: "I'm Hotaru's father, it's a pleasure to meet you. Hotaru's a little busy right now. Kaori, could you lead our guests to the sitting room to wait for her? I'll make you girls some coffee."
Chibi-Usa: "What's wrong, Usagi?"
Usagi: "…Nothin'."

Usagi tries her best to look calm while her mind races.

Usagi: ('Kaori'? Talk about obvious aliases! It's Kaolinite! I knew it! The villain always 'survives that fall'! She's been alive all this time?! AND SHE KNOWS WHO I AM! But why didn't she react when she saw me? Is this is a trap? Chibi-Usa's in danger! Is the Ackbar her friend or the babysitter? We gotta get outta here! We gotta tell someone! But wait. Calm down. Kaolinite really didn't react at all, like I was a total stranger. Her eyes looked empty. Maybe she has amnesia. Maybe it's her good twin on drugs. Maybe it's time travel again. Maybe it's all just a weird coincidence.)
Usagi: ('Just a coincidence'? Who am I kidding? I'd better stay sharp, but I guess if they were going to get us, they'd have got us by now. I guess we're safe.)

Meanwhile, Back in the Lab
Papa pushes the "secret" button that opens the hidden door to the lab, and goes straight to his locker. It seems that someone, probably with a name starting with K, has appended a ♥ to the name on his locker: Tomoe. The locker contains labcoats—only labcoats. He takes down the one labelled "Sunday" and suits up. Thus attired for action, the Professor heads down to the lab.

The Professor: /fills sterile glassware with distilled water. "Heh heh heh."
The Professor: /arranges a heating stand. "Ho ho ho."
The Professor: /sets up a Bunsen burner. "Muahahaha."
The Professor: /gas—on! Ig—nite! "Kyeheeheeheeheehee!"
The Professor: /gets out a bag of Mechanicsburg Roast and filters. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
The Professor: "They LAUGHED when when I said I had a superior method of making coffee. BUT WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? COFFEE FOR THE COFFEE GOD! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! COFFEE! COFFEE! BLOOD! COFFEE! Coffee. Heeheehee…"
The Professor: /spots the post-it note. "Oh, yeah."
The Professor: /flips on the Daimon Engine.
Daimon: "U-henshuu…!"
The Professor: /spots the other post-it note.

Witches5®, Director's Office
Mimette has her feet up on Eudial's desk, and is reading "Drop Drop" by Katakuri Ukon, the same manga Chibi-Usa just bought. It's an incredibly shoujo costume drama, and Mimette is… well, just look.

Mimette: /sobs. "so SAD :( that poor little rich girl :( how can they b so mean 2 her??"
Phone: /ring.
Mimette: /delighted. "omg he's so kyoot! i hope they get 2gether!! yay :)"
Phone: /ring.
Mimette: /angry. "oh that BITCH so mean!! wish she'd die!! :mad:"
Phone: /RING.
Mimette: /shocked. "omg the heroine is just like ME wow some1 understands! :) :) lol"
Phone: /RING.
Phone: /RING.
Phone: /RING.
Mimette: /picks up. "YES?! WHAT?!"
Mimette: "…Professor!" /snaps to attention.
Mimette: "Why… yes! Of course, Mimette has already got a target all picked out! His name? Uh…*it's, uh… I've got it here. Just a second. ♥" /searches desperately for inspiration.
Mimette: /looks at the manga she's holding.
Mimette: "…Katakuri Ukon! He's a manga artist. Yes, very artistic, sir! I'll get on it, right away! Yes, sir!" /hangs up.
Mimette's Conscience, Sanity, and Rational Self-Doubt: "Mimette, you're doing it again. At least take precautions—"
Mimette: "SHUT UP! Mimette is never wrong!"

And So…
Autographs at the manga shop. The line goes round the block. The artist at the table looksl ike he's probably a parody of somebody, but I don't know who.

Katakuri Ukon: "And who should I make this one out to, Miss—?"
Mimette: "Mimette! ♥ Thank you!"
Katakuri Ukon: "No, no: thank you!"
Mimette: (he loves me he loves me!!! lol)
Mimette's CS&RSD: "…nooooooooooo, not again…"

Author's Commentary
Holy shit. Mimette isn't just psycho, she's a serial killer.

An Hour Later
In the sitting room.

Usagi: /fidgets and frets.
Usagi's stomach: /GRAWR!
Chibi-Usa: "Be patient! The coffee will be ready when it's ready!"
Usagi: "I didn't say anything! …Wait, someone's coming."

Outside the Door
Hotaru leans heavily against the wall, gasping, then summons up all her strength.

The door opens slooooowly…

Usagi: /tenses.

…and an adorably gothy girl enters the room, smiling.

Hotaru: /tries to look like she's not leaning on the furniture for support. "Hello, Chibi-Usa! Is this your older sister?"
Chibi-Usa: "Hello, Hotaru! It's very complicated, so we just say 'older cousin'."
Usagi: /blinks in surprise. "Cute girl?"
Chibi-Usa: /sly look. "Usagi came along to chaperone because she thought I was on a date with a boy!"
Usagi: "I did not!" (Yes I did.) "I totally did not! And stop peeking at my lines!"
Chibi-Usa: "My mom did it to me, so why I shouldn't I do it to you? HA!"
Usagi: "You little—! And wouldn't you need chaperoning if it was a girl, too?"
Chibi-Usa: "You're just jealous 'cause I get more action than you do!"

And that's when the fight broke out!

Hotaru: /cracks up laughing.
Chibi-Usa: "…Why does everybody laugh at us when you're screwy?"
Usagi: /equally as puzzled. "I guess we're naturally amusing."
Hotaru: "I'm Hotaru Tomoe. Welcome to our home." :)
Usagi: "Usagi Tsukino. Thank you for having us."
Chibi-Usa: "Yes, thank you very much. (Did I say it right?)"
Usagi: "(Rei'd be proud.)"
Hotaru: "Let's go up to my room—"
Kaolinite: /with coffee tray. "Oh! Then I shall take the coffee up to your room." /Stepford stare.
Hotaru: "NO! I'll take it! Don't butt into house affairs, Kaori! Stay out of my room!"
Hotaru: /snatches the tray and flounces up the hallway.
Kaolinite: "…"
Kaolinite: "…"
Kaolinite: "…"
Usagi and Chibi-Usa: /nervously slip past her and follow Hotaru.

Hotaru: "I'm sorry for that. My father's a very busy scientist, so Kaori comes by to help, but, er… she…"
Chibi-Usa: /innocently. "Where's your mother?"
Hotaru: "She died a very long time ago…"
Usagi and Chibi-Usa: /make appropriate condolences.
Hotaru: /makes appropriate polite noises and changes the subject.
Usagi: /begins to comprehend the complicated family issues at work here involving a widowed father, his sick daughter, and a potential step-mother, and feels a surge of empathy.

Hotaru's Room
Decorated in somber shades of black and blue, with fairy lamps that softly illuminate her Joy Division wall poster and framed Edward Gorey prints.

Usagi: "OMG look at all the White Wolf books. Are you in a group right now?"
Hotaru: "I've never actually played, but…"
Usagi: "Oh, wow, then you have got to join my friend Mako's Vampire chronicle! You'll love it!"
Chibi-Usa: "Don't suck my friends into your weird hobbies! We're going to trade Magic cards, like normal people."
Hotaru: /suddenly collapses.
Chibi-Usa: !!!!!!!!!!
Hotaru: /blarrrrrrrr "…'m al' right…" /cough cough.
Chibi-Usa: "No, you're not! Should we get your Daddy?"
Usagi: "Is it diabetes or something? Do you need a shot?"

Cue Dramatic Music
Usagi's transformation brooch happened to fall out of her purse, when she dove to help.

Hotaru: /picks up the brooch. "…what's this…?"

The brooch starts to glow.

Usagi and Chibi-Usa: ?!
Hotaru: "Such power. I feel… POWER. Better. MORE. MORE POWER."
Chibi-Usa: "…Hotaru?"
Hotaru: "There is no Hotaru. THERE IS ONLY Z—"
Usagi: /gently takes the brooch from Hotaru's hands.

The light fades.

Hotaru: /blinks.
Hotaru: /notices her two new friends are staring at her.
Hotaru: /blushes. "I'm sorry, did I just say something odd? I'm rather strange, I have these spells, where I say or do things, and…"
Usagi: /observes that Hotaru seems to be in better health than she was a moment ago.
Usagi: /considers that her brooch has never done that for anyone else before.
Usagi: /realizes that Chibi-Usa is on the verge of freaking out.
Usagi: /laughs. "Oh, gosh, I know how that can be! Boy, do we, Chibi-Usa? Hey, why don't you show her your gifts?"

The Moment Passes Like A Bad Dream
Hotaru is suitably delighted by her gifts, Chibi-Usa calms down, and the two are just starting to warm up to their talk when Usagi notices that a flyer fell out of the book advertising the signing session with the mangaka.

Usagi: "—AND IT WAS TODAY?! So that's why it was so crowded!"
Chibi-Usa: "Usagi, why didn't you notice? We're gonna miss it!"
Hotaru: ?
Usagi: "Quick! Bring Hotaru! Obviously, fresh air, sunshine, and huge crowds are the best cure! There's still a chance we can make it!"

Sorry, There Isn't A Chance
They've already packed up the tables. Mr. Katakuri Ukon waves goodbye to the staff and walks out to his car.

Mimette: "'scuse me, mister? there's just 1 more thing I want from u ♥"
Katakuri Ukon: (Oh, crap. Stalker chick.) "…Yes?"

Mimette casts off her disguise and unleashes the new U-Daimon!

•*Monster of the Week
U-HENSHUU! A blue oni dressed as a "sexy librarian", i.e. a tiger-striped, low-cut parody of office attire, complete with librarian glasses and pencil behind an ear.[/i]

I say "low-cut", but seriously, the only thing keeping her talent in her top is the gaze of the audience.

Katakuri Ukon: "…Oh, shit, my editor?!" /turns to run.
U-Henshuu: "You're behind deadline!" /tackles him.
Katakuri Ukon: "Wow, this is just like that dream! …Hey, you're not my real editor! How'd you fit in that suitcase?"
U-Henshuu: "No changing the subject! These pages need revision!"
Katakuri Ukon: "AAAAAGH! MERCY!"

But, Of Course…
Usagi and Chibi-Usa round the corner just in time to see the Daimon "soul-kissing" the artist. Hotaru is lagging just a few steps behind due to infirmity, and hasn't seen anything yet…

Usagi and Chibi-Usa: /significant glance.
Usagi: /flicks her eyes toward Hotaru.
Chibi-Usa: /nods.
Chibi-Usa: "Hey, Hotaru! Lemme show you something neat over there…"
Hotaru: ? /lets Chibi-Usa lead her away.

U-Henshuu: "Editor-in-chief! I've managed to get him to turn in his material on time!"
Mimette: "wth r u talking about??"

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 16
    • Crisis Mode Sailor Moon: 2
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 9

Sailor Moon bursts in, dramatically!

Usagi: "HALT! Some of us haven't gotten our autographs, yet!"
Mimette: "what, u again???"
Usagi: "You sound genuinely shocked. Did you expect to be able to do this sort of thing without consequences?"
Mimette: "Yes!"
Usagi: "Well… you can't!"
Mimette: "yes i can!! U-Henshuu: destroy this pest!!"
U-Henshuu: "Is she behind deadline, too?"
Mimette: "Just get rid of her! :mad: orz"

Battle is Joined
U-Henshuu uses Ultimate Attack: White Manuscript Hell!
U-Henshuu casts paper at Usagi.
Usagi dodges, dodges, and dodges some more.

Usagi: "Ah, this brings back memories. I wonder where Ami is right now."

U-Henshuu uses Photocomposition!
U-Henshuu casts paper at Usagi.
Usagi is hit.
Usagi is trapped!

Usagi: "I hope wherever she is she's having a good time."
Mimette: "do bad things 2 her!! and let me watch!! lol ;)"
U-Henshuu: "At once, editor-in-chief!"
U-Henshuu: /transforms her fingers into sharp scissors.
Usagi: !
U-Henshuu: /snip snip!
Usagi: "H-hey. You're kidding, right? You're not gonna drain my energy instead? I mean, this could be a little too bloody for…"
U-Henshuu: /SNIP SNIP!
Mimette: /rofl

Sailor Pluto uses Dead Scream.
Sailor Pluto casts temporal forces at U-Henshuu.
U-Henshuu is hit!
U-Henshuu is hurt!
U-Henshuu is stunned!
U-Henshuu ages 4 years!

Enter Sailors Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune, casually.

Haruka: /pries the giant sticky paper off of Usagi, freeing her. "Told you to leave this to the professionals."
Usagi: "Thank you, a thousand thank yous!"
Mimette: "wtf hax stfu faggot ill kill ur toon 20 times lol"

Michiru uses Deep Submerge.
Michiru casts tidal forces at U-Henshuu.
U-Henshuu parries with umbrella arm!

Usagi: "That's not in idiom for a manga editor monster."
Haruka: "Look, will you get lost?"

U-Henshuu casts pen nibs at the team, millions of pen nibs!
Sailor Pluto: AUTO-PARRY.

Usagi: "I'm not just going to sit back and wait when someone's in trouble! Why are you so against us working together?"
Haruka: "Because—"

U-Henshuu uses Ultimate Attack: White Manuscript Hell!
U-Henshuu casts paper at Haruka.
Haruka counterattacks with World Shaking!
Haruka casts geologic forces at U-Henshuu!
U-Henshuu is hurt!

Usagi: "Yes, let's!"
Haruka: "Yes! I mean, NO! No discussion! You're a distraction, girl!"
Usagi: "Thank you!"

U-Henshuu LIMIT BREAK! "The sudden strength right before a deadline!"
U-Henshuu attacks Usagi with an x-acto blade!

Haruka and Usagi: /slow-motion. "Nooooooooooo—"

ATTACK INTERRUPT: Minako uses Love-Me Chain!
U-Henshuu is hit!
U-Henshuu is disarmed!

Which means, when your weapon is part of your arm, a dislocated shoulder. OW.

Enter Sailors Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury, before anyone knows they're there!

Mina, Rei and Mako: /flank the bad guys.
Ami: /protect the victim.

Enter Tuxedo Mask, steathily.

Mamoru: "H'lo."
Haruka: "GAH! Where did YOU come from?!"
Mamoru: "Sneaked."
Haruka: "I didn't know you could do that."
Mamoru: "Our individual abilities may be inferior to yours, but the team is very well-coordinated. HINT HINT and also HINT."
Haruka: "Hmph! Grump! And pshaw!"
Mimette: "your all picking on me!!! :( :( :("
Usagi: "It's not all about you!"
Mimette: !
U-Henshuu: "Chief, we're surrounded, but I think if you make a diversionary attack, I make an opening for us to retreat, and then w—"
Mimette: "KILL 'EM ALL!"
U-Henshuu: o_O
U-Henshuu: "Uh, we U-Daimons have an improved self-preservation instinct, which impels me to question that order, and anyway what about the captured soul…?"
Mimette: /stamps foot and fumes. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! DO IT! KILL 'EM!"

Meanwhile: All the Sailors, and Tux, watch the villainess's labor dispute with growing disbelief.

Haruka: "…Amateurs."
Usagi: "No kidding. Why don't they just attack?"
Mamoru: "Ahem!"
Usagi: "Oh! Right. Sorry."

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 16
    • Crisis Mode Sailor Moon: 3
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 9

Mimette: !
Mimette has logged out.
U-Henshuu: "WHAT?!"

Usagi casts concentrated love at U-Henshuu.
U-Henshuu is hit.
U-Henshuu is obliterated!

Usagi: "Damn! I was aiming for the other one!"

They return the soul to the victim.

Usagi: "Thank you, everyone!"
Makoto: /picks up the remains of the Daimon. "Apparently, this Daimon was made from a manga rough of Sailor Moon beating the snot out of her. Does that mean her defeat was inevitable?"
Minako: "More likely that Sailor Moon's tremendous powers converted a blank page into a monument to her peerless skill. Or whatever. Say, has anyone else noticed that the minions getting smarter than the mistresses lately?"
Ami: "What I really want to know is how she knows what spells to cast when she's in that other mode, even though she's not the proper owner."
Sailor Pluto: "The Grail adapts itself to the user."
Rei: /corners Usagi. "What I really want to know is how YOU are going to make it up to ME for… basically, EVERYTHING."
Usagi: "A sincere and heartfelt apology?"
Michiru: "Should we be watching this?"
Haruka: "No."
Makoto: "We'd better run down Chibi-Usa and let her know it's over."
Ami: "Good thinking. Let's go. Together."
Minako: "Yeah, it might be dangerous to go alone. Stick close." ;)

Mamoru: /looks at the Outer Senshi.
Michiru: /looks back, and nods politely.
Sailor Pluto: /looks back, eyes sparkling with pleasure at how things are turning out so far.
Haruka: /looks away, and absolutely refuses to acknowledge anything.

Bath time.

Chibi-Usa: "Hotaru had never been to an arcade, so I showed her all the best games!"
Usagi: "Good for you! You totally forgot we were fighting, didn't you?" :D
Chibi-Usa: :D "It was a good day!"
Usagi: "Pretty good, yeah. Met a girl who seems very nice, despite a complicated family life. Got to see Haruka and Mamoru grunt and posture at each other, which was strangely, er, exciting to me. Stopped a villain, saved a soul. Pretty good."
Chibi-Usa: "Usagi, are we going to pretend Hotaru's monster voice, Kaori's staring eyes, and your brooch's glowing never happened?"
Usagi: "No, but we are going to sleep on it and worry in private for a while."
Chibi-Usa: "'Kay!"


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Re: Episode #113: A House Full of Evil Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Ho

In case anyone's wondering, I trimmed the Transformation Counters because I was running up against the character limit.

I'm just gonna say it again: Mimette isn't just psycho, she's serial! She's totally doing the obsessive lust delusion thing, with trophies, favored targets, and a pattern m.o. She also fits the common psych profile of seeming clever at first but actually having a lot of trouble holding a normal job. Whether she's stalking and (trying to) murder guys she's attracted to, or whether she's being attracted to them because she's stalking them to murder them, she's really fucked up. In a few weeks, the cops will be taking pictures of the creepy photo shrine hidden in her locker, while Professor Tomoe tells Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film, "I'm shocked, officer, she always seemed so normal. But now that you mention it, there always was something a little off about her…"

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Re: Episode #113: A House Full of Evil Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Ho

Finally we get Hotaru's full name!

Her family name, Tomoe, is notable for being one of the speculated origins of the now-widespread (one might say overused) term moe. Patrick Gailbraith describes it thusly (with a bonus of tying in none other than Rei Ayanami to the phenomenon as well):

The threshold in the development of moe came with the breakdown of narratives and social frames and the rise of pleasure experience in the recessionary 1990s. Identity could no longer be sustained in eroding nakama groups at home, school and work (Yoda and Harootunian 2006), and youth began an accelerated process of building world and self through consumption and hobby activities (Azuma 2009). The origin myth of moe centers on the early 1990s in archetypes such as Sagisawa Moe (Kyouryuu Wakusei, 1993-1994) and Takatsu Moe (Taiyou ni Sumasshu!, 1993), the former a series for kids and the latter for girls (Morikawa 2008). The word became widespread as an abbreviation of Hotaru Tomoe from Sailor Moon S (1994-1995). All of these characters are young girls, and display a set of moe characteristics: large, pupil-less eyes, glossy skin, small (or no) breasts and an innocent or pure personality. Azuma posits that a turning point came with Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995-1996), an immensely popular TV anime produced by studio Gainax. Evangelion features a female character named Ayanami Rei, a synthesis of different character types: a clone of the protagonist's mother housing the soul of an otherworldly being in the body of an adolescent girl. The doll-like and semi-human Ayanami became the single most popular and influential character in the history of otaku anime; fans still isolate parts of the character to amplify and rearticulate in fan-produced works to inspire moe.


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Re: Episode #113: A House Full of Evil Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Ho

Finally we get Hotaru's full name!

Her family name, Tomoe, is notable for being one of the speculated origins of the now-widespread (one might say overused) term moe. Patrick Gailbraith describes it thusly (with a bonus of tying in none other than Rei Ayanami to the phenomenon as well):
I had not considered that, but I could well believe the derivation. After the first Hotaru episode, I was thinking, "This girl is even more ridiculously moé than Rei."

I mean, jeez! Sad lonely sick frail adorable girl with distinctive hairstyle and unique clothing sense. With dead mother, often-absent father, and an evil step-mother. And she just wants to be loved. Whenever she's on screen, I'm laughing my head off at how skillfully they handle it.

If she'd been tapped to drive EVA-01, no one would have complained except Asuka. (Hotaru: /cough cough. "Let me do it. Let me pilot the Eva.")
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