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[IWIW Sailor Moon] Thread 9: Well, you know… we all want to change the world.

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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 1

That's not fair. Compared to Madoka, almost nobody comes off looking well.

But I think you are right. Nanoha's style is not... symbolic enough to fit Sailor Moon. But many of the climatic battles in Sailor Moon would be enhanced by the visual style of Madoka. There are actually a lot of resemblences, especially in the first season where the villains tended to create their own pocket dimensions, complete with visual effects, to hold the battles in.
Yeah, Madoka has set the bar really fucking high on so very many levels, not just for Magical Girl shows but for TV in general.

And much as I love Nanoha, it's mecha-without-mecha style just... wouldn't really work for Sailor Moon. (yes, I know, the hypocrisy is thick with this one... when I started Journey it had been over half a decade since I'd seriously looked at anything Sailormoon and I was still trying to work out my 'respect the source material even if you hate it' policy - once I had that in hand, other than Maniac and Genma I tried to treat everyone I used with a fair and even hand. Either way, I wish like hell I'd actually checked out these threads before I started my stories; it would have made them so much better. I stand by the
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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 1

Please keep in mind that I wasn't asking for the style of battle, just bigger budgets, no stock footage, and more combat in motion, zap-on-the-run, whole team particpating stuff.


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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 1

It always looked to me like the Snow Dancers spread out far, far further than just Tokyo, or even Japan. I like to think that in New York, Spider-man had to fight a couple, and afterwards thought "Talk about a white Christmas! Well, whatever those things were, I just hope I've seen the last of them! * "

(* Spidey may have, but the Sailor Team sure hasn't! For the full story, turn to the pages of GIANT-SIZED SAILOR MOON #2, True Believers! - Editor)
Best post, or ultra best post?

Also, I would love a Chibimoon and the Spoiler Senshi sequel, set in Crystal Tokyo, with all the characters the same age as the Inners were in the original. Heck, you could just do it as a single 13-episode season.


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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 1

Please keep in mind that I wasn't asking for the style of battle, just bigger budgets, no stock footage, and more combat in motion, zap-on-the-run, whole team particpating stuff.
I'd be amused if the characters realized that their job is basically to just get in the bad guys' way until Sailor Moon's Dramatic Imperative bar maxes out and she can do her super attack.


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Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 1 of part 2

Some Days Later
Autumn at the Shrine means fallen leaves and sweet potatoes.

Ami: "NORAD and UNIT are in a panic over that last attack—"
Makoto: "One wonders why, since no one seemed to care they were frozen in magical ice."
Ami: "—but neither they nor I have been able to find any signs of 'new comets' or anything else with any Earthly or Lunarian scanners."
Rei: "Hmm. If it's something you can't detect, they must be cloaked really well…"
Makoto: "Or we drove them off… but we can't take that chance, can we?"
Ami: "I'd just like to say how much I appreciate your assuming I know what I'm talking about."
Makoto: "Well, gosh, we've known you and your skills for so long, it'd be awful bitchy of us to assume you were crazy or making stuff up without at least giving you a fair hearing."
Rei: "Especially since you've always been so careful in making observations, Ami! If you just said crazy things without proof and got angry when we asked for it, that'd be another thing entirely…"
Ami: "Yeah, I guess I'm just a worrywort. I'm pretty sure no one even in any way vaguely associated with our team has those problems."

Minako: /just arriving. "Talking about me?"
Ami: "Alas, no."
Rei: "Oh, hello, Usagi, late as always. ¡OH WAIT! It's Mina. ¡I couldn't tell! What with you being so late."
Minako: "I take my body doubling seriously."
Rei: "You must take lessons."
Makoto: "Well, Usagi did offer, but Mina showed up late."
Minako: "Actually, there was this really hot guy—"
Makoto: "ZOMG!"
Ami: "Arrgh."
Rei: "Endure."
Artemis: "Erm, I beg your pardon, but… where's Luna?"
Usagi: "Mffhshgrphm."
Minako: "Were you here all along?"
Usagi: /swallows.
Usagi: "Yes, but Chibi-Usa and I were eating sweet potatoes and didn't have any lines."
Usagi: "Sorry, Artemis, Luna said she had something to do today."
Ami: "Does it have something to do with the medical textbook she borrowed from me?"
Chibi-Usa: "Yeah! She keeps reading it, looking really worried, while eating sugar stars."
Minako: "I tripped over her near the Space Frontiers observatory the other day—you know, because my daily schedule sends me out that way so often—but I don't think she noticed me."
Rei: "The ribbon's not cursed, at least. I checked."
Ami: "Has her behavior changed at home?"
Usagi: "Yeah. She doesn't scold me any more."
Rei: "Maybe it is cursed, then."
Usagi: "Ha ha."
Makoto: "Maybe she's still sick."
Ami: "Maybe she's in… nahhhh. Couldn't be."

Tsukino Residence
Luna: /reads a medical textbook, looking really worried, while eating sugar stars.
Luna: "There's nothing in here at all about sicknesses caused by weird glowing crystals! Earth medical science is useless!"

Ming's Observatory
Luna: /paws glass door open.
Himeko: /suddenly appears. "Sorry, kitty, but Kakeru's in bed sick, and I'm afraid you'll get in the way today." /pushes Luna back outside.
Luna: "What am I, chopped liver?"
Luna: "You're just prejudiced against cats! You'd let me in if I was human!"
Luna: "Well, okay, maybe you wouldn't, but I could cross your path some day, and then you'd be sorry! Yeah!"
Luna: "Arrrrgh!"

Sunset in the Park
Usagi: "—so, anyway, we're all worried about Luna."
Mamoru: /reading course materials.
Usagi: "Pay attention to me."
Mamoru: "Mm."
Mamoru: "Mm."
Mamoru: "Maybe Luna just wants some free time to herself."
Usagi: "I can read the subtext! You think I'm a nuisance! You hate me!"
Mamoru: "What? No!"

Yeah, okay, we'll just fast-forward past this whole embarrassing dance they do.

Luna: /just happening by. "—just because I'm portable, everyone thinks they can just—" /notices the two lovebirds.
Mamoru: "—I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. Not like here."
Usagi: "Oh, Mamo-chan…" /leans close.
Luna: "…"
Usagi and Mamoru: ♥
Luna: "This is really not what I want to see right n— WHOA."
Usagi and Mamoru: ♥♥♥
Luna: "I, uh, wow! Wow."
Usagi and Mamoru: ♥♥♥♥♥
Luna: "…I wanna do that with my guy!" :(

Usagi's Bedroom, That Evening
Usagi: /brushes her hair while humming a rockin' Queen medley.
Luna: "That potpourri you just put on smells really nice."
Usagi: "Thank you!"
Luna: "So, uh… so."
Usagi: "So?"
Luna: "So… uh… so what do you usually… er… talk about with Mamoru?"
Usagi: "We haven't gone all the way yet."
Luna: "Daaaaaaaaaaah I wasn't asking okay maybe I was." :eek:
Usagi: :D "We talk about lots of stuff, whatever's on our minds. And then he falls asleep."
Luna: /dry. "How romantic."
Usagi: "No, really, it is! It shows he trusts me. And he looks so cute like that I just wanna SNUGGLE."
Luna: "…What's a human kiss like?"
Usagi: "Sweet and melting." /sighs.
Luna: /sighs.
Usagi: "What's a cat kiss like?"
Luna: "We don't really do it that way."
Usagi: "Aww, that's a shame!"
Luna: "…I know."

After Sleep
Luna: /checks to see that Usagi and Chibi-Usa are asleep.
Luna: /very carefully slinks off the bed.
Luna: /checks again to see that they're asleep.
Luna: /very quietly hops up on the dresser.
Luna: /checks again to see that they're still asleep.
Luna: /examines the potpourri container.
Luna: /figures that there's got to be some way to open it without opposable thumbs.
Luna: /fumbles around for a few minutes.
Luna: /trips.
Luna: /knocks over stack of cosmetics.
Luna: /falls to floor, scrambles to feet, runs around room for no reason, stops where she was before.
Luna: /Cat Sign: I Meant To Do That.
Luna: /gets hit on head as potpourri jar rolls off counter.
Luna: /…
Luna: /rolls around in potpourri.
Luna: /kind of shoves everything back where it was, figures Usagi won't notice.
Luna: /sneaks out of the house.
Luna: "And Usagi thinks I don't understand how she acts…"

Ming's Observatory
Kakeru: /is woken up from a nightmare of being crushed by a potpourri-scented black hole.
Luna: "Meow!"
Kakeru: "Good morning! I hoped you'd come back."
Luna: "Yay!"
Kakeru: "I wanted to talk to somebody about this."
Luna: "Is it how you've realized that the reason you've been unreasonably jealous of Hime is that she is achieving the dream you held since childhood of becoming an astronaut but were unable to pursue due to your poor physical health, and although you are intellectually aware that you are doing this, you are too emotionally close to the situation to keep from dumping your deep-seated feelings of inadequacy onto her in the form of resentment which is even now exposing the underlying trust issues in your relationship?"
Kakeru: "Why… yes! That's exactly it! Wow, we really understand each other! You're such a good friend."
Luna: /FRIEND ZONE. :(
Kakeru: "I wish I could go into space. I wish I could take you with me."
Kakeru: "Wait, you're talking again. Am I dreaming?"
Evil Glowing Crystal: /glows evilly.
Kakeru: /urk
Luna: !
Kakeru: /dizzily. "…I guess I'm just half-asleep. G'night again."
Kakeru: /sleeps.
Luna: "…"
Luna: /moves close.
Luna: /blushes.
Luna: /nervously…
Luna: /…kisses him on the lips.

Music Soars
Luna: sings…

Hikawa Shrine Study Session
Rei: "¡Está verdad! I saw Luna sneaking back into the house way after daybreak."
Makoto: "AWESOME! A late night rendezvous!"
Artemis: :(
Minako: /notices Artemis.
Ami: "Back up a second. What were you doing outside Usagi's place in the morning?"
Minako: "Er… we have no proof, of course, that Luna was doing anything of the kind—"
Rei: "Ribbon."
Makoto: "Dolled up with a ribbon, from a mysterious stranger. Kit-tay got luck-ay!"
Artemis: /leaves.
Minako: "…Jesus Christ, guys, Artemis was right here, ya know."
Makoto: "Oh. Oh, damn, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry."
Minako: "Apologize to him, not me!"
Usagi: "Wasn't thinking about what?"
Rei: /eyes roll out of skull.
Makoto: "You didn't know about Artemis and Luna?"
Ami: "Don't say you thought they were just friends?"
Usagi: "I did think they were just— I mean, sure, there's obviously tension there, but I thought they had some sort of 'we need to be professional so we shouldn't' conversation—"
Rei: /eyes roll out of the room and around the corner.
Minako: "That doesn't mean Arty's feelings have changed, though, does it?"
Usagi: "Oh. Oh. Well, THAT sucks."
Usagi: "I mean, I know I'd feel awfully bad if I couldn't have my Mamo—"
Usagi: "Hey! Don't shun me!"
Everybody else: /shuns Usagi.
Usagi: "Hey!"
Minako: "Did you hear anyone talking about a successful relationship right now?"
Rei: "Nope."
Makoto: "I wish I could have a dazzling romance."
Ami: "No time for it, what with entrance exams—"
Makoto: /shuns Ami.
Ami: /attempts reroll. "—and I feel awful about that, because I wish I could too."
Makoto: "…I wonder where Sempai is right now?"
Makoto: "OW!"
Makoto: "Ha! She dishes it out, but she can't take it!"
Ami: "WhyIoughtta—" :D
Everybody else: /shuns Ami and Makoto.
Ami and Makoto: "Hey!"
Rei: "Just us lonely ones in this big empty room."
Minako: "Yeah. Wait a minute, what are you doing here, Rei? What happened to what's-his-name?"
Rei: "Er… well…"
Minako: /shuns Rei.
Rei: "Don't leave meeeee…"
Usagi: "And thus does the power of love bring friends together." :p

Le Café Swank
Because properly iced coffee is a necessity for autumn crimefighting.

Michiru: "It's quiet."
Haruka: "Too quiet."


Michiru: "I don't think this is working."
Haruka: "I have a bad feeling about this."


Haruka: "What could go wrong?!"
Michiru: "There has got to be a better way to find out if those abominable snow women are coming back or not."
Haruka: "Yeah, but I can't sense anything out there. Can you?"
Michiru: "No."
Sailor Pluto: "It is as if time has stopped."


Michiru: "…Is that your professional opinion, or are you just being metaphorical?"
Haruka: "Because if time actually has stopped, that's rather creepsome."
Michiru: "Well, not necessarily."
Haruka: "How so?"
Sailor Pluto: /sips coffee.
Michiru: "Well, if we're out of normal continuity, then we can do anything we want, because the time doesn't count."
Haruka: "…That sounds liberating. Is there anything you've been wanting to do?"
Michiru: "I can think of a few things. ;) What about you?"
Haruka: "Hmm…"

Meanwhile, If "Meanwhile" Means Anything Outside of a Time Bubble That May or May Not Exist
Yuki-Onna: "The Sailor Soldiers can just stay in that illusion for now; I'll just freeze the rest of the planet now, and save them for last!"
Yuki-Onna: /seeds the seas with Ice-9, which sinks to the bottom and begins to grow…

The Following Moment Seems To Last Forever To Those Involved
Luna: /steps out of the house, all dressed up, humming selections from "Carmen", and, dare I say it, sashaying.
Artemis: /just passing by—
Artemis: /okay, no, he wasn't just passing by, and we all know it, he admits it, fine.
Luna: "…"
Artemis: "…"


Artemis: "Er… if there's anything you'd like to talk ab—"
Luna: "Sorry, I'm late for a, uh, that is, I'm in a hurry." /leaves quickly.
Artemis: /feels like a stalker bastard.
Luna: /feels like a heartcrushing bitch.
Usagi: /saw this.

Ming's Observatory
Usagi followed Luna to this place, but hesitates at the door.

Usagi: "…Do I? Or don't I?"
Usagi: "I know! I'll do what the most responsible of my friends would do."
Usagi: "Ami would totally look."
Usagi: /looks in the window.

Usagi is shocked to see Luna in bed with a strange man! Well, okay, ON the bed. Actually, it's not that shocking. Then some lady comes into the room.

Hime: "I'm leaving today."
Kakeru: "I wish you success."
Hime: "Thank you."
Kakeru: "You're welcome."
Hime: "After I come back… I'll be able to be at your side forever—"
Kakeru: "Don't joke. We live in different worlds! We think nothing alike! You think of the Moon as only some object that floats in space!"
Hime: "Is that the only thing that matters to you, to us? After everything—"
Kakeru: "I'm sure you'll find someone you'll be very happy with."
Hime: "Kakeru, please—"
Kakeru: "ARRRGH! GO!"
Hime: /leaves in tears!
Kakeru: /breaks down in tears!
Luna: /is feeling pretty bad, too.
Usagi: /feels a little like crying herself.

Usagi: "…"
Luna: "…"
Usagi: "…Him?"
Luna: "That blockhead! It's obvious he still loves her, he's been trying to hide his illness from her, but he keeps pushing her away, and— and— and—"
Usagi: /listens.
Luna: "I know I'm a cat and he's a human and he's engaged to someone else but I really felt we had a connection, and I just wanted to be able to be at his side and help him and I feel like such an idiot but I still love him and—"
Usagi: /hugs.
Luna: /cries.
Usagi: /understands.


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Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 2

A Snow Dancer appears and peers in the window.

Snow Dancer: ! :)
Usagi and Luna: "…Frell!"

The Snow Dancer flits off into the sky. A moment later, the Evil Glowing Crystal begins to glow evilly…

ENTER Yuki-Onna, dramatically, in a swirling ice storm!

Kakeru: ?!
Yuki-Onna: /picks up the EGC.
Yuki-Onna: ?
Yuki-Onna: "Oh, I see. It multiplied in power by draining your life energy. How convenient! This will save a lot of time."

(Luna: "Aha! It was a SPACE crystal! No wonder I couldn't figure it out!"
Usagi: "What made you think there were crystals like that on Earth? Why didn't you mention it to us?"
Luna: "The science stuff is Arty's field, dammit! And I don't know! Open this window, quick!"
Usagi: "It's frozen stuck!")

Kakeru: "So Comet Princess Snow Kaguya… was you?"
Yuki-Onna: "What an enchantingly over-the-top name, my dear! Thank you! And yes, even now, a part of myself approaches this lovely Earth. Soon, you, too, will become a part of my collection! It must be destiny, hm? Such a strong heart…"
Kakeru: "I'm the Lovecraftian character who discovers that the truth isn't as fun as I'd hoped, aren't I?"
Yuki-Onna: "Ta-ta for now!"
Kakeru: /passes out.

EXIT Yuki-Onna, quietly.

Usagi: "Okay, we're in!"
Luna: "He's still sick! The energy won't return as long as that crystal exists—"
Usagi: "Don't worry, Luna. We're on the case!"

Far Out Over the Ocean
The Yuki-Onna casts the EGC into the waters with a ceremonious gesture. It sinks swiftly toward the mass of Ice-9 below, and upon contact, immediately catalyzes a swift reaction. The ice grows with exponential speed…

Kakeru: /screams.

Hikawa Shrine
Artemis: "I REMEMBER NOW!"
Everyone Else: "Remember what?"
Artemis: "An old text from the Celaeno Archives! Let me see… yes…"
Artemis: "'And in this year it came to pass that an evil star came out, and entered between the EARTH and the MOON, and sewed crystals upon the green EARTH as seeds. From these seeds grew ice, and night, and the land and the waters became silent as death, and it was cold. But by Her mercy, the power of love and friendship, THE SILVER CRYSTAL POWER, did bring forth a light which dissolved the darkness and cast the evil star into the farthest expanse. In this way was Earth restored.'"
Rei: "Sounds familiar."
Minako: "I feel like an idiot for asking this, but what is the 'Silver Crystal Power of love and friendship'?"
Ami: "What do you mean? Usagi's already used it twice."
Minako: "I know, I know! I mean, she doesn't know a spell that makes light and shoves stars, does she?"
Ami: "I expect like a lot of these things, she'll figure it out when we need it."
Makoto: "Shall we go get ready, then?"

Space Frontiers Industries HQ, Ad Astra Per Big Bucks
Usagi shows up right as they're sending Hime off before her flight.

Usagi: "Excuse me! Excuse me!"
Luna: "Meow!"
Hime: "Aha! The owner of the cat."
Usagi: "Ahem, um, Sailor Moon asked me to ask you to delay the Lunar Frontier Project for a few days. See, there's a comet from deep space that's haunted by a yuki-onna who's freezing the Earth and it's dangerous to travel into space until the Sailor Scouts harness the mysterious life energy of the Moon to stop her."
Hime: "…"
Usagi: "Naturally, I can't offer any material evidence, but I have a nice smile?"
Hime: "…I guess Kakeru finally found himself a fellow believer." /climbs into the limo.
Usagi: "Jeez! He's like twice my age!"
Hime: "AHA! So you DO know him! Driver, I'm ready now."
Usagi: "It's not like thatandyoureallyshouldbecare… ful." /watches car drive off.

Hime: "Please hurry, driver. I want to reach the airport before they ground the flights."
Driver: "Yeah, I heard about that. Something about blizzards and ice storms all over the world, messing with air traffic? Must be a full moon."
Hime: "DON'T MENTION THE MOON. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation."

Ming's Observatory
Usagi: "Okay, I think I've shovelled the last of the ice out of his room, and I dried out the sheets for you. Is he still unconscious?"
Luna: "Maybe if he could meet Kaguya-hime in his dreams, he could become strong enough to drive out the Yuki-Onna! If I was a human girl, I could go into his dream, and— Hey, you can do powerful magic, right?"
Usagi: "Luna… I know how you feel, believe me, but that plan is crazy even for me."
Luna: "Arrrgh! WHY COULDN'T I BE HUMAN?!"
Usagi: "…Or why couldn't he be a cat?"
Luna: "That'd be even better! But still! My point! Arrrgh!" /sobs a bit.

They Walk Home
The streets are strangely cold and empty, but the TV news is still broadcasting.

TV News: "—although the government is having difficulty maintaining contact with anyone outside of Japan, they insist that the situation is under control, and should clear up shortly. Now here's footage of the massive blizzards currently sweeply the savannahs of Africa…"
Usagi: "So, apparently, it's the End of the World."
Luna: "Well, I'm in the right mood for it."
Usagi: /comforting squeeze. "Don't be like that! Things will get better!"
Luna: "I know, I know."

Gizmophone rings!

Ami (via gizmophone): "I, AMI MIZUNO, HAVE FOUND THE ENEMY BASE!"
Usagi: "Good work! Transform and roll out!"
Luna: "Yeah! Get that monster!"

Somewhere in the Pacific
Or rather ON the Pacific now, because it and most of the rest of the world's bodies of water have entirely frozen over, bottom to surface. The wave of cold accelerates and washes over Japan, freezing people in mid-stride, snuffing out all light and breath. Only that part Tokyo within sight of Tokyo Tower clings to activity, pelted hard by what could be the Earth's last blizzards. Soon, even the atmosphere will begin to precipitate out.


…but Sailor Scouts can endure the cold of deepest space.

ENTER Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, heralded by rose petals!

Yuki-Onna: /freezes the rose petals, too.
Michiru: "Grace!"
Haruka: "Elegance!"
Sailor Pluto: "Time. Cease your actions immediately and withdraw. This is your only warning."
Yuki-Onna: "Too late, defenders of Earth. I've already stopped, because it's already finished. But you may amuse me before you freeze! FLY MY MONKEYS, FLY!"

69,105 Snow Dancers attack!
Michiru dodges!
Haruka dodges!
Sailor Pluto dodges!

Michiru unfreezes a portion of the ocean and hurls it toward the closest flock of demon snowflakes, pulverizing them with relentless force.

68,105 Snow Dancers attack!
Michiru dodges!
Haruka dodges!
Sailor Pluto dodges!

Haruka unleashes the instabilities caused in the Earth's crust by the masses of ice, rending the hordes with powerful upthrusts of ice and stone.

67,105 Snow Dancers attack!
Michiru dodges!
Haruka dodges!
Sailor Pluto dodges!

Sailor Pluto advances the passage of time for her opponents to the inevitable end, dissolving them as all things shall and must.

66,104 Snow Dancers attack!

Yuki-Onna: /waves her hand.

69,105 Snow Dancers attack!

Haruka: "Hax!"
Michiru: "Is this one of those boss fights we're supposed to lose?"
Sailor Pluto: "No."

ENTER Sailors Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.



Rei conjures the raw elemental fire, fierce enough to burn and melt even this twisted form of ice.

68,105 Snow Dancers attack!

Yuki-Onna: /laughs.
Rei: "…Frell."

Michiru dodges!
Haruka dodges!
Sailor Pluto dodges!
Rei dodges!
Ami dodges!
Minako dodges!
Makoto dodges!

Ami spins the ice around her into dazzling streams of ice water, directed at precisely the correct angle to shatter her targets.

Minako lashes out with her chain left and right, the links flickering in the gloom like golden stars, the striking weight moving quick as light.

Makoto brings down the lightning.

Thousands of Snow Dancers are reduced to spinning motes of ice.

Yuki-Onna: /waves her hand.

69,105 Snow Dancers attack!

All the Sailors: "ARRRRGH!"

Ming's Observatory
Since Usagi is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, Luna feels she ought to see to Kakeru. But she's horrified to see that the door is open! In his delirium, the man has wandered off into the storm. Luna hurries to follow his footprints before the blowing snow covers them.

She does not notice that another cat is following her…

Somewhere, Down the Street, Who Can Tell In This Storm?
Kakeru: "Hime… must… find… Hime… someone… tell her…" /passes out.

The Battle Continues!
The Sailors stand back-to-back. They shoot into the crowd until their powers are exhausted. Then they fight hand-to-hand. Eventually, raw numbers overcome them.

Mars and Neptune, taking deliberate aim, are the last to lose their energy. Snow Dancers hurl themselves at top speed into the Sailors, until the two women are thrown down. Uranus and Venus try for a mobile defense, running together for high ground. They are grabbed, dragged, and dashed against a wall of ice until they leave craters. Mercury is singled out, picked up and flung. Jupiter crushes one dancer with every punch, until they pull her to the ground. There are four Dancers to capture each of Pluto's arms and legs, and the Key falls.

Yuki-Onna: "There were more of you than I expected, but that's fine. Is that everyone?"

ENTER Sailor Moon, dramatically!

Yuki-Onna: "And you are?"
Usagi: "Sailor Moon, champion of love and justice!"
Yuki-Onna: "Beautiful! Simply beautiful! I had no idea such people were on this planet. This will be a marvellous part of my collection."
Usagi: "I'm sorry, but we have no intention of becoming one of your accessories!"
Yuki-Onna: "You shall sleep forever in my ice that never melts! Without any worries, a calm and quiet world—"
Usagi: /speechifyin'! "I decline! We fall in love, our hearts may break, there are times our—"
Yuki-Onna: /holds up palm. "I think you misunderstood me. I don't believe in getting frozen myself, I just want to freeze you and not have to go to a lot of bother to do it. The idea was to make you think that it would be a good idea."
Usagi: "Oh… well… I don't!"
Yuki-Onna: "I can see that now. Sorry for the confusion."
Usagi: "Oh, that's all right, I—"

Yuki-Onna casts freezing temperatures at Usagi!
Usagi dodges!

Usagi: /prepares the Grail.
Yuki-Onna: "Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good."

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 17
    • Crisis Mode Sailor Moon: 7
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise: 9
  • Ami into:
    • Sailor Mercury: 15
    • Second Stage Sailor Mercury: 16
  • Rei into:
    • Sailor Mars: 13
    • Second Stage Sailor Mars: 16
  • Makoto into:
    • Sailor Jupiter: 8
    • Second Stage Sailor Jupiter: 16
  • Minako into:
    • Sailor Venus: 7
    • Second Stage Sailor Venus: 19
  • Haruka into:
    • Sailor Uranus: 7
  • Michiru into:
    • Sailor Neptune: 7
  • Setsuna into:
    • Sailor Pluto: 3
  • Mamoru into:
    • Tuxedo Mask: 2
    • Second Stage Tuxedo Mask: 1
  • Chibi-Usa into:
    • Sailor Chibi-Moon: 5
  • Luna-P into something-or-other: 10

Yuki-Onna: "Darn, I guess I'll have to use full power after all. And in this summer heat, too…"

Yuki-Onna uses Absolute Zero-Point Energy!
Usagi casts concentrated love at Yuki-Onna!
Yuki-Onna is totally chill to Usagi!
CONTEST OF POWERS! Press (X) repeatedly!
…Yuki-Onna wins!
Usagi is hit!
Usagi is hurt badly!
Usagi loses consciousness!

Luna: "Kakeru!"
Kakeru: /delirious. "Hime…?"
That Word To Luna's Heart:

Luna: /will be strong, though.

It Was Only A Momentary Black-Out
Usagi: /regains consciousness. "B'wuh…? Come on… I'll fight all six of you…"
Yuki-Onna: /is resting in the shade with a cool drink. "Shall we finish this?"
Usagi: "Yes!"
Usagi: /opens up the Silver Crystal.
Minako: "No, Super Sailor M—!"
Minako: "Seriously, 'Super Sailor Moon'? Huh."
Minako: "No, Super Sailor Moon!"
Usagi: /is trying to concentrate. "I know!"
Minako: "I am contractually obligated to remind you that the power of the Silver Crystal will kill you!"
Usagi: "One, hasn't yet. Two, gonna happen anyway. Three, don't you always tell me that user manuals are 'just guidelines'?"
Minako: "Well, yeah, but the other two times you got around the restriction because other people who didn't want you to die protected you with their love—"
Haruka: /stands up. "WELL THEN WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?! I won't let her die!"
Rei: "Get in a circle, people!"

Everybody staggers into sort of a circle around Sailor Moon and holds hands.

Yuki-Onna: "I really should just kill you all now, but I'm dying to see what you come up with."
Yuki-Onna: "But don't make it easy for them, my Snow Dancers!"

ENTER Tuxedo Mask, quietly, armed with portable Apprentice Sailor.

Usagi: "Couldn't you get a sitter?"
Mamoru: "Sitter was frozen."
Chibi-Usa: /waves.
Mamoru: /places Chibi-Usa in the circle and assumes a defensive position.

Tuxedo Mask fights a bunch of Snow Dancers, but at this point, do we really care? ON THE WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS!


All the Sailors' uniforms glow white, all colors combined into a single mighty pillar of light. Stronger than Sailor Planet Power, stronger than Grail glow, stronger than the Sun.

Mamoru: /is impressed.
Yuki-Onna: /tries to call upon Absolute Zero-Point Power again.
Yuki-Onna: "…No, it can't be! The same light from before?! But I've spent millennia convincing myself it was just a fluke! No!"
Usagi: /looks upon her sternly.
Usagi: /relaxes, and casts her mind upon the Earth about them.
Usagi: "The warm stars of the heavens endlessly spin new life and new dreams. Can you not hear the breaths of those lives? We creatures on this little Earth have been given lives, and though they may be insignificant on the grand scale, they are still lives, and we shall nurture and protect them…"
Yuki-Onna: "I said I didn't care!"
Usagi: /sympathetically. "I just didn't want you to think we were doing this for no good reason."
Yuki-Onna: "Nooooooooooo—"
Usagi: /adds more power.

By drawing upon the entire life energy of the planet Earth, the Sailors turn the power of the spell up to truly blinding levels that go beyond mere words. They focus the entire beam upon the ice demon. She screams, shatters, and melts, and she and all her creations are sucked up into the rift of light and fired in a stream of pure ions deep into space. The Earth begins to thaw.

Just Before the Spell Ends…
Rei: "You just did something. ¿What are you doing?"
Usagi: "Tapping a little of this energy for a friend shouldn't hurt."

Out on the Street, Kakeru and Luna
Luna is at first surprised to find herself surrounded by a halo of moonlight that lifts her into the air and penetrates ever fiber of her body. Then she realizes what's going on and relaxes into it.

Luna is transformed into a Lunarian woman, with flowing black hair worn in quad-buns, and a golden dress with the royal blazon. She is surrounded and upheld by stardust. But her eyes are the same.

Kakeru: /woke up during the transformation. "Whoa. Who are—?"
Luna: "Kaguya-hime." :)

I Can Show You The World…
Shining, shimmering, splendid, "Kaguya-hime" and Kakeru fly hand in hand, high into the sky, around the world, toward the sunrise, between the Earth and the Moon, to see it all from space. Somewhere in the flight, Kakeru notices "Kaguya-hime"'s crescent moon caste mark, and figures it out. Luna smiles.

Luna: "You must live! When your true Kaguya lands on Earth once more, you must be there to greet her!"
Kakeru: "My true Kaguya…"
Kakeru: /consciously realizes for the first time why he started dating a girl named Hime.
Luna: "You must live for those that love you!" /smiles through tears.
Kakeru: "My dream came true. Thank you, Lu—"
Luna: /finger to his lips. "I can't stay by your side. But I love you, my spaceman."

They kiss… fade to black.

Space Shuttle Endeavour, Near Earth Orbit
[At this time, EVA was conducted to repair a fault in the LFP solar power array, discovered during deployment of the primary panel arm]

Pilot Duffy: How's it going, Himeko?
IMS Nayotake: It is going well, Brian. I think I have found the fault in the solar arm.
Pilot Duffy: Roger that.
IMS Nayotake: Has there been any word from Mission Control yet?
Pilot Duffy: Negative. Sorry.
PLC Low: [muffled]
IMS Nayotake: What was that?
PLC Low: I said we haven't picked up any [expletive deleted] signals at all in the past two hours!
Cmdr Grabe: Easy, people. This sort of thing has happened before. Stay focused.
PLC Low: Yeah.
MS Voss: What do you think is happening down there?
Pilot Duffy: I don't know, but it looks pretty cold.
IMS Nayotake: [untranslated]
Pilot Duffy: Say again, Hime?
IMS Nayotake: I just saw something pass at high speed, coming from the Earth and heading toward the Moon. It… uh… It looked like a golden space princess.
PLC Low: You're kidding.
IMS Nayotake: I think she waved at me.
MS Voss: I saw it too. We'll have to check the playback when you get back.
IMS Nayotake: Wow.
Pilot Duffy: We are now receiving some terrestrial radio signals again! Kennedy, do you copy?
Cmdr Grabe: I told you someone would handle it.
PLC Low: Oh, come on, Ron.
Pilot Duffy: Endeavour to Houston, do you copy?
IMS Nayotake: I think I owe my boyfriend an apology.

And Then He Wakes Up
Kakeru wakes up at home. All is quiet… but he hears distant traffic noises, a helicopter overhead, sees city lights. It's like a dream has passed.

Meanwhile, Out in the Pacific
Usagi: /sinks to her knees. "…urrrrrgh…"
Minako: "She's not quite dead!"
Usagi: /groggily. "…kill V before she quotes the rest…"
Rei: "As you wish."
Ami: "Hmmm. I had suspected that the Silver Crystal was all along not to be used lightly, but this suggests that it was intended to be used only by consensus of the ruling classes…"
Makoto: "Why aren't we sinking into the sea right now?"
Ami: "Ice powers."
Makoto: "Thank you."

Haruka: "Is time restored yet?"
Sailor Pluto: ?
Haruka: "Time. You said time had stopped."
Sailor Pluto: "I did not."
Michiru: "You implied it."
Sailor Pluto: "No, you inferred it. And then spoke about what things you secretly wish you could do, if only you were out of continuity."
Haruka: "We weren't out of continuity?"
Sailor Pluto: "No."
Michiru: "Oh!"
Haruka: "Um."
Michiru: /starts to laugh…
Sailor Pluto: "If you were, I would have said so. You know that."
Haruka: "Yes, but— Why didn't you stop me, Pluto?!"
Sailor Pluto: "Why would I stop you from being heroic? It was touching and laudatory."
Michiru: "The protection of love! 'I won't let her die!'" :D
Haruka: "Urrrrrgh."
Mamoru: "Yes, about that, I wanted to ask—"
Minako: "We already have one tsundere on the team, you really should just admit you're cool with us so you can have your own niche."
Haruka: /grabs Michiru and exits stage left, even.
Michiru: /waves goodbye on the way out.

Upon Astronaut Hime's Return
News Reporters: "Can you sum up your entire experience in one word?"
Hime: "Princess Kaguya lives on the Moon."
News Reporters: "That's six words."
Kakeru: /with flowers. "Darling!"
Hime: "My love!"
Kakeru and Hime: ♥
Usagi and Luna: /saw this.
Luna: "…Okay, do it."
Usagi: /tosses Hime a package of sugar stars.
Mamoru: "Ready to go?"
Usagi: "Yep."
Luna: "Yeah. Thank you, Usagi."
Usagi: "You're welcome."
Luna: "You are a hopeless romantic."
Mamoru: "That makes three of us, then."
Usagi: "Four." /points at the door.
Artemis: /waiting at the door. "…"
Luna: "…"
Artemis: "…"
Luna: "…Oh, Arty! I've been such a fool!" /runs to him.
Artemis: /can't believe his good fortune. "Oh, Luna…"
Luna and Artemis: ♥

Mamoru: "So what lesson did we learn from this story? That relationship problems go away if you just adopt your partner's religion?"
Makoto: "That one should only seek love within one's own race or caste?"
Ami: "Maybe it's something about nice guys getting the girl if they wait long enough for the girl to settle?"
Minako: "Artemis wasn't just waiting around, though. He and Luna were always fairly honest with each other."
Ami: "Well, there you go, then!"
Minako: "Maybe the lesson is it's okay to be a crank if you're accidentally proved sort of right in the end?"
Rei: "Maybe the lesson is if somebody shoots you when you try to invade their home, you shouldn't be surprised if they do it again when you try again?"
Minako: "People who make ice houses shouldn't throw snowballs!"
Usagi: "I'm sorry, was I supposed to learn anything? I wasn't paying attention what with all the soap opera and laser battles."
Makoto: "You must have learned something."
Ami: "We learned how to game the conditions of a magic spell. That's fairly useful."
Usagi: "I know! I learned that if the Outer Senshi deal with space weirdos like that all the time, we don't pay them enough."
Rei: "¡Well, considering what we keep going through, they're not doing a very good job!" :p
Usagi: "In that case I learned that… um… I learned… There's weird stuff in space."
Mamoru: "I guess that about sums it up."

Peter Svensson

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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 2

Princess Snow Kaguya is ridiculously powerful, if she can withstand the collective force of the Silver Crystal, the Grail, and the entire Sailor Team. It took THROWING THE PLANET at her to successfully defeat her.

Also, that was one really fast shuttle launch.


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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 2

Princess Snow Kaguya is ridiculously powerful, if she can withstand the collective force of the Silver Crystal, the Grail, and the entire Sailor Team. It took THROWING THE PLANET at her to successfully defeat her.
And even then it only forced her to retreat! Contrast with Queen Metallia, who's apparently going to be bound inside the sun indefinitely unless someone goes through as much trouble as Beryl did to free her.


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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 2

Do I go with the Superman joke or the DBZ joke? Hmm... oh heck with it, too many people throw around DBZ jokes about power levels anyway.
Minako: "No, Super Sailor M—!"
Minako: "Seriously, 'Super Sailor Moon'? Huh."
Minako: "No, Super Sailor Moon!"
Yes, Super Sailor Moon, strange visitor from another time and place. Who, disguised as crazy-mannered Usagi Tsukino, fights a never ending battle for Love, Justice, and the Silver Millennial Way!


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Re: Sailor Moon S The Movie, part 2 of part 2

Well, that was the Sailor Moon S movie. It has its good moments, but plot and character-wise I think it's pretty hit-and-miss.

Kakeru really does come across as deluded and/or very, very bad at communication, which makes it hard to get on his side. If he's going to be crazy, he should at least have the decency to put on creepy glyph-inscribed glasses and laugh maniacally in the dark, and make it entertaining.

Luna being in center stage has potential, but it's strange that we know so little about where she's coming from. Are she and Artemis the two lonely survivors of their race, which died with the Silver Millennium? Are they the only two intelligent cats to begin with, enchanted by magic, meaning she's always been surrounded by non-romantically-available people (and Artemis)? And how old is she supposed to be, anyway?

Finally, the two plots seem parallel, but rather unconnected. Princess Snow Kaguya drains some life from Kakeru, but you could remove that plot element and it wouldn't really change anything about Kakeru and Himeko's relationship and reconciliation, Luna's crush and acceptance, or Princess Snow Kaguya's assault and destruction.

Not terrible, I guess, but it's kind of a letdown after the relatively main-character-driven R Movie, which kept a relatively tight focus and still found time for a round of touching flashback character moments.

Do I go with the Superman joke or the DBZ joke? Hmm... oh heck with it, too many people throw around DBZ jokes about power levels anyway.
On the other hand, apparently she just used the Spirit Bomb?

Princess Snow Kaguya is ridiculously powerful, if she can withstand the collective force of the Silver Crystal, the Grail, and the entire Sailor Team. It took THROWING THE PLANET at her to successfully defeat her.
But at least Sailor Moon didn't die this time! So they must have had at least a little power to spare. ;)
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