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[IWIW] Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon Thread 13: The Magic Horse Ate Our Fancy Title


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Re: FanFic Recs from Futures--er, from Pasts Past.

I haven't seen any Inuyasha in over a decade, and I still remember quite a lot about it. Just that alone is enough for me to consider it one of the greats, regardless of how it ended up.

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Re: Sailor Moon Super StarS #142: Mansion of Secrets! The Menu of Love to You

One Day At Work
The supermarket.

/is a grocery clerk.
And now I'm imagining a short fanfic in which the Monster of the Week in charge of the Store of Doom gets so fed up with their awful customers that it snaps and activates the soul-sucking gimmick prematurely JUST TO SHUT THEM UP.

It's laughing amidst the unconscious bodies when Sailor Moon & co show up.

And I'm always delighted by the wealth of complicated nuance that language can convey. In Japanese specifically, it's fascinating to me that with the combination of honorifics and personal pronouns, a speaker essentially restates what they believe the social relationship between them and the listener to be with every sentence.

Tricky as hell to translate into English, though.
I've said it before, but one problem with trying to learn Japanese from anime is that with all the gender-specific words and politeness levels, you'll end up sounding like a 14-year-old schoolgirl who moonlights as a Yakuza legbreaker.
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Re: FanFic Recs from Futures--er, from Pasts Past.

Not to diminish the point, though. There have absolutely been some pretty intense shoujo manga out there, along with some pretty dramatic ones, some pretty horrifying ones, some incredibly intelligent ones, etc, etc. People thinking they'll all be light and fluffy are really underestimating girls.
Apparently, Vampire Princess Miyu and X/1999 are considered shoujo, and as I remember X has BLOOD. EVERYWHERE.

So, yeah. Shoujo can be HARDCORE.
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Spoiler: Show

This assumes that all the things which are obviously magic in the show are actually incredibly advanced technology, and tries to make all the holes in that work within the rules of Sufficiently Advanced.

The Old Moon Kingdom

Default Neuroform: Baseline Static
Group minds are rare, despite the Connection core value, because their version of Connection focuses on appreciating the individual

Core Values: Amaranth, Connection.
The Moon Kingdom sought to build bridges between disparate peoples on both a cultural and personal level,valuing everyone for their individual qualities (and even flaws). This also led them to a policy of reconciliation with their former enemies whenever possible.Additionally they share the Amaranth core value with the Builders of the Great Beyond while differing in it's interpretation. The Moon Kingdom focused on the idea of rebirth, renewal, and reincarnation rather than emphasizing a continuous unfading existence. This led to the practice of Reincarnation (see Below)

Advantage: Like the Builders of the Great Beyond, the Moon Kingdom practiced a form of immortality through conversion to digital intelligence on death. This functions as the Builder's advantage. However, their differing interpretation of Amaranth usually led them to reincarnate themselves in physical bodies when possible rather than existing in a digital afterlife.

Biotech 4- Their soldiers, the guardian senshi, demonstrate incredible physical abilities. Meanwhile, virtually every citizen has physical immortality and biotech 3.
Cognitech 3- Enhanced intelligence is possible, but not particularly extreme.
Metatech 5- While shunning weaponized metatech on principal (as the Connection core value views it as a perversion), great social understanding and the ability to understand another were the hallmarks of the Moon Kingdom
Nanotech 3- Powerful sensor systems, but without a strong focus on fabrication or nanophages.
Stringtech 5-Though only the greatest and most loyal in their civilization were granted this capability. The Moon Kingdom understood the folly of allowing it's citizens to be walking nuclear bombs.
Chronotech 2- An emerging technology when the kingdom fell. They have precognition in the form of prophetic dreams, but they are vague and long term. People with more advanced versions, such as Mars and Ryo the Psychic Lad, can cheat at games of chance.

The Modern World (at least those who are aware of the Old Moon Kingdom) are a Cargo Cult that does not understand the technology that has come to define their lives. They consider it magic. Even Artemis and Luna, who know better, don't actually know how it worked: they weren't engineers. And the technology really IS sufficiently advanced: calling it magic is as true as anything else. By the time of Crystal Tokyo, the technological basis of their powers has been rediscovered and applied on a civilization level.

It wouldn't be unfair to say that the modern world is the 'Post Apocalypse' after Saturn burned most of the solar system to defeat Metallia.

So, some notable features:

The Moon Cats:
Cats uplifted with Cognitech and given Immortality, fairly straightforward. A common type of citizen in the past and future Moon Kingdom.

A part of the Old Moon Kingdom culture, stemming from their core value of Amaranth. On physical death, and occasionally voluntarily, the now-digital lunar citizen would be installed in a newborn child's body. Their core personality would remain but their memories would remain suppressed for decades, perhaps even centuries. On certain triggering conditions being met, their past memories would begin being gently reintegrated. It was thought that this tradition prevented personalities from becoming calcified, and that the fresh perspective of a new lifetime untroubled by your past was a boon.

This tradition ultimately saved the lives of the Princess and Guardian Senshi when they were killed in Metallia's attack. In her dying moments, Queen Serenity was able to preserve the minds of her dead citizens. Using powerful Nanotech and Biotech, she was also able to arrange for them to be cloned in the future (after the fallout had settled) with nanotech slowly reconstructing their tech capabilities as they grew.

The Silver Crystal:

The Silver Crystal is a powerful tool created by the Moon Kingdom. While they did not have the infrastructure to support all technologies at a high level, individual artifacts of a higher capability were possible. In this case, the Silver Crystal is an immensely powerful Stringtech energy source and spatial manipulator. As part of the Royal Regalia it includes the irreplaceable Quantum Keys to certain other artifacts (such as the Door of Time). Finally, the Silver Key includes a Cognitech 3 processor that allows it's proper use. Usagi taps into this function instinctively on occasion, but has not learned to take full advantage of it.

A digital intelligence that destroyed the Moon Kingdom in the past but was critically incapacitated itself. During Season 1 it is slowly recovering. Metallia is protected from temporal attack via a Stringtech 6 Silent Domain Wall. The catastrophic collapse of this domain wall during her fight with Sailor Moon destroyed her at the point of it's activation.

Mind Control and Life Drain:
Metallia has had it's computer systems critically damaged. Worse, it is stranded on a planet without the infrastructure to build more: cost effective computers of that sort require exotic matter to fabricate, and that in turn would require building Loud transmuters that would be easily tracked down. And so instead, Metallia Mesh-hacks baseline humans en-masse to steal the processing power. The effects of this are exhaustion and eventual unconsciousness (Decrease severity of the complication one step to give a disadvantage while gaining an advantage)
Of course, doing this in the modern world requires Meshes to be installed in the first place. Luckily, Metallia had developed a nanophage that will install a Silent mesh: just enough to allow the brain to be hacked, without giving any benefits.

By the end of Season 1, large sections of the Earth's population (including all of Juban) have had Meshes secretly installed that will allow them to be hacked. This makes the villains plots for the rest of the show much easier, since they can use Metallia's old work.

Dreams and Dreamworlds:

Essentially, the remains of the Moon Kingdom's internet. A version of Queen Serenity survives as a digital intelligence in the protected, self repairing computer archives on the moon.

The Restoration of the Moon Palace:
Self repair nanites and replicators, given energy again by the return of the Silver Crystal.

The Year that Never Was:

A trick using the power of the Silver Crystal, the Sailor's chronotech, and the Door of Time with the hidden help of Pluto. The bandwidth afforded by a physical time machine allowed the otherwise impossible feat of sending six entire digital minds back in time to the beginning of the year. Metallia, however, was no longer present: the collapse of the Domain Wall protecting her from Temporal Attack erased her recovery from spacetime.

The Door of Time:
A physical Time Machine, which has the odd advantage of being absurdly old. Since it exists continuously from the Old Moon Kingdom to Crystal Tokyo, travel along the entire span is possible. Sailor Pluto is the dedicated Guardian of this time machine, which is critical since it holds access to all of human history.

Metallia's absence from the rebooted timeline, and the continued existence of her mesh phage nanites, is not wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. Neither is her having a Silent Domain Wall without having a Silent exotic matter factory. Here's the timeline:

1) Beryl and Metallia collaborate to destroy the Moon Kingdom.
2) Saturn defeats Metallia, destroying most of the solar system in the process but preserving Earth. Metallia's remains crash in the Arctic.
3) After millenia of harvesting trace elements from meteors, Metallia's nanites finally reconstruct enough of her to wake up.
4) She is still (by her standards) unutterably stupid from the 'brain damage' she suffered fighting Saturn, and stealthily deploys her hack-phage nanites to steal ANY processing power she can get her claws on.
5) Metallia recovers enough to reactivate a piece of technology she already had: a Silent Domain Wall. Once this is established, even if her past is attacked she will continue to exist. This is why Pluto doesn't intervene.
6) She simply isn't smart enough (yet) to design a stealthy fabricator for more advanced computers that works at an acceptable speed, so she keeps hacking brains.
7) Season 1 happens. Metallia gathers the Dark Kingdom, Usagi and Co reincarnate, and so on.
8) Metallia is mostly awake, and fighting Usagi. Unfortunately, Sailor Moon collapses her Domain Wall. This causes a massive explosion back at step 5, destroying Metallia's already damaged remains. But her hack-phage had already been deployed.
9) Moon uses the Door of Time, with Pluto's secret help, to send her and her dead friends minds back a year. In this timeline, there is a mysterious explosion in the arctic that is assumed to be a meteor impact or something. Few people pay attention. Metallias stealthy hack phage continues to work, but since she's not around to take advantage of it the result just sits there for others to exploit.

The Silence Glaive:
A Stringtech 6 weapon, and the only one of it's type: the Moon Kingdom had far too good Metatech and Psychohistory to go down the Superweapon route any further than needed. Aside from being a Stringtech power source on par with the Silver Crystal, it includes Supersymetric weapons. Most lethally, it includes a Strangelet Bomb. This is the weapon that destroyed the Gas Giant which occupied Pluto's current position.

The Grail:
A different String 6 artifact, the Grail has a Wormhole Generator that can open a wormhole at the destination rather than needing the ends to be towed. Note that, like the Asgardians and Bifrost, the Moon Kingdom considered instant travel anywhere in the universe to be more dangerous than even the Silence Glaive. It was designed with a two-key system, the keys themselves being lesser weapons. This allowed those entrusted with them to defend themselves.

Keeping in mind that I'm at exactly the same place in the story Shadowjack is...
Pegasus is a Parasitic Dataform entity, who was hiding in the Meshes installed by Metallia before he found Chibi. His additions to their attacks are a combination of his own Cognitech attacks and providing blueprints and optimization for their stringtech.
Very cool. I'm hesitant to post to the original thread (as it's been inactive for a year), but how would you stat up the Death Busters?


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Very cool. I'm hesitant to post to the original thread (as it's been inactive for a year), but how would you stat up the Death Busters?
Also, is it possible Pluto got involved by redirecting the worst of Metallia's Domain Wall's explosion-on-startup over to a different timeline, where it came to be referred to as Second Impact?


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Re: Sailor Moon Super StarS #142: Mansion of Secrets! The Menu of Love to You

I've said it before, but one problem with trying to learn Japanese from anime is that with all the gender-specific words and politeness levels, you'll end up sounding like a 14-year-old schoolgirl who moonlights as a Yakuza legbreaker.
Just as an FYI, I'm stealing quoting this for my Sig. I need to start collecting good quotes, after all.


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What, Metallia as the Zeroth Angel?!
If you're going to have a mysterious explosion in Antarctica due to damaged alien hypertech pulling itself together, awakening from the sleep of ages, and very nearly succeeding in an attempt to end all terrestrial life sometime right around the year 2000, might as well go ahead and admit that Misato Katsuragi is pretty much Sailor Moon but if, instead of the status-quo reset at the end of season 1, her transformation brooch broke, never got fixed, and then Luna was a penguin.
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