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[IWIW] Walkin' on Sailor Moon (thread 3 of a continuing series)

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Re: Sailor Moon Episode #63: Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer M

Usagi /drops Chibi-Usa. "Oh, yeah! Rei hired me."
"Drop" is too mild a word. She goes flying all across the room when Usagi stands up, completely forgetting about her. Take that, spore!

Ami: "I am earning money while practicing math."
Minako /shakes head and smiles.
Ami: "…This is a concept that honestly had never occurred to me. Are there other jobs like this? I am earning money while studying, at the same time."
Yes. *sigh*
Because addition, substraction, and multiplication are something you clearly haven't mastered yet.

Rubeus, the redhead: "She's already on her next operation. We've located another Crystal Point, it's part of some old shrine—"

Gramps: "Sorry, dressed like that, I thought you were this guy from Public Security again."
Yuichiro: "Er, anyway—look! Recruits!"
Yuichiro dramatically reveals scores of young women, excitedly chattering about this new exercise program and the hunky young coach.
Gramps /faints
What they don't know is that he only has eyes for Rei. He does look good in a suit, though.

Usagi: "Really? Wh—?"
Chibi-Usa /materializes, in exercise outfit. "Hello!"
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "Too easy."
Good mystical senses, Rei!

Ami: "The harder the problem, the more it's worth solving."
Rei: "If this is another speech about math I will slug you."
Ami: "Hear me out! Hear me out! Look, see this math problem in this book here? That look me three hours to solve, because I was going about it all wrong. What I finally had to do was break it down to what the actual problem was—to figure out which piece of it what the real issue. The rest was just confusing the issue. You're angry, obviously, but you need to work out specifically why. Then you can start to fix things."
Rei: "…"
Usagi: "…Ami, I'm going to take back some of the things I've said about you." /hands her a sweet bun. "Go ahead, you've… you've earned it."
Ami: "Heh." :) /om nom nom
One-dimensionality strikes again! Your version shows how it's done better.

Things have spiralled completely out of control. Koan's enchantment of the ring has caused all the women to be as violent as the Dumble Droid. A chorus of suplexes, body slams, and headlocks makes the room vibrate with dark energy.
I get the impression that the artists had a lot of fun drawing this episode.

The women rise up in a mob and attack Gramps.
Gramps /Seven-Fold Swallow Defense.
Gramps /Puissance of the Tiger.
Gramps /Rushing River Technique.
The women collapse unconscious.
Nothing less from one of the seven wizards from hell!

Several minutes of kung fu fighting ensues. Gramps gets worked.
... or not.

Koan: "MY FACE!"
Usagi: "Oh, now what?"
Koan: "Your Hawation attack made me bweak out!"
Usagi: "…so? Into every life, a little acne must grow."
Koan: "I'LL KILL YOU!"
<< Koan casts Dark Fire! >>
< Usagi dodges! >
Usagi /retrograde advance
Koan /pursues
If Koan was always that motivated and would work together with her robot, she'd win for once!

< Koan is hit! >
< …her dress is also on fire! >
Unholy abomination of a skirt has been slain!
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