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[IWIW] Walkin' on Sailor Moon (thread 3 of a continuing series)

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That reminds me,
Spoiler: Show
When does Ami's special fit in the watch order?
During the early-middle part of the S season.

Spoiler: Show
Chibi-Usa is in the special, so it must take place sometime during the part of the season where Chibi-Usa has returned from the future in that season

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That reminds me,
Spoiler: Show
When does Ami's special fit in the watch order?
Not for a long, long time.

So, just as forewarning, the odds are very high that for really odd reasons the DVDs you have skip episode 67. I can look into finding you a copy of said episode since I'm relatively local and ensuring that you get to watch it. Likewise, about episode 77ish is the time that the Sailormoon R movie should be watched. (It came out around the time episode 75 came out, but fits better with the chronology after 77.)

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Re: Sailor Moon R Episode #53: Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem

Ali: "FUCK YEAH, kicking babies!"
En: "Let's do it AGAIN!"
Ali: "But we've gotta be careful. Don't know when those 'Sailors' will show up again to ruin our sick and twisted fun."
En: "I think for the next one we should snort cocaine off of the babies belly's, and then drain them of their energy."
They don't seem to see anything wrong with this.

Police Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film

Ah so that would be the made-up character.

Mamoru and Usagi on a shopping expedition for baby supplies, with Manami in the stroller.
Usagi /pushing. "Did we get enough?"
Mamoru /carrying. "It's only two days…"
En, as 'Natsumi' /spies them from around a corner. "ZOMG THEY'RE TOGETHER?! With a child already?! Jeez, Earthlings breed fast! Defeated by alien biology! BUT I SHALL HAVE MY REV—"
Mina /just happens by. "Whoa! Usagi's got a baby. When did you let him get you preggers? That was quick."
Mako /just happens by. "Whoa-ho! Ah, the tragedy of teen motherhood."
Ami /just happens by. "I know their joking is a little off-color, but such blushing, Usagi."
Mina: "Let's see, one-and-a-half days— divided by nine months— that means, you must have done it—"
Ami: "It, uh, doesn't work like that."
Mina: "It doesn't?"
Mamoru /is eyeing the three new girls nervously, wondering if they're also going to start fighting over him…
Everyone having much fun at Usagi's expense, except En.

Rei consults the flames, and summons up an image of the fiend—which Usagi and Ami confirm.
Interestingly, this means that others can see Rei's visions in the fire.

Mamoru is nearly bowled over by En as she bolts for the bathroom. Eventually…[/i]
En's little panicked dance here is hilarious. So is her expression whenever she holds the baby. She clearly has no idea what to do with him.

Ami /just happens by. "Knock knock! Door was open. …Did I catch you at a bad time?" :)
As with the roller scene, I get the feeling she's subtly mocking them.

<< Ami : Cast > Ice Spray : Amaderasu >>
< Amaderasu is encased in ice! >>
Usagi: "Whoa! Mercury, you cast an attack spell! That's great!"

Usagi: "Mercury! That was—" /runs over to hug.
Ami /still shaking with rage.
Usagi /decides to wait a minute.

Usagi: "I guess all you needed was to get angry enough!"
Ami: "…Maybe I am a little repressed…"
This is even more hilarious when one remembers that in the episode, she just says "I'm mad now!" in a voice that's a little more forceful than usual, but still not really angry-sounding. And yay, she has an attack power now! Finally!

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Re: Sailor Moon R Episode #53: Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem

<< Ami : Cast > Ice Spray : Amaderasu >>
< Amaderasu is encased in ice! >>
Usagi: "Whoa! Mercury, you cast an attack spell! That's great!"
Usagi: "Right! Right! Get psyched, get psyched—"
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Amaderasu >>
< Amaderasu is eliminated! Hostages freed. >
Amaderasu: "CLEA—!"
Ami /stomps on the broken card and grinds it into dust with her booted heel.
<< Ami has levelled up! >>
<< Ami has mastered Ice Spray. >>
<< Usagi has levelled up! >>
Usagi: "Mercury! That was—" /runs over to hug.
Ami /still shaking with rage.
Usagi /decides to wait a minute.

This is why you don't ever really antagonise the quiet, Lawful Good types. Because once their shit breaks, they will go on such a roaring rampage of revenge to make Khorne, the Chaos God of Blood, feel sick to his stomach.

After all, Revy from Black Lagoon made mad? All she becomes is Revy+. Distrubing, but fundamentally the same.

Ami-chan made mad? The pillars of reality are torn assunder and brought to ruin as Destruction wrapped in girl-flesh sets the Hounds of Hell fleeing in terror and strides through the ash and smoke that remains.


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Re: Sailor Moon R Episode #53: Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem

En: "You know… babies are full of strong, fresh energy."
Ali: "YES! We've sunk to this, folks! We're gonna endanger babies!"
Er, yeah. This is the one episode where Ali & En go a bit to Bwahahah-evil for my taste. The writers are obviously trying to depict them as amoral creatures who have no clue how precious babies are (which raises interesting questions about their biology), but they've gone a bit overboard here.

But who cares ? Usagi and Mamoru take care of a baby together ! The cuteness levels are so overpowering you forget all the flaws of the episode (such as, er, the complete absence of social services).

Oh, and Ami gets a power-up or something, but the writers know better than give any screentime to that. [/sarcasm]

Hey, remember Episode #15, when an episode supposedly focusing on Ami's deep friendship with a park manager was hijacked by Rei and Mamoru's date ? Good times...

(Not that I can complain too much, since I learned when re-watching this series two years ago that most of the later episodes fully focusing on Ami are --ing dull. And I like her.)

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Oh, I'd like to see more of him. Not sure if there will be many occasions as smooth as this one, though.

Ami: "I think I'll pass. I don't want to get in your way." ;)
Smooth, Ami, smooth.
Usagi: "Frell. Mamoru, sorry, but I gotta go."
Mamoru /?
Awkward. I wonder what he must be thinking about Usagi and her weird friends... especially as Ami isn't exactly discreet when she takes Usagi aside to talk mysteriously.

<< Minako : Cast > Crescent : Amaderasu >>
Wait, have they already forgotten about her upgrade ?
(When I see those episodes, I always suspect that they worked on them in parallel and didn't know which one would be finished and air first.)

<< Ami : Cast > Ice Spray : Amaderasu >>
And thus Ami gets an upgrade, with as little fanfare as possible. Again, the "Sabão Spray Freezing" name is quite unimaginative. Which is too bad, since her finally getting an actual attack spell surely should have some gravitas ?

Sorry Ami, it's just not your episode. Please wait for a while until your next turn comes up.


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A nice characterization episode, although no episode can characterize V as much as the
Spoiler: Show
Super S Movie Opening

I remember this episode for Venus ultimate Crescent Beam Comet hail (or Light shower, if you wanna go with the more official version). Another One-shot power up, that also did even fail to kill the youma in question (unless the combo attacks). OTOH, it did strangle it and kind of "chained" the monster up.
Spoiler: Show

But I have to say, giving Minako an Usagi-like base character, but combine it with "always keep smiling", shows a true aspect of her, although there is (/will be) more to Minako´s personality. A lovely (heh) personality...
Nice how they actually manage to get the rest of the cast/story arc to the side of the episode. While still keep the working intact (the MLK was still a bit over the top with his speach, but that is part of how his character is working in this arc...;)), only with focussing on Minako (and a bit on SM, of course...).
BTW, I am surprised, that the Disguise pen was not lost on the pole(/in time) like the first scepter...
Spoiler: Show
as it comes up very seldom now, and afaik will be forgotten soon, won´t it?

Spoken of "Lost in time", the fact that Mie does not know Sailor Venus) either implicites that the time reshift costed V a bit of of popularity, or she is more popular with older kids (like, say, shooter liking teenage boys?).
In short, the episode came up with lots of plotholes (that Ugly pointed out neatly), but managed to stay the silly sort of fun as the rest of the arc. While focussing on Venus.

Plus. Panty Shot !
Sorry, but I had to point at it again...
The shot, I mean, not the...forget it...

BTW, Ali & An really have no issues targeting children and other normally taboo targets. They are alians (duh), there moral, if existing at all, is differing heavily.
Spoiler: Show
Plus, they are plants.

THey are also
Spoiler: Show
kind of a couple

And playing brother and sister
Spoiler: Show
what they are

which is ok
Spoiler: Show
as they are plants
But yeah, attacking busloads of children is clearly an act of evil, and the reaction of the girls is appropriate. They are, of course not the first villains to that...

Usagi: "No, see, I used to tutor older kids. My name's Usagi, what's yours, buddy? Hey, that's a good name! And when's your birthday? Really? Hey, you're pretty clever! Can you…?" /etc.
Artemis: "Wow."
Mina: "Told you
It will have to come to be more explicitely said, but as it is with Minakos jumping (have I mentionned the panty shot already), Makos strengh and Mars Miko powers, this is actually Usagis leftover power in human form. Relating to everyone. As, remember, she is the one that brought these girls together, now matter how, different, yes, different as they can be...

Also to say, the • DENOUEMENT in this episode is rather short, as it is mostly Mie talking about how she likes Sailor Moon but she likes Sailor V(enus) too but they are both totally awesome but she thinks she likes Venus even a bit more...

Appropos of nothing #2: While looking up the song lyrics, in case I wanted to use them, I stumbled onto a fanpage (sailormusic.net), which happened to have a pic of the live-action Rei up when I clicked there.

My that actress has a cute smile.
PGSM Rei ?
Yeah, cute cute (and stabbily dangerous).
Me, I am more a Chieko/Megumi combination fan which is something Ugly Man is not allowed to investigate because it will lead to fulls of spoilers ahead but those are 2 live senshi girls I like, I would like to kiss both and fall in love with one, because they are really Sweet suited in red and blue,
And I wanna make some Sweet music to them but I really must end now to finally stop on all the references I am putting here together...
~*takes deep breath*
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1. Your spoiler is broken.
2. In fact, if every other line of a paragraph is a spoiler, DON'T POST IT.
3. Actually, everyone, tone way down the spoiler. This is a where I watch, not a where I am spoilered thread.


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Shadowjack's comments on the last couple of eps brings to mind the following exchange...

Sparks: I've got something for you.
Debbie: What is it?
Sparks: A book.
Debbie: What's the book?
Sparks: A Modest Proposal.
Debbie: By whom?
Sparks: Jonathan Swift.
Debbie: And what is the book about?
Sparks: Eating babies.
Debbie: ...the hell is that supposed to mean?
Sparks: It's like veal, only babies.
Debbie: That's sick!
Sparks: I'm talking real baby back ribs.
((long pause))
Debbie: ...the foulest thing I've ever heard!
Sparks: RIBS!!! Dripping with sauce!!! Falling off the bone!!!
Debbie: You're sick!!
Sparks: Just trying to help out a single mom
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