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[IWIW] Walkin' on Sailor Moon (thread 3 of a continuing series)

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Still reading along is fun as hell. I mean all my sailor moon knowledge is from fanfics.
I try, it's just...I don't even remember the names anymore. I'd need flashcards to even sorta follow along. I may have to give it another go, though...


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Re: Sailor Moon R Episode #47: Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear.

Also, for some reason, back when the only Sailor Moon I knew was what I caught over my sister's shoulder, apparently 90% of the episodes they played on TV seemed to come from this arc.
If memory serves me right, at least in the States, this was the arc Fox pushed when they added Sailor Moon to their Saturday morning line-up. So all of these episodes were shown by a major broadcast network in the early nineties during accessible hours. Then it made the switch to Cartoon Network about the same time Gundam Wing got big and the dub license was handed over to Cloverleaf.

I'm half-convinced that there were only ever two episodes of SeaQuest DSV, and the fans are bullshitting me when they claim there were more.
SeaQuest ran for ten whole seasons, the second season never happened, and Lucus wasn't a character!


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Re: Sailor Moon R Episode #47: Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear.

Yeah don't you hate it when you watch a show, its pretty good, but you don't keep track. Then like tree years latter you see its on, think "hey that one episode was okay I'll try this" and its the same episode.
Is it ever a good episode?

I got The Great Divide.


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Re: Sailor Moon R Episode #47: Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear.

Yay rah, Shadowjack's back. Time to go dig out the R-series DVDs to watch along. :)

Like the credits, especially the use of background singers for the ED

"We could sleep together-" who else but Rei and Usagi for that line?

Makoto: "Sorry, got pushed." /turns at glares at some guy standing behind her, wearing a Bubblegum Crisis T-shirt.
Davies: "Sorry."
And Chris makes his prize-winning appearance!

I just snipped a comment about the names Ali and En being creations of ADV, and their "real" names being Eiru and An (or Ail and An, as Wikimoon calls them). When I started writing this message, the thread was on page 2. By the time I posted, it was on Page 5...
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Re: Sailor Moon R Episode #47: Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear.

And Chris makes his prize-winning appearance!
As promised!

Great start to the new season! :D If I had any ounce of video editing skills (let alone a machine that could decently edit video), I'd be sore tempted to cook up a video to combine your illos with the music there.
I could do it pretty easily, actually—some slides and fades in Final Cut, it'd take me probably a few hours—but really I'd want to animate it and make it all synch properly, and that is beyond my skills at present. Maybe some day.


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Sailor Moon R Episode #48: Moon Revived! For Love and Justice! A Sailor Warrior Once

Mamoru /is standing around downtown, minding his own business.
Usagi /materializes and gloms onto his arm.
Mamoru /man what
Usagi: "MAMORU! Darling! Long time no see! Like my new hair ribbons?"
Mamoru: "Weird girl?! How do you know my name? Why are you hanging onto my arm?"
Usagi: "'Mamoru?! Why don't you know my name? Why aren't you hanging onto my arm?"
Mamoru: "This is revenge for the dumpling-head routine, isn't it?"
Usagi /is trying hard not to cry. "My name's Usagi!"
En /happens by, in mortal disguise and a cute skirt, and spots Mamoru immediately. "ZOMG!"
En: "Tsukino! Don't let him get away!" /runs across traffic.
Usagi /?!
Mamoru: "Cripes, two of them? I don't remember changing aftershaves…" /pries Usagi off his arm and bolts.
En: "You idiot! You let him get away!"
Usagi: "Lemme go! Mamoru's getting away!"
En: "Oh, his name's Mamoru? I like it!"
Usagi: "Back off, sister. He's mine."
En: "He didn't seem to know you."
Usagi: "Er… well… about that… see, he had amnesia, and…"
En: "Bull."
Usagi: "It's a long story."
En: "Bull, I say! You and I are in the same boat! A fair contest, and may the best woman win!"

Luna: "Well, it's not conclusive whether or not this, er, 'alien' couple is our enemy, but it's clear that things are going to get worse before they get better."
Artemis: "True. But I admit I'm with you when it comes to disturbing the peace of Minako and the others. It's just not fair to them to bring them back."
Luna: "Admitted. But that means all we have to defend the world is—"
Usagi /just coming in. "This sucks! I go through all the pain and heartache of finally winning a wonderful guy… and now I have to do it all over again. For the same guy!"
Artemis: "This is a supernatural operations team, not a dating support group!"
Luna: "…Screw it. Let's just wake 'em all up."
Artemis: "Hey, what?"
Luna: "We're going to end up doing it anyway, I just know it, so we might as well do it as quickly and painlessly as possible."
Luna: "You can do that? You can restore Mamoru's memories from the previous timeline?"
Luna /are serious cat. "No."
Usagi: "Oh."
Luna: "But we do have the memory backups of the other Senshi."
Usagi: "…I miss them terribly, but it hardly seems fair to force them into things again just because I'm feeling sorry for myself. Surely I can handle a couple of interstellar fairy punsters by myself." /picks up a volleyball, twirls it, head, elbow, under the leg, bounces it against the wall.
Artemis: "Why–! You've matured, milady."
Usagi /is knocked out by the rebound.
Luna: "On second thought…"

Ali is playing music for Audrey the Doom Tree.

En /pops in. "…Well, that was a waste of energy. FEED ME, ALI!"
Ali: "We're almost out of energy, dear."
En: "No."
Ali: "Yes. We'll have to steal more."
En: "LOTS more, heh heh. I'm allegedly a growing girl, after all."

"Minotauran": a blue-and-red-furred woman with bull's horns, hooves, and tail.

Mikan Shiratori – remember her? – is in a teledrama, and they're casting for the role of the younger sister. Apparently, the talent scout sneaked around the neighborhood of Juban Junior High with a camera for a few days. By a staggering coincidence, we already know all six girls who ended up at the top of the list.

The director doesn't like the looks of Usagi at all, and cuts her from the list, but he thinks that Naru looks like a perfect "girl next door", and is impressed by Makoto… and agrees that Minako, Ami, and Rei are worth calling in to audition, as well.

They're just starting to plan details, when Ali and En walk in and ZAP them all into unconsciousness.

Ali: "Now, if I was smart, I'd take their energy now, seeing as we have practically no reserves. But you know me: always gambling on the big score."
En: "So we'll use them as decoys, and take the energy from those girls. Yum, yum."

Usagi: "WHOA! You actually got talent scouted?! You should be thrilled!"
Naru: "I am, I am… well, I would be, but… well… "
Usagi: "Wa-wa-wait. It's not 'Ackbar's Perfectly Safe Talent Casting Agency', is it?"
Naru: "Aha! Good! We're on the same page, here. No, it isn't, but I'm still a little worried, you know?"
Usagi: "Want me to come along?"
Naru: "Would you please?"
Usagi: "No problem. …But hold on a minute. How come you still have memories of the Ackbar routine? I thought—"
Naru: "Shhh." ;)

Eye on fashion: Ami is wearing her usual pink Serial Experiments Lain sweater, Makoto looks comfortable in sweater and slacks, Minako threw her leather jacket over her uniform, and Rei's wearing her "grown-up" suit jacket and skirt.

Ami: "Ah! Miss Kino."
Makoto: "Hey, hey! I'd heard the smartest girl in school had been picked, too."
Ami: "I'm thinking of turning it down, though. Studies, you know."
Makoto: "Aw, that'd be a real shame."
Ami /is that a blush?
Minako: "Excuse me, are you here for the audition, too?"
Rei: "Looks like we all are. ¿Shall we all go in together? The inside of the building is a real maze…" /trails off awkwardly.


Rei: "…¿Have we met?"
Ami: "…I… I don't think so."
Minako: "We must have met somewhere before. Same class or something."
Makoto: "Yeah, this is weird. Rei, right?"
Rei: "Hola. Something– I want to say, ¿Matoko?"
Makoto: "Makoto."
Rei: "Yes, of course."
Minako: "I'm Minako. And you're Ami."
Ami: "Yes…"
Minako: "Weird."
Rei: "¿Fate?"
Makoto: "Freaky."


Ami: "'You all meet in a tavern.'"
Minako: "Ha! Everyone watch out for a mysterious old man with a map."
Rei /?
Makoto /?

Security Guard: "Production crew and people auditioning only. You'll have to wait outside. And no pets!"
Usagi: "Come on! I'll be quiet!"
Security Guard: "No. And no, you can't wait in the hall, either. Outside, Miss."
Naru: "Sorry, Usagi."
Usagi: "I'll pick you up after, I guess."

At that moment, the other four come through, and file into the room.

Usagi /is about to cheer and wave… then stops, when she realizes they don't recognize her. So she just watches, smiling.
Luna /eyes Usagi.
Usagi /still smiling. "Hmm?"
Luna: "…I expected you to be more disturbed by their not knowing you."
Usagi: "The last time I saw them, knowing who they were, they were dead. This is wonderful." :)

Ami /total avoidant behavior. "I should go. I shouldn't waste their ti—"
Curtain goes up, revealing the audition set.

It's an eerie moonscape, with shattered stone pillars beneath a sky swirling with stars and planets.

Everyone steps into the set, kind of hushed and silent. It is at once alien and familiar. Even Naru catches the vibe.

Ali and En appear, in space-elf form!
Ali: "What do you think of this world of mine?"
Ami: "I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid I just can't make the time commitment for this project." /turns to go.
Ali: "Oi! Where do you think you're going?"
En /summons Minotauran.
Minotauran: "Grr. Arg."
Minako /?!
Makoto: "Hey, I thought this audition was for a family drama, not science fantasy."
Ami /grabs everyone and pushes them away from the monster. "This isn't a special effect, it's real! RUN FOR IT!"
Makoto: "Didn't I say she was smart?"

Ali: "Young women's screams are the more beautiful than the most beautiful music in the world!"
En: "…"
Ali: "What?"
En: "Ali, stop fooling around and just do it."
Ali: "Oh, come on, how could I not take the opportunity to enjoy this?"
En: "I don't have time for this." /transforms to human form. "I'm eating alone!" /leaves in a huff.

Luna and Usagi keep walking in circles.

Luna: "This place really is a maze."
En: "Oh! Tsukino. What are you doing here?"
Usagi: "Oh! Natsumi, or 'Summer', or whatever. Nice huff. What are you doing here?"
En: "None of your business!"
Usagi: "Same to you!"
En: "ROWR!"
Usagi: "FFT!"
Mamoru /hurries past, oblivious, drowning under a load of scripts and timing sheets.
Usagi: "He works here! Truce?"
En: "Truce! Follow that hunk!"
Luna: "I'll just stay here and investigate the screams and arcane energies coming from this room, shall I?"

Ami: "We can't keep running forever!"
Naru: "Gosh, I'm glad to hear you say that." /collapses, exhausted.
Ami: "That's not quite what I—"
Minako: "The exits have disappeared. Mister Wizard! Get me out of here!"
Rei /brandishes purse. "Guess we've got no choice."
Makoto /assumes kung fu stance. "I'll take the left."

<< Rei : Action > Throw > Purse : Minotaur >>
< Minotaur is hurt! >
Makoto: "What do you carry in that thing?"
Rei: "Stuff."
<< Rei : Cast > WardEvil : Minotaur >>
< Minotaur is paralyzed! >
<< Makoto : KungFu > Throw : Minotaur >>
< Minotaur is hurt! >
< Minotaur is stunned! >
Luna: "Gee, maybe I don't have to wake them up. They seem to be doing okay on their own."

En and Usagi had to split up, and En is reeling and dizzy.

En: "…need… energy… now…"
En /walks into Mikan's dressing room, closes door behind her.

Pause. Scream.

En /walks out of Mikan's dressing room, closes door behind her.
En /wipes mouth daintily.

Minotauran /is not quite dead. In fact, it's feeling better. "Arg. Grr."
Rei: "As I feared—this is no normal evil spirit."
Makoto: "There are normal ones?"
Minotauran /leaps into the air and attacks…
Naru: "Not me! Not me! Not me!"
<< Minotaur attacks Naru! >>
Naru: "DARN IT!"
< Naru is grappled! >
< Energy drain commencing… >

<< Luna : Attack : Minotaur >>
< Minotaur is hurt! >
< Naru is freed… >
Ali: "WHAT? A martial artist cat? This is getting too weird even for me. Minotauran, finish it up for me, will you?" /exits.
Makoto /picks up Naru to carry her to safety. Everyone else rallies around.
Minotauran: "Grr. Arg."
Luna: "Do I? Don't I? Do I? Don't I?"

Usagi /sticks head into the room. "Is the audition over yet?"
Screaming, shouting, throwing things, rushing about.
Usagi: "Guess not."
Luna: "Usagi! Good, you're here. Quick, transform!"
Usagi: "But I don't even know what's going on!"
Luna: "The usual."
Usagi: "Ah."

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 40
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 8
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 11
Rei into Sailor Mars: 10
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 4
Minako into Sailor Venus: 4
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2

Usagi: "I am the terror that trips in the night! I— have no idea what the heck is going on around here. But never mind that!"
Ami: "Hey, that's—"
Rei: "—that's—"
Makoto: "—that's, um, tip of my tongue—"
Minako: "—what's her name!"
Makoto: "Yeah! No, wait. Who?"
Usagi: "A little Crescent Wand action, and we'll have the situation under control."
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "…I, er, don't seem to have the Crescent Wand on me. Luna?"
Luna: "You had it last!"
Usagi: "So it's still on one of the polar ice caps…? Uh-oh."

<< Minotaur attacks Sailor Moon! >>
< Usagi dodges, barely! >
<< Minotaur attacks Sailor Moon! >>
< Usagi dodges, barely! >
<< Minotaur attacks Sailor Moon! >>
< Usagi dodges, barely! >
<< Minotaur attacks Sailor Moon! >>
< Usagi is grappled! >
< Energy drain commencing… >

Rei: "¡Typical! ¡Estupida! Looks like I'll just have to— Uh, to…"
Ami: "…to shoot the monster with your imaginary index finger pistol? What are you doing, Miss Hino?"
Rei: "¡¿Just what the hell is going on here?! ¡I'm confused, and irritated!"
Luna /runs up to them. "Looks like you four would have figured it out without my interference, so I might as well—"
Luna: "…God, give me strength."
Ami: "Giant monsters, space-elves, talking cat. At least the cat isn't trying to kill us, yet. Uh, kitty: what's going on?"
Luna: "You're all about to get a big headache, and then save Sailor Moon's tuckus. LOOK INTO MY EYES."

All files decompressed, no copy errors detected, file tree recompiled. Restoration complete!

Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako: "…OW!"

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 40
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 8
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 12
Rei into Sailor Mars: 11
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 5
Minako into Sailor Venus: 5
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2

<< Ami : Cast > Bubble1 : Minotaur >>
< Minotaur is confused! >
Ami: "Did you miss me, little bubbles? Yeah, I guess I missed you, too."
Rei /leaps in and carries Usagi to safety.
<< Makoto : Cast > Thunder2 : Minotaur >>
< Minotaur is hurt! >
< Minotaur is weak to electric! Minotaur is stunned! >
Makoto: "BOOM!"
<< Minako : Dual-Tech > Rei > ParticleB : Minotaur >>
< Minotaur is eliminated! >
<< Ami has levelled up! >>
<< Ami has mastered Bubble1! >>
<< Rei has levelled up! >>
<< Rei has mastered Fire Soul! >>
<< Dual-Tech opened. >>
<< Makoto has levelled up! >>
<< Makoto has mastered Thunder1! >>
<< Makoto has mastered Thunder2! >>
<< Minako has levelled up! >>
<< Minako has mastered Crescent! >>
<< Dual-Tech opened. >>

Minotauran: "CLEANSING!"
Rei: "That's new."
Ali: (via hologram) "Damn it, there's five of you, now?"
Ami: "Yeah! We're exponential, bitch!"
En: (via hologram) "Next time!"
Ali and En disappear again.
Usagi /wakes up in Rei's arms. "…where's my kiss, Prince Charming?"
Rei /drops her, with love. "I see you still can't do anything without us to cover your sorry behind."
Usagi: "Guilty." :)
Makoto: "High fives! High fives all around! Thank you, thank you."

Phobos: "Heeeeeeeere we are again…"
Deimos: "…happy as can be!"
Minako: "We lost the audition, though. :( And the show's on hiatus, because Miss Mikan 'collapsed from exhaustion.'"
Ami: "Surprise, surprise. But I doubt I'd have time for the team and my studies and acting, anyway."
Rei: "But now I'm stuck fighting with Usagi again! I thought I'd finally gotten rid of you!"
Usagi: :D
Rei: "Wipe that goofy grin off your face!"
Usagi: :D :D :D
Rei: "Arrrgh!"
Luna: "Sorry, everyone. If Usagi was more dependable, you could have led peaceful lives."
Makoto: "Oh, sure. Blame her. Come on, it's our duty to save the world."
Usagi: " The Honorable First Minister of Breakfast is correct! Oh, uh, and since we're all here, I have a little sidequest I'd like a little help on…"
Luna: "We are not here to help you with your love life!"
Usagi: "Sailor Warriors of Love and Justice. Right there in the mission statement."
Luna: "Frell."

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Geocities, back before it was disappeared, used to have a site called Target Naru List, which was dedicated to cataloging all the times poor Naru was victimized.

The site is long gone, but way back in the day a friend of mine did a website shrine to Naru and Nephrite's romance, which is still up, and which saved this quote from the Target Naru List: "Naru is accosted in 22% of all episodes. Should she be spotted in an episode, the odds of her being assaulted in it are 81%. Be brave, Naru!"
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