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[IWIW] Walkin' on Sailor Moon (thread 3 of a continuing series)

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Note to Shadowjack : don't read the description, because here be spoilers.

(Not that you'd understand any of it, but still.)
Oh, I didn't even notice there was description; must have fallen below the lower edge of my browser window.


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I think the green-and-black suits her better than all-black or the white-and-blue. Save the all-black for when she ascends the Throne of the New Improved Dark Kingdom!

It suddenly occurs to me that Luna may have "lost" the wand intentionally.

Luna: "I've located the current incarnation of Sailor Terra! And she's close, too—here's the info…"
Artemis: "Excellent! …Um."
Luna: "'Um?' I don't like it when you say 'um' like that, Artemis."
Artemis: "…You're quite sure?"
Luna: "I've had ample opportunity to verify, believe me. She's Usagi's best friend, so we're over there a lot."
Artemis: "Best friend? Oh, God."
Luna: "What? What?"
Artemis: "I… I… oh, just read the bloody print-out for yourself."
Luna: "…She reincarnated as HER daughter?!"
Artemis: "Better give me her wand, in case you're compromised."
Luna: "…She seems to have little or no knowledge of her lineage. Perhaps if we trust to her original soul—"
Artemis: "With as much trouble as you've been having with Tsukino? Give me the wand."
Luna: "Maybe we could set up a test—"
Artemis: "Give me the wand."
Luna: "—or we could play the teen rebellion angle okay okay I'll give you the wand."
Artemis: "Thank you. We'd better hide this in a safe place…"
Luna: "Damn. This leaves us one down, permanently, and we still haven't located Jupiter yet. Fate's a cruel bitch, isn't she?"
Artemis: "Speaking as one cat to another, I must heartily agree. But we have a duty to ensure no rest for the wicked. You watch that girl sharp."
Luna: "Don't need to remind me twice."


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Sailor Moon R Episode #59: True Love Awakens! The Doom Tree's Secret.

Is love something that is fleeting?
Is love something that fades away?
Is love something that dies?
Can you feel the cry of sorrow?
Please give me the courage to protect the one I love!

And now here's something we hope you'll really like:

Space-elf lover's quarrel! Talking tree! Roots everywhere! Usagi captured (again)!

Majel Barrett: "And now, the conclusion."

Screams from above!
Luna: "If the Doom Tree continues growing at this rate, the whole world will be absorbed!"
Rei: "…"
Minako: "We have to try. Let me take a shot. CRES—"
Rei: "¡HOLD!"
Rei: "…"
Ami: "What is it, Mars?"
Rei /steps forward carefully, almost listening for something.
Rei /holds her hand out to the tree…
Rei /…and lays her palm upon a root.
Rei: "…"
Rei: "…I think it's sentient."
Everyone Else: "WHAT?"

At that, the roots barring the entry twitch…

Everyone Else /ninja leaps out of range!
Rei /waits and sees.

…and move aside. The entry is now clear.

Rei: "I think we've been given an invitation."
Makoto: "…I think you're right."
Minako: "Let's go."
Ami: "…um… are you sure it's not a trap?"

The team leaps, runs, and scrambles through the network of roots and smashed concrete. Groans of survivors can be heard faintly, but as they press deeper into the tangle, soon they can hear nothing but themselves, and the subsonic hum of the Tree itself.

When they can no longer see even a glimmer of outside light, the attack comes.

Rei /suddenly hits the deck.

A stream of liquid arcs through the space where Sailor Mars's head had been a moment before. Where it spatters on the ground, it hisses and bubbles and smokes.

Rei /leaps to her feet. "¡Mira! ¡Watch your sectors!"
Ami: "That's concentrated acid, don't get near it!"
Makoto: "Damn it, it is a trap!"
Rei: "…Maybe."
Ami /visor up! "Venus, get us some light!"
Minako /casts motes of light into the air.

All around them, they can see powerful roots, writhing and closing in. Strange sphincters dribble acid and weave in upon serpentine tendrils.

Makoto: "…Yes, Mercury, we really wanted to see that clearly."
Artemis: "Steady, ladies."
Minako: "They seem coordinated. Watch your backs."

What seems like hours of horror ensues, but is really only about a minute or two of intense combat. It's only thanks to Sailor Mars's premonitions and Sailor Mercury's HUD that they're able to see the attacks coming at all. Acid streams jet at them, tendrils lash at them, and they dodge and dive and try to keep moving.

<< Luna is hit! >>
<< Ami : Cast > Ice2 : All Foes >>

Mercury's blast catches the acid in mid-air, and harmless glittering shards fall all about them. The tendrils recoil, giving the team a momentary breathing space.

Minako /veterinary first aid!
Artemis: "LUNA!"
Luna /bravely. "I'm… ow… all right. Just a graze. We'd better… ow… hurry to the center of the things."
Minako: "I'll carry you."
Makoto: "Mars! We need a short cut!"
Rei: "¡Coming up!"
<< Rei : Cast > Fire2 : Wall >>

The team dashes through the breach in the wall. The roots thrash and twist at the entrance, making it wider, so they can pursue…

Ami: "Elevator! Elevator!"

They all pile into the elevator and hit the button.


Ami /pushes the button again.


Ami /push push push push push push
Rei: "¡¿Why isn't it working?!"
Ami: "I DON'T KNOW!"

The roots are coming…

Minako: "Maybe it's because there's no power?!"
Ami /facepalm.
Ami: "Jupiter, quick!"
Makoto /kicks out the roof hatch, leaps up, and turns to help the others up.
Ami: "I meant electricity powers, but—"

Just in the nick of time!

Ali and En now live in a penthouse with no roof, and the Doom Tree looms over all. Mamoru and Usagi are being held high off the ground by two tendrils, screaming against the energy pulse.

Mamoru: "Usagi!"
Usagi: "Mamoru!"

The energy waves cease for some reason. Mamoru and Usagi wriggle in their bonds, and try to reach each other. They desperately strain, simply to try to touch hands.

Closer. Closer. Across a span of inches…

They touch.

Ali /kicks their hands apart. "I will not allow you to touch my Miss Usagi."
En: "Ali! What are you going to do to my Mamoru?!"
Ali: "'Your Mamoru?!'"
En /blushes momentarily, then: "'Your Miss Usagi!'"
Ali: "Oops."
En: "So you love her more than me after all! I'LL K—" /eyes glow
Ali: "You're wrong! It's just… different from my love for y—"
En: "I don't want to hear it any more! Doom Tree! Steal only her energy!"
Ali: "No! Only steal his!"
En: "Hers!"
Ali: "His!"
En: "Hers!"
Ali: "His!"
En: "Bastard!"
Ali: "Bitch!"
Ali: "Doom Tree! Have you forgotten the way I took care of you all these years?"
En: "Ignore him! If you don't listen to me, you're going to be in big trouble!"

The Doom Tree growls and starts to drain both victims.

Ali and En /!
Ali and En: "Stop! Stop it! Stop!"
Ali and En /desperately try to free their chosen from the roots.
Ali and En: "Stop it, damn it!"
En: "You… you… monster!"

The Doom Tree growls and swats the two elves aside like flies. Then it releases Usagi and Mamoru—a hundred meters up.

Ali and En /!
Ali and En /daring last-moment SAVE!
Ali and En /lower their chosen safely to the ground.
Ali: "Usagi!"
En: "Mamoru!"
Luna: "Usagi!"
Ali and En: "Frell."

Makoto: "I said I was gonna knock your block off! It's clobberin' time!"
Ami: "Usagi! Can you hear me? Are you okay?"
Usagi: "…ugh… not really…"
Ali: "SHIT! Why did you have to show up now?!
En: "We're right in the middle of something!"

An intense firefight erupts over the semi-conscious bodies of Usagi and Mamoru. PK bolts and elemental blasts flicker back and forth as the combatants dodge from root to rubble.

<< Rei : Call > Phoenix : All Foes >>
<< Wonder-Elf Powers Activate! Ali and En use Force Barrier! >>
< Phoenix is blocked! No effect. >
Rei: "¡Damn! They're more powerful than I thought when they work together."
Ami: "So are we! Let's do it!"
<< Ami : Triple-Tech > Makoto > Minako : S—
<< Wonder-Elf Powers Activate! Ali and En use Interrupt Burst! >>
< Casting disrupted! >
<< Ali and En cast PK Bolt! >>
< Rei goes flying! >
< Ami goes flying! >
< Makoto goes flying! >
< Minako goes flying! >
< Luna goes flying! >
< Artemis goes flying! >
<< Ali and En call you names! Mean names! >>
Ali and En /cackle

Ali and En start beating the Sailors with concrete-splintering psychokinetic blasts, laughing cruelly all the while. There's a lot of anger and frustration behind these attacks, and the already-stunned Sailors can't raise a defense.

Usagi /gets mad.

Usagi into Second-Stage Sailor Moon: 8
Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2

Ali: "Usagi Tsukino is Sailor Moon?!"
En: "…in retrospect, that seems terribly obvious."
Usagi: "'Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter! Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom? But we hope it, we know it.' — Goethe."
Artemis: "…what?"
Usagi: "Okay, we'll try another. 'The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing which stands in their way.' — William Blake."
En: "All right, shut up!"
Usagi: "Aha! That one hit the mark! I am Sailor Moon, and I don't know the meaning of the phrase 'shut up'!"
En: "Ali! Hurry up and help me kill her!"
Ali: "…but she's Usagi."
En: "If she really loved you, she wouldn't have been fighting us in the first place!"
Usagi: "Hey! That's not necessarily—"
Ali /has been hit right in the self-doubt. "But, b, but, but—"
En: "Forget her, Ali!"
Ali: "But— but—"
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "While you two are working this out, mind if I tend to something more important?"

Usagi /kneels over Mamoru.
Mamoru /isn't doing so hot.
Usagi: "Mamoru? Can you hear me?"
Mamoru /holds up his hand.
Usagi /holds his hand and tries to hold back tears. "Please, O Gods, not again…"
Ali: "I guess he never cared that much about you, either. Did he ever offer to hold your hand?"
En /ffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Ali: "Forget him, En!"
En /dance of hate

En /fury of ten women cheated out of tricks or treats. "I'LL HAVE YOUR SOUL ON A PLATTER, SAILOR MOON!"
En /shoots Usagi and Mamoru.
Usagi /keeps holding onto Mamoru's hand.
En /angry twitch.
En /blam blam blam blam blam blam blam
En /reload
Usagi /keeps holding onto Mamoru's hand.
Ali /is feeling a bit sorry about all this, but… "Farewell, Usagi Tsukino, the Andromeda of my heart. Or rather, my enemy, Sailor Moon."
Ali: "My enemy. Yes. Only my enemy would make me feel this bad about this, right?"
Ali: "Right."
En /blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam
Usagi /keeps holding onto Mamoru's hand.
En /grinds teeth.
Ali: "Doom Tree!"
Ali: "I have no more lingering affection for this planet!"
Ali: "Obliterate this planet, along with the humiliation of my first broken heart!"
En: "…fuck yes."
Everyone Else: "WHAT?!"
Usagi: "Again with the childish world destruction! Can't we all just get along?"
Ali: "…Now! Doom Tree! Unleash your powers!"

Seizing the moment, the Sailors leap to the—
En /blam blam blam blam blam blam blam
And the Sailors are down again…
En /laughs. It's not a pretty laugh.
Usagi /leaps to her feet.
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation—
Moon Scepter goes flying, and Usagi's down, too.
Mamoru /stirs…
Usagi: "Mamoru! Hang in there!"
Mamoru: "…Sailor Moon?"
Usagi: "I don't care what name you use. Sailor Moon. Princess Serenity. Usagi Tsukino."
Usagi: "No, damn it, I do care. Usagi! This is Usagi. With the twin-tails and the endless stomach and the wacky sense of humor."
Mamoru: "Usagi? What's going on?"
Usagi /holds his hand tight. "Try to remember. The fall of the Moon, the fight against the Dark Kingdom, all those daring last-moment saves. And the one who loves you."
The music swells as Usagi and Mamoru look into each other's ey—
En: "SHUT UP! SHUT UP SHUT UP!" /blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam

Artemis /down but not out. "How is she still alive after all that?! God, don't tell me she's standing up again—?!"
Luna /ditto. "Don't ask me. All I know is twenty minutes ago I was worried that she would miss dinner, and now this. Watch for an opening and pray for a miracle."

En: "Why won't you just die?!" /takes careful aim
Usagi /stands between En and Mamoru, and—
Usagi /weathers the blast, and tries to take another step forward.
Ali: "…Why? Why did you stand in the way of that shot?"
Usagi: "If it's for the person I love, I'll risk anything. Even my life." /takes the step.
Ali /stares at her.
Mamoru /gazes at her.
En: "Oho! She's so noble."
Usagi /is still here. Another step.
En: "Come on! Why don't you beg for your life? It might be more productive."
Usagi: "I don't care what happens to me, but I'd beg for Mamoru's life if I thought it'd help."
Usagi /takes a third step.
Ali /can't believe what he's seeing and hearing.
En: "You have got to be kidding me. There's nothing more important than one's own life!"
Usagi: "Some think otherwise."
En: "Fool!"
Mamoru /leaps in front of Usagi and takes the shot!
Usagi /!
En /decides it's oh, so, worth it.
Ali /has nothing useful to contribute at this point.
Mamoru /collapses into Usagi's arms.
Usagi: "MAMORU!"
Ali /just staring in astonishment, amazement, and awe.
En /click
En /click
En /click
En /reload
Ali /gentle hand on En's arm.
En: "What?"
Ali: "Just… just look at them, En. Can't you see?"
Ali: "En, they're… they're living it. They have to be right. Love is not something you can take by force. It's… it's nurtured, like, a garden or something. By caring for another. Giving."
En: "What is wrong with you?!"
Makoto: "No, he's got it." /struggles to help the others stand.
En /!
Makoto: "If it's for someone we care about, we can face any kind of hardship with love and courage."
Ali /wonderingly. "…I know you, too, don't I?"
Ali: "But, En, what if they're right?"
En: "The superior philosophy belongs to the one who's left standing!" /takes aim

Enter Moonlight Knight, dramatically, armed with +3 blessed throwing roses.
Moonlight Knight: "All creatures in the universe are brothers and sisters. Before you fight, you should first try opening up your souls to one another."
En: "You with your sermonizing! You can't judge me! You have no idea what kind of hardships we went through! For ages we were alone, no home, no rest, wandering endlessly!"
Ali /wants to reach out to her, but doesn't know how.
En: "We took whatever we wanted however we could whenever we could get it, and were glad of it! Otherwise, we wouldn't have survived!"
Usagi: "You think you're the only ones who have suffered? You think you're the only ones who've felt pain?"
En: "Who else could I have ever known?! How could I care for someone I've never known?!"
Moonlight Knight: "If you take without ever giving, you can only create nothing, which leads to more hatred, more pain, more—"

Moonlight Knight is flung back and hits the Doom Tree.
Rei /!

The tree thrashes and screams, uprooting itself. The root tendrils whip into the air…
Everyone /!!!

…and home in upon Ali and En!

En: "Ali!"
En /instantly leaps between Ali and the attack!


impaled, she falls…
En /collapses into Ali's arms.
Ali: "En, why? Why?"
En /coughs up blood. "…because I love you…"
Ali /holds her. "En?"
En: "…I just didn't want to lose you…"
Ali: "I don't want to lose you either! En! You, you said— what about what you said—?"
En: "…funny, it doesn't hurt… I just feel warm inside… is this what you felt before? it's nice…"
Ali /strokes her hair, her arms, her face. "En? En!"
Ali: "EN!"
Ali: "…En…"

The roots close in.

Ali: "…I guess I'll be joining you soon."
Ali /he closes his eyes, hugs her body tight, and waits.

Usagi /limps between Ali and the attack. "STOP!"
Ali /…?
Doom Tree: "FINALLY!"
Usagi: "Talking tree?"

A blinding flash of golden light from the tree, and Usagi and Ali find themselves floating in limitless space.

Usagi: "…this feels familiar. We're in a mental limbo. But whose?"
Ali: "We're inside the Tree, I think…"
Doom Tree: "Indeed, children."


CUE: Chrono Trigger, Corridors of Time

In the beginning, all was ocean and sky. And then there was me. And I looked upon the face of the waters and I saw that I was alone.

And as it seemed to me to be the worst thing in the world to be a talking tree and have no one to talk to, I decided to create someone to ease my loneliness. For I did not know then of other worlds, save as whispers through my branches when the auroras were quiet, which I thought were dreams.

Ali: "And that is why we were born."

Yes. And so I made the lightning, and from Pod'l'Pools were the dryads born, and so was I grandfather and grandmother to them all, loving them all, and respected in turn.

It was a happy time.

CUE: Chrono Trigger, Lavos' Theme

But gradually, as they grew from little sprouts to large and mobile saplings, they became more clever and less trusting. They fought each other for my energy, and I could not learn how to keep their respect. Soon, they were ruled solely by anger, hatred, and malice, and spoke little to me.

But still, I believed in them, for I knew they had once been kind, and could still be so at times, when they forgot to distrust. I dreamed that things could go back to the happy days of life before, for this was all we had known, and I had not learned to dream of futures.

But cleverness did not match wisdom, and their warring escalated with each turn of the sun. Until they learned to call new suns upon our world, and new trees of ash and steam rose above the little suns, more terrible trees than I, for I could not speak with them, and they fell and scattered across the winds, and our world was scorched and boiled, all balances wrecked, the sun hidden, the waters poisoned. And oh my children, so many of my children, murdered by this, and lost.

We few who yet lived fled that world, with such small bubble of life as I could gather about me. We survivors wandered the universe and visited many stars, and I learned much. Perhaps they did too, but they spoke even less to me, and I could see that there were too few, too few to remember and share what they experienced. Few new children were born, more died; of the older ones, some left, some sickened, some were slain, but I could save no more. And in my sorrow and broken state, I could no longer find voice. And so their numbers dwindled.

CUE: Chrono Trigger, At the Bottom of Night

The last two we know: Ali. En. Ali, hair blue like the seas on our lost world during the sunny season when the sun stood eight spans above the horizon in the morning, whose first spell was to boil water, who some nights does not sleep, but goes to a high place and sits and watches strange stars until dawn comes. En, hair pink like the corals on our lost world during the rainy season when the second moon touches the light of the rain-swept waters, whose first spell was to change a thing's color, who some days goes to a quiet place and sings songs she has learned in secret.

They were born too late. They knew nothing of true love, having only known a tiny world of pain and hunger, where the only means of survival was to force satisfaction from others. A pitiable pair.

Usagi: "…I feel sorry for you, too, Doom Tree."

Thank you, Sailor Moon.

Doom Tree: "What I need is not energy, but love. But with no voice, I could not simply tell you this, as I should have. I had to hint and show."
Ali: "The mad Cardian. The falling leaves. The bud which died."
Usagi: "Placing Mamoru and me in jeopardy, then releasing us, then defending us."
Doom Tree: "Indeed. But it seems I chose the wrong actions, or you simply would not see, until very late."
Ali: "…We've screwed things up so horribly. I'm… I'm sorry."
Doom Tree: "That's all right, my lovely child. At the very end, you finally learned the love of caring for one another. And I am sure you shall never forget this."
Ali /sobs.
Usagi: "But what of the attacks upon my people? I saw Luna was hurt…"
Doom Tree: "I was uncertain of their intents, and feared they would interrupt the lesson, and besides certain of my processes are not under my conscious control, although I was able to avoid crushing too many of the people who dwell within this concrete mound. I readily apologize, for I am a tree who has made mistakes before, and will likely do so again, but always hope to do so less often."
Usagi: "Apology accepted, Tree."
Ali /sets En's body down, gently, and mourns.

Usagi: "But… but… goshdarn it, it can't just end here, can it? They learned their lesson, but far too late to do anything about it! I liked Natsumi, whenever I didn't dislike her. But she's dead, and now he's all alone, and you're pretty scarred up yourself. Is that just it? A withering post-apocalypse death for the family of the Doom Tree? …That's too awful a prospect to bear."
Doom Tree: "I would not expect anyone to bear it, but I have learned in my brief span that the universe does not feel itself obligated to conform to our expectations."
Usagi: "Shikata ga nai? I hate those words."
Doom Tree: "…"
Doom Tree: "…But I have heard it said that Sailor Moon can produce miracles."

CUE: Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger Theme

Usagi: "Heh."
Usagi: "I wouldn't listen to all 'they' say. But with your help, I'll see what I can do."
Doom Tree: "You would do me this favor?"
Usagi /calls the Moon Scepter to her hand. "Love and Justice. Them's not just words."
Doom Tree: "Then, please, strike true."
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Doom Tree >>
< Doom Tree is Cleansed! >

A pillar of light surrounds the Doom Tree site, and ascends into the heavens, taking with it the form of the Doom Tree…

Usagi stands among clouds, beside Mamoru's body, and beholds the Moonlight Knight.

Moonlight Knight: "Worry not for the Tree; it has begun its regeneration process already."
Usagi: "Cool. And I figured you'd gotten away okay. Is now the time and place to 'have words'?"
Moonlight Knight: "Indeed, Usagi Tsukino."
Usagi: "…How'd you know that name?"
Moonlight Knight: "Because you told me. And you already knew mine…" /unmasks: Mamoru!
Usagi: "You are Mamoru. But he's lying right there in a coma… two Mamorus? …No, that doesn't work. Ah. One Mamoru in two places?"
Moonlight Knight: "Yes."
Usagi: "Explain."
Moonlight Knight: "When your Final Battle with Queen Beryl ended, all memories were lost. But his will to aid Sailor Moon—or rather, a girl precious to him named Usagi Tsukino—remained strong in him. That subconscious will took on a life of its own and created this shadow you see before you, for the sole purpose of rescuing you when you were in danger."
Usagi: "Then why are you so damn wordy?"
Moonlight Knight: "Okay, I confess that he also enjoys the superheroic dialogue and spectacle—much as you do, I suspect—and my existence lets him exercise that desire. And being a mere projection of the subconscious, I am unrestrained by human qualities such as common sense." /bows.
Usagi /curtsies. :)
Moonlight Knight: "…However, my work is now done. He was awakened to your devoted love, and I will become one with him, to walk towards the future by your side. Adieu."
Moonlight Knight /dissolves into mist and merges with Mamoru.

Mamoru: "Sailor Moon? Sailor Moon?" /snaps fingers in front of her face. "Yo! Cute chick with the tiara! Hey!"
Usagi /wakes up. "…Mamoru?"
Mamoru: "It'sa me."
Usagi /realizes she must have been standing there in a daze for… hours?
Mamoru: "You crazy munchkin. You did it, Usagi." :D
Usagi: "You remember? You remember now?"
Mamoru: "Yes, and—"
Usagi /leaps into his arms and just lets months of saved-up tears come pouring out.
Mamoru /!
Mamoru /…returns the hug and holds on tight.

Usagi /sniff sniff blows nose HWONK sniff. "Sorry. It's seemed like so long…" :eek:
Mamoru /rather teary-eyed himself. "I know, dear. I know."
Usagi: "A funny thing happened to me on the way to your funeral—"
Mamoru: "Almost sorry I missed it."
Usagi: "Funeral. Say, what happened to—?!"
Mamoru: "Over there. I think you and the Tree resurrected—the pink one is Natsumi, right?"
Usagi: "Yes! She is alive? Rock! Score one for the Mace of Healing!"
Mamoru: "The what? No, no, tell me later. Yes, they're over there. They've been, well…"
Ali /is not letting go of En's hand. "Carrying on like you two were a moment ago."
En /is not letting go of Ali's hand. "I think I owe you an apology, but I don't know how one works."
Usagi: "That'll do fine for your first." :)
Mamoru: "And there've been helicopters and sirens all around us all night, but what with the rising mists from the dead tree roots, the search parties haven't come close to us yet, so I figure we can perform our famous Batman disappearing act at any time."
Usagi: "But what about the Tree?"
Ali: "…I think this is it."

A tiny glowing sprout is growing from the rubble. Ali and En pick it up carefully.

En: "We have a Tree to plant, with our love."
Ali: "We'll have to find some nice world somewhere…"
Usagi: "…You know, there's room on this planet. Lots of little islands that no one's using, and one more tree wouldn't stand out too much…"
Ali: "Thank you, but we've got a third to consult now, and she can't talk yet."
En: "We really should start over, afresh… but maybe we'll drop by sometime."
Usagi: "Then clear skies, you two."
Mamoru: "'He who plants a Tree plants hope.' Good luck!"
Ali and En: "Take care, and stay… healthy!"
{Ali, En, and the Doom Sprout have left the planet.}

Usagi and Mamoru watch after the two space-elves… then stand, together, on the broken roof-top, and watch the dawn.

Usagi: "They'll be all right, won't they? Happily ever after, and all that?"
Mamoru: "I'm sure of it."
Usagi: "And us?"
Mamoru: "We've got a lot to catch up on, don't we? Which is weird, because I was there for most of it…"
Usagi: "There's so much I've been wanting to say, and do, and…"
Mamoru: "Me too. I've… I…"
Usagi: "You…"
Rei: "I seem to recall he liked being kissed right… there. Try it and see."
Makoto: "So, when's the wedding? I'm Maid of Honor, right?"
Yamandakka: "Yamandakka!"
Minako: "Darn, and I forgot to bring my camera!"
Mamoru: "GAH! We're surrounded! There's no escape!"
Usagi: "Where'd you guys come from?!"
Minako: "We never left, remember? Well, except to take Luna to the vet."
Rei: "You were the one busy having mystic visions."
Makoto: "We had an unobstructed view."
Artemis: "Yes, and that mist won't last much longer now that the sun's up, so perhaps we could consider dispersing now?"
Ami: "Look at her blush! Wow! What has she to be ashamed of, I wonder?"
Artemis: "Anyone? Anyone?"
Minako: "Aw, you guys, I think it's very sweet!"
Usagi: "AAAUUUGH! Five minutes alone is all I ask!"
Mamoru /laughs and laughs…

PULL BACK into the sky and ROLL CREDITS, over "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"
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