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[IWIW] Walkin' on Sailor Moon (thread 3 of a continuing series)

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"So they've been standing out there all afternoon?"
"Yep. I think they're time travelers."
"You think so?"
"If the future did a documentary about the last fifty years, this is how badly the reenactors would dress."
My thoughts exactly!

Why, you'd think we'd been reading the same internet! :D

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Usagi: "At last my sweet!"
Mamoru: "At last! And now—"
Naoko Takeuchi, coming off of a harsh break-up: "Fuuuuck youuuuuuuuu!!!" /blam blam blam blam blam
If it matters, she's happily married to the guy who does Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter. :)

Also, re: Eva character correspondences -- Take a close look at the hair fringe on Misato's forehead. Then listen to her Japanese voice.

She was deliberately visually styled as an homage to Sailor Moon. Getting the same seiyuu? Sheer coincidence. :D

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If it matters, she's happily married to the guy who does Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter. :)
NOW she is. She hasn't met him yet, from where Shadowjack is standing at least.

And we went over the Misato/Usagi comparison previously. Though when we get to REDACTED it'll be interesting to see what sort of reaction we get from him. :D

(I do find the fact that Ayanami Rei was named after Hino Rei just to try and get Ikuhara to sign on board for EVA amusing.)


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NOW she is. She hasn't met him yet, from where Shadowjack is standing at least.
Yeah, we're still back in the early-to-mid 1990s. :D

Let's see, timeline, we're at about April '93 or so, aren't we? (For the second time.) Let's hit Wikipedia.

Clinton is U.S. President, Bosnia's at war, the Branch Davidians are in the middle of a standoff in Waco, Pentium chips just came out, Unforgiven won Best Picture, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" is a record-making top single (shudder), Nirvana is rockin' away, Green Day just signed with a major label, Beavis and Butthead is new, Mosaic was about to be released, and I was in 5th grade.

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Re: Sailor Moon Episode R #60: An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl from the Sky.

Usagi: "…Mamoru, the little girl with creepy red eyes is staring at me."
Evil red eyes, check.

The Kid: "Move and the girl dies."
Mamoru /!
Usagi: "Well, Usagi Tsukino doesn't know she has it, so go jump in the pond."
The Kid: "As you wish."
Usagi: "Mamoru, I lo—"

Cruelty, check.

Mom /brings in tea and cookies. "Oh, hello, Usagi! Your cousin is going to be living with us, starting today. How was your date?"
Usagi: "…"
Evil mind control powers, check.
Mom: "Oh, come on, there's photos right here in the family album. See? In all those pictures with you."
Reality warping, check

Mom: "Calm down, dear."
Ami /looks up at her blue hair, sadface

Usagi: "—OONNNNnnnnow I'm gonna take a bath. With my cat. Who also needs a bath. Excuse me."
DOES Usagi bathe Luna? Or Minako Artemis? That would probably be hilarious to watch.

The Kid /sniffle. "Big Sis is being mean to me!"
Emotional manipulation, check.

The Kid /spikes the tea.
Gramps: "Hey!"
The Kid /spikes Gramps.
Gramps /K.O.
The Kid: "Sleeping potion. Gets 'em every time."
The Kid /picks up the tea tray…
Ruthlessness, check.

Usagi /cowers in the corner, having learned a valuable lesson about the actual effectiveness of 'field expedient interrogations.'
And this is why one doesn't spank eldrich abominations.

Koan: "I, Koan, youngest of the fouw Phantom Sistews!"
Usagi: "'Fandom Sisters'? Killer cosplayers?"
Usagi's English still isn't where it should be, I see.

{Rei's manga shelf has been set on fire!}

Usagi: "For instance, if we alter this young lady's attire to something a little more, uh, romantic, certain changes in attitude may perhaps be detected! In other words, it's not your fault you're acting like some psychotic child-stalking trollop, dear. I'm sure you'd be perfectly tolerable in a nice pants-suit or something."
Yes, Koan's outfit is just mind-bogglingly hideous. And she dresses that way voluntarily!

Mamoru: "Maybe she's from some planet where we're worshipped as gods. Hence the hair-do and name; she's an acolyte of the Goddess."
Usagi: "What a horrifying thought. Though the purple lady said she was a 'Fandom Sister,' so maybe there's something in that."


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Re: Sailor Moon Episode R #60: An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl from the Sky.

Oh, yeah. The introduction of the Spore. Lots to say about this one, though fortunately I've been scooped by a lot of other commenters.

We glimpse the outside of their craft—it looks like a giant crystal caltrop, and hangs in the sky like some dark omen of things to come. It disappears from view moments before SDF fighter jets arrive to investigate this UFO report…
Okay, this is interesting. The open reason for the Doomtree arc was for the anime writers to buy some time while Takeuchi refined the Black Moon arc's plot (it was also a convenient reset button to get rid of the amnesia/timewarp ending and put the pieces back in place for the new arc).

And indeed, this coordination pays off with the Rabbit's introduction, which is nearly identical to the Manga version. (Although the manga used it as a cliffhanger ending for the Dark Kingdom arc.)

On the other hand, the Black Moon ? Their first appearance is handled very differently from the manga. There, they were played like a B-movie alien invasion, secretly infiltrating everything while the world succumbs to paranoia from all the UFO sightings. This made them very creepy (especially considering some other aspects I can't talk about now).

Anime!Koan's complete lack of subtlety here in her search for the Rabbit is the antithesis of that. Which is a bit of the shame, as I quite like the manga's impressive building of an oppressive mood in the first half of this arc. But I guess this kind of tone didn't fly well with the anime writers (and it's much harder to sustain for 20+ episodes than for 5 manga chapters)...

?????? the blue: "Is it really here in Juban?"
She's called Berthier. Which makes your faux-French accent for her all the funnier. :D

By the way, we're back to the "stones" theme naming !

Rubeus doesn't need explaining. Koan, the youngest sister, apparently gets her name from Kermesite ("Koanko" in Japanese), while Berthier gets hers from Berthierite. We'll talk about the other two sisters a bit later, when they actually do something.

Everyone else /K.O.
Usagi /?!
And so, once again, the other Sailor soldiers are completely useless.

Get used to it.
(It's even worse in the manga.)

Usagi: "'Fandom Sisters'? Killer cosplayers?"
Well played, sir.

Mamoru: "But the kid knows our real names, so wherever she comes from, she—"
Note that, while the Rabbit knows both Usagi & Mamoru's name, as well as Usagi's possession of the Silver Crystal... She shows no indication of knowing that Usagi is Sailor Moon, so far.

Koan /spitting out turf. "Mah node! Ya ga diwt up ma node! Ma make-u' i' ru-id! Ya bidch! I'm goi'g to teaw ya inda pieces!"
The anime writers always greatly expand the characterization of its second-string villains. The gimmick for the Phantom Sisters is that they're vain and obsessed with makeup.

... Yeah.

As far as Sailor Moon Quirky Boss Mini-squads go, the Phantom Sisters are probably the weakest characters.

Anyway, about the episode as a whole... It's actually a pretty good start, with a clear sense that something isn't right and some genuine mystery as to what all this is about. What is the Spore's agenda ? For that matter, why do those Black Moon people want her ?

So far, so good. This arc's most annoying elements haven't shown up yet, and it's clear that the Rabbit is annoying because she's supposed to. (I'm not part of her haters, but this season clearly doesn't do her any favors...)

By the way, she's voiced by Kae Araki, who was last heard filling in for Usagi's voice-actress in episodes 44-50. I guess this is another way to take over the main role of the show...

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Re: Sailor Moon Episode R #60: An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl from the Sky.

As far as Sailor Moon Quirky Boss Mini-squads go, the Phantom Sisters are probably the weakest characters.
I found the Season 4 trio weaker, to the point of forgetting their names.


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...Ok, she might not be my favorite character ever, but I never did understand the level of HATE a lot of the fandom had for the Pink One. (With the caveat I never watched the SuperS or Stars seasons)


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I agree with you, dshaffer, but I think if we keep talking on this subject we're going to get into spoilery territory very fast. (It's a debate about the long-term merits and flaws of a character who's been in exactly one episode at this point, after all.) So if people really want to discuss why they love/hate/are indifferent to Chibi-Usa, I advise starting another thread.
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