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[IWIW] Walkin' on Sailor Moon (thread 3 of a continuing series)

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Re: o_O

Speaking of Black Lagoon and voice actors, I think Shadowjack should give a listen to Roberta's and let us know what you think ;)
At that point in the video, I was expecting her voice shift. But chirpy Revy-chan!, who then shifts in mid-sentence to the Goddamn Two-Hands, then back. That slew me.

God, I love the voice acting on that show.


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Re: o_O

At that point in the video, I was expecting her voice shift. But chirpy Revy-chan!, who then shifts in mid-sentence to the Goddamn Two-Hands, then back. That slew me.

God, I love the voice acting on that show.
And the voice actress is? :)


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Re: o_O

And has been in basically… nothing else I've ever seen. :p

I note, however, that Mami Koyama (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mami_Koyama), the voice of the Goddamn Balalaika, also has voiced… heh, okay, Fujiko from a Lupin movie I haven't seen, Kei in Akira, Athena in the CG Appleseed (which I could not bring myself to watch much of, but that's a good casting), and…

…bwahaha! I won't follow the character link to avoid spoilers, but she's someone called "Green Esmeraude" from Sailor Moon R, whom I can only help but assume is our as-yet-unnamed lady in green.

Heh heh heh. :D


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Re: o_O

And has been in basically… nothing else I've ever seen. :p
Man, you've managed to avoid watching any Full Metal Alchemist for so long? Bit of a shame, there. It's probably the most original and intelligent fantasy series put out in years. It's suffered from being overplayed, but I really don't think any franchise has managed to so thoroughly alter the fantasy anime landscape since Slayers.

Also, you'd probably dig Bamboo Blade. Just sayin'.


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Re: o_O

Man, you've managed to avoid watching any Full Metal Alchemist for so long? Bit of a shame, there. It's probably the most original and intelligent fantasy series put out in years. It's suffered from being overplayed, but I really don't think any franchise has managed to so thoroughly alter the fantasy anime landscape since Slayers.
I saw the first few episodes when Cartoon Network first got it, and quite liked it… but then my schedule changed, and I never got the chance to see any more. I'm glad to hear it stayed good! I was worried it might have suffered over time.

Also, you'd probably dig Bamboo Blade. Just sayin'.
*adds it to the list*

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Re: o_O

I saw the first few episodes when Cartoon Network first got it, and quite liked it… but then my schedule changed, and I never got the chance to see any more. I'm glad to hear it stayed good! I was worried it might have suffered over time.
D'you mean the original anime, or the new one that debuted in English just a few weeks ago?

Because the first anime... well...

Don't bother with it. Just don't. :( The new one is a much more faithful adaptation of the manga, and a much better ride on the whole.


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Sailor Moon Episode #62: The Friendship of Sailor Warriors! Good-Bye Ami.

Chibi-Usa hesitates outside a new ice cream stall.

Chibi-Usa /drools
Chibi-Usa: "No! Bad Usagi! I'm not a little kid anymore! Who cares about stupid ice-cream when I have to find the Silver Crystal!"
Ami /just happening by. "The who on the what now?"
Chibi-Usa /!
Ami: "Hello, Chibi-Usa. Checking out the new ice cream place? I hear they're really good."
Chibi-Usa: "…I don't want any ice cream."
Ami: "That's too bad, because I was thinking—"
Chibi-Usa: "If you insist I want mint chocolate chip please!"
Ami /laughs. "Glad to have you join me. What was that about a crystal something something?"
Chibi-Usa: "I dunno. Kids say lots of silly stuff."

Ice cream is partaken of, and thoroughly enjoyed. But all too soon…

Ami: "…I'd better scoot to my cram school. And you should probably scoot, too, before your aunt and uncle get worried about you."
Chibi-Usa: "Okay. Good-bye!"
Ami: "Auf wiedersehen!"
Chibi-Usa /?
{Ami has left the scene.}
Chibi-Usa: "She's dependable, responsible, and knows arcane languages. If any of those guys has the Crystal besides Kyo-Usa, it's gotta be her. How do I sneak it out of her?"

Usagi: "WHAT?! Germany? Our Ami?"
Rei: "I know, I can't believe it. ¡Studying abroad, at our age!"
Luna: "My sources say it's an all-expenses paid scholarship if she accepts."
Minako: "Wow. I guess after you get the best test scores in the country for two years running, people start to notice."
Makoto: "Honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. …Damn, if she goes, who am I going to get to critique my stitchwork?"
Usagi: "Wait, what? Did I miss some new slang, or do you actually mean, like, sewing?"
Makoto: "Unlike SOME people, Ami has the perception to appreciate good craftsmanship, and give good advice upon it. For example, no one else even noticed my nice new school dress."
Rei: "Yes, yes, it's darling, dear."
Makoto /beams.

Artemis: "If we could return to an earlier point, Luna: you did say 'if she accepts'?"
Luna: "Yes. She hasn't decided yet."
Rei: "Typical Ami. She'll analyze that decision to death."
Luna: "Come on, of course she wants to go!"
Makoto: "Yeah. I mean, the times she had me over to help with her German flash cards, she'd talk all about her interest in, what was it?"
Rei: "She wants to be a doctor, I thought."
Makoto: "Yes, to follow in her mother's footsteps. (And, I suspect, to get out of her mother's house, but don't tell her I said that.)"
Usagi: "We won't." :)
Makoto: "But it was a very specific—yes! That was it. Biomechatronics. 'With special emphasis in neuroprothestics.' Heh."
Usagi: "…She wants to build cyborgs."
Makoto: "Well, really, replacement legs and stuff. She has these ideas about neural-interface and artificial intelligence that she— Wait, I had to have her explain it to me. When'd you learn what biomechatronics means?"
Usagi: "When'd you have all these talks with Ami?"
Makoto: "Here and there. What? We like to talk. I don't understand half of what's she saying, but she's so enthusiastic about the science stuff, I get caught up in it. Anyway—"

Usagi: "—I don't want to say good-bye to Ami! And she's the brains of the team! We need her future boomer army here. I need her here."
Rei: "…It's her life."
Minako: "And I think we have sufficient operational assets to make up for the loss of any single team member, even Ami."
Makoto: "…"
Minako: "I mean, tee-hee!"
Makoto /seriously curious. "Which one is the real you?"
Minako /shrugs. "All of them."
Usagi: "I hate sounding strategic about one of my best friends."
Rei: "…I understand that Ami has her schedule arranged so tightly, that on nights we give battle, she has to choose between cutting sleep and cutting her studies—and she usually cuts sleep instead. Her hard work is finally starting to pay off… we can't hold her back because of our desires."
Luna: "Remember, you said you wanted everyone to live a normal life."
Usagi /winces, clenches her fists, looks away.
Usagi: "…ffffffffeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh you're right."
Rei: "¿We are? I mean, ¿you admit that?"
Usagi: "I do. You are. An opportunity to chase a dream like this doesn't come often. She'd be a fool not to take it. I'm just whining, as I do."
Minako: "Rock on, Princess. Does that mean we're doing an awesome going-away party for her?"
Usagi: "…YES. Yes we are." :D

Artemis: "Before we get engrossed in party planning, if I may?"
Luna: "Ah, good. They arrived?"
Artemis: "They arrived. Ladies, gather around, if you please: your new equipment issue. Now, pay attention, Usagi. There is one rather special accessory—"
Usagi: "Artemis, have I ever let you down?"
Artemis: "Frequently. Now these are your new power pens—"
Minako: "Oh, thank goodness, those look much better. I was always embarrassed by the thought my mother would discover the old one and ask for an explanation."
Artemis: "Are you finished?"
Minako: "…Yes."
Artemis: "Now these are your new power pens, these work as before, and these of course are wrist-watch format communicators. Cosmic-scale range, Selenian power cell good for at least five years. Simply twist to talk. Five clicks and tear the band to activate the explosive self-destruct."
Makoto: "Self-destruct? You're joking."
Artemis: "I never joke about my work, Makoto. Now, ladies, do try to return this equipment in pristine order."
Rei: "We'll do our bests."
Artemis: "That's what I was afraid of."
Usagi: "Er… but what do we do with Ami's stuff?"
Uncomfortable pause.
Artemis: "I… er… I guess I'll hold them in safe-keeping until… er, until. Yes."
Usagi: "…sorry, I killed the mood there."

Rubeus, the redhead: "Berthier! Yo! Berthier!"
Berthier, the blue /flounces in quickly. "Oui, mon cher!"
Rubeus: "I found another Crystal Point. This here ice cream shop, believe it or not."
Berthier: "'Soft Serve Bob-Floy'? What a ridiculous name!"
Rubeus: "Yes, but not quite as ridiculous as conquering a Crystal Point only to lose it fifteen minutes later."
Berthier: "…Seventeen minutes. And I will be très très more careful zis time, M. Rubeus, never fear! Berthier takes care of everyzing!"
Rubeus: "All right, then; everyone's entitled to the occasional accident. Good luck."

Outside Ami's cram school.

Ami: "Chibi-Usa? What are you doing here? You shouldn't be this late!"
Chibi-Usa: "I… uh, I wanted to ask a favor. Can I stay over at your place?"
Ami: "…Heh. Did you have another fight with Usagi?"
Chibi-Usa: "…Yes. I want to study, and I can't concentrate around her."
Ami: "…"
Ami: "On one hand, I wonder if you're just saying what you think I want to hear. And on the other hand, it's never too soon to establish good study habits!"
Ami: "Okay, I'll be glad to have you over. I'll call Usagi and set it up with her parents."
Chibi-Usa: "And then you'll ask your mommy?"
Ami: "…er, my mom, is, er, well… I'll set it up with Usagi's parents."

Up in a nice apartment complex. Decorated in shades of pink, very clean and well-lit, a mix of modern design and off-the-shelf furniture, very few personal touches.

Chibi-Usa /nods off.
Chibi-Usa: "I'm awake!"
Chibi-Usa /eyes clock.
{It is past 10 o'clock in the evening.}
Chibi-Usa: (thinking) "(How am I ever going to get a chance to search her room? Doesn't she sleep?)"
Chibi-Usa /hinting. "…My teacher said I should always be in bed by ten! 'Cause sleep builds healthy minds and bodies!"
Ami: "Hmm?" /checks clock. "Oh, but that only applies to things like watching TV. Study time doesn't count. We can do another hour, easily."
Chibi-Usa: "…"
Chibi-Usa /edges away from Ami like she's a crazy person because she IS.
Ami: "What's the matter?"
Chibi-Usa: "Nothing! I'm sure you're PERFECTLY FINE. Haha! I just think the light is better here."
Ami: "Oh, maybe I should move over—"
Chibi-Usa: "It's okay! The light looks good there, too!"

Ami: "Chibi-Usa…" /sets aside her work. "I think we should talk seriously for a minute. Is there something wrong?"
Chibi-Usa: "Haha! No?"
Ami: "I know you didn't come from anywhere we know. And the cousin story is a lie, too, isn't it?"
Chibi-Usa /!
Ami: "If you don't want to talk, that's okay."
Chibi-Usa /?
Ami: "I just want you to know that if there's ever anything you need to talk about, there are sympathetic ears, willing to listen and to help. And, for that matter, if you have nowhere to go… do you want to stay at my place? I may be going very far away, and I'm worried my mother will be lonely."
Chibi-Usa: "Far away? You're leaving?"
Ami: "My dream is finally going to come true…"
Chibi-Usa: "…Then why aren't you smiling?"
Ami: "…because I'm lying to myself, I guess. I can't leave the others behind… agh, I'm such a coward. Sorry, forget what I said. Never mind."

Usagi wakes from a melodramatic dream about Mamoru and Ami parting from her—two close friends lost within two weeks.

Usagi: "…everyone I rely on for strength is going away. One by one, they're all going…"
Usagi: "No! Shut up, Usagi. They aren't going away forever."
Usagi: "Mamoru's just being a dork for some reason (because he is a guy, after all), and Ami can still write letters and come back to visit."
Usagi: "If Luna were awake, she'd say, 'Usagi, you need to learn to rely on your own strength!' And she's right."
Usagi: "I'll win him back, and maybe if I work hard, I can even visit her there."
Usagi /stares at the ceiling.
Usagi /curls up into a ball and hides beneath her pillow. "Yeah, you keep talking, Usagi Tsukino. Maybe someone will even believe it."
Usagi: "I hate attacks of night angst. I always feel better in the morning, so why hit me at night, when there's nothing I can do about it?"
Usagi's Subconscious: "DOOMED. DOOMED. DOOMED."
Usagi /somehow manages to fall back asleep.

Outside Soft Serve Bob-Floy. Berthier and her agent—Droid Nipasu, who appears in traditional Japanese robes and flowing green hair. They advance menacingly upon the closed-up shop.
Berthier: "I love a cold treat…"
Nipasu: "Oui, madame."

Usagi: "Yo-ho! I bet she was a handful, eh?"
Ami: "No, Chibi-Usa was quite the studious angel. She can stay over any time."
Chibi-Usa /yaaaaaawn
Usagi /suspicious look
Chibi-Usa /innocent expression
Usagi /shrugs. "Anyway, I wanted to ask if you had any place you really wanted to go, for your going away party—"
Ami: "—My WHAT?!"
Usagi: "All of life's transitions should have a party!"
Ami: "But… for me? This is just— I mean…"
Usagi: "What? You're not saying you're not worth a party or two?"
Ami: "No, no, but… but… I'm still, kind of, deciding."
Usagi: "You're WHAT?!"
Ami: "Well…"
Usagi: "Isn't the date coming up?"
Ami: "Ten days."
Usagi: "That's not like you, to turn an assignment in at the last moment."
Ami: "Oh, the paperwork's all done ahead, but I still don't… I mean…"
Usagi /grabs Ami's shoulders. "Ami!"
Usagi: "Yes, we'll miss you. Terribly. And it's a foreign land and the work will be harder than anything else you've done."
Ami /thinks about a certain time in a very cold place. "Almost—"
Usagi. "—almost anything. Okay. But you've got to do this! It'll be a grand adventure and a real challenge, one where we're all sure you'll triumph! You're going to become a great doctor and save lives, and this is the next step toward that. If that plane leaves and you're not on it, you're gonna regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life!"
Ami: "…"
Usagi: "I don't ever want to push anyone into anything they don't want to do, but I am perfectly willing to kick your butt when you're wussing out on something you do want to do."
Ami /smiles a little. "And here I'm usually the one butt-kicking you."
Usagi: "I usually wake myself up on time now. Honest."
Ami: "…I have one condition."
Usagi: "Anything."
Ami: "…You know how terribly indecisive I can be. Obviously. Granted. But if you throw me some wonderful party… I'm… uh… I'm not going to have the courage to go through with it, because I won't be able to say goodbye."
Usagi: "…So you have to do it like pulling off a band-aid?"
Ami: "Yes, quickly and quietly. I know what the logical, rational decision is, but if I make time to feel, I'm worried I won't have the strength to stick to it. I have to do it cold, or I won't do it at all."
Usagi: "…I guess that makes sense."

Afternoon tea at a sunny park café.
Rei: "Well, of course it makes sense. It's Ami."
Makoto: "But-but-but… not even seeing her off? That's cold."
Usagi /shrugs. "It's what she wanted. But I got her to agree to going-away presents, which I thought was weird."
Minako: "Ha! No it's not. She's thinking she can safely open them on the plane, after the point of no return."
Rei: "Okay, so we need to think up some STELLAR presents."
Minako: "And then sneak into the airport to watch her leave anyway. We can wave from the concourse."
Usagi: "Heh, we can wave from the tarmac. I think we know our way around, right, Rei?"
Rei /giggles. "I think the guards will be easier this time."
Usagi /giggles. "It's a good thing Luna isn't here, or she'd have a heart-attack."
Rei: "'Do you know how much that airplane cost?!'" /laughs.
Usagi: "'It's a good thing those weren't real people!'" /laughs.
Minako and Makoto /?
Usagi /suddenly sobers. "God, I'll miss her. We need to pick out something good."

Berthier: "Just, how-you-say, dropping by. How iz everyzing?"
Napisu, cleverly-disguised as an ordinary ice cream boutique manager: "Perfectly well, madame. Observe—"

They watch as the customers partake, and become progressively more irritable. But this does not shorten the length of the lines.

Berthier /laughs demurely. "C'est parfait! Once they have some of my ice cream, they will not be able to stand even a little heat. Both ze real and ze métaphorique. And, of course, zey will crave even more, to cure zis abominable hotness…"
Berthier and Napisu /suddenly spin around. "WHO'S THERE?"
Artemis /was spying. "Um… meow?"
Berthier: "Aw, bonjour, Monsieur Chat Blanc!" /bends to pick up the pretty kitty.
Artemis: "Meow! Purr. Meow?"
Berthier: "Such a handsome cat. Looking for spilled milk, no doubt. We know how to deal wiz guests, Napisu, non?"
Napisu: "Oui, madame." /unmasks
Artemis /!
Berthier /holds tightly.
Napisu /freezes Artemis into a block of magical ice.
Berthier: "I simply detest spies. Shove him in ze back wiz ze others!"

Rei /suddenly stops praying.
Rei: "I'm sorry, Mina. Some force is interfering with my divinations. I can't locate Artemis."
Minako /despairing. "Oh, noooooo…"
Makoto /strength. "She said she can't locate him, but they wouldn't interfere with her if there was nothing for her to find out, right? I'm sure he's okay."
Usagi: "Okay, time for Plan B. I'll ask Ami to use the tricorder to… er…"
Rei: "…"
Usagi: "…frell. I suppose we'd better get used to handling these situations ourselves."
Minako: "And we're going to handle it, right? Right?"
Usagi: "No one kicks a cat in my town."

Chibi-Usa: "So you leave tonight, huh? Thank you for all your help! I hope you have fun 'n stuff! Ami? Ami? Are you ignoring me? Can I borrow your tape deck? Ami?"
Ami /looks up from her packing. "Hmmm?"
Chibi-Usa /holds up a hanky.
Ami: "Thank you." /wipe wipe HWONK. "Hm. And thank you. Try to play nice with Usagi, hm?"
Chibi-Usa: "Okaaaaaaaay."
Chibi-Usa: (thinks) "She's not the holder, or she wouldn't be leaving town. And I watched her pack, anyway. Then where is it? Oh, no, I'm gonna have to think up excuses to follow all of them!"


A lone figure regards the building from a high place.

Luna: "Minako? It's almost time to send-off Ami. What are you doing up here? …Hey, that's the shop Artemis was suspicious about."
Minako: "I know."
Luna: "…You know better. No solo actions, missie."
Minako: "…I'm not solo now, am I?"

Berthier /pops in. "Ah, ma chère Nipa. Goes all well?"
Nipasu: "Oui, madame. Business is excellent, and—"
Berthier: "Oh, my! What is zis? There are still all zese corpsicles in ze back of ze warehouse! Someone has not gotten rid of zem as I ordered."
Nipasu: "Forgive me, madame! I had not yet had time— I was going to do it tonight— I was—"
Berthier: "I suppose I could handle zis easily myself… and perhaps add another to ze pile, hmm? If I find someone who moves slowly, like zem."
Nipasu: "No, madame! Please, madame! Your servant wishes to keep serving you! Please do not trouble yourself, madame!"
Berthier: "A shame to have to get my boots so dirty, walking on zis Earth."
Nipasu /bends to—
Berthier: "Ah, I would not distract you tonight. After all, you have much to do wiz ze cleaning up and closing accounts, yes? And I think I hear some more mice in ze back. Au revoir, ma chère." /pops out.
{Berthier has left the scene.}
Nipasu /sweats, and hurries into the back.

There are several people—and one cat—encased in ice back here. And a couple of people who aren't…

Nipasu: "WHO'S THERE? …Another cat?"
Luna: "Meow, bitch."
Minako /Batmans out of the shadows. "In the name of the Moon and INTERPOL, identify yourself! And what do you intend to do with all these frozen people?"
Nipasu: "Same thing I shall do to you!" /unmasks

<< Nipasu casts Nega Blizzard! >>
< Luna is hit! Luna is frozen solid! >
< Minako dodges! >
Minako /leaps several meters in a single bound, into safe cover and concealment.
Nipasu: "Such agility! Who are you?"
Minako: "…I have many names."

Makoto: "She's laaaaaaaaaaate."
Rei: "I've got a bad feeling about this."
Usagi: "…Wait a minute, we all have Dick Tracy watches. Why don't we just—?"
{Wristphone rings!}
Usagi: "—speak of the devil. Minako?"
Minako: (via wristphone, shouting over roaring wind and crashing ice) "I COULD USE A LITTLE ASSISTANCE AT THE NEW ICE CREAM PLACE!"
Usagi: "We're on our way! Over 'n' out!"
Usagi: "Well, shit, so much for me giving our gift to Ami."
Chibi-Usa /materializes. "I'll do it!"
Everyone /!
Usagi: "WHERE'D YOU COME FROM?! And how much did you overhear?"
Chibi-Usa: "About what?"
Mamoru /materializes. "I'll handle it. Here, Chibi-Usa, you can ride with me. Buckle up."
Usagi: "And where'd you come from?! And where'd you get that Mazda RX-7? And why are you helping me all of a sudden?"
Rei: "¿Do we have time for this?"
Usagi: "No! But I want those questions on the record. Here!" /shoves the gift-wrapped package at Mamoru.

Mamoru and Chibi-Usa burn rubber one way, and Usagi, Rei, and Makoto sprint the other way.

Makoto: "I thought he didn't like you any more?"
Usagi: "Don't ask me!"

Nipasu: "Here, kitty, kitty…"
Jingling of chains…
Nipasu /looks up.
Usagi: "HI THERE!"

Usagi, Minako, Rei, and Makoto burst in, dramatically!

Usagi: "We are the terrors who trip in the night! We are the uncanny ability of Iron Chefs to make ice cream out of anything! This battle's special ingredient: your head on a platter! WE ARE THE SAILOR SENSHI, and in the name of the Moon, we will punish you!"
Nipasu: "You impert—"
Usagi: "Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! You impertinent brats! I'll show you! Pssssh."
Nipasu: "…"
<< Nipasu casts Nega Blizzard! >>

Ami let off by the taxi, and stands on the sidewalk, looking up at the planes of the airport… and hesitating… and hesitating…

Mamoru, in his Miami Vice sunglasses, drives like a bat out of hell down the Strip toward the airport. Chibi-Usa looks at the pretty lights.

The Sailor Senshi, cowering behind a pallet of Dreyer's as gale-force winds snowblast it away inch by inch.

Usagi: "We already had this argument!"
Minako: "Somebody do something!"

Usagi into Second-Stage Sailor Moon: 10
Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 3

A candy cane that turns into flowers.
Chibi-Usa: "For you!"
Ami /?
Chibi-Usa: "But you have to give it back."
Mamoru: "Special delivery for Ami Mizuno. Are you Ami Mizuno?"
Ami: "Hello, Mamoru. What are you doing here?"
Mamoru: "Delivering a gift from some friends." /hands it over.
Ami: "Awwww…" /smiles.
Chibi-Usa: "Great friends you have. They didn't even come to see you off!"
Ami: "Because I asked them not to, silly."
Chibi-Usa: "BAH! They should have disobeyed and come anyway! WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS WON'T SAY GOODBYE?!"
Ami: "Good friends, who—"
Chibi-Usa: "BAH!"
Ami /turns away and opens the present.
Ami: "Oops. I didn't mean to do that yet…"
Mamoru: "Why not?"
Chibi-Usa: "Whadja get? Whadja get?"
Ami /!

The package contains the new pen and comm, and a hand-written note, signed by all four: 'No matter where you go, there we are. Banzai!'"

Chibi-Usa: "Whadja get? I can't see!"
Ami /starts to cry.
Chibi-Usa: "See? They made her cry! They suck."
Mamoru: "…Starting to think you made a mistake?"
Ami: "Not yet, I haven't. Chibi-Usa… you're half right. If your friends aren't there, that means it's not time to say goodbye."
Chibi-Usa /:confused:
Ami: "Mamoru, I need a favor."
Mamoru: "I thought you might." /twirls keys.
Ami: "All right, Bean Bandit, let's roll."

The ice barrage continues.

Usagi: "Hell, I wish I hadn't dropped my adrenalin pills. This cover won't last much longer."
Minako: "Hey, I've got a crazy idea: ¿why don't we just shoot her?"
Makoto: "It's so cold and wet now, I'd probably electrocute all of you. Why don't you, Venus?"
Minako: "I've been here longer than you and my fingers are too numb. Mars?"
Rei: "¡I AM SHOOTING! ¡My fire bolts are getting extinguished before they get six inches out!"
Makoto: "Okay, we're all gonna die. Let's change the subject. Sailor Moon, have you considered that maybe Tuxedo Mask isn't right for you?"
Usagi: "Is this the time for this conversation?"
Makoto: "I get nervous when waiting for things. He just walks off, then walks back? Maybe he's not ready for a steady relationship."
Rei: "I'm telling you, there's something else going on."
Makoto: "You think he's having an affair?!" :eek:
Usagi: "Guys…"
Rei: "¡No! I just meant—"
Usagi: "Maybe if we can get the demon into this conversation, her brain will seize up."
Minako: "Guys, I think this cover's about had it."
Nipasu: "AHA! There you are!"
<< Nipasu casts—

Usagi into Second-Stage Sailor Moon: 10
Usagi into Sailor Moon: 43
Usagi into Princess Serenity: 1
Usagi into Disguise Form: 9
Ami into Second-Stage Sailor Mercury: 1
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 15
Rei into Sailor Mars: 13
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 8
Minako into Sailor Venus: 7
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 2
Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 3

Sailor Mercury bursts in, dramatically!

Usagi: "You're not Tuxedo Mask. But, oh, what a wonderful substitute!"
Ami: "Substitute? I ain't no stinkin' substitute. I am a 100% genuine grade-A unadulterated and certified original."
Napisu: "Original corpse."
<< Nipasu casts Nega Blizzard. >>
< Ami parries. >
Napisu: "…parries a blizzard?"
Ami: "I am the Mistress of Waters, and you're sullying my element."
<< Ami : Cast > Shine Aqua Illusion : Nipasu >>
Napisu: "'Illusion'? …I disbelieve."
Ami: "That's the illusion."
< Water reflects! Geysers of light engulf Nipasu! >
Nipasu /!!!
Ami: "All right, Sailor Moon, I've softened her up. GET HER!"
Usagi: "'Get her'? How do you mean?"
Ami: "I mean beat her to death with your goddamn Princess Wand!"
Usagi: "That's what I thought you meant!" :D
<< Usagi : Cast > Halation : Nipasu >>
Nipasu: "I'm sorry, Mistress!"
< Nipasu is eliminated! >
<< Ami has levelled up! New technique opened… >>

Everyone who was trapped in ice is freed, and restored.
Ice Cream Shop Staff: "Wha' happen—?"
Artemis /blink blink. "…Luna?"
Luna: "Hello! Battle must be over."
Ami: "All right!"
Usagi: "Other side!"
Ami: "Up high!"
Usagi: "Down low!"
Ami: "Too slow!"
Usagi: "Just like old times…"
Minako: "If that was old times, I'm sorry I missed them!"
Makoto: "Mercury, you just kicked a tremendous quantity of purest-quality ass, but I'm obligated to inform you that you still run like a girl."
Ami: "How else should I run, Jupiter?"
Makoto: "Like a woman."
Ami: "Give me time."
Rei: "I think you missed your plane."
Ami: "'Miss' implies I was trying to 'hit' it in the first place."
Ice Cream Shop Staffer #1: "Excuse us, but could we get out of the fridge now? It's cold in here."

Chibi-Usa: "This is all thanks to me."
Mamoru: "Riiiiiiiight."
Chibi-Usa: "Where did you get the car?"
Mamoru /shrugs. "Birthday present."
Chibi-Usa: "…I wanna car."
Mamoru: "Maybe when you're older."
Chibi-Usa: "Grown-ups always say that!"

Usagi: "Are you really okay with this? No regrets?"
Ami: "There are always regrets. But."
Usagi: "But?"
Ami: "'A grand adventure and a great challenge.' 'Saving lives.' I'm already doing that now. I can study anywhere, but this is where I belong right now. Where I have the most to learn, and the most to do. "
Rei: "¿You aren't worried that you're actually running away from your difficult decisions?"
Ami: "No, I'm running towards them. How to study more is not the kind of problem I need to learn how to face. And I have connections here, to people and things, that should not be abandoned, but should be pursued to their proper ends. And Fate has placed Mercury in my hands."
Minako: "Is that what you think is logical, or what feels right to you?"
Ami: "Both."
Makoto: "And becoming a doctor?"
Ami: "Waters run to all things in time, Mako."


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D'you mean the original anime, or the new one that debuted in English just a few weeks ago?
I have no idea. It was a few years ago, so I guess the first one. Like I said, I only saw the first two or three episodes. The new one's "Brotherhood", I guess? (This should probably be another thread, but what the hell, it's not like we're already way off topic. :p)
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