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January Painting Thread


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New year, new thread. What does everyone have this month?

I finished a couple of Christmas presents today, a wendigo and Fall-From-Grace (from Planescape: Torment).

I also have a bunch of metal Terminators soaking in simple green, and I'm getting to them, I swear.

In my defense, they're used to waiting.


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I knocked out a couple of wolves and some Gargoyles to try and get back into the groove of painting after eight months. I'll snap some pictures later, but they are very basic.


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Painted a Pulp City Anklebiter for a Christmas challenge - my Christmassy inspiration was lutefisk:

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My first stuff for 2019 finished on Wednesday, some Warmaster Woodelf Waywatchers. They're a super loose skirmish unit hence only 4 models per stand. The proper ranked units have between 8 and 12 models per stand.

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