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JDCorley makes you into an awesome Changeling GM


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"It'll take a strong man just to try and touch the strength of her belief
It's gonna take a stronger man to have to bear such a magnitude of grief
With all the old roses on the bed and the memories caked in mud
And the soft tears turn into bullets and the dreams are wet with blood
Halfway blown, dizzy wanderin', halfway blown, it's true
You won't feel a thing before you go into shock
When you're runnin' halfway blown." --- Phil Cody

In this thread I will make you a master Changeling GM.

You need:

I. <a href="http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=1_14">The main Changeling rulebook.</a> It probably doesn't matter much whether it's 1st or 2nd Edition. 2nd Edition is smoother and cleaner, but it lacks a little of the gonzo bunk system.

And I'm not going to talk much about the system. You can learn a lot from the new World of Darkness system and the Adventure! system which can be applied to Changeling, and dang near everyone messes with the system somehow but that's not going to make you awesome, this thread is going to make you an awesome unstoppable force of Changeling GMing. The system will catch up with you eventually.

II. A bunch of d10 dice

III. <a href="http://www.moonlit-trod.com/character_sheets/">Some Changeling character sheets.</a>

IV. Some players. It is not necessary that they also be awesome but it helps.


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Your starting point, your stopping point, your bible, your home base, your muse, your beginning, your ending, your alpha, your omega is this book:

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/Little-Big-John-Crowley/dp/0060937939">Little, Big by John Crowley</a>

If you do not do anything else in this thread, if you only read this book, if you only read half this book, if you only read the first page of this book, you will be better than every Changeling GM that never has, no matter how good they are. Yes, with this book, I have made you more awesome than even some really great GMs. I am deadly serious about this. There is no other book that captures the great sorrow, whimsy, laughter, dread, passion and utter psychosis of legends of fae and changelings the way Little, Big does. No other book even approaches it, no other book comes near, no other book can see it with binoculars.

It is about a family, and a house by the edge of a wood. That's all I can say for certain. You will have to get what you can out of it without my help. I say 'will have to' here as a synonym for 'must'.

"Summer is a myth. In winter, summer is a myth; a report, a rumor, not to be believed."


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You finished reading Little, Big. Where do you turn now?

You go and rent <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085859/">"Local Hero" (1983)</a>. Bill Forsyth directs this unbelievably odd, charming, sad, hilarious movie - partly - about an American oil executive who comes to a small Scottish town to buy it and quickly finds himself out of his depth.

Listen carefully to discussion of comets, and think about what webbed toes on a marine biologist might mean. Keep watching the sky, McIntyre.

"How's the water? Cold?"

"Not as cold as it should be. The North Atlantic drift comes in here. That's warmish water from the Caribbean. That's why it's special here. There's stuff fetching up here all the way from the Bahamas."

"Oh, that's a long way."

"You swim?"

"Not that far."


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Wipe your eyes. Remember the phone ringing in the phone booth. Return the movie, don't just keep watching it and watching it. You can rent it again later or order it from somewhere if you need to see it again, you probably will, but for now you don't want to get stuck with the late fees.

A whole lot of people have forgotten that John Calvin Batchelor wrote anything other than GOP polemics, certainly he hasn't done much since he got caught up in the talk radio scene (or has he), but your library will have what you need even if you can't find the book anywhere else.

<a href="http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/b/john-calvin-batchelor/further-adventures-of-halleys-comet.htm">The Further Adventures of Halley's Comet</a>

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/further-adventures-Halleys-Comet/dp/0865530025/sr=1-4/qid=1171500037/ref=sr_1_4/103-3873409-2987051?ie=UTF8&s=books">Amazon's page on the book</a> has mysteriously been combined with a bizarre summary of a completely different book. Do not let it confuse you. The path to becoming a great Changeling GM is often hidden and people will try to stop you or puzzle you, throw you off the scent. Do not let them.

The Further Adventures of Halley's Comet is about a mysterious event that happens every 76 years and the attempt of a very wealthy family to manipulate this event for their own ends. Hippies who went to law school, and Mark Twain, also appear. Think about the Comet Clubbe and what you learned from watching 'Local Hero'. What do you suppose that van they're driving around in looks like? What do you think it looks like to them?


Smash atoms. Listen to your mother.

Return the book to your library when you are done.
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Intense stuff so far! You need a break.

Head over to your favorite online music retailer and grab yourself an mp3 copy of <a href="http://www.lylelovett.net/about/discography/road-to-ensenada.cfm">Lyle Lovett's 'The Road To Ensenada'</a>. You are after the title track, really.

What's that, you don't like country music?

Get out of this thread and don't come back. You will never be an awesome Changeling GM. I wash my hands of you.

Haggard: There's one thing I never did do, and that was stink.
Dylan: All I've got is a red guitar, three chords and the truth.
Acuff: I don't owe one man one cent. Anywhere.
Cash: How well I have learned that there is no fence to sit on between heaven and hell. There is a deep, wide gulf, a chasm, and in that chasm is no place for any man.

Down here among the unclean, your good work comes undone.

Your good work comes undone.

Pick up the book, get back to work.


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Were you aware that you've been one of my heroes since high school? This thread is doing nothing to change that.


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Remember in 'Local Hero' that little town that took up almost the whole movie, and the differences between that little town and Houston?

You've learned about iron, let's learn about rust.

Read <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_the_King's_Men">All The King's Men</a> by Robert Penn Warren. And rent the PBS documentary about <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Huey-Long-Arthur-Schlesinger-Jr/dp/6304048718">Huey Long.</a>

It'll take a while, but you'll remember the book when you're done. You'll remember the great twitch, the westward trip, the tangent - or was it - and you'll remember dirt, and Louisiana, and the bridges and schoolbooks. Idealism and goodness, what you want and what you get instead. You'll remember it when you can't remember your own name, you'll remember.

Dirt's a funny thing. Come to think of it, there ain't a thing but dirt on this green God's globe except what's under water and that's dirt too. It's dirt makes the grass grow. A diamond ain't a thing in the world but a piece of dirt that got awful hot. And God-a-Mighty picked up a handful of dirt and blew on it and made you and me and George Washington and mankind blessed in faculty and apprehension.

It all depends on what you do with the dirt.

That right?

Think about Glamour and Banality and corruption and Seelie and Unseelie and belief and what you'll do to get what you believe.
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Now it is my turn for a break. Post anything you've discovered so far in this thread.

When you're done, view the source of the page.

Remember, no human being wrote most of what you see there.

Re-read the section on chimera.

<! You're learning. >
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You must strive for reality in all things related to Changeling. The game is unreal enough, just look at any page at random, there's magic and oddness and weirdness everywhere, but you have to present it as reality, as nonfiction. That is why your path is taking this turn. Every fake thing you present is real, every imaginary thing, every mere fancy, every fleeting thought, every impermanent dream is capable of song, or of murder. Changeling politics is no different. The ideals are real, the realities twice so. The distinction is not between the real and unreal, but between the real and the heightened, the passionate, the audacious, the bold.

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/American-Aurora-Democratic-Republican-Suppressed-Beginnings/dp/0312150520">Everything is at stake.</a>

The aspect of our politics has wonderfully changed since you left us. In place of that noble love of liberty & republican government which carried us triumphantly thro' the war, an Anglican monarchical & aristocratical party has sprung up whose avowed object is to draw over us the substance, as they have already done the forms, of the British government ... Against us (Republicans) are the (Federalist-controlled) Executive, the Judiciary, two out of three ... of the legislature, all the officers of the government, all who want to be of officers, all timid men who prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty, British merchants & Americans trading on British capitals, speculators, & holders in the banks & public funds, a contrivance invented for the purposes of corruption & for assimilating us in all things to the rotten as well as the sound parts of the British model. It would give you a fever were I to name to you the apostates who have gone over to these heresies, men who were Samsons in the field & Solomons in the council, but who have had their heads shorn by the harlot England. In short, we are likely to preserve the liberty we have obtained only by unremitting labors & perils.
--- Thomas Jefferson ---​


The ONLY way to be sure.
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I totally misread the title of this thread...

JDCorley makes you into an awesome CHALLENGING GM. :eek:

Then I started reading the thread and I was like, "Man what?" :confused:

I've never even heard of the game system either.

It does sound pretty cool though I must say. :cool:
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