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Journeys in Middle-Earth: upcoming FFG Gloomhaven in ME


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Looks like Fantasy Flight Games have decided to create their version of Gloomhaven and are setting it in Middle-Earth:
Product page

It's looking quite interesting. App support, as they tend to do with their collaborative games these days, which should reduce maintenance hassles. Good production values, as is standard for the company. The mechanics seem good based on the previews, though I'd like to see some gameplay video to make up my mind. Apparently it's coming out at the end of April.

Any thoughts?


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It does mean you need the app to play but it won't be limited to just Android, they've had I ios versions before and I think PC? Not 100% sure on the latter.
I'm playing Imperial Assault with a friend and he's been using the IA app on his laptop.


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Goddammit, I have enough LotR related stuff I can't find anyone to play with me.

Maybe the Amazon series will change that.


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I've already got more games than I can possibly play, but this does look like fun.
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