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Jungle Hexcrawl Resources/Adventures


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So my Conan game will be heading to Kush (the "Africa" pastiche region) in a about a month. They'll have an official goal (figuring out what happened to a missing prince who disappeared on a jungle expedition - foul play suspected), their own personal goals (eliminating a slaver organization they've already crossed), and the vague goal of exploring and getting rich as they go.

And we think it'd be cool to have some hex-crawl mechanics for the last bit.

So I'm looking for a variety of things to help with this.

  • Random Tables for encounters and interesting events
  • Different tribes of natives, with cultural descriptions and maybe sample villages and adventures involving them.
  • Interesting, evocative outdoor locations I can out on my hex map.
  • "Side missions" that fit a jungle/savannah motif
  • Adventures I can use for lost/forgotten cities and ruins in the jungle.
  • Exotic Port City where I can start the group off in.
  • I have Worldographer to make hex maps so it's not a priority, but hex maps of this type of region would be good for inspiration

All of this would be especially great if it was done in a low to medium magic and human centric setting, as I'll be playing Conan.

I realize no one product will likely have all of this, but recommend something that does some of it (and say what, please).


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While it's not exactly jungle terrain, I once ran a lenghty hexcrawl campaign, and you might find my copious notes on the design process useful.

You might want to consider the history of the region. What kinds of ancient civilizations once lived there? That will greatly inform the type of ruins explorers might find, and it will also have an impact on the cultures that are still active in the region.

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There's an old White Dwarf (55) if you can find it on eBay or your second-hand retailer of choice. It has a scenario called Spiderbite which sounds like it may fit.

I'll try hunt down my notes of my old "Lost-Roman-Legion-in-Africa-with-intelligent-apes-and-dinosaurs" campaign.

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All my jungle adventures are a modified version of the Isle of Dread for D&D. It has natives, monsters, dinosaurs, a mysterious plateau, everything you need for jungle adventure.
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