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Jungle Hexcrawl Resources/Adventures


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So my Conan game will be heading to Kush (the "Africa" pastiche region) in a about a month. They'll have an official goal (figuring out what happened to a missing prince who disappeared on a jungle expedition - foul play suspected), their own personal goals (eliminating a slaver organization they've already crossed), and the vague goal of exploring and getting rich as they go.

And we think it'd be cool to have some hex-crawl mechanics for the last bit.

So I'm looking for a variety of things to help with this.

  • Random Tables for encounters and interesting events
  • Different tribes of natives, with cultural descriptions and maybe sample villages and adventures involving them.
  • Interesting, evocative outdoor locations I can out on my hex map.
  • "Side missions" that fit a jungle/savannah motif
  • Adventures I can use for lost/forgotten cities and ruins in the jungle.
  • Exotic Port City where I can start the group off in.
  • I have Worldographer to make hex maps so it's not a priority, but hex maps of this type of region would be good for inspiration

All of this would be especially great if it was done in a low to medium magic and human centric setting, as I'll be playing Conan.

I realize no one product will likely have all of this, but recommend something that does some of it (and say what, please).


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There's an old White Dwarf (55) if you can find it on eBay or your second-hand retailer of choice. It has a scenario called Spiderbite which sounds like it may fit.

I'll try hunt down my notes of my old "Lost-Roman-Legion-in-Africa-with-intelligent-apes-and-dinosaurs" campaign.

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All my jungle adventures are a modified version of the Isle of Dread for D&D. It has natives, monsters, dinosaurs, a mysterious plateau, everything you need for jungle adventure.
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