Just got a smartphone: Recommend me some games.


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The secret is to never want anything unless it's guaranteed.
Basically the reason I stick with FEH is that I decided I liked one of the characters I drew early on. There are definitely others I have wanted and failed to get since then, but hey at least I've still got Catria.


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The most important thing to remember no matter what phone games you go with: free to play is a lie.

You most certainly can play (most) of them without paying but they are all designed to get money out of you by hook or by crook. Sometimes it blatant, other times more subtle but they all want you to crack open your wallet. The horror stories from people who thought they would just play for free and ended up dropping ridiculous amounts are legion. Play and enjoy but always be careful you don't get suckered into spending more than you wanted.


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A few suggestions of games on smart phone that I've enjoyed.

King of Dragon Pass and its sequel, Six Ages. Both are set in Glorantha and are like interactive choose-your-own-adventure style strategy games.
Similar in mechanics is Choice of the Petal Throne (with art by Jeff Dee!) which is set in Tekumel - The Empire of the Petal Throne by the late M.A.R. Barker, and Champion of the Gods which also features art by Jeff Dee.

I've also enjoyed Causality for a puzzle game that has some fun twists and helps pass the time while on public transit.
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