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OOC Justicars

Silvercat Moonpaw

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For Great Justice!

Yadal as Manipulator, Cunning Alien Mastermind from an Alternate Future Timeline

KreenWarrior as Fiona, Princess of the Mole People Linked to the Living Earth

Praxias as Duke Chronos, Temporal Guardian of Earth

Stormraven as Amarantine, Gentle Paragon of Strength

Beyond Reality as Micronomous the 134th, Amazing Growing Prince of the Tiny Planet

Navaren as Septagram, The Multitude's Mightest Magus

Please post your completed character sheets here.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention how we're rolling: I looked online and it seems that 4d3-8 give about the right expression to simulate Fudge Dice. Roll that in Invisible Castle or some other online dice roller that lets you link to the result and post it.
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Valentine Dashiell Morgan, Duke Chronos

Dash, in his civilian guise, is an extremely wealthy young man who wears tastefully understated fantastically expensive clothes. He is generically handsome and trim, with brown hair and brown eyes, though if someone were to look closely, there would be a gold ring around his irises along with golden hatch marks in them roughly resembling a watch or clock's face.

As Duke Chronos, he is dressed in tailed tuxedo and black bow tie with a classic black domino mask. The suit is actually made from some super material one of his ancestors acquired from a civilization two thousand years in the future and it will not suffer minor cosmetic damage. It also regenerates itself even if reduced to scraps. He wields a sword cane that seems to throb with strange, otherworldly energies on occasion.

High Concept- Temporal Guardian of Earth
Trouble- Unskilled and Unprepared

Other Aspects
Scion of Wealth and Power- Dash was born into so much wealth and influence the mind boggles. He was raised to use his resources tastefully, so even though he can probably afford a solid gold Ferrari, he's not so crass as to do that. The flipside is that he's also pretty disconnected from what money means to others as a motivation. He'll stop a bank robbery, but can't quite internalize that people might want or need more money than what they have. He's also enmeshed in the Old Boy's Network, for good and ill.

Founding Temporal Thug of the Justicars- When all you have is a Time-hammer, everything looks like Chrono-nails. Dash is happy playing the heavy in crime-fighting, and has a knack for busting heads. He's also known for helping to assemble the current line-up of the Justicars, though mostly by accident if you ask him.

Tempus Aeternum- Duke Chronos's sword cane has been passed down the family almost as long as the family has been the appointed Temporal Guardians of Earth. The blade itself is a steel-like metal, though dull and flat under the light. Occasionally when moved and often in combat it leaves mirage-like fore and after images of itself, though they never seem to avail Dash's enemies. It is a potent focus for time related workings, having spent an incredible amount of time bathing in temporal energies. Unfortunately, for Dash it's almost as much crutch as focus.

Quick +3
Forceful +2
Flashy +2
Clever +1
Stealthy +1
Careful +0

Crowd Control- Because I am a Temporal Thug, I get +2 when I Forcefully Create an Advantage against enemies in a zone. (Attempting an AoE debuff)
Bachelor's of Space, Master of Time- Because I can manipulate time I can also manipulate space, allowing me to appear anywhere I want once a game session. (Teleport power)
Blades as Infinite as the Sands of an Hourglass- Because I wield Tempus Aeternum, I get +2 when Quickly Attacking an enemy one on one. (Single target attack power)
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Prince Micronomous the 134th

High Concept: Prince of the Tiny Planet
Trouble: Dodging His Responsibilities

Other Aspects
Incredible "Growing" Power (growing anywhere from 2" to 66" with a proportionate increase in strength)
Advanced Micronesian Technology (covers his uniform and any other high-tech devices that he might have available)
Dashing, Courageous and All-Around Amazing (Micronomous full of himself but he is brave, if nothing else)

+0 Careful
+1 Clever
+1 Flashy
+2 Quick
+2 Sneaky
+3 Forceful


Micronesian Fly-Board: A high-tech, flying surfboard capable of growing and shrinking with him. +2 to Quickly Defend while flying on his board.

Super-Gravity Strength At normal (2") size Micronomous is as strong as a powerful human, at giant size he's immensely strong. Actually two stunts: +2 to Forcefully Attack when fully grown and +2 to Forcefully Overcome Obstacles when fully grown.

Powers: Growing (up to 66" inches) which grants proportionally enhanced strength and durability. 2" tall normally

Gadgets: His flying surfboard, environmental suit (provides some protection and ability to survive in environments like space), wrist blaster, belt computer



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FYI, Rolz.org will actually let you do Fate Dice - and you can post a graphic for the roll.


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I changed "Liberator" to "Unstoppable" because I thought the first was a little hard to define.

Fiona, Princess of the Mole People!

Appearance: Fiona is a striking young woman, though few would call her beautiful unless they were particularly open-minded, given her fur and tendriled ears). Her presence is intense and people instinctively move out of her way when she strides with purpose. She dresses practically; there is little point in fashion underground, either in a jumpsuit or armor when going into battle. On her head she wears a simple diadem with a shard of green crystal in its center; this is a shard of the great Terra Crystal which connects her to the whole planet on a spiritual and in some ways physical level.

High Concept: Princess of the Mole People
Trouble: Liaison Between Two Worlds

Team-Up: We Will Not Be Conquered Again

Additional: Linked to the Living Earth, Impetuousness of Youth

Careful: +1
Clever: +1
Flashy: +2
Forceful: +3
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +0

* The Mole Machine: Because I command the Royal Mole Machine, once per session I can have it appear on the scene via remote-control.
* Regal Presence: Because of my flair for dramatic entrances, I get a +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage on my first turn on a scene.
* Unstoppable: Because I am inspired by the struggles of my people, I get a +2 when Forcefully attempting to Defend against being restrained, confined or imprisoned.


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High Concept: Cunning Alien Mastermind from an Alternate Future Timeline
Trouble: Shadows of the Past Timeline (NOTE: Manipulator's guilt as a problem, as well as anything from his conquests or how he acted in the past timeline that comes back to haunt him)

-AssKick for a SideKick (NOTE: Use this for AssKick, mostly for his incompetence but sometimes for having an extra man who is reliably loyal)
-Uret Moral Upbringing (NOTE: Manipulator's other weakness is his Uret value system getting in the way. This also applies to the fact Manipulator is very dishonourable by human standards, and that although he has embraced human morals in theory his sentiments haven't changed)
-Makes His Moves From the Shadows (NOTE: Manipulator is content to let his presence be known, but prefers to do as much of what he does as possible in secret. This is because ever since his fight with Exterminator he knows he will likely clash with his allies, and wants to avoid it in the future)


-Brilliant Strategist: +2 to Create an Advantage using Clever IF it makes sense that Manipulator could have made preparations in advance of battle

-Knowledge of the Future: Once per session, gain a key bit of knowledge that is very helpful in dealing with the current problem from the previous timeline.

-Spy Network: Can spend a Fate Point to gain a useful bit of information Manipulator's spy network might have picked up.


We'll say that Manipulator's 'superpower' is just being an Uret, if a disabled one because he lacks space flight. This isn't great, but it's enough to allow him to fight on Super levels as well as his stats dictate because Urets have a small degree of super-strength, super-speed etc.


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Jessica Rose Whelan AKA Amarantine
Rose is 5'11" and athletically built, with white hair and bright blue eyes. As Amarantine, she wears a dark wig, and a silver and white costume.

HC: Gentle Paragon of Strength
Trouble: Unaware of her true strength.
Background: A child of privilege looking to help.
Team-up: As tough as she is strong.

Approaches: Clever +3; Careful, Forceful +2; Flashy, Quick +1; Sneaky +0

Because I am a Gentle Paragon of Strength, I can add +2 when determining the damage of any successful attack.
Because I am as tough as I am strong, once per scene I can ignore the damage from one physical attack.
Because I am a Gentle Paragon of Strength, I can add +2 when Cleverly trying to get bad guys talking.


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Alister Tobias Mordred Rasputin Eliphas Szandor O'Kent, The Septagram stands approximately 6 foot 5 and has broad shoulders, a cleft chin and bright shining blue eyes. His dark hair seems to wave in the breeze even when there isn't an apparent source. He wears a formfitting black supersuit featuring a white seven pointed star trapped within a seven sided sigil. This is matched with a white and silver roman style cape fastened over one shoulder with a gleaming black gem.

Al Kent tends to dress in light linen suits with sneakers and his eyes appear darker than those of his Alterego.

High Concept:
The Multitude's Mightest Magus - Septagram is the product of a mystical breeding program led by the Hidden Order of Magi. He is the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son to the Seventh Power and that means his mystic strength is second only to the Powers that Be.

Dictates of the Powers that Be - The for want of a better term gods of the multiverse forbid Septagram from using his extreme power to bring direct harm to a person.

Teamup Aspect:
Ageless Crusader for Justice - Septagram was there when the first superheroes emerged during WWII as a member of the OSI founded International Alliance of Justice. In our time he stands as a founding member of The Justicars.

Other Aspects:

Never Sleeps Soundly - The echos and reverberations of 7 generations of sorcerous wisdom are accessible to Septagram, but he must contend with their nightmares as if they were his own.

Mark of the Magus - The Seven Pointed Star of the hidden order is burned onto each of Septagram's palms and he channels his power through these mystic sigils of binding and control. Those things that have been touched by his power tend to bear some mystic resonance as a result.

Flashy +3
Forceful +2
Clever +2
Quick +1
Careful +1
Stealthy +0


Secrets of the Ancients - Because Septagram has access to the secrets of the ancients he gets a +2 when cleverly attempting to solve a riddle or decipher an ancient technology.

Seven Generations of Sorcerous Strength - Because Septagram has such tremendous power, he gets a +2 when he Overcomes an Obstacle in a forceful manner.

I Cheat... - Septagram gets a +2 when he flashily Creates and Advantage using the environment or other indirect means.

As a sidenote, I second stormraven regarding rolz.


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I tend to use orokos, which does Fate dice as well. No graphic, however. 4d3-8 on Invisible Castle gives the same results as Fate dice.
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