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Kafka's review of a Thousand Suns 2e


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I writing to lodge a formal request to the mods to examine Kafka's recent review of Thousand Suns 2e. The review clearly plagiarises Sensei's 2008 review of the first edition of the game.

We've had many excellent reviews and columns on rpg.net over the years. We've had some bad ones. And some truly awful ones that left my scratching my head and wondering what the author was thinking.

But this is the first time I've seen a review that so obviously plagiarised someone else's work -- and when he was caught out, Kafka defended his review on the grounds that he hadn't copied the whole thing.

Very bad form. Please take a look at this.

Yours sincerely
Sir Harrok


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We can't really help much: we only moderate the forums. The rest of the site is handled by SKOTOS themselves, mostly Shannon.


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And I've passed it on to our Reviews Editor, Allan Sugarbaker.

Allan Sugarbaker

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We'll get the review taken down shortly. Changing one out of every five words does not make an original review. If the first review had been referred to in some way, maybe this would be okay - depending on how the author felt about it.
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