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Kerbal Space Program 2 Announced

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Some info at RPS, and there's a cinematic trailer:

KSP is still my most played game on Steam, and this trailer made me very happy. I'm not sure what to expect from multiplayer, and the fact that it's a new dev team, but as long as they have Squad's blessing, I'm optimistic. The trailer certainly sums up all the majestic silly explodey fun of KSP, and I like that it's a nod to a splendid fan trailer from... six years ago.


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Stop at 1:42 if you dare.
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That's a Pusher Plate
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for an Orion engine! This is really only useful for leaving a star system.
...Not really, it's great for a whole lot of things. Including boosting to orbit, if you don't mind the mess.

EDIT: Even the other exotic drive is perfectly reasonable for going interplanetary. Frankly, it's hard to have too much delta-V...

EDIT2: But the Steam page specifically lists interstellar travel as a thing. That's going to be some big time compression!
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I'm really astonished at the size of some of the ships I'm seeing.
Honestly, that's something that stuck out for me too. They're launching this on Xbone and PS4 in addition to PC. It will have multiplayer. Even if the entire trailer is pre-baked cinematics with no gameplay footage, the game's site still promises significant colony building mechanics with resource gathering and the ability to build extraplanetary spaceports. All of that will be huge and complex by necessity, and it will need to be built such that it can work fine even with multiple players potentially doing different things.

KSP1 has its reasons for not being terribly well optimized, but I get the feeling that if this game actually runs well on consoles and moderate-end systems there's going to be some serious witchcraft going on with its game engine.


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If it is going to run on consoles, presumably it will ship (ah-ha) with more advanced built-in rocket science tools? I can't imagine reaching the outer planets reliably without mods.
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