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I just stumbled across a deck that has Annihilation Ritual (artifact that purges creatures when they enter the discard pile), 3x Biomatrix Backup and 3x Dextre. So the deck’s gameplan is to purge all your opponents creatures and swing back when you have a deck and they don’t.

It’s not particularly strong, and dies to event-heavy decks, but I’m amazed the algorithm put together a deck with that package.


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There seems to be some algorithm that weights your deck according to the rare picks, I find, so Annihilation Ritual decks tend to have a lot of aember-bearing non-creature cards and at least one Gateway to Dis, plus other control cards. Not sure how much of this I'm imagining, but I've never seen a Ritual deck with a high creature count. Ritual decks tend to be decent and interesting, but rarely overpowering, I find. Other things I've noticed is Pit Lord almost always turning up with Hysteria (which is a good thing, as it'd be nigh unplayable without that combo), and Niffle Queen usually having at least 2 Niffle Apes alongside her.

Generally the algorithm seems pretty solid, but the commonest problem deck it throws up is the Mars low-creature deck, where there'll be 2-4 Mars Creatures and a whole load of Mars cards that affect or refer to Mars creatures in play. Those decks are unwinnable, 80% of the time. Also often see Autocannon overlapping with Coward's End, which can be irritating. The other common mismatch is Full Moon turning up alongside low Untamed creature counts, with some trick in play to allow out-of-house stuff to be played, which rarely pans out nicely. After a while you start to recognise the "bad deck archetypes" that keep turning up.


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So, fun story.

Today, a friend of mien who doesn't play the game turned up with a Keyforge starter box. He knew that while the four of us were into the game, we'd never managed to get starters, so were using apps for counters.

He offers to give me it, as a gift.
I say no, no, I couldn't take that. Maybe I could buy it, or better still, maybe he could get into the game. Rest of the gang would rather have a new player than some counters, soare persuading him to give it a go.

He agrees eventually, he'll keep it to himself.

He opens up the box, and says "these decks any good then?"

First deck, meh. It's not awful, but it's pedestrian.

Second deck is Shadows/Sanctum/Mars.
The Shadows has Bait and Switch, has the Seeker Needles with Bad Penny, has other typical Shadows goodness.
The Mars has 9 Mars creatures, and Mars is always better with more creatures. Good ones too.
The Sanctum deck is Horsemen, with a decent creature count too.

The deck is dripping with amazing combos and key cards. Cleansing Wave plus Horsemen could generate a tonne of cash. Mass Abduction and Zookeeper turn archiving into threat removal, and there's no self-archiving in the deck to anergise. Cash control options abound. It's basically just a really, really good deck.

He says:

"Probably wasted on me, you can still have it if you like, I dunno £20 or something."

I tell him hell no, all Horseman decks eBay for £50+, ones with Bait and Switch for a tenner more than that, and a deck this good could even break £75-100. I tell him if he's not gonna play it, he should sell it for a profit.

He's decided he's going to sleeve it and play it first, which for us, is even better. Hope he'll lend it to me for tourneys though!
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