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[Kickstarter] Cortex Plus Hackers Guide


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I really REALLY hope we get to 30'000$...i want an expanded Fantasy Heroic RP for high action fantasy!


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Gah, and I just blew this month's RPG budget. But I'll have to come up with some cash somehow.


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If it wasnt for the fact that i have over half of the pdf's already i would go for the higher option. As it stands I'm in for the physical copy.

Good luck to MWP on this one.




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I'm in for $25. I really can't justify going higher (and I have all the PDFs offered).

Can we get a breakdown on what each article is about? I assume that "Starship for Hire" is the long desired (but with the serial numbers filed off) conversion of Firefly to Cortex+.

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Does anyone know how useful this thing will be for someone who doesn't currently own Smallville/Leverage/MHR?

My personal take on Cortex+ is that it's a really interesting and sophisticated system that keeps getting married to properties I'm not much interested in. But I don't want to support the hacker's guide if it's mostly or fully useless to me without buying those other games.
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