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[Kill Team/40K] Megathread 1: Good Doggo Aximillion vs the Forces of Eww

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Kill Team: The Game You’ve Been Waiting For


"The new Kill Team takes the stuff we know you love – deep squad customisation, narrative progression and development, low model counts – and marries it to cutting-edge rules design, bringing in the team behind Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire to ensure the ruleset is as tight and balanced as possible."

Your kill team is a squad of elite warriors, hand-picked by you, consisting of about 5-10 individuals. You construct your kill team model by model – a squad of Space Marines could consist of two Reivers, a missile launcher-wielding Tactical Marine Gunner, a Scout with a sniper rifle and a Primaris Sergeant with a power sword, for instance.

Once you’ve assembled your kill team, you can customise them even further with a deep system of specialisms and advancements. These allow you to really distinguish your key troops – creating sharp-shooting Snipers, fearless combat Medics or vox-hacking Comms specialists.

Kill teams can be used in one-off missions or in campaigns where they grow in power, levelling up and developing their abilities with bespoke skill trees.
Rules Highlights
  • 5-10 individuals
  • construct your kill team model by model
  • 22" x 30" play surface
  • alternate model activation
  • terrain affects the game (other than cover and LOS)
  • uses command points
  • uses missions
  • 2 to 4 players per game
  • three modes of play: open, narrative and matched

Lots of support out of the gate including a box box with everything you need to play, some terrain boxes and Marine and Ork starter boxes.

Kill Team – Rules 101

  • games meant to take 30-40 minutes
  • based on 8th edition rules, but go out of their way to not mention Necromunda, which I think it shares quite a lot in common with
  • Kill Teams use modified 8th ed Datasheets to build their teams (may be the biggest part of the book followed by the specializations)
  • Survivability has been beefed up and tweaks like a '6' always hits regardless of modifiers are sprinkled in
  • Don't want to move on your turn, great get ready to hose others down in the shooting phase--first
  • Terrain and cover will be a big deal

This is what a Kill Team data sheet looks like:

Kill Team: The Box Set

Kill Team Core Rule Book (Available separately)

Kill Team: Sector Mechanicus (Killzone in a box with environment rules)

Kill Team Starter Sets (One sprue of dudes, some terrain and some cards)

Space Marines (don't let the Wolf colours fools you)

  • Minis carrying case
  • Dice sets keyed to factions
  • Tape measure
  • Blank cards?!?

Factions Available in the Core Book
Kill Team Faction Focus Index


What’s Kill Team: ROGUE TRADER? (From FAQ)
  • an expansion to Kill Team that looks at Rogue Traders
  • Kill Team: Rogue Trader is just one example of how this new game allows us to explore heretofore unrealised corners of the 41st Milennium
  • first of the new factions and models available after launch

Kill Team Focus: Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Skitarii Rangers
  • Skitarii Vanguard
  • Sicarian Ruststalkers
  • Sicarian Infiltrators

  • six powerful blessings of the Machine God for your kill team
  • Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics allow them to make the most of this kill team’s adaptability and represent the various high-tech augmentations wielded by their troops

Kill Team Focus: The Genestealer Cults
  • Neophye Hybrids
  • Acolyte Hybrids
  • Hybrid Metaphors
  • Aberrants
  • Genestealers

  • can really let your creativity run wild with a Genestealer Cult kill team: infested Astra Militarum regiments or mutated hive gangs
  • GSC Tactics are designed to complement their mobility and general sneakiness by offering short, sharp boosts to their offensive power – and shoring up their fragile defences

Kill Team Focus: The Adeptus Astartes
  • Scouts
  • Tactical Marines
  • Reivers
  • Intercessors
What?!? No transhumans on giant wolves?

  • Adeptus Astartes Tactics reflect the heroism of each individual warrior, allowing you to perform glorious feats of valour
  • Space Marines have a cool rule in Kill Team called Transhuman Physiology which allows them to ignore their first flesh wound
No word on differences between Chapters. Even SWA had a sidebar allowing some differentiation in different coloured Marines.

Kill Team Focus: Orks
  • Boyz
  • Kommandos
  • Burna Boyz
  • Lootas
  • Gretchin

  • Ork Tactics, surely you jest
  • More Dakka so you can shoot twice for a CP
  • Grot meat shield for 2 CP

Kill Team Focus: The Astra Militarum
  • Guardsman
  • Special Weapons Gunner
  • Tempestus Scion
Hmm, no Orgyns and what's Special Weapons Gunner?

  • the Astra Militarum can easily outnumber their foe with plenty of infantry
  • recommends you start your Kill Team with a Command squad and expand out from there (hello $10 Cadian box!)

Kill Team Focus: Tyranids
  • Termagants
  • Hormagaunts
  • Warriors
  • Genestealers
  • Lictors

  • Tactics: Watch Alien and Aliens--lots!
  • the brains of enemy Leaders are full of tasty, tasty Command Points
  • "Terrifying synapse beasts, Warriors are monstrous in Kill Team, boasting deadly bio-morphs, providing Synapse support for lesser creatures and disrupting enemy psykers."

Kill Team Focus: Drukhari
  • Wyches
  • Kabalites
Not a huge list, but lots of options between those two kits. The article also implies you can mix and match...just like the models.

  • Wyches get combat drugs
  • Tactic that allows you to move-shoot-move again
  • Also a tactic that makes psychic grenades do Mortal wounds

Next up:

Kill Team Focus: Deathwatch
  • Deathwatch Veterans
  • Intercessors
  • Reivers

  • So a tactic that points out the different chapters in the Kill Team are all trying to out-do each other
  • Another tactic that makes killing you opponent's leader easier ~sigh~

Kill Team Focus: Harlequins
  • Players (Troupes)

  • capable of moving through models and terrain as if they weren’t there
  • tactics allow a 3++ save for 1 CP or shoot models falling back for 2 CP

Kill Team Focus: Tau
  • Fire Warriors
  • Breachers
  • Pathfinders
  • Stealth Battlesuits
  • Drones

  • T’au can support each other with overwatch fire
  • four units and seven(!) Drones to choose from
  • stack 2-4 markerlights on an enemy in a single shot for 2 CP
  • re-roll failed to-wound rolls for Breachers again enemies in cover for 1 CP

Kill Team Focus: Necrons
  • Warriors
  • Immortals
  • Deathmarks
  • Flayed Ones

  • aren’t just great at shooting – they’re also very, very hard to kill
  • every time you make an Injury Roll to see if a Necron goes out of action for good, there’s a chance that they’ll be fully restored instead
  • kick off the Shooting phase by hijacking your enemy’s best unit, then using it to kill their second-best unit for 2 CP
  • improve you AP value by 1 for 2 CP

Kill Team Focus: Heretic Astartes
  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Cultists
Seems this is very much Shadow War Armageddon 2.0

  • Chaos marks and icons are in for you non-Death Guard and Thousand Sons players
  • it appears you should use cheap cultists to shield yourself or distract your opponent
  • transform one member of your kill team into a deadly juggernaut – or it just kills them for 2 CP
  • have an enemy be attacked by a daemon and possibly get a mortal wound for 1 CP

Kill Team Focus: Asuryani
  • Guardians
  • Storm Guardians (Flamers and Fusion, oh ya!)
  • Rangers
  • Dire Avengers
Hmm, no Wraithguard.

  • Asuryani kill teams are fast and capable of advancing and firing their weapons
  • lure your foes into deadly traps for 2 CP
  • re-roll Dire Avenger missed shot for 1 CP

Kill Team Focus: Death Guard
  • Plague Marines
  • Poxwalkers

Kill Team Focus: Grey Knights
  • Grey Knights (Interceptor, Purifier, Purgation)

  • one of only two kill teams that can cast Smite (only model model a turn)
  • tactics revolve around pimping your psychic assault rifles to be even more badass

Kill Team Focus:Thousand Sons
  • Rubric Marines
  • Tzaangors


  • [*the only other kill team that can cast Smite (only model model a turn)

Will update and add pictures and additional stuff when I get a chance.
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Re: [Kill Team/40K] The story so far...

Subscribed as I'm interested!

edit: I like Shadespire, and I like Company of Iron from Privateer Press. A small-scale 40k is something I could get into.
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Re: [Kill Team/40K] The story so far...

If the cards aren't (eventually) available separately, there's going to be a lot of whining. "I already have six billion orcs! Why do I need to buy more of them that I don't need just to get a few tactics cards!"

Not that there won't be whining anyhow, mind you.

I'm intrigued. I'm trying VERY HARD not to buy terrain anymore, as I have a 3D printer that I purchased (in part) explicitly for terrain so I wouldn't have to pay crazy money for it ...


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Re: [Kill Team/40K] The story so far...

So, this looks ludicrously perfect for me as a gateway drug, so I too will be watching this with interest.


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Re: [Kill Team/40K] The story so far...

Do the models still requite assembly and painting?

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Re: [Kill Team/40K] The story so far...

I like how the terrain is being integrated into the game, with unique rules and such. Hopefully it ends up being thematic and not clunky.

Curious how many Killzones we can expect to get. Their deathworld terrain is an obvious choice, and the previews seem to hint at it. Imagine once the Eldar and Tyranid boxes start coming out we'll be seeing it then. And they might throw one of the Tau kits in with a Tau box. Beyond that they'll have to start making new ranges.

Also hope future Killzone boxes don't have double-sided game boards with only one side applying to the Killzone itself. I imagine the Sector Mechanicus stuff looks fine on the Sector Imperialis themed boards, but I'd prefer to have more than one layout for future Killzones.


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Re: [Kill Team/40K] The story so far...

I'm intrigued. I'm trying VERY HARD not to buy terrain anymore, as I have a 3D printer that I purchased (in part) explicitly for terrain so I wouldn't have to pay crazy money for it ...
I've also found that papercraft terrain works just fine for 28mm-scale human-sized minis. Some games have heavy resin monsters or other pieces that might crush a papercraft building; no such worries here.

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Re: [Kill Team/40K] The story so far...

I have to say I'm pretty excited for this one. I've been pretty burnt out on 40k in general for a while now, although I still love the lore and the setting itself. This looks like it could give me the excuse I need to get creative with the shelf full of unboxed/unassembled Blood Angels I have in my basement! :p

One line that really caught me in the OP's linked article was this: "This is a fully fledged Warhammer system that we’ll be supporting for years to come with rules, models, expansions and more". Sounds promising.
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