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Kindle Unlimited Bookreading


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So, someone suggested a thread about Kindle Unlimited book reading and suggestions might be of interest of folks and so I thought I might start one.

I almost called this a 'romance' book thread because the service has caused me to fall down a bug romance book hole, a genre I'd never really touched before, unless you count things like paranormal romance or fantasy book that have a heavy romance element. And I thought maybe theres some folks out there who are more knowledgeable in that who can make suggestions. Though I will admit my romance reading so far is pretty limited and fairly specific in terms of story types. Anyway, heres a few 've read so far thanks to Kindle Unlimited:

Keeping It Secret (Bayview High Book 5) - Melody Summers - a whole school romance between a girl and her older brothers best friend.
First Taste - Jessica Hawkins - a single dad story that starts with a one night stand between him the owner of an car mechanic business and her the owner of a fashion industry business. A whole opposites attract story.
Anything You Can Do - R.S. Grey - school rivals/enemies return to their hometown after med school. Hijinx ensue.
Flat-out Love - Jessica Park - story about a first year college student who stays with the family of her mums college room-mate. Family is very different to what she expected.
More Than Water - Renee Erickson - a college story about two students who meet working at the college library and become fuck buddies.
Forget You, Ethan - Whitney G. - story of two childhood neighbours who hate always hated each other but due to reasons keep in touch via letter who basically tease and insult each other. Mostly set during the college years, but with lots of childhood flashbacks.
Sincerely Carter - Whitney G. - College story about the relationship of two friends which started in 4th grade in hate.

And amusingly enough the whole unlimited trial has opened up discounted Audible versions of some of the works, which I actually prefer as long as its a reader I like. And that in itself has led me down to a few titles outside unlimited but have readers I like such as:

The Hating Game - Sally Thorne - Story of two workplace collegues who hate each other. More comedic in tone than a straight up relationship drama. Set in a book publisher, which is a merged entity of two other publishers and the internal politics is still of two warring tribes.

These are all straight up romances, no genre tropes or anything. Never thought I'd fall down this particular hole, or ever read any kind of straight up romance be it YA or Adult. Kindle Unlimited is partially to blame for this.

Anyway for folks who are more romance knowledgeable, you can probably see the limited kinds of story types here which include: single dad romances, college romances, enemies to lovers and some other I guess tropes like that.

On the non romance side (though these also seem heavy on the romance) has been some fantasy fiction such as:

Succubus - A.J. Markam - A LitRPG series that has a major romantic thread between a player and a succubus
The Five Trials - Mike Truk - a geek sucked into a fantasy world story.
The Wizard's Daughters - Michael Dalton
+ Elliot Kays Good Intentions series though I started another thread earlier for that. Its actually probably the reason for me trying out KU.

Anyway that's a start for this thread noting a few books I've read via Kindle Unlimited. Kind of amazing how much this has encouraged me to read. I've consumed all the about within a month trial of the service. Until this my reading level had been way down for ages.

And tangentially related...this whole trial has exposed me to the fiction category of New Adult. Somehow I'd never heard of this category before. Wonder how long its been around as a marketing category.

EDIT: first coined in 2009 apparently.
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I don't have Unlimited but I regularly trawl Kindle Books in "price: low to high" order and pick out freebies. Occasionally, I even end up buying other books from the authors I find there. :)

About 1/3 of the books I read are hetero-romance; my only real complaint with the genre is how many of the male leads are assholes.


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That holds true with a lot of romance anime and manga, pretty awful male leads.

As for the romance stuff I've been digging around, it does seem like for the most part its stories with alpha male leads that I run from.


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Checking my goodreads for romance I like:

Not Quite Crazy by Catherine Bybee -- is apparently free on KU
Open Hearts by Eve Dangerfield -- is free to purchase on Amazon AU, so probably is on KU (warning: Dangerfield's books are gleefully smutty)

Jill Shalvis writes refreshingly non-assholish male leads too. Not sure of which of her books, if any, are on KU though.

Edit: also, consider yourself followed on Goodreads :)


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I haven't read all that many romance on Kindle Unlimited, and what I have is mostly young adult to keep my hand in as a librarian. I did like Dirty London by Kelly York, about a gay high school student who has to deal with rumors that she slept with one of the most popular boys in school.

Sarah Dessen also writes good YA/younger-new adult books, but I don't think any are on KU.

Vicki Lewis Thompson has a series of romance novels that I read an enjoyed years ago that I noticed are on KU now. They're all variations on hot nerd guys getting together with hot girls. The first one, Nerd In Shining Armor, was pretty good. My favorite of the lot was Gone With The Nerd, which I just re-read a couple months ago. I don't remember the rest very well, and didn't read the last one or two.


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I was the one whom suggested it. Muahahahahahahahaha.
In reverse order of when I most recently read them (and to make it ont othis list, I've either subsequently bought them, or compulsively reread them)

Montague & Strong series (Book one: Tombstones and Butterflies) Written by Orlando A. Sanchez - a guy cursed by Kali to be immortal, partnered with a powerful english mage, doing magical cases. A bit like Dresden files, if magic was a bit well known.

Prof Croft series (Book one: Demon moon) by Brad Magnarella - A Dresden Files variant, where the MC is meant to keep Magic secret.

Binding words Series (Book one: Morringan's Bidding) by Daniel Schinhofen - RPGlit, where our character is recruited to undo something that morrigan regrets. Some harem elements, but it's a very interesting world.

Professor Stone series (Book 1: Stone and a Hard Place) by Brad Magnarella - Another Dresden Files variant, where magic is secret, and our MC is als oa renowned professor of the occult. Quite good.

Spells, swords, and Stealth series (Book one: NPC's) by Drew Hayes. Imagine your players - Not in a computer game, in a /tabletop/ game - dying to poison - then the world goes on /without them/, NPC's that saw them die getting scared and taking their roles. This is emphatically an Gamelit sort of story, but not computer gaming - It's Tabletop RPG gaming. I'm pretty sure most people on this forum would enjoy it.

Pretty much anything by D.L Harrison.

Pretty much anything by Dakota Krout.

The Graystone Chronicles (Book one: Io Online) by Dave Willmarth. Has actually got a reason for VR pod development other than 'For VR gaming!' - THe MC's father invested in it as a form of life support/healthcare for his son. So it follows the MC and his friends playing a game they are already familiar with, just through a new interface, with a secondary plot involving terrorists. Because it's the 2010's. Good read, though!

Uniworld Online trology (Book one: The Song maiden) by Jonathan Brooks Girl, born mute, is put in a VR game as a form of therapy after an accident - the game assigns her a voice. And she becomes a chosen one in internal politics. Quite good!

The Awaken Online series (book one: Catharsis) by Travis Bagwell - one of my favourite GameLits. VERY good. MC joins a new VR helmet game, there's a persona test, recruited by one of the game gods.. fun things happen.

Pretty much anything by Glynn Stewart.

Pretty much anything by Lindsay Buroker.

Pretty much anything by M.H. Johnson (But beware, he is very fond of promoting himself, so be careful about signing up to any newsletters.)

Pretty much anything by Edward W. Robertson.

Jan Stryvant's Valen Legacy (Book one: Black Friday) Is emphatically a harem story - the MC collects wives the way some people collect paintings - but the harem elements are set to a backghround of a slave revolution, learning magic, and lots of good plot. Is popcorn, but high grade popcorn.

The System apocalypse series (Book one: Life in the north) By Tao Wong is apocalyptic LitRPG - the world has game mechanics dumped upon it one day, all modern tech that is not part of said system stops working, everyone gets to pick a class. And here come the aliens who have lived with this system for thousands of years.
Did we mention, because their rep was killed by a farmer, they have designated Earth a Dungeon World, with /extra helpings/ of monsters?

The Wraith's Haunt Series (book one: Dungeon Lord) By Huego Hesta - MC is picked by an evil god, and they have an argument: Nature vs intent. Can this good guy, with the powers of a /bad/ guy, stay good? Oh, and we're dropping you into the fantasy world where you've been playing your favourite MMO with your friends, and while your boss is an evil villain, the good guys aren't much better, AND THEY ARE CHEATING. Very good, quite funny.

A Dungeon Core Epic series (book one; Station core) by Jonathan Brooks - first of our 'MC becomes a Dungeon' entries: In this instance, MC is kidnapped and turned into an alien, high-tech defence module where things go wrong IMMEDIATELY.

Magic 2.0 series (book one: off to be a wizard) by Scott Meyer. MC finds a computer file that seems to govern reality. Finds that editing it /modifies/ reality. So writes himself a basic interface, tries to make himself wealthy, things to wrong so he goes back to ancient england, where he figuures he can set himself up as a Mage. And finds out he is far from the first person to have this idea...

World tree Online (Book one: The curse of Hurlig Ridge) by M. A. Carlson - MC goes on a month line, pod style VR game - is almost immediatly PK'd, and gets the attention of the in-game goddess of Justice... A /very/ interesting PK mechanic results. Good solid read, and a fun setting. I want book three, darn it.

Stonehaven League series (Book one: Temple of Sorrow) by Carrie Summers - MC signs up as a playtester for a new VR game that's built around /implanted/ VR gear - fun ensues. slow building plot, and an amusing MC.

Chaos Seeds series (Book one: The Land: Founding) by Aleron Kong - MC is playing a game, agrees to something - finds himself dumped into a fantasy realm that the game is based off, and.. Yeah. Gamelit, with world building, city building, and generally a lot of fun. Waiting on book 8...

'The World' series (Book one: First login) by Jason Cheek - MC is professional gamer, he and his friends join new, deep immersion game on a Hardcore difficulty mode, and much fun ensues. A goods series that I'm /currently/ rereading.

a touch of power series (Book one: siphon) by Jay Boyce. we have our MC dumped into a fantasy world with a very /interesting/ power. Waiting on the next book in the series - is very good.

Archeologist Warlord series by E.M. Hardy - Archeologist finds himself (Sort of) as a dungeon on an alien world, charged with preparing it to fight off terrifying alien invaders who treat the planet as a farm they periodically harvest. Rather fun!

Empire of bones Series (Book one: Veil of Shadows) by Terry Mixon - long after the fall of the Terran empire, the planet where the heir to the throne fled to is venturing back into the stars, and starts discovering exactly what happened - a rather good bit of space opera, with a rather unpleasant enemy.

The Spacemage Chronicles (Book one: Yesterday's Spacemage) by Timothy ellis - a trainee mage accidentally is sent forward in time, to an earth where magic no longer exists: Shortly after recovering his magic, is kidnapped by alien (Human) slave traders, and we have out mage is a sci-fi setting that doesn't know about magic. And all sorts of fucked up fun with time travel. (I gather the original trilogy has spawned lots of sequels that I have not read yet based around variants of reality merging and arguing. I'll get around to reading them /eventually/.)

Bobiverse by Travis Taylor - I was introduced to it by /this forum/. Amazingly good.

Viridian Gate Online (Book one: Cataclysm) by James Hunter. Extinction-level event inbound: The wealthy and the lucky get uploaded to a VR game that's being hosted in orbit, put together frantically by a computer billionaire to try and save some of humanity: Only it turns out he had to make some questionable decisions and agreements to get it online, and our MC gets his hands on something that were seeded to his 'benefactors' could rule the game, to use himself - and start his own nation. Should read it again sometime soon, methinks.

Loki's Daughter & The Dungeon Con - both by Marty Myers: In the former, a dying woman is recruited by Loki to run a dungeon: The latter, a GM is recruited from a convention to run a dungeon for some not nice people at all.. in both cases, hijinks ensue.

Arcane Ascension series (Book one; Sufficiently Advanced Magic) by Andrew Rowe - MC lives in a world where they have magic instead of technology - and most people, at their late teens, enter a challenge tower run by their local gods and receive a mark which lets them do some form of magic. Clearly, things do not go to plan for our MC. He ends up with the mark of an Artificer - not a fighter, like most of his family - and looks exploits... Did we mention one of the gods is /missing/?

Dark Dungeon (Book one: Dungeon spawned) Our MC is wakes up as a dungeon core and tries t odecide what to do: He knows things, but doesn't know how he knows them. Has definite harem elements between him, his captured Succubus, and his dungeon Fairy, but he does eventually find out who he is, what happened - and gets revenge.

The Dragon Inside Series (Book one: Becoming the dragon) By Alex sapegin - Translated from russian, It's YA fiction where our MC is /accidentally/ transported into a fantasy setting when he wanders int oa science experiment he shouldn't: Ends up in a lot of trouble, and eventually is metamorphosed into a dragon. The series gets quite epic, but the fact it's a translation is also quite evident.

Daniel Black Series (Book one: Fimbulwinter) by E. William Brown. Our MC has had a crappy week, is recruited by Hecate to be taken to another world, gifted with sorcery, to defend her only remaining worshipper on that world - because the damn norse gods have kicked off ragnarok. Explicit harem elements develop, but for the most part, they serve the story: It's an alternate world where every major pantheon seems to have existed (Though there's been no mention of the abrahamic ones) and the Greek pantheon got into a war with the norse one, which led to most of the greek gods being killed or enslaved, and the Norse basically ruling Europe. There are elves, dryads, nymphs, giants, Dragons: Atlantis existed (And Atlantis was /scary/) and it's bbasically a blend of all sorts of mythology into a more or less cohesive whole.

Threadbare series (Book one: Stuff and Nonsense) by Andrew Seiple - our MC is a sentient Toy Golem (A teddy bear) Whose creator /does not realize/ is sentient, and gives to his little girl as a playmate. He makes friends! At times literally! Goes on adventures! And protects his little girl.

Alpha world series (Book one: Gamer for Life) by Daniel Schinhofen) Has a fairly implosible start: MC is in life imprisonment, testing a pod-based VR game (Read: Sort of medical testing for long immersion, as an alternative to prisons) but they let him play in the game world. Reasons for it do appear, however! Gamelit, with harem elements, but a good read.

And we've basically hit the point where I cant' remember what they were about anymore...

All of these were on Kindle Unlimited /at some point/. they might not be where you are, or anymore where I am. (Which is the reason I bought some)


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molikai molikai :)

Well thats a lot of titles to look into.

I did try out the first Daniel Black book and the first Fostering Faust book. They didn't grab me straight away, and with the latter's protagonists being very unlikable I put em off.


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It should be noted I can rarely afford to buy books at the moment, but typically read 2-3 books a day. So my pattern tends to be: Go onto Kindle Unlimited, Open tabs in firefox for every one i see that looks interesting, Gra bthe first ten: as I read them, if I dfon't like, return, if I finish it and there are sequels, continue to return/swap out for sequels until up to date, move on to next book, rinse, repeat. So generally, every 2 weeks I grab a new 'batch'. and i've been doing this about 2 years now. This is why I say 'That's as far back as I can remember'. There's a lot more titles I've read! i just can't remember what they were about.

Fostering Faust - I was much the same, in that I started it and just could not get into it.
The Daniel black story - the first one is okay, but it really picks up around book 2, I would say (In as much as: Book 1 is: GEt him there, introduce all the MC's, introduce the setting and what's wrong with it: Book 2 and onward is 'Right. Now we know what we're dealing with, what do we do about it?'


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Roflcopter. The Empire of bones series I mentioned? i stated rereading it on Friday. Just finished book 9, which was where I hit last time. and to my delight, Book 10 hit.. YESTERDAY. So that was good timing on my part!


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Also, Broken Nights by Matthew Davenport.

It's a lower key Daredevil-esque comic about a hobby store owner fighting crime in his neighborhood...only to find there's an actual evil genius afoot.

So Not a Hero by S,J. Delos

Basically a villain's hot female henchman defects to the good guys and tries to fit in. Perhaps a little too obviously written by a man writing a woman but I enjoyed it.

A Wizard's Forge by A.M. Justice

A woman gets kidnapped and sold into slavery at age 16 only to escape to become a gladiator and general to get revenge on her slaver.

Darkmage by M.L. Spencer

A wizard survives the bad guys purge of his order only to become, well, omnipotent and crazy by inheriting all their powers.

To Beat the Devil by M.K. Gibson

It's basically Shadowrun with demons instead of orcs. The apocalypse happened, God didn't show up and now the world is run by demons and megacorporations.

Where Loyalties Lie by Rob Hayes

PIRATES! A fantasy novel about PIRATES! A hard R pirate novel, too, with lots of darkness amid the humor.

The Superhero Detective by Darius Brasher

I really enjoyed this one and the title is the exact one. He also did other books in the world.
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