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Kindle Unlimited Bookreading


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I did like Dirty London by Kelly York, about a gay high school student who has to deal with rumors that she slept with one of the most popular boys in school.
I bought this based on your synopsis (also, it was all of a buck twenty) and am 2/3 of the way through. It's been good so far.


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All of my novels are available on Kindle Unlimited.

Wings of Twilight and Iron Fist of the Oroqs (The Foundation of Drak-Anor) form a high-fantasy duology told from the point-of-view of the "monsters" trying to live in their dormant volcano lair while crusaders keep coming in to kill them and take their stuff. They've been described as Pratchett-esque, but they're a bit rough, IMO, because they were my first full-length novels. Still, they're fun.

Malediction, Lament, and Salvation (Scars of the Sundering) is a follow-up series to The Foundation of Drak-Anor, taking place several years later. The minotaur necromancer Pancras and the drak twins Kale and Delilah go out into the world and discover, now that Drak-Anor is accepted as a city in its own right, being a good citizen actually carries responsibility. These are MUCH better written than the Foundation of Drak-Anor and can be read first since the main protagonist of the previous series isn't really a character in these books.

The Zack Jackson series is a hard(ish) YA sci-fi series that I conceived as Harry Potter in space, but without a Dark Lord or prophecy. It takes place in the 43rd century as the Earth-Alpha Centauri Alliance petitions for membership in the Galactic Confederation. All of that doesn't matter to Zack, because he's only 12 at the beginning of the series and is more concerned with doing Junior Ranger things and going to school. I've tried to keep as much of the science as accurate as possible, though I do have FTL and humanoid aliens. Being a Star Frontiers fan from way back, you might recognize influences of the Vrusk in the Valtraxians. Also, the Ryll are a mix between the Elcor from Mass Effect and Dralasites from Star Frontiers, because it amused me. This series is still on-going. Book 5 is written, but hasn't been edited yet. I anticipate 6 - 7 books in the series total.

There are a couple of short stories there, too. "Forgotten Dreams" and "Pleasure Pools of Persiphia" are available separately or in the Sojourn anthologies (I don't know if the anthologies are available on Kindle Unlimited; I no longer get royalties from them which is why my stories are also listed there separately).


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So I mentioned this a bit in the Webnovel thread, but I've been hardcore binge-reading LitRPG stuff.

First off, anyone know where the "Gnomes Rule!" running gag comes from? There will be a scene where the MC is giving a speech or addressing a crowd, and at the very end some unseen person in the crowd yells that out. I've seen that in several series now, with both Aleron Kong's Chaos Seeds series and Dave Willmarth's Graystone Chronicles being particular standouts since it happens at least once per book in each of their series.

Anyway, so far I've crushed out:

The Graystone Chronicles by Dave Willmarth -- Mentioned above. I absolutely love this series. Characters were a lot of fun, good dialogue, some really funny humor, and we get some stuff in and out of game, which is nice. Probably my favorite LitRPG I've read so far, and I wish there was more.

Dominion of Blades and The Hobgoblin Riot by Matt Dinniman -- Fun series about three people who wake up inside a game world and realize they've been living as NPCs for years, and set about to survive and figure out how they got there and why.

The Good Guys series by Eric Ugland -- Neat series about a somewhat bad guy who gets a chance to start over in a new world and decides to be the good guy this time.

Threadbare series by Andrew Seiple -- Written by a buddy, this series is about a plush teddy bear golem that's given sentience and rises up to fight the demons that killed his creator. Interesting world, with a bunch of unexplained mysteries behind it. Andrew has a second series set in the same world that he's writing now, Small Medium. Lot of fun, very creative in places.

The Chaos Seeds series by Aleron Kong -- mentioned above. I enjoyed it a fair bit.

Spells, Swords, & Stealth series by Drew Hayes -- Also mentioned above. I've only read the first book in the series. It was decent, but didn't really grab me, so I've pushed it back while I read some other stuff first.

Awaken Online series by Travis Bagwell -- Another mentioned above ( molikai molikai for the win), this was a pretty solid series with a couple very punchable antagonists.

The World series by Jason Cheek -- Also mentioned, also good. :)

Evolution Online by D.L. Harrisson -- Sorta mentioned above. I'm just starting this series now. Premise seems to be that the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted in 23XX and wiped out all life on earth. A few million people shot themselves into space in generation ships, but another 4 million or so had their DNA saved digitally and were downloaded into a virtual utopia in some underground computer somewhere to wait until the earth fixed itself, when they would be cloned (or whatever) and reborn, a process expected to take thousands and thousands of years. However, after about 1500 years, some of the digital personalities start going insane, and Gaia, the AI overseeing them, decides it's because they're in a utopia with nothing to challenge them. So she replicates an old Earth MMO and dumps everyone into there.


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That’s a good list, and I’m going to have to check out the stuff I don’t already know.

“Gnomes rule!” comes from Kong’s series. He’s been looking for that little bastard since book one or two. Personally, I’m hoping it’s Randolphus messing with him. That guy deserves some stress relief.


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Book 4 of the Awaken online series came out a few days ago!
Is good.


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Looks like nobody's dropped in that Nathan Lowell's Tales from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series (plural) are on KU. They're fairly good civilian spacer books, at least as far as I've read (Trader's and Smuggler's - I've got the first book of Seeker's waiting for me, which might be a bit different).


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If anyone has any other LitRPG on KU to recommend beyond what's been mentioned, I'm all ears (eyes?). That's currently my addiction, apparently :)


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hmm. Let me think. what have I not recommended already - let's try sorting my KU list from oldest to newest!

Specif LitRPG?
The Legendary Builder by J.A. Cipriano - This is very cheap popcorn, OH SO VERY MUCH harem, has several imitators, and is fairly ridiculous: Our MC buys a sword in a pawnshop, very rusty, cuts himself on it while trying to clean it: a Succubus appears and proclaims him the Legendary Builder, and takes him to hell.
Because Hell (and heaven) are in deep trouble, and he is apparently a prophesied hero who will save hell: The sword enables him to view the 'character sheets' of all the demons who swear loyalty to him, and spend the XP they've been accumulating (But hadn't known about) On their behalf.
Oh. did we mention that EVERY demon and EVERY angel is a ravishingly hot woman who hasn't been laid in millennia? ;) (so it's not archangel Michael, it's Archangel Michaela, etc.)
It's deeply entertaining, and deeply silly.

Halcyon Rising by Stone Thomas: Apprentice priest flees his temple when monsters attack, becomes high priest of a lost temple, working to prepare to defend his new goddess from said threat. the perk of being a High Priest? Ability to view others character sheets and spend their xp for them.
Again, kinky harem elements in this one.

The War God Saga by James Hunter: Marine pilot crashes on the Island of the Amazons, ends up taking Ares' Mantle, on the path to replacing the war god. with, of course, horny amazon harems. ;p Has a character sheet for himself, and I forget if he can alter the sheets of his minions.

Level up by Craig Anderson - due to a lab accident, for a short period, the MC has the properties of a video game (With himself as the MC) /imposed on the real world/, with himself as the vector - complete with character sheet, as I /recall/, but a good read regardless.

Tales of the Gemsmith by Jared Mandani - Vaguely similar to the graystone chronicles, in that our MC is playing a game, and in game and out of game conspiracies are meshed.

The Dungeon Con by Marty Myers - Imp sent by a very bad man indeed in a fantasy realm finds out MC running a dubngeon crawl at a con, and cons him into becoming the dungeon core of the bad guy's dungeon, essentially. Pretty sure it has litRPG traits: It's a good read regardless.

Unbound Deathlord series by Edward Castle - MC plays a Very immersive VRMMORPG game, picks a rare class, lots of politics and problems result!

Super Sale on Super Heroes by William D Arand - In a world of superheroes, our MC has a pretty shitty power: he can see the character sheet, and edit the traits of, anything he owns. Then a villain takes over the city he's in, legalizes slavery (To sell off all the heroes she defeated) and he finds himself in posession of three superheroines.. Whose sheets he can view and edit. Yes, it's about as creepy as it sounds, and has mild harem elements: But ir's an entertaining read.

Eden's Gate by Edward Brody - MC and his GF are excited to try the first VR MMORPG! And once online.. find out that the 'VR helmets are 'Neural upload' helmets- their bodies are now dead, they live in the game. Problem one: Convincing the government in the real world that everyone was uploaded and isn't actually dead /so they don't turn the servers off/.

Monster slayer Online by R.R. Virdi (first book: goblin King) I honestly can't remember the plot of this one, but I remember I liked it - and It's a person who was uploaded to a compyter game, so emphatically LitRPG.

THere are a couple others I apparently liked enoigh to read the series, but I need t oreread them before I'd reccomend them. (So they've all been added to this week's read list, which is presently delayed as i reread the please don't tell my parents.. Series)
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