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Kissing in LARPs?


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Re: Kissing in LARP's?

To echo SJE's point, I've recently become involved with UKFreeforms and they have careful casting and consent of all characters in their games. Romantic relationships are a strong part of some of the things they run, since they are non-combat more-or-less mechanics-less games, so people get very attached to the experience of being the characters.
In a similar vein the WoD gamers I know and have gamed with can be quite closely knit and very touchy amongst themselves, even beyond the established OOC relationships.


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Re: Kissing in LARP's?

Maybe this is just my own hangups showing, but - even if the consent minefield is successfully navigated, wouldn't folks running the LARP be worried about disease transmission at their event? I've got two kids, so I'm picking shit up from them all the time, and I feel terrible when it jumps from me to other folks (even/especially ones I'm not kissing).

ETA: I mean, I suppose those Euro LARPs all happen in countries with socialized health care, but still...
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Re: Kissing in LARP's?

I find folks tend to just get a cold or flu even at large gaming events ('con-crud') with or without kissing. LARPers tend to be huggers anyway, so there have been few LARP's in which I've been able to escape without a few heart-felt goodbye hugs anyway. But then I regularly use crowded public transport (the Tube) so its not anything special or worth worrying about.

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Re: Kissing in LARP's?

I suggested kissing in character at an anime LARP once. I was playing Red Mantle from Haunted Junction, whose attractiveness makes women swoon, and we needed someone to give up an unforgettable memory, so i suggested being kissed by Red Mantle then giving up that memory. Though we would have done it just by me saying "I kiss her", no actual contact.


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Re: Kissing in LARP's?

I have not, though this was as much because I was afraid I was coming down with the flu at my last larp as it was because of my sense of personal boundaries.

At larps where it might come up - that is, where my character was in a relationship with someone - we've usually negotiated physical boundaries before the game and then gone with those. At the last larp I played, one of the players whose character mine was intimate was okay with kissing on the mouth, while others were not. At one game it was in the rules that touching someone's face simulated kissing, which I thought worked well.

One thing that seems to be done often is put fingers between the kiss, which preserves the closeness and intimacy of a kiss but does not cross that particular boundary.


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Re: Kissing in LARP's?

It's been a long time since I LARPed, but I did do it for years, both in the US and Europe.

I can't recall kissing anyone as part of a LARP (though I have 'kissed' a character with my hand between our lips). On the other hand, I have bitten and been bitten by a lot (I mostly played Vampire Larps) of people, mostly people I wasn't involved with. It's always been in a consenting manner and made for some intense scenes. Granted, it was always personal roleplay, not from a plot or something.


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Re: Kissing in LARP's?

If someone likes to kiss and they do not mind, why not.
It's even quite romantic, get to know love during LARP :)
However, I would be careful and I would prefer that there be no kissing.
It is known, one girl will want, another will not - someone will feel rejected, or acknowledge that kissing is the most important mission throughout the game.
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