Knights of the Chalice 2 Kickstarter Thread


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Greetings, all!

KotC2 has a Kickstarter! As of this writing (Feb 12, 2019) it isn't yet live, but it'll be soon enough!

The game's author kindly explained what Knights of the Chalice 2 is(n't).

The Knights of the Chalice series is a turn-based adaptation of the Open Gaming License (OGL) rules for D&D 3.5. The first KotC stuck fairly close the the rules as written, but KotC2 seems more interested in adapting and expanding them for the sake of a better game.

I've already offered the author extensive feedback regarding many aspects of the game, some of which is slated to be in the final release.

As an aside, Knights of the Chalice is soon scheduled to arrive on Steam, GOG, and possibly other PC gaming platforms!

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