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💀 Necro Korean War in 28mm?

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As it is, Hobby Boss does a plastic 1/48 scale M-4A3E8 intended for Korea and there are brass/upgrade kits available, so I'll order one of those instead.
For what it's worth, I had a Hobby Boss KV-1 in 1/48 for my Mad Max/Gorkamorka project, and liked it rather well. Very sharp, good fit, solid instructions. I hope you're spared further disappointment.


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I had given up on this due to the total lack of North Korean models. 1st Corps makes a single squad of Chinese troops, but eight poses isn't enough to make an army.

But Warlord Games just put up a North Korean Army on pre-order:

I'm going to pre-order those North Koreans. They aren't great models, but with a good paint job they shold be passable, and it's a lot easier than converting WWII Soviets. Add some T-34/85s and that'll make a decent army.
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