L5R's Roll and Keep System for Star Wars


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My favorite (mechanically speaking) system for pen and paper RPG's is the Roll and Keep system developed for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. I've been using the 4th edition of the game as the skeleton for a Star Wars RPG. Some schools convert easily at a near 1:1 ratio from L5R to Star Wars (an example being Hida Bushi going straight into Trooper/Soldier with only light reskinning). Others are a little more difficult like creating a Mechanic or Slicer School/Class.

One thing that I've been struggling with has been lightsaber combat styles. There are several ways I could do them:

1- In addition to having Lightsaber be a Combat Skill, have a Skill for every style (that can't go higher than your Lightsaber Skill), and let the Mastery Abilities at Ranks 3-5-7 define the different styles.
2- Drop the Lightsaber Combat Skill, and instead have Ataru, Makashi, etc. as Combat Skills and letting their Mastery Abilities define the different styles.
3- Making the different styles into Merits with multiple ranks that can be bought for more mastery of individual styles.
4- Making the styles into Kata.
5- Making the styles Advanced Classes.

Personally, I'm thinking #1 is the best option because it's an XP sink, but still gives Insight points (and Jedi/Sith need things to spend points on so they don't get too powerful too quickly). #2 doesn't really have an option for someone who uses a lightsaber competently without access to the Jedi/Sith fighting styles. #3 I think makes it too easy for players to pick up new styles and doesn't increase Insight. #4 doesn't allow for combining styles 'cause you can only have one active Kata at a time. #5 makes it too difficult to have multiple styles.

Anyways, that's my question for now. What method should be used for lightsaber combat styles? One of the above, or another method? Thank you all ahead of time.


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Realistically, I think they should be Kata, since from reading their descriptions, it sounds like that's what they're supposed to be. However, in past Star Wars RPGs (Saga Edition, anyway), they could be combined, suggesting option 1 (or 3?)
If you want them to be incredibly powerful, option 5.
Option 2 could still work if you also had a generic "Exotic weapon: Lightsaber" skill.

Yet another option would be to have them be emphasis/focus/specializations (I can't remember what L5R 4e called it), where you can have 1 at 3 skill, 22 at 5, and 3 at 7 (If I am remembering that correctly), but have them, instead of giving the usual "Reroll 1s" special, give some other benefit.
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