Labyrinth RPG Announced


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I admit...this was never a property I imagined playing in, but hearing their plan I can see what they're doing. So...huh. I guess tell me more.


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Oh. My. God.

I love Labyrinth! The hour-per-scenario sounds interesting, too. I'm interested to see how that'll work.

If I can play Ludo then I'm in. If I can play a rogue goblin helping someone through the labyrinth, I'm in. If I can play a character's hat, I'm in. Oh, what am I saying. I'm in!
Don't lose your head over it!

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I have a... mighty need. Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies of all time, and this would be fantastic to play with my son. I bet I could spin it in all kinds of nifty ways, too. You bet I'll be keeping my eyes open for this one.


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Here's the thread I was talking about earlier:

I think one of the biggest lies we tell to ourselves is that "we want RPGs to be mainstream". If we truly did, we'd actually design accessible games, OSR wouldn't be a thing, and we'd ditch the 600 page tomes we keep gleefully churning out every year. (7/X)
I find this part of the argument a little incongruous with the other two.


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It'll be interesting to compare it to "Girl Underground" (recently Kickstarted) which seems set up to to that kind of story in the same type of short format... From the Labyrinth RPG Twitterthread, it seems like it might be a more classic RPG in terms of mechanics and state of mind, as opposed to the PbtA Girl Underground ("challenge your manners") take on the genre.


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I could see a game with Labyrinth-sections that you lay down randomly as you enter them, with randomized inhabitants, of random loyalty to Jareth, random features, via card-draws and dice rolls; etc, etc... Pick up the features when you leave them, because the Labyrinth keeps changing; and thus, near-infinite repeat-play!
You are talking about Dungeonquest now, aren't you?

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I find this part of the argument a little incongruous with the other two.
I think it's a cogent point. We have a whole community dedicated to creating throwbacks to one or two games that were created decades ago rather than (to an outsider) trying to create something new. Its the same complaint as people saying their sick of reboots and sequels and such, rather than people making original movies.

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I am surprised by how interested I am in this game, but i shouldn't be: I've always loved Brian Froud's work, grew up with the Muppets, have mad respect for Jim Henson, love the worldbuilding of Labyrinth...but it's what we're hearing about this game product that's putting me into the "will probably buy" category. The system sounds innovative and fun, I love games where the "board" is different each time, and it sounds like it will be beautiful.
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