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Labyrinth RPG Announced


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if that's the OSR Patrick Stuart count me in.
Considering Ben Milton (Questing Beast was mentioned upthread I think?) is in the credits I would be surprised if there were a different Patrick Stuart involved. Considering the stuff he has written for the OSR, I think Labyrinth would be something he might partake of. I have no special knowledge about the people involved, but it does seem likely it's the same person to me.

I don't recognize the other names on the credits, though, except Brian Froud for the art. Considering he has actual credits on the movie, it's good they got him on board for this, even if it was just securing the rights to use his work for this project.

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I think it would be more appropriate to mention The Dark Crystal rpg that Luke Crane was working on. I really wish that had come out.
There's going to be a Dark Crystal Netflix series. Maybe it'll be revived, maybe the license is suddenly more expensive.
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