(Lamentations of the Flame Princess) Vornheim City Kit

I'm about halfway through the PDF of this, the first comercial product by the talents behind the D&D With Porn Stars blog. So far so good.

*It looks, and reads, very differently from the "Standard" RPG product. The dead-tree version of this should make for a very eye-catching little black book.

* Vornheim itself is an awesome setting... similar to China Mieville's New Crobazon but colder, stranger, more "Norse".

* Although intended for Olde-Tyme D&D, it's almost systemless and would be useful to just about anyone running an urban fantasy campaign.

I might give a more detailed review later.

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I also bought this, and also am loving it!

Just to clarify though, that it's published by James Raggi through his LotFP imprint and web store, rather than being a supplement for the LotFP game specifically. It has oldschool stats throughout (0e/AD&D/BD&D style, with S&W style dual AC) but also has brief 4th ed statblocks in the back.

It's a 64 page hardback. Apparently the printed book will be a5 format, which is cool. The dust jacket comes off and has the city map printed inside.

The main thing is that this isn't a typical setting / city book. I personally am very fond of The Pirate's Guide to Freeport as an example city book. This is about as far from that as you can get while still being a city book. Rather than pages of places to go in each neighborhood and people to meet, what you get is a guide which teaches you how to run a game set in the city of Vornheim. Improv tools and random tables. Rather than 300 pages of stuff you wont use most of, you get 64 pages which you'll use over and over.
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I can definitely third the recommendations for this book. If you want to run Vornheim as-is, you'll get a very quirky and unconventional fantasy city - but you can also utilize it as a toolkit for just about any city you'd care to run, as long as you don't mind a little reskinning.


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Got the pdf, read a bit.

The charts have a lot of implied setting in them, so if you just roll of them you'll very much get the "Vornheim experience". But a lot of the tools contained in the kit are either very generic city tools or easily reskinable. There's a lot to work with in there. And I love the cover "tables", especially the one that allows you to handle multiple enemy combat in one simple swoop, that's just brilliant.

But I feel this book is really something that will realize its full potential only in dead tree form. The pdf is cool, but not as immediately useful.

I like a lot of what Zak has done with it and I think it could be taken even further. Definitely a book that I will keep around.


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The only source that I've found has both the hardback and the PDF -- I only want the PDF, myself. And while I wouldn't mind the hardback 9seems a decent price), the shipping to the US puts a damper on that.

Is the PDF available alone?


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I think the plan is to offer the .pdf for sale after they've had a chance to sell some books. Not sure what the time frame is, but I'm pretty sure it will be downloadable eventually.


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Once the pre-order period is over the PDF will be available separately, and the hardcover will be available in stores.
I like the PDF, but I can't wait to have the actual physical book in my hands.

I cannot stress this enough: In terms of art and graphic design, Vornheim looks like no other RPG book ever. The actual book is going to be a strange, gorgeous object.
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