Larry DiTillio RIP


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Awww. I haven't talked with him for over a decade. We only met at conventions. We were oddly teamed up by convention people on a couple of panels for a while. Now I guess we will not be able to catch up. Another person to put in the "I will miss them" category.


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Damn, I remember his work for Flying Buffalo back in the day, and remember being pleasantly surprised to see his name attached to Babylon 5.


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He was a great guy. We used to correspond regularly, and hang out in person at DunDraCon every year. He gave me more advice on my writing than I've even had the opportunity to use yet, and was always willing to give me feedback on my crazy ideas.

I'll miss him.


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Nice guy. I also remember him from DunDraCon. I've sung Masks praises on numerous occasions: he was a pioneer and a giant. RIP Larry.
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