Law vs Chaos

Lukas Sjöström

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Since Law and Chaos align quite a lot with social values, I tend to just sort of wing it based on the surrounding setting. In a setting inspired by the Warring States era, a Confucian-inclined character would be lawful while a Daoist-inclined one would be chaotic. In one inspired by 18th century France, a chaotic character would be a revolutionary while a lawful one would be a monarchist. It tends to end up good enough for most purposes, but it's of course not very useful for finding more "objective" definitions of them. That's why I propose that each alignment contains internal contradictions.


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Haven't finished this yet but I have had a long standing idea in which chaos and law are associated with creation and destruction respectively. Law seeks to maintain the cosmic order and in doing so accepts that eventually reality will wind down. Chaos struggles against this and helps wind up the universe. Ultimately either one if dominant will bring about destruction and eventually recreation as the sterile nothing of penordial Law is ignited by the fires of chaos or alternatively the maelstrom of eternal chaos is calmed by primordial law.

Good and Evil are an experiment that the two sides agreed on trying to extend their game by adding this sideshow to act as a distraction.
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