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If you want something better make it yourself. I'm making this real quick and lazy then calling it a day until the actual book comes out.

All Attributes begin with one dot.
Prioritize the Physical, Mental and Social Attribute categories as primary, secondary and tertiary. Distribute eight dots among the Attributes of the primary category, six dots among those of the secondary category and four dots among those of the tertiary category.

You get 28 ability dots to divide among caste and favored abilities. favored abilities must have at least one dot. If you work for Yu shan you get two additional specialties on top of your usual three. If you want the Yu-shan stuff more restrictive, copy-paste the Sidereals 2e ability requirements for being an agent and call it a day.

All Sidereals who work for Yu-shan get Language: Old Realm for free.

For Sidereal Charms:
All Sidereals get Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise and Prophet of Seventeen Cycles. That is most of their unique fate abilities right there.

For Sidereal Martial Artists, just give them auto MA favored ability and MA Supernal and mastery and call it a day. for SMAs, if you don't want to write out a bunch of probably overpowered charms, just make make it so that you purchase the SMA as a separate style like all MA's, then make all the charms gambits. want to punch someone into a duck? difficulty 5 gambit or something, there you go.

for sorcery use the DB method of initiating them, but give them Celestial Circle Sorcery

All other charms? eh, just grab stuff from DBs, who cares. Sidereals make DBs do everything for them anyways. maybe crib some of the Solar charms that make you better at being a mysterious mastermind/wise teachers like Master Plan Meditation and some of Lore. in short if you think a Sidereal would be good at a thing, Solar charm, if you don't think they would be good at it, DB charm.

you get 15 charms not counting the two free ones and Sidereal Excellencies, which you get for free in all caste and favored abilities you have dots in.

For Sidereal Merits:
You get 13 merit dots. If you work for Yu-Shan you get free Resource 2 and Backing 2 in whatever department you work in.

Bonus points:
you get 18 bonus points.

Finishing Touches:
Record Essence rating (1), Personal Essence (11 + Essence), Peripheral Essence (23 +[Essence x 6]), Health Levels (−0/1x2/−2x2/−4/Incapacitated) and Willpower (5).

Bonus Point Costs as per Solar Character Creation

Great Curse:
When you limit break, you become a cold clinical utilitarian idiot who sacrifices things for some ill-defined greater good.

copy paste the above, but get rid of the Yu-shan stuff and replace it with free Backing in Anti-God Rebels or whatever they're called and maybe Rakan Thulio as an free five dot ally that you want to get rid of. maybe add more charms to screw with gods, like steal their eclipse charms or something. replace the usual sidereal castes with whatever you think is a middle finger to said castes.

I will be accepting any requests to make anything else about Sidereals be functional as lazily as possible. requests to do actual work not accepted. alternatively you can just use this guys much better more comprehensive homebrew who did actual work. your welcome.


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Wastevan's Sidereal homebrew (that you linked) is good and here is another decent homebrew. This one is from ZXXZ. It is a different take if you wanna try it out.

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thanks, nice to see more Sidereal homebrew. I was planning on making my own, but I think two different seemingly complete homebrews is enough. might work on discussing how to convert Sidereals to other systems instead because they present unique challenges that other Exalted don't, and I want to make that easier so that people don't think Sidereals are untranslatable.
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