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Least essential RPG


NPC Eric Brennan

Least Essential Games?

I can name quite a few editions of games that aren't very essential, including several of Gamma World's. I assume, however, that you mean game lines as a whole, so:

My top pick: Immortal--Not a /bad/ game, just--...not very essential.

My other picks are sacred cows, so I'm not gonna touch 'em.

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Least Essential, meaning: why was this game published?

C'mon folks, there are some REAL dogs out there!

  • Street Fighter: the RPG by White Wolf - managed to not pull a single quarter-pumping stand-up player into the White Wolf fold. I have no idea what they were thinking when pondering licenses. "Hey Bob, what's popular right now?" "Shut up, I'm trying to defeat Bison here!" "Hmmmm...you might be on to something, Bob!"
  • Indiana Jones - 'nuff said.
  • Lejendary Adventures - Gygax: "I want to prove that I'm not a one-trick pony, so I'll rename all of the stats and classes in D&D! Woo hoo!"
  • Price of Freedom - Way to capitalize on that Red Menace!
  • Chill - It's a game about horror. No, just horror. Lots and lots of horror. Boo! Horror! This game had all the individuality of a Dorito.
  • Albedo - You can play a fox-person! Or a monkey-person! No, really!

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BiggusGeekus said:
I thought T&T predated Dungeons & Dragons?
D&D came out in 1974. T&T first hit the shelves somewhere in 1975. In the book Heroic Worlds, the author of T&T Ken St Andre describe how he got ahold of the original D&D boxed set and read it, liking the concept but having no idea hold to play D&D, the original set was so dense.

So what he did was make his own game. It just seemed easier. So, yes, it is a retread of D&D. Mostly because the author wanted to play D&D but just couldn't fathom the rules to D&D.

That said there are some nifty ideas in T&T. It was one of the earliest, if not the first RPG to use a form of spell points instead of the Dying Earth magic system. The Monster Rating system is esspecially nifty as it allows you to describe a monster with one number and then get two important combat stats from that single number.

So I think T&T is essential, in it's own way.

Interesting concensus on TSR's Indiana Jones RPG. Here's a question, why don't you want to play Short Round?


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Re: Least Essential, meaning: why was this game published?

Kuma said:
C'mon folks, there are some REAL dogs out there!

[*] Chill - It's a game about horror. No, just horror. Lots and lots of horror. Boo! Horror! This game had all the individuality of a Dorito.


Ahh no man don't 'dis Chill, I love that game!:(

Seriously, are we thinking of the same game hear? The Chill than forced players to actualy investigate the Horror rather than just blowing it away with the heviest audinance they could find. Compared to some of the Chill beasties even those in CoC were easy to grease! Some of these things could only be killed one way which meant you had to find out what it was, then find out how it could be killed, then find out where it was, all before it ripped your head off!
I know I'm only realy familure with first ed (Pacesetter) Chill but Mayfaire can't have changed it THAT much I don't think.

Oh well diferent strokes for different folks I guess!
(Still think your wrong :p )


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Kuma said:
C'mon folks, there are some REAL dogs out there!
I'll second the person above me who says that Chill was an awesome game, but I'm only familiar with the Mayfair version (2e?). The GM's Guide was the best primer on running a horror campaign /ever/, including Hite's "Nightmares of Mine."

And Street Fighter was just a fun book--maybe not a real money maker, but it was well done, perfectly emulated the source, and /worked,/ which is more than you can say about a lot of RPGs.


Dawn Patrol... (A WW1 airplane game. TSR tried to make it an rpg by sticking in a few tables to determine such statistics as where your pilot grew up, his rank, etc. None of these statistics affected how well your pilot flew his plane - the idea that it was somehow an rpg is laughable. "Okay, I land, pull out my pistol, and sneak up on the anti-aircraft gun...")

Spawn of Fashan... (Yeah, I know it was a joke...)

Recon... (The Vietnam rpg. Followed by the sequel; "VA Hospital")

Cyborg Commando...


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The above post was mine...

Oh, and how could I have forgotten Tank Girl?
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Revenant said:

There were Psi-Judges as well weren't there? Or was that in a supplement?
You are correct. It was part of the main rules.

And to the poster above, duh. I know what Mithras was saying...I'M just saying that the Judges should be the should be the enemies of the characters, not the characters themselves...

(What, is this coming out in Spanish or something?)

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"Lame, suck-ass drivel"?


Good question.

Dark Realms from Guild of Blades Publishing
Hey, your core mechanic is a d12-driven, chart-based, oddly-distributed spread of...uh...and, er...lots of craft skills. You can be a kick-ass miner, but don't try to defend your village from orcs.

It came From The Late, Late Late Show from Stellar Games
It has some good ideas, yes; it's fun to think up situations and creatures, yes; it's a nightmare to run it, definitely. Maybe it's not "suck-ass drivel", but it's limping alright.

Gosford Park: The Role-Playing Game from Robert Altman
True, no such thing exists. Let's hope it never does; if it should come to pass, then there'd be screaming, and death, and blood, and woe, and prison sentences. Lots of them.
For me.
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