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Lee Garvin, creator of Tales from the Floating Vagabond, has passed away


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Lee has been fighting health issues for some time, and last night he posted to Facebook that his chest felt tight. After that, it's been reported that he has passed away. :(

He created the amazing and hilarious Tales from the Floating Vagabond, among a number of other games, and seemed to be a really cool guy.

When I was in college, we had three games in rotation: WEG's Star Wars, D&D, and Floating Vagabond. Our GM for the FV game was a guy who had pretty much memorized Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and most of Monty Python, so he made a perfect GM for the game since it blended with that style of British Humor so well. It almost wrecked our other games though, when the GM decided to pull in both our Star Wars and our D&D characters into the Vagabond, and we had a nice epic adventure trashing Space Nazi's running our characters from all three games simultaneously. Of course, we traded items, and the Paladin went home with a LIghtsaber and the Smuggler got a Portable Hole... We quickly had to retcon those out ;)

Despite my many years at Origins and Gen Con, and getting to know a lot of game developers, Lee was one I never had the chance to meet. And I deeply regret that now. :(

Hopefully he's out there in the Vagabond now having a drink with Hawk Luger and punching Space Nazi's. We'll miss you.


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Yeah, he seems to have passed, alright. Greg Porter posted an update the the 'Killing Lee Garvin' kickstarter (which created a game to raise money for him) that he passed away. Last night he was posting to Facebook that he had pains in his chest and shortness of breath, and he had to be convinced to go to the ER.

Please don't futz around with chest pain, people.


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It wasn't an email I wanted to wake up to. Information is light, as you would expect so soon after the event, but tragically this does appear to have been confirmed.


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That's so sad; I actually worked with Lee in a comic shop in the 90s and would see him at our FLGS where he worked for a while. Rest easy, Lee, and thanks for the good times.


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Man, I was rereading The Noble Wild for the first time in a couple years a few days ago and was wondering what the author was up to these days.


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I was talking to Lee on Facebook when he started having chest pains. This is just devastating news.


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Please don't futz around with chest pain, people.
Indeed. My flatmate has just returned from a week in hospital after a 'mild' heart attack. Fortunately he decided when his 'indigestion' didn't fade that he'd call an ambulance rather than ignore it.
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