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Legends of Novus Fantasy Tabletop Boardgame

Wes Woodbury

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⚔ If you love DnD, but need something a little lighter for when the group can't get together or just something different and epic, check out this! ⚔
Some very awesome art commissioned specifically for this game but could very easily adapt to your use in a DnD campaign. AND... if you do pledge for the game you will get a bonus 5E Adventure written by the games designer!

One renowned game reviewer had this to say:
"I am a really big fan of the video game Diablo. This board game captures that feel of the game for me, outfitting your character, on the hunt for the best gear, leveling up, getting your character to that advance class, it has all those RPG type elements to it and really works on every level for me!"
Mark Streed
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