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Lego: Heroica

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I noticed this while at the local WalMart. The impression I get from the box is that it's a rpg-like game (perhaps in the vein of Descent) which uses Legos. There is a link to the website for the game here: http://heroica.lego.com/en-us/BookOfLore/Monsters.aspx

I think it's pretty cool. The rules are simplified to appeal to a younger audience, and I'm pretty sure it's meant for younger folk, but I am tempted to buy it. It seems like it would be a fun experience, and I could always use the rpg/fantasy themed Lego pieces when playing other games. Has anyone played this?


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I have. It's a fun game like HeroQuest or Descent but for young players. I play it with my 4 year old daughter and she gets most of it. On saying that, it appeals to older players but don't go in expecting too much depth.

The game shines mostly if you have all 4 sets. If you get one, i recommend the two mid sized games first, the forest one is my favourite.

Someone has done a house rule document for deeper play.


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I have three sets. It's a fun lightweight diversion. It's a little more fun if you play for points, just by assigning points to each treasure and monster. If you buy more than one set, you can also mess with probability by changing the sides on the dice.

My own house rules are:
* 1 point per treasure/monster
* no points for gold (so that you don't have to worry about spending them)
* everyone starts with 1 free weapon (so you have more choices when you roll a shield)
* the game ends when someone leaves the map
* nobody can leave the map until someone achieves the map's goal
* player with the most points at the end wins

Heroica uses microfigs, which are 1/2 as tall of minifigs and have no articulation. They're good for halflings, I guess, if you use minifigs as medium sized characters.
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