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[LEGO] Oh Gods. What have I done?


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I'm a 37 year old male, married without kids, who has never, in his whole life, played with Lego (or LEGO® or whatever it's actually called. Lego works for me though). Yeah, I know. :(

(I did play quite a bit with Tente when I was a kid, though, which is similar but not quite the same. I barely remember it though.)

So, what did I do today as a self-Christmas present? I bought this, this and this. You know, three little things. Just to see what I was missing. And tonight after tea, the missus and I sat down around our gaming table and put them together, together.

Oh boy.

Now we are looking at online catalogs, browsing the Lego section of eBay, and going all :eek: and :D and checking how much money we have in the bank, and how much room in our shelves.

What the fuck have I done???

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So your going to use them as minis in a game?

Because if your not I'm bit puzzeled why this threa is in OG rather then Tang or Toys group forum.


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What the fuck have I done???
Heh. I see your madness and raise you one---I'm a 39 year old male, married, with an eight-year-old daughter who loves "boy stuff" and fantasy/sci-fi.

Which is why I bought her/me . . .




Can't wait for Christmas morning so she/me can start playing. :D


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oh god, this reminds me of how much lego i had as a child. Medieval, Space and Robin Hood (those ones were especially awesome), i could loose myself for hours in them. In the end we passed them on to my cousins, who as far as i know still have most of them.


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One of us! One of us! My wife and I are hitting 40 and each have been collecting and playing for 25-odd years.

Welcome. You'll have fun. People forget how to have fun when we get older. Lego is fun.

Since I'm an enabler, check out these sites:

www.bricklink.com for when you need just that one certain piece.

www.peeron.com for set inventories and other cool stuff (and for answering th question "does this piece come in another color?')

www.brothers-brick.com for inspiration and to gawk at all the cool stuff people make with Lego bricks.

Have fun!
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