OOC Les Maquisards starring in "Le maquis a des yeux" - The Fall of Delta Green - Organisation 'CLAUDE'


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At this point, I'm assuming we're still a few klicks out from the ridgeline, and communicating with the new arrivals by radio, right?


section de reconnaissance
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Chanida our point man has Sense Trouble 3, Brian our BAR gunner has Sense Trouble 3 as well. Guy has Sense Trouble 8. Guy and Chanida have Stealth 8. The whole section has Stealth 3.
I will make three rolls? Chanida, Brian, Guy in order...
I believe that is three successes! Can we ambush? Chanida and Nor, the point and slack both have suppressed STENs. You can't hear much past 75 metres.
Though we would rather bypass, with 50+ poilus behind us it is unlikely.
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As we get ready to have a quick war council, could we get some clarification as to our position relative to everything else? How close are we to the a) cave that the soldiers went into, b) the range of hills, and c) the river?
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