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My character for an adventure in CoC's Horror on the Orient Express

Ivazova Valentina “Vasha” Kirillovna

Occupation: Soldier*
Age: 23
Sex: F**
Residence: UK
Birthplace: Petrograd

STR: 65
DEX: 50
POW: 65
CON: 35
APP: 45
EDU: 85
SIZ: 70
INT: 80

Damage Bonus: +1D4
Build: +1
Credit Rating: 30

Skills: Appraise 25%; Climb 40%; Disguise 25%; Dodge 50%; Drive Auto 40%; Fighting (Brawl) 60%; Firearms (Handgun) 40%; Firearms (70%); Language (Own: Russian) 80%; Language (English) 50%; Language (Chinese) 10%; Mech Repair 40%; Stealth 50%; Survival (Tundra) 60%; other skills at default

Backstory: Something something *Russian Civil War something Baron Ungern von Sternburg something something nasty in Mongolia something fled to Great Britain on a supply convoy. Was working in an antique store in Marylebone, and is now, for reasons that are somewhat unclear, riding on a train to Istanbul, escorting an eclectic group of oddballs as they [redacted], trying to keep them alive.

**Presents as a woman who wears men's clothes — as it's 1923, doesn't have a clearer idea of her gender identity than that.

Note that I missed the beginning of the character creation session, so if there's a mistake in all this, it's because I screwed up. But I seem to be getting away with it, so Мама's the word, eh?


Tolerant Ent
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Walkie Talkie Noise Decoder;bt87 said:
Did you make the art?
Oh, yes, I meant to mention. 3d modelling software, with a bit of photoshopping.
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