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The take on Orcs -- that they're almost literally the planet's reaction to pollution and overuse -- is also something I've not seen before.
Wonder how much you could tap into Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri for this sort of thing. Orcs as psionic avengers is definitely a different take, and could be interesting. Especially if they can continue to exist as independent entities after the "planet" grumbling recedes. Maybe lift some ideas from the less-popular but similar 4e race, Wilden. Half-orcs could then be common as druids, shamans, etc. due to druid-leaning human communities welcoming orcs among their number as a sign of nature's direct and overt favor; being a half-orc would then in some sense make you a "child of nature itself."

Food for thought, at least.


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Almost no one took the Emperor in my campaign, so Axis and the Empire hasn’t been very important.
Same for us... We've been to Axis a few times, but no one took the Emperor in their Icon relationships or have backgrounds particularly tied to official Imperial goings-on.

That said, for what bits we have seen, they mostly seem to mean well. The intentions seem to be above-board and generally "good", though there are details various characters have had some issues with. Mostly in how non-humans/elves/dwarves are treated. There's some definite species-ism going on in our games' Imperial culture.

My wizard/priest isn't at all fond of the way one of the local Imperial guard company's captains habitually threatens the little goblins that he adopted awhile back as followers, for instance. The little guys are remarkably well-behaved (for goblins-) and haven't actually done anything wrong, but the captain still takes swipes at them every chance he gets. He's said that "civilized communities have no place for riffraff". Kat has privately threatened to turn the guy into a newt if he doesn't cut that out. He's protective of his minions.

My rogue takes pretty strong issue with some of the arenas in Axis bringing in captive monsters for gladiatorial battles if those "monsters" belong to species that she considers "people"... People like her gnoll buddy, Pelt, for example... or the trio of weretigers that she helped escape. (She snuck into the place they were being held and freed them, getting them out of town before the event they were slated to be used in. She grumbled the whole time that "People shouldn't try to own other people" and that "People aren't toys"... She thinks it's ridiculous that the humans in Axis choose not to recognize that gnolls or weretigers actually ARE people, or that it's fundamentally wrong to keep a person of *ANY* species as a slave.)

Yeah. I guess Katlan and Nai are both sort-of proto non-human right's activists, and our Dragon Empire isn't terribly enlightened in that particular area.
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