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Let's list the ways Kevin J Anderson Ruined Star Wars


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A few (and a few speculations):

1. Made the Jedi out to be basically wizards with swords. Made the Sith two-dimensionally evil.

2. Lots of stupid super-weapons

3. Incredibly irritating writing style

4. helped create the Yuuzhan Vong

It's been over ten years since I read the books, but even then I knew that KJA was a terrible writer compared to Zahn and Stackpole.


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Wasn't KJA kind of the precursor to the "Force is midichlorians!" shit? I seem to recall he had some tricorder-like medical scanner that could detect a person's Jedi-ness.


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KJA solidified the 2-dimensionality with the old sith wars garbage he wrote (IIRC, he's responsible for exar kun, etc)

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Darksaber was a plot idea that was impossible to make boring, and which was somehow made boring.

Seriously, I don't know how you fuck that up. The back cover copy basically wrote the book for you, and yet somehow the whole thing is one of the worst books ever. It's the Blade: Trinity of books.


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In fairness to Kevin J Anderson he did:

1) Leave Pellaeon in command of the Empire (Darksaber)

2) Give Pellaeon his awesome mustache (also in Darksaber.)


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Wasn´t he the "everyone should get married to each other!" guy?
He did push the Mara/Lando relationship and hinted at a Winter/Ackbar one. He also made Garm bel Iblis into a bloodthirsty warmonger.

But there's no indication that he had anything to do with the Yuuzhan Vong (which I actually do like, although I think the 'disconnected from the Force', though eventually explained well enough, was something of a misstep--and the editorial team seems to agree with me) and more to the point, it's been roughly a decade since he had anything to do with Star Wars. (I think his last contribution was some work on the original Essential Chronology, a 2000 or 2001 publication.) Is there any reason to bring this up other than to stoke the fires of nerdrage and continue on the path to the Dark Side? :)
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