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[Let's Play]Choice of Magics


Protocol and Translation
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Absolute faith.

There is no sense in wavering now. You will do what you were destined to do.

In a final push, you channel all the negation energy you possibly can into your arc to the heavens. You feel it wash over you and consume you, even as you can feel all the tiny arcs of negative energy and electricity course from one horizon to the other.

But as you disintegrate from the power coursing through you, you can see that it is not enough. The thunderheads remain.

Why…? you ask the voice.


You resign yourself to being one more thread in the great cosmic tapestry as your magic obliterates you.

Chapter 9:Just One Thread

From the perspective of the people of the capital, the following happened: you ran to the roof of the Cathedral, shouted something strangely compelling about the power of magic, visibly reached for the heavens with your magic, and ultimately destroyed yourself in a conflagration of lightning.

Perhaps it was the glamor, but it wasn't clear to your observers that any of it was an accident. It seemed more like a final message—a tangible demonstration that shooting for the stars is better than living in fear of the consequences of your dreams.

This becomes known among the people as Saint Foo's message, and it is the subject of many sermons in the weeks to come.

The message hits a few people at exactly the right time in their lives. (Increased Adoration.)

And in this way, your legacy lives on.

A Transformative End: A Message at the Right Time.
Achievement Unlocked: Destiny: Obeyed the voice. (5 points)

Achievement Unlocked:A Complete Story:Reached the resolution of a chapter 8 climax. (5 points)

If the thread would like me to, I can go back and experiment until I find the right choices to survive the Glamor rot and we can continue from there.

Spoiler: Show

Queen Foo


A stylish woman with an unusually plain face wearing a conical hat and a white saint's cowl




Ancient History: 3 (Decent)
Fighting: 1 (Bad)
Subtlety: 3 (Decent)
Charisma: 7 (Excellent)




Romances (Interested in men and women)
Queen Thecla (Married)

Tal: 73 (Great)
Sam: 38 (Bad)
Thecla: 90 (Great)
Church: 48 (Bad)


Kingdom Power: 3 (Decent)


Gold: 20 gold
Torc of Life and Death
History Book, True Life of Abraxas
Golem Manual
Negation Wand




Margarete the Baby Dragon
Full of Meat Gamera, a Gamera

The Dead-

Mayor Cos
Blessed Jacob
Student Vance
Saint Ann

Plot Points-

Chapter 1

You and Tal stumbled on an ancient magic academy.
You discovered a book of vivomancy, and an inquisitor chased you.
You explored an ancient classroom.
You found a book about the life of Abraxas, who is seen as a god today but whom the book treats as a powerful wizard.
You read in True Life of Abraxas that those who follow orders regularly are more likely to be glamored.
You explored the academy library.
A divination revealed a potential ally in the form of a golem, so you took a manual on the operation of golems from the library.
You found a laboratory with a trapped specter.
You saw a vision of someone else becoming a specter and betraying the trapped specter.
You freed the specter.
Noodles obtained a dragon egg for you.
The flame from the dragon's breath threatened to consume the whole sunken academy.
You escaped the magic academy and headed for your hometown of Akriton.

Chapter 2

You flew up the coast of the Negative Sea back to Akriton.
You created two Enlighteners and freed them in the woods.
You made your parents think your finds in the academy were purely of historical interest.
Seer Marie told your fortune with kalot cards.
You stopped a thief who stole from Fruitseller Fran.
You averted a death cloud by restarting Akriton's old fans.
You learned the location of the Magisterian capital from True Life of Abraxas.
You blasted a dodecapede and brought back the head.
You created a new kind of plant, the green eggplant.
Cos and you agreed that you would secretly work for Akriton.
You went to Cos's place to play a board game.
You heard a pair of inquisitors had come to town.

Chapter 3

Two inquisitors came to your door: the more aggressive Blessed Jacob, and the kinder Blessed Sam.
An old man intervened, claiming you weren't home.
You cast a divination and learned the old man was Mayor Cos, shapeshifted.
The inquisitors discovered that Cos was a shapeshifter.
You killed Blessed Jacob.
You tried to cast a glamor, but it didn't work, and you were captured.

Chapter 4

You found yourself captured in the basement of the Cathedral.
Cos rescued you.
You found a university student held in the Cathedral dungeon—the last mage left there.
You freed the student, whose name was Vance.
You invited Vance to explore the Cathedral dungeon with you.
Saint Dan captured you.
You waited in the dungeon of the Cathedral, hoping for rescue.
The hierophant came to make an offer of sainthood to you.
You became a saint.

Chapter 5

You briefly returned to Akriton to prepare for sainthood.
Your shapeshifter-hating landlord Banker Sara became Mayor Sara in Cos's absence.
You buried all your magical items so that you might retrieve them later.
You traveled to the town of Bonton.
Many people came for advice, among them a couple wondering whether they should move to the capital for the woman's hat-selling career.
You advised the couple to divorce.
You discovered Bonton has a working copper tree for protecting the town from lightning.
You had the tree dismantled for your own study.
You encountered a fledgling wizard named Pir in Bonton.
You reported young Pir to the Church as a hedge saint.
You tried to report Pir as a hedge saint, but the inquisitors declared them a wizard and took them away.
You remained a faithful saint until you were named the queen's blessed advisor.

Chapter 6

You returned to the capital, summoned by the queen for an interview.
You became blessed advisor for the queen.
You moved into the royal palace.
The hierophant told you she had a vision that the Neighbors would invade, and she wanted you to help modernize the kingdom without going too far.
You recommended using vivomancy-created beasts to supply the kingdom's labor and enhance its military.
You flirted with the queen, and she reciprocated.
You told the queen glamors were not worth the health risks.
Over dinner, the queen told you a story of a glass princess, and you incorrectly guessed the glass princess slew the witch and stole her magic.
You began a romance with the queen.
Over dinner with Tal and the queen, you learned of the queen's childhood stuffed animal, Bear Bearson.
You animated Noodles and Bear Bearson to introduce them, but they fought, embarrassing Tal.
Your plan to create beasts to perform the kingdom's labor and fighting appeared to be working.
You chose not to augment the entertainment industry with magic.
A visit to your mother turned deadly when she turned out to be a shapeshifter, who attacked you with a knife.
Your mother recalled the shapeshifter was Fruitseller Fran.
Your mother's house was destroyed by a Magisterian bombardment.
You told the queen you would try to negotiate for peace.

Chapter 7

You were brought before the high magister, who interviewed you in front of the Magisterian Senate.
You did not impress the Magisterians.
The queen ordered you to prepare a plan for war.
The kingdom prepared for war.
You decided not to use negation magic in the war.
You decided to adopt a purely defensive strategy in the war.
You proposed to Queen Thecla, and she accepted.
Your defensive strategy failed, and the Neighbors invaded Akriton.
The dragons on the front were reported to be more menacing than usual.
You glamored Sam and reported his attack on you to the queen.
The queen asked that Sam be replaced.
You married Thecla and thereby became royalty.
The Neighbors continued their march to the capital.
You created a new kind of creature, a Gamera named Full of Meat Gamera.
You created a great creature named Gamera to help with the war effort.
An attack of rot left you bedridden for a month.

Chapter 8

Rot finally began to kill you, and you were taken to the Cathedral.
You learned you were staying in the same bed Saint Ann died in.
You asked that your parents be invited to visit you.
You asked that Tal be invited to visit you.
You asked to see Queen Thecla.
You asked not to see the hierophant.
Saint Twimsby paid you a visit.
He brought your pet dragon.
A voice awakened you and called on you to have faith in it.
You cast a glamor and shouted a message of magic from the top of the Cathedral.
Following the commands of the voice, you tried to clear the sky of the Eternal Storm, but the magic killed you instead.

Chapter 9

Even though you failed to heal the skies, your message of magic still resonated with the kingdom.

Giel M

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I'm not sure we CAN survive this chapter with the stats we had coming into this chapter. I've survived it in other playthroughs. By turning into a Great Beast, which we apperantly weren't good enough to do. By turning into a wraith, an option that doesn't even show up for us. Or by following the Abraxis path, as a far more religious character. Never managed to cure the Rot, which is another option we weren't even getting.

If you wanna go look for a way out, by all means, but I'm not sure there IS one for us...

My (spoiler-blocked) opinion about going back and experimenting, for the eyes of our gracious host and anyone else who doesn't mind spoilery knowledge gained throug way too many playthroughs of this one...


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You know, this seems like a decent enough ending although I would certainly be interested in hearing more about other paths.


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Kinda wish there was a bit more of an epilogue, as much as transcending into pure magic is a pretty nice end-cap.


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I'm more or less of the opinion that this was a fitting end for Foo. Now I'd be all about going back and trying something based around a more explod-y wizard.


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I didn't expect that there'd be interest in a second playthrough, but I'd enjoy going through again. I'd just insist that we do something other than part the wall this time, so that we see some of the variety the game has to offer.

Should I make a new thread or just keep using this one?


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Make a new thread, so it's clear we're starting again. New folks might want to jump in at the beginning.
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