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Let's Play Cinders


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Cinders: People can be so stupid sometimes. The instant they see something they don't understand, they fear it. It's ridiculous and close-minded.

Madame Ghede: Damn sure it is!

Cinders: Sad? But you said the same exact thing!

Madame Ghede: I'm old and bitter, child. The world has thrown its worst at me. But you are young. You should be dreaming of doing great things, not going around calling people stupid and close-minded!

Cinders: So I'm supposed to be a naive dreamer just because I'm young? That's ridiculous!

Madame Ghede: If you continue to argue with me, I will turn you into a toad.

Cinders: Wait! I thought you said you didn't know magic!

Madame Ghede: I only said that the stories about me have been exaggerated. But that hardly matters now. After all, it got you to stop arguing, didn't it?

Cinders: True...but, still.

Madame Ghede: I was just visiting an old friend. I was on my way back from picking some herbs in the forest by the lake.

Cinders: Oh? I've heard that the forest and the lake are special. My father used to tell me that they're magical.

Madame Ghede: And we're talking about magic again.

Cinders: I can't help it. The atmosphere here is so mysterious. It does feel as if this place is magical.



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Madame Ghede: Ah, but that didn't really answer the question.

Cinders: Well, it hardly matters whether magic is real or not. Some people think that their life is ruled by fate. In reality, it's just easier for them to blame everything on fairies instead of their own mistakes.

I prefer to take my fate into my own hands, so it doesn't matter if magic exists. I'll still aim for what I want.

Madame Ghede: What a rare and refreshing outlook on life, especially for a young girl. Most women in this weird country seem content to accept whatever is handed to them.

Perhaps you would like to come visit my shop the next time you're in town. Tomorrow, maybe?

Cinders: Maybe. Is there any reason you're inviting me?

Madame Ghede: Do I need a reason? Perhaps it's merely that I like you. Or we could talk about your mother.

Cinders: Wait! You knew my mother?

Madame Ghede: Of course I did. Who do you think has been tending to her grave all this time? It surely wasn't you.

Cinders: So you were friends with my mother?

Madame Ghede: Shouldn't you hurry home as well? You'll be in deep trouble if Carmosa discovers you're gone.

Cinders: How did you know that I snuck out?

Madame Ghede: Who knows? Maybe I saw it in my crystal ball.

Or maybe it's just that I know Carmosa wouldn't let you wander around the woods on your own.

Cinders: I really want to see you tomorrow, but it won't be easy. Carmosa usually keeps a watchful eye on me.

Madame Ghede: Well then, you'll just have to think of something, won't you? You won't get anything out of life if you don't take a few risks.

Cinders: I guess so. I'll try to come tomorrow.

Madame Ghede: Excellent. I'll see you then. Take care of yourself.

Cinders: For now, I'd better just concentrate on getting home. Magic or not, the witch was right about one thing. If Carmosa finds out I snuck out, I'll be in deep trouble.


Cinders: Hmm... all clear in the main hall, and I don't hear anyone screaming my name. Looks like I made it back in time!

Cinders: Hey, I know you! You're that man who was with Tobias last night.

Shady character: Keep your voice low, Miss'um! I'm trying to remain incognito here!

Cinders: What are you even doing here?

Shady character: Oh, nothing important enough to bother you. 'Tis merely boring business stuff.

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