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Let's Play Cinders


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I could use some help.

Hopefully Cinders phrases it exactly like that, since it technically isn't a request.


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Sure, let's accept the help of the incomprehensible aliens who just turned up claiming to have been watching us all our lives due to being "bound".

It'll probably be fine.
I'm assuming that's a vote for "I make my own fate"? ;) Not that it really matters, since there's a pretty clear majority either way.


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The Fairy: Aid carries weight; heavy may be the price. It tends to flourish with time. Like fate, it is a living thing.

Cinders: I understand. I think that sometimes we have to deal with the unknown and take the risk.

If Mum was brave enough to take this plunge, I am too. I will pay the price.

The Fairy: You spoke like your mother, yes, your blood is one. You are forged like her.

Soon you will need us. If you are indeed ready to carry the weight, we will make a Concord with you. You will receive aid.

Cinders: It's good to know. I'm sick of having to do everything on my own.

Even if it is better or safer, I still miss just being able to lean on someone or something else.

Also, I'd be a fool not to take this opportunity. Even if it does sound a bit dangerous.

The Fairy: When it will come to pass -- we will be waiting for you.

Cinders: I still can't believe it! Any of it.

The Fairy: And yet your blood speaks otherwise. You are your mother's daughter. Your fate has brought you to the Lake. And the Lake is watching you.

Cinders: You keep on repeating things like that. But why me? What makes me so special?

The Fairy: Special? What can be special for fate?

No, you are simply a thread and like all threads, you deem your own pattern special, simply because it is yours.

Cinders: I guess it does make sense.

The Fairy: Now go home and rest. The time of change is upon you, and you will need strength to carry its weight.

But know this -- you will remember about us this time.

You will remember or you will receive tenfold the weight your fate has in store for you. And you will regret being so forgetful.

Sophia: Rise and shine, sis!

Cinders: What is it... Oh, is it morning already?

Sophia: Someone had an eventful night.

Cinders: I've had the strangest dream. At least I think it was a dream. Or maybe...

Gloria: There's no time to discuss dreams, Cinders. We're leaving.

Cinders: What time is it?

Sophia: Time when only strumpets and their johns are up and about.

Sophia: That was the truth. It's barely sunrise and I should be fast asleep!

Don't expect me to prance like some deranged pony just because there's some big, ridiculous party coming up!

Cinders: Why did you have to get up then? What ridi--

Gloria: It's not ridiculous! I mean, there are preparations to be made and we should be taking them seriously.

We had to get up an hour ago, we need to get those dresses corrected and who knows how much time that will take.

Cinders: Oh yes, the Grand Ball.

Gloria: But you know Mother and you know it won't happen.

Cinders: I know. You shouldn't feel guilty. It will be your chance, make the best of it.

Sophia: Come on, we need to go. Now!

Gloria: Yes, I'm coming.

Cinders, we'll be gone for the rest of the day. The house will be left under your supervision. Do you think you can manage that?

Sophia: Don't be dense! Of course she can manage!

Sophia: Now let's move.

Cinders: I can manage things for one day, Gloria. Don't worry.

Gloria: Alright. We're going then. Bye!

Sophia: Toodles!

Cinders: Have fun.

Cinders: Back to their important businesses, plots and Grand Balls. Why would they care about what I may want.

It's just poor little Cinders, no one important. What could such a meek creature do but just sit and whine. And then comply?

Well not this time! Today is going to be different. It's the first day of the rest of my life and it's high time I made some changes.

I don't yet know how, but I'm going to that Ball! And I'll make their jaws drop!

And when I get back, everything is going to be different.

Complaining and whining didn't get me far either. Also a surprise.

So let's start acting reasonable. I have an aim and I will achieve it. I will make the changes happen.

I need to show Carmosa, Gloria and Sophia I can accomplish great things when I put my mind to it.

It won't be easy, but let's face it -- It would have no value if it was.

Hmmm... I need a plan, though. Or at least a dress and a way to get into the Ball. The rest I can just wing.

Both Madame Ghede and that... creature from the lake offered to help me when I finally know what I want. I swear, it's like I have two Fairy Godmothers.

Having help is a nice change though. A sign the tables are already turning. So whose word should I trust?



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The fairy is probably more powerful, but its assistance is likely to come with ghastly and highly cautionary supernatural debts. Let's go with Madam Ghede.


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Cinders: How could I spend the rest of my life waiting for the price tag to appear on my happiness. And I'd probably have to pay dearly.

Once you leave your happiness to fate, you become a slave of it. It can easily turn at any moment.

Ghede's ways may be morally grey and selfish, but at least she's straightforward about it.

Life isn't always peachy. She knows what she wants and how to get it, which is more than I've done up until now.

But let's not be too hasty. I just remembered what the Captain said about the Father's Last Will.

If it really exists and I could find it, then things could turn out quite interesting.

And since Carmosa was so kind as to leave the house and her study unattended...

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