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Let's Play Cinders


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Cinders: Being here makes me uneasy. I feel like she's going to jump out the cupboard anytime.

I wonder what would happen if she caught me? How far would she go? So far she's been very good with her scary words, but they were only words, nonetheless.

Alright, let's have a look around.

This place looks like a cell in a monastery. There were many more items here when Father was still alive. Like his favourite globe that he used to teach me geography with.

'There many countries [sic] in this world, Cinders. Some are completely unlike ours.'

I remember how surprised I was when I learnt that there are lots of kings and queens, and princes, and dukes and... castellans, I think?

I used to fantasize about all those exotic archipelagos where people use magic to tame the Ocean. Was that a true story, or something he made up? Maybe a bit of both.

But that globe's gone and so are my fantasies.

Hmm... Nothing so far. Alright, there's her desk. The most obvious place, so I doubt she hid anything here.

Papers, some old shopping list, more papers... Oh, a receipt for the ball dresses. She wasn't kidding, they were really expensive!

I swear, any time now I'm going to find Carmosa's secret plans for world domination. Hmm, what's this?

'I give, devise and bequeath all of the residue and my estate...' Hell take me! That's it!

Looks like I was wrong! I can't believe it -- it's Father's Last Will! She really put it in here drawer! This is so awkward.

Doesn't matter. Let's have a look.

'I, the undersigned, declare...' 'In the case of my death...' 'My wife is to become...'

Hmm... 'my wife'. So Carmosa is the rightful owner of the house after all. Not good.

This is clear enough. In case of Father's death, the house is to pass unto Carmosa. But should something happen to her, I'm the next in line.

This is not as good as I hoped, but can still turn out to be extremely useful.

No need to linger, I better go before one of the servants sees me snooping here and tells Carmosa.

Lady Carmosa: ...that brazen simpleton!

Cinders: It's Carmosa! I better hide!

Lady Carmosa: A craftsman he calls himself! A man of trade! If it were up to me, he'd be out of business!

Lady Carmosa: I need to find another tailor, a good one.

Gloria: How could he be so incompetent! He saw how important this is! He said he needed more time, but there's a whole night he could spend working on those corrections.

People are so brazen these days.

Sophia: Or maybe they just have private lives. With normal families.

Lady Carmosa: What was that?

Sophia: Oh, I was just cursing at the state of the modern society and how merchants, craftsmen and all sorts of other people are just not what they used to be in the past.

When they were all extremely skillful, cheap, humble, polite, dedicated to their work and always eager to help a lady in need.

Lady Carmosa: I really hope that wasn't irony, girl. You know how I don't...

Sophia: No, of co--


Nevermind that. I need to go to Ghede's.


Cinders: Hello? Are you here, Ghede?

I need your help. I've made up my mind, I know what I must do.

Madame Ghede: There's no need to hurry so much, I was expecting you anyway.

Cinders: So the good folk in the Town are right. You are clairvoyant.

Madame Ghede: Oh, yes. My third eye pierces through the veils of secrets and lies with the arcane blade of logic. Well, at least the townsfolk find it to be arcane.

I know about the Masquerade tomorrow and I saw Carmosa scuttling through the town.

So what is it exactly that you've made up your mind about, girl?

Cinders: So you know that Carmosa wants her daughters to attend the Grand Ball. She wants the event to raise the family's status in the society.

Madame Ghede: Yes, I have gathered as much.

Madame Ghede: This is not surprising. She knows you'd upstage your sisters with little trouble.

Cinders: Maybe she does. It doesn't matter. I just need to go. I need to get to the Palace!

I'm sick and tired of people telling me what to do all the time. I'm going to show Carmosa, Gloria, and everybody what I'm really made of.

They aren't afraid of who I am or the influence that I can have on people. If they only knew what I'm capable of...

I want to see their faces when the poor Cinders they thought they caged, appears on the Royal Ball and steals their spotlight.

Besides, that's only the beginning. After the Ball my life is going to take a turn. Things will change.

Cinders: Ehm... I sort of hoped that you could help me with the details.

But I basically have two routes of action that I could take. I could try to escape the Town and start all over. Or I could try to take control of the house from Carmosa's hands.

Madame Ghede: Indeed you could. But why limit yourself, why not become the Queen?

Cinders: Yes, that's an option too. Since I'm going to the Ball, I might as well win the Prince's heart.

I can see you smirking, but I assure you that I'm serious about all of this.

Madame Ghede: That you are. It's heart-warming to see you so confident about your plans, Cinders. There is much of your Mother in you.

There were times when she was very determined to act against all odds as well.

Madame Ghede: How I see your situation matters little -- both to you AND your situation.

Points of view are nothing more than what they are: points from which things are seen. Never the things themselves.

It's always easier to learn about a point of view rather than a thing. More often than not, things remain secret. They are uncertain.

But one thing is certain -- choice. What is your goal?

Cinders: I told you. I want to finally break free and--

Madame Ghede: Yes, and you suggested a few routes for that. But at this point they aren't any better than the Miller's daughter's dreams of becoming a circus acrobat.

If you are serious about it, you need to decide what it is exactly that you want. And then maybe I can help you to form an actual plan.

This is probably the single most important decision point in the game -- and depending on what you choose, it may also be the last one as well (though I think there's still enough game left for a few more updates at least, depending on how long I make them).
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